Timo Werner - All Goals 2019/2020

Coming off his best Bundesliga season, the RB Leipzig striker showed once again why he is among the best strikers in Europe.

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Scoring 28 times this season, the Germany international played a huge part in Leipzig's run to third in the Bundesliga table. Werner's stats show just how good he is: With 79 goals for Leipzig in the Bundesliga he is their all-time top scorer - and that in just 127 games. On top of that, he also assisted 32 more, contributing to 112 goals in total. His agility, speed and finishing skills are impressive, as well as his ability to score from all different angles and positions.
Unfortunately Bundesliga fans have had to say goodbye to a world-class striker, with Werner turning out for Chelsea next season. So let's sit back and enjoy all of his goals from the 2019/2020 campaign!

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100+ comentarios:

Koketso Sibongiseni
Koketso Sibongiseni:
How many Chelsea fans are here just to have a glimpse of the Timo we're missing out on?
Jei Marbañiang
Jei Marbañiang:
Can you please edit his shirt to blue so I can just imagine him doing this for us?
Its_ Alright
Its_ Alright:
I’m calling it rn...This guy’s comeback will be the best
Timo through on goal
Leipzig - “never in doubt”
Chelsea - “ always in doubt”
I feel like crying... seeing Werner not scoring at Chelsea at the moment
"Can he finish? Of course he can" -> I'm dying for that commentary now
Bubbé Haqaa
Bubbé Haqaa:
I can't wait to see him get back to scoring like these. These goals are actually professional shots knew exactly what he was doing no luck just class.
show this to werner... he forgot this part of being a striker
Orlando Thompson
Orlando Thompson:
Bundesliga quickly becoming Chelsea fans’ favourite YouTube channel
If this Werner turns up in the UCL final Chelsea will be fine.
Suhaib Suhaib
Suhaib Suhaib:
As a Chelsea fan, watching this genuinely makes me infuriated
Adse Kri
Adse Kri:
To everyone who's acting like he has been terrible, he's been the most important attacker in Chelsea's champions league winning team. 27 G/A in his worst season and he's won the most penalties in the Premier League. He's a brilliant player and he'll only get better. He's 25 ffs
I cane here to remind myself that it is possible for Wener to score goals
Peter E
Peter E:
After watching another performance where Timo gets 3 great chances and leaves the field without scoring, just had to come watch this and make sure it's the same player. His confidence is completely gone
Samuel Dzigba
Samuel Dzigba:
3 hat-tricks...man! Timo please don't forget that you're still this same person. Fine, the EPL teams have a different defence setup but you can still do this💪🏾
I'm a rival fan and i believe this guy will shine again like this again one day at Chelsea
I came here to understand this guy and my verdict are as follows:
Chelsea players should go back to shooting from range
Timo needs time and crowd
Football Club
Football Club:
*Fantastic Player Timo Werner. Let's take a moment to appreciate this talent.*
Van Chaz
Van Chaz:
I can't believe is this Timo wener who play for Chelsea. OMG I feel Sad for him 😭😭
I came here for hope...I simply came here for a glimmer of hope
Imran Khan
Imran Khan:
Feeling sad seeing this, when will his drought end in Chelsea 😞once he trusts himself behind the ball he’ll be finishing them with no hesitation
Jerry Omondi
Jerry Omondi:
who's back here again after seven months to remind themselves how good Werner is despite his drought
rushidee ruslan
rushidee ruslan:
i hope werner will find himself sooner or later to help germany and chelsea, and i hope he can find his power and gain his confidence, goodluck from 🇲🇾 to timo werner and all footballers around the world
Pray to God timo reaches his full potential in the champions league final
Dreath Jonathan
Dreath Jonathan:
Timo is a type of player who is fueled by fans in the stadium. Look at his performance vs Leicester when the fans are in the stadium.
Lee Nick
Lee Nick:
It’s evident from this video timo is all in is head for us at the moment.... mans got no confidence whatsoever
Pushpesh Basak
Pushpesh Basak:
How many chelsea fans came here to have a sight of werner
Tyrese Smith
Tyrese Smith:
We believe in you Werner you will make a comeback next season‼️....UP THE CHELS💙
Daniel Nkemchor
Daniel Nkemchor:
Watching this again still gives me a bit of confidence and patience with timo
when timo gets a full pre season a become fully acclimatize he will return. mark my words
Down Awaker
Down Awaker:
Premier league teams' defense is much stronger as they park the bus while defending.
Welcome to Chelsea💙
Werner needs to watch these kind of videos of him being such a good player, to get his confidence back.
Luke Pitts
Luke Pitts:
How tf has he been missing so many sitters for Chelsea this season smh
Alan Andree
Alan Andree:
He just needs to regain his confidence to be back at this level
Lubabalo Busakwe
Lubabalo Busakwe:
people don't really speak about how the pandemic and absence of supporters has had on the psychology of footballers. if you look at Timo's games pre-pandemic you can clearly see that he's one of those players which feed off the energy of the crowd... i just hope covid ends soon so we can see the best of Timo once again
Onthatile Mafolo
Onthatile Mafolo:
Still have faith in him. 🤞🏾💙
Mohamad Syahmi
Mohamad Syahmi:
Here to remind me of how good was him at Leipzig, hope he will back in this form soon at Chelsea. He will be legends for sure
Lots of comments saying 'here after his misses' or 'he's a flop'. I'm here after he scored in the semi final and is our top assists and helping the team while gaining more confidence 😎
jaden King
jaden King:
He’s almost a different player than he was in Leipzig. Levels different!
Adem Kilinc
Adem Kilinc:
As a Chelsea fan I can't believe this timo Werner is doing awful at Chelsea
Joe M
Joe M:
I pray Timo starts scoring like this for Chelsea!
Dila Afdhol Santosa
Dila Afdhol Santosa:
Please, show this to Werner, for Chelsea. Bring back his spirit. 🥺🥺🥺
Randy Atimi
Randy Atimi:
It's so disheartening to see this guy not able to replicate his Leipzig's form with Chelsea.....
I pray he finds his form come this new season...
I am amazed how many of these goals were straightforward, he is an amazing finisher but showed very little of single handed “something from nothing” ability. Don’t get me wrong confident finishing is critical and he is one of the best I have lately seen but I m hopeful that at Chelsea he will improve his dribbling , and team based play making.
ACID Gaming
ACID Gaming:
You know what happened to Werner? Frank Lampard tactics happened. Played out of position until his confidence fell through the floor. Then VAR came and made it worst with some of the worst offside calls. (goal vs Liverpool for example)
YB Ecs
YB Ecs:
Malcolm Zunidza
Malcolm Zunidza:
It’s been long since Chelsea had a striker with strong shots, we were tired of relying on headers😂
Eye on the Ball
Eye on the Ball:
The 28th goal is so underrated! That clinicality is exactly what we need
im here just thinking of how good of a player he was before he moved to chelsea
Belly Man
Belly Man:
3:00 when he said that, I exploded 😂
He seems like a completely different player in this compilation. Part of the reason is probably the difference in confidence.
johnnyk sar
johnnyk sar:
Wish this Timo Werner can play like this with CONFIDENCE, at Chelsea.
Muh Taufiqurrahman
Muh Taufiqurrahman:
bundesliga having more open play rather than premiere league, i think thats why make his appearance different when he got into it. Cause some premiere leagu clup play so deffensive (literally park the bus)
Osamu Aigbokhae
Osamu Aigbokhae:
what i've noticed is how a lot of these goals are mostly from fast breaks, once/if he is able to adapt to the premier league defenders and lack of space like vardy has, he will be great for us
Watching this clip made me realise how open the Bundesliga is and why Werner scored so many goals and with so much spaces to run into... in the premier league most teams defend in low block and spaces are tight.
Neo Ren Jie
Neo Ren Jie:
Chelsea fans here checking if it's the same guy.
20 year old male
20 year old male:
I've just seen Werner control the ball scored with his right foot then switch to his left foot and scored another wtf has happened.
derek hattingh
derek hattingh:
Do you guys see what Confidence does. If he scores in 3 games in a row we gona see this guy again and i can't wait!!
Leonidas 024
Leonidas 024:
Someone needs to show this to Timo and remind him to trust his gut.
Honestly, I still have faith he will pull through this slump with Chelsea
Aymaan .T
Aymaan .T:
feels like i'm watching an alternate universe
Madrose XX3
Madrose XX3:
New season time for this version of werner to really arrive at chelsea... Hes done with the warm up season.... Turbo timo on for chelsea
Tendayi Mutemararo
Tendayi Mutemararo:
Genuinely feel not having fans in the stadium is affecting him. He seems to feed of that crowd energy. He seemed more pumped up and happier here cause of how the crowd celebrates after each goal. Bring back the fans at Stamford Bridge!!
eyesan charles
eyesan charles:
I come here most times after probably he's missed a big chance just to tell myself his not a flop and we'll get the best out of him next season.
Harvey Weinstein
Harvey Weinstein:
Look at what confidence can do to a player
Manish Hazarika
Manish Hazarika:
I hope Timo returns this form at Chelsea. I know he will. 💙💙💙
Ananyo Dasgupta
Ananyo Dasgupta:
Bring him back to Bundesliga! He's gonna rock the world!
Martin Nyarko
Martin Nyarko:
I think Timo and Havertz will do well under Tuchel.
Olisa Anigbogu
Olisa Anigbogu:
He is now a proud champions league winner😁💙
Give him some time, he is just 24. He will be scoring bangers again soon.
Prince Bediako
Prince Bediako:
Timo Werner feeds of fans, this video has me in tears😭
Ikenna Ahamefula
Ikenna Ahamefula:
10 games in PL, No goal. I come here to remind myself it's not impossible.
what number of variation of kits did leipzig have this season I lost count.
Daniel New
Daniel New:
Can’t wait to see him at Chelsea!
Mongid 03
Mongid 03:
That's the Timo Werner that we need in the prem
Helly Rangers Tv
Helly Rangers Tv:
We came here to remind ourselves of the prowess of the two Germans 🥺🥺 tuchel please revive them
Bundesliga commentators hyped him so much and now he can't even control the ball. These defenders are not even closing him down
Looks like he plays really well when hes full of confidence
Junior Machava
Junior Machava:
This kinda hurts nowadays... But after that goal against Newcastle he'll score more and more, i hope so!
Akshaan Mehra
Akshaan Mehra:
“And timo werner was always going to score, never in doubt" 😰
Who else thinks Werner is going to crush it in the premier league
Faithful Oladipo
Faithful Oladipo:
Timo werner is scoring 25 epl goals next season💙💙💙
gonegeorge george
gonegeorge george:
Michael Owen said “Timo werner is a bit like Torres”.

All he needs is a counter pass. Hope Chelsea does the best to bring the beast out of werner 💪
Oscar Aquino
Oscar Aquino:
I need to remember once again how good of a finisher he was.
Now I understand why he is struggling... Chelsea to slow with push and not passing to him in space to use his pace... Instead we relying on him when teams are parking the bus
The swaz bros
The swaz bros:
What a baller, even though I am a Liverpool fan I hope he has a good time at chealsea ( thanks for the likes I have never got so many🙏)
True Alpha
True Alpha:
The thing is that the defenders were not marking him and he got loads of space to use his pace in BL but in EPL the defence is miles stronger
Chelsea fans remember...you can never keep him out of the headlines for long. The Werner we see right now will be back soon⚡
Haji Omar
Haji Omar:
this video shows he needs to be playing through the middle to get him into games
We want this version of werner back plz god
Wild Aminal
Wild Aminal:
his first touches on breaks and catches from long passes are insane
Wanderlust Shutterbug
Wanderlust Shutterbug:
Aah.. we signed this Werner, but the Werner we got is struggling to find the net. Hope he will do better in the next season.
Anuj Gupta
Anuj Gupta:
Timo should see the video and remind himself what beast he is🔥....would really help him get his confidence back .He scored 56 goals total in competitions #4 last year crazy
Lucas Cavalcanti
Lucas Cavalcanti:
He woulda misssed all of those goals if the shirt was blue
James Maher
James Maher:
People sleeping Timo because he's had a meh season. Just you watch.
PrinceOfM4rs20 __
PrinceOfM4rs20 __:
He hasn’t been the same since he went with Germany to lose 6-0 to Spain 😔
Izdore Theo
Izdore Theo:
Never in doubt indeed, great to have him in my beloved club😍😎
Arin Singh Kaushal
Arin Singh Kaushal:
We need this timo, it's just lack of confidence that he's suffering from plus 2020 hasn't been any good for anyone. Once his confidence is back I'm sure he'll rock.