Tilda Swinton's Acting Inspiration Came From A Donkey

'Okja' star Tilda Swinton didn't catch the acting bug from Henry Fonda or Katharine Hepburn, but rather a four-legged mammal that unknowingly shined on camera.

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100+ comentarios:

Ringo Brat
Ringo Brat:
such a sophisticated lady with an awkward, down-to-earth sense of humor.
everyone must love Tilda Swinton.
"Tilda Swinton is cool" is the most accurate statement I've ever heard!
Linds Tee
Linds Tee:
This interview was good. Usually hosts get thrown off by Tilda's peculiar sense of humour, but Stephen is riding it out very well. I love how he essentially asked her "how are you so cool?" I'm wondering the same thing Stephen.
She needs to play David Bowie in a biopic now!
Jowana Bueser
Jowana Bueser:
The alien goddess Tilda has graced our lives with her presence once more. I love her.
Margarita M.
Margarita M.:
When I feel awkward being tall,
I watch Tilda, and everything is alright again.
Andreas Kreissl
Andreas Kreissl:
I love Tilda, she is an exceptional person.
One of my friends is good friend of Tilda's. She said she can sit and talk to her for hours about any topic. An intelligent, interesting woman with a wonderful world view.
Sonja Dawn
Sonja Dawn:
The main part of why she is so cool is, she doesn't think about it and doesn't care about it, if she did, she wouldn't be cool.
Gary Wilson
Gary Wilson:
She lives about 15 mins away from me, and walks around just like a normal person. I taught her daughter archery for a small time, and she was great.
I was surprised she didn't even get nominated from We Need To Talk About Kevin
Oh yeah, Tilda Swinton is definitely almost THE favorite of my favorite actors!
Such a unique woman, of looks (why; she is almost otherworldly), as well as of character.

Thank you for doing this interview with her, Colbert.
June Asiimwe
June Asiimwe:
I love her voice! Actually I just love everything about her.
Fashion sense through the roof. Years ahead of us all.🙌🏻🏆🦄
Lyra Foxx
Lyra Foxx:
Eccentric. Charming. Mysticism. Agelessness. And people said that no woman could play The Doctor...
I first saw her in the film We Need to Talk About Kevin, and her performance was just beautiful. This interview was really good, she seems like a down-to-earth person. It makes me want to learn more about her other roles.
She's the arthouse queen! I've been to the highlands of Scotland, but never to Nairn, will have to check it out next time I go! Au Hasard Balthasar is a great inspiration.
Rey Rose
Rey Rose:
I’m a simple woman, I see Tilda Swinton and I click.
Linds Tee
Linds Tee:
lol even her description of doing something "ordinary" was cool.
i ABSOLUTELY ADORE this woman !
Tilda Swinton is one of those gifted folks that we should be glad visits our planet on occasion, much like David Bowie. We need more of them.
Alice Bz
Alice Bz:
I think Tilda got stunned for a moment there when Stephen genuinely said "You're very cool", haha
Hiago de Carvalho
Hiago de Carvalho:
One of the greatest actresses of all time, and works with excellent directors!
David Atlee
David Atlee:
She's fantastic in The Last Lovers Left Alive. Its definitely worth seeing.
Leonardo Diaz
Leonardo Diaz:
Finally some interview with a host that really knows tilda or did a great search about her. I mean, he even can talk about everything she has done, because she's the coolest person alive. And i think they could talk for hours, and Stephen will still looks fascinated for TILDA!
Coolest Woman ever
Toribio Hechanova
Toribio Hechanova:
I really love Tilda playing unhinged characters.
John Wesson
John Wesson:
I like how she talks about her director. Very loyal.
Bria Carter
Bria Carter:
Irony: Most women strive to be "beautiful, sexy and feminine" Yet when we see a woman like Tilda who can embrace femininity and masculinity, we immediately are memorized.
O D:
exceptionally beautiful! Met her once in a techno club in Berlin or rather saw her from the distance as the room around her was glowing and then she and her entourage was gone in two seconds
Lainie Medina
Lainie Medina:
She's the most interesting idividual both physically
and intelectually.
Yeah, she's so talented and etheral, she can only be otherwordly.
Annie Burke
Annie Burke:
My favorite character "look," she has had is without a doubt Eve, her vampire role in Only Lovers Left Alive. With the long blonde hair, white leather jacket, pants, boots, leather gloves, and black sunglasses. It's probably because I tend to love wearing boots, jackets, and jeans a lot myself.
She's so cool. Extraordinary presence when u have her on the couch of a show.
How can you be so sophisticated and down to earth at the same time? She's my biggest idol. I like how awkward yet confident she is.
<3 Tilda Swinton <3 Thank you for your performances.
Elrond Hubbard
Elrond Hubbard:
_[mothership beeps]_
Tilda: "I have to go now. Goodbye.. humans.."
Tilda can rock a suit like no one else can
Okja sounds fantastic! The Host was a great movie. Disappointing that Netflix and the South Korean theaters aren't getting along -- ultimately it's the people that get gypped. I wish they would show Okja in more US theaters!!!
Christian Sahala
Christian Sahala:
she seems like a very intelligent & knowledgeable person yet so down to earth, best kind of human being
Ophelia Rising
Ophelia Rising:
I just love her. She is no doubt one of the most talented actresses in the whole filming industry and yet so humble! 💕
Rodolfo Lima
Rodolfo Lima:
*One of the greatest actresses and beings of generations.*
This woman is a phenomenon!
I'm here in 2020 to say that!
She is SO ICONIC. I literally love her. I’ve never wanted to be related to someone so bad
Colson Barnhart
Colson Barnhart:
I love her, i think she was the highlight of Constantine, one of my favorite films.
Toribio Hechanova
Toribio Hechanova:
This woman is a lion.
Good grief, this is the 1st interview of Tilda for me, and I'm blown away at how humble and delightful she is. To me, she's a brilliant actress, almost unrivalled and in a class of her own. After watching this, my admiration has increased two-fold. Such a lovely person!
Autumn Harvest
Autumn Harvest:
I friggin love Tilda Swinton, she really is such a great actress and the kinds of roles she has taken on have been amazing. She can even pull of playing male characters beautifully.
Stephanie Murray
Stephanie Murray:
She stays near my mum in Scotland and I met her in Paris when I had to dress her and she is nice, intimidating but down to earth.
She was amazing in Snowpiercer... so happy to hear about this new movie!
Lázaro Murad
Lázaro Murad:
shen was AMAZING on train wreck! I did not know the boss was her. I would have never thought it was Tilda, she always plays serious characters and I loved the fact that she did comedy and she did INCREDIBLE
she just exudes intelligence and worldliness, and the slight insinuations of bubbly androgyny are quite tantalizing.
eve escobar
eve escobar:
When she said she was Scottish, I had no idea she was European when I first saw the movie and I'm like wow she really really sold that character she was playing but now... I can say I've been bewitched.
The movie has an amazing cast, i can't wait to see it!
K bee
K bee:
Her acting is so fantastic, I'm blown away every time
jenn s.
jenn s.:
LOVE HER!! i don't think there's a role she couldn't do. she's amazing!
Silva Silva
Silva Silva:
Tilda is soooo amazing! I love her!
L N:
Timeless, classy, unbelievable actress, I love her.
Serious One
Serious One:
Her role in Trainwreck was so "normal" that she was almost unrecognizable.
She is such a brilliant actress, love her!
I liked her in Orlando!!! Great actress
I love Tilda so much
Eric Charles
Eric Charles:
I love her so much she's so amazing and truly talented ❤❤
She does seem wickedly cool. He nailed it.
I absolutely love her!
carlos duarte
carlos duarte:
this woman rocks
Molly Coates
Molly Coates:
She’s great in everything, but being able to pull off such outrageously strange characters is the mark of a great actress (cough Okja cough)
Alexia Animates
Alexia Animates:
I love her so much! I’ve only seen her in “We Need To Talk About Kevin” but listening to her talk she is very cool 😭
Eric Ragnar
Eric Ragnar:
Gotta love that British humor
Joelle Jansen
Joelle Jansen:
Tilda Swinton is such an amazing actress and person! I love her in any movie I see her in.
Mister Positif
Mister Positif:
There are very few actresses that I genuinely adore and this woman, certainly is on my top 5.
The Miss Saigon
The Miss Saigon:
She is one of a kind🙂 She is incredibly an amazing actress and so talented❤❤❤
Her face is so unique. I can understand why Bong always cast her in his movie, fabulous actress and Tilda has that nervy look. I think she would play great as an alien or some sort of cyborg. James Cameron needs to hire her in a movie.
Felidae 1962
Felidae 1962:
BRILLIANT actess..and she hasn't aged a bit since Orlando.. the first film I saw her in.
Shrey Butle
Shrey Butle:
Her hair is on point <3
Isaiah Baggett
Isaiah Baggett:
She is amazing!!!!
Magnificent artist.
Rob Vespa
Rob Vespa:
She is the coolest...
She's literally human but instantly becomes transcendent and out of this world (like she's known for) when she mentions her references.
She's a master of stage so that she could be a spy. So insanely hilarius, yet clever talk
David Mayorga
David Mayorga:
What a queen 👑
Iron Fan
Iron Fan:
Stephen wasn't lying... she is cool AS FUCK, dude.
park grace
park grace:
She's just incredible I absolutely love her
Steven Mclean
Steven Mclean:
The word androgyne was invented just for her. What an incredible presence she has.
Marvin Jonathan
Marvin Jonathan:
One of my favourite actress!! Ive always admire and adore you mam!
she's so iconic, I love her <3
That subtle England burn was great! xD
Dawn Phillips
Dawn Phillips:
And yes, I must admit I adored her role in Constantine as well
First Gan
First Gan:
Great job, interview felt more relaxed and smooth.
He forgot ORLANDO ..she was AMAZING in that movie!!! Go watch that movie, People!!! She was F'ing AMAZING and Hilarious in Trainwreck!!! xoxo
Lorni Lula
Lorni Lula:
I feel like she and Cate Blanchett should be in movie together being frenemies or something.
Eric Petitclerc
Eric Petitclerc:
This woman is so interesting, smart and funny... Just amazing!
Eric Charles
Eric Charles:
Tilda is a true talent I love her so much ❤❤
Juwon Jeong
Juwon Jeong:
She's exquisite
she's "cool" cos she's been playing badass villain characters almost all her film career. She's made her way up slowly but surely.
"I often forget you're european, cause you're such a great actress".
Why did no one pick up on that burn?
One of the most talented actors. Consistently great work, but especially in "Julia."
Shes a true living legend
Luna Four
Luna Four:
I heard south Korean director and I flipped .. S.K art and cinematography is on next level high standards of genius... I love their entertainment industry.. they really know what they are doing 💕
love her quirky no nonsense attitude..she's fantastic in everything she does