Tobey Maguire & Andrew Garfield CONFIRMED for Spider-Man 3 - EXCLUSIVE

Excited to EXCLUSIVELY Confirm that Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield are absolutely appearing in Spider-Man 3 (Title, I hope it is: No Place Like Home) to unite their Peter Parkers with Tom Holland. I can also confirm two other villains aside from Jamie Foxx's Electro 100% joining the movie. Get excited. This is happening.

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100+ comentarios:

Seeing Tobey Maguire as Spider-Man again will have me crying tears of joy.
Tom Holland Spider-Man: “ Mr. Spider-Man , I need your help!”
Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man: “ You’ll get your help when you fix this damn door!!!”
this sounds like the biggest spider-man movie ever
If your lying

“I’m gonna put some dirt in your eye.”
You just know that they are going to have a scene where it's quiet and all of the sudden you hear Willem Dafoe's Green Goblin laugh.
Let's Brawl
Let's Brawl:
If this is fake...
I'm gonna spread it all around the world because of playing with my emotions..
I’m literally going to cry if I see Tobey as Spider-Man again.
They need the Danny Elfman theme playing whenever Tobey is on screen!
Hey it's me
Hey it's me:
Tobey is already in the mcu.He defeated thanos and bullied tom
Marguire: "You're trash Holland".

Holland: "Excuse me"?

Maguire: "Your Spiderman is fake"!

Garfield: "Lay of man, he's just a kid".

Maguire: "I missed the part where that's my problem".
Catkids Adventures
Catkids Adventures:
post credit scene, ben affleck comes back as daredevil 🤣
Finix Comet
Finix Comet:
People who say this will make the movie suck. STFU. if this is true it is is the ONLY CHANCE to see Tobey and Andrew as Spider-Man again, so it would make it the Best Spider-Man movie of all time
Alek Duran
Alek Duran:
This is like every nerds dream
Sir Rami
Sir Rami:
My bearded self will start screaming like a child in the theaters if Tobey makes an appearance.
Akindu Dasanayake
Akindu Dasanayake:
If they're playing a substantial role, the LEGO sets for this movie are going to be amazing
Hey it's me
Hey it's me:
Hopefully sam raimi will direct or at least be involved with it becuz he is directing doctor strange 2
La Corvier 0616
La Corvier 0616:
I met my wife because our love for Spider-man.. even our wedding ring is laser engraved with the web of Spider-man....

This better be real !!!!!! Both of us already sooooo excited hearing the news... We hope its for real !!!!
Spider-Man: HomeWorlds with Spider-Verse, Sinister Six, Venom and Dr Strange all together in MCU Spider-Man 3.
Three hour movie!?!?
This movie could be one of the biggest Marvel films in HISTORY!
M. Chedderbeef
M. Chedderbeef:
The fact that Sony "debunked" this by saying that these rumors are not confirmed, is honestly what gives it away.
Sean Hannon
Sean Hannon:
I can already hear some little kid asking "who's that" when Tobey shows up.
Sit down fam, lemme tell you a story.
Tsunayoshi Sawada
Tsunayoshi Sawada:
I've had a pretty rough year. Probably the roughest year of my life. I'm doing horrible in my college classes because I suck at online classes. This makes me happy! I've waited so long for this!
Damien's Gamin'
Damien's Gamin':
If this is true
It's Pizza Time

If not...

I'm gonna put some dirt in your eye.
I personally hope this is true. If it is I want all 3 to get their moment.
Brent Smelser
Brent Smelser:
Will there be multiple JJJs? Different haircuts? That would be wild too.
There should have been more buildup to this movie. This should have been an Infinity War level event, not the third movie. Still hyped to see all of these guys in the same movie.
Sean Myers
Sean Myers:
Then Holland’s spidey can learn from the other two to be the Spider-Man he can be
This may be true! If you watch the Morbius teaser. You can see Raimi spiderman suit on the poster. They've been hinting it
Max G
Max G:
LFG. Been really sad with everything getting delayed but knowing we’re gonna get something this crazy gets me so hyped.
Uttam Saha
Uttam Saha:
J Jonah Jameson's cameo at the end of Far From Home makes sense now
cool zebra
cool zebra:
I just wanna see tobey back on the big screen!!!
finally bully maguire enters the MCU
Sayanjit Dey
Sayanjit Dey:
Mann ., I feel bad for Tom holland spiderman 😂 he will be a pasta when there is too many enemies
*Sure, we’ll see when the movie comes out.*
Tsunayoshi Sawada
Tsunayoshi Sawada:
It's enough to make a grown man cry!
Your forgetting that the multiverse consists of all points in time it doesn’t matter if someone dies they will always exist in the multiverse (i.e Loki/Gamora/Thanos) so Dr Octopus and Norman Osborn will still be alive to make a cameo for the movie
Prinegon Bevaris
Prinegon Bevaris:
I think bringing the 3 Spidermen together in one movie is a very smart move, since it is an incentive for everyone to actually go an watch all 3 series, even if they have not grown up with them.
Andrew Dunn
Andrew Dunn:
Im betting the movies gonna start with Tom Holland on the run. He'll be caught be the authorities. A big bad is gonna show up and Dr. Strange is going to want to prove Peter isn't Spiderman, so he'll pull one out of another dimension to have him do some heroic stuff to prove that its not Tom/Peter thats Spiderman. Everyone will think Peter was framed or incorrectly identified, and he be cleared of all charges. Then a villain will show up that two Spidermen can't handle, so Dr. Strange will reach around in the multiverse and grab a third to help them. That's the extent of my prediction.
Tobey Maguire back as Spider-Man?

.....don't give me hope.
Vibes _ Liam
Vibes _ Liam:
They should definately call it Spider-Men.
Jay The Wade
Jay The Wade:
I said this before and I’m going to say this again: if they plan on doing a sinister six Style movie they should use Tobey Maguire’s Doc Oct and Green goblin, Andrews electro and the lizard and Toms Mysterio and vulture.
Arturo Herrera
Arturo Herrera:
Hope it's the hob goblin, and they reveal that it's Maguires universe Ned
Sir Rami
Sir Rami:
"If what you say is true.. you will have earned my trust."
Game World Intel
Game World Intel:
Andy, this is wild bro. Lol Green Goblin!! 😱
Daniel Jones
Daniel Jones:
Remember Doctor Oc can be in it, this is the multiverse, so basically there is a world where Doctor Oc fought Spiderman and won.
Michael Giovanetti
Michael Giovanetti:
I’ve been dreaming about Tobey coming back for my whole life, and now that it’s happening, I’m numb
I haven’t seen tobey in like a decade
I think Toby and Andrew should appear in a trailer. It will sell tickets!
Fredbear 26
Fredbear 26:
Imagine Tobey arguing with Tom saying
Andrew: “Jesus Christ what is going on
I have a feeling that Spider-Man 3 is gonna be a weird crossover where Tom Holland Spider-Man goes to doctor strange to get help with his identity getting revealed so they try to go to multiple dimensions to find one identical and they run into Toby Spider-Man and Andrew spider man exploring the dimensions and then they all end up back on the mcu earth 999 along with there enemies including morbius and venom then they eventually fight blah blah spidy team up then at the end Andrew ends up back in his dimension but when Toby goes back to his dimension they have a talk about how Toby doesn’t wanna be Spider-Man anymore and it’s the end of Spider-Man for him and with toms identity being outed he decides to take up Tobys place in his dimension and that’s how Sony takes back Spider-Man without destroying his history in the mcu
Dave T Geek
Dave T Geek:
It's a clever way of doing the Sinister Six without having to do all the setup.
They’re not signed yet. This isn’t even confirmed at all. They’re TRYING to sign them. Complete difference
Suba Nighthack
Suba Nighthack:
Everyone, don't get too hyped up, this can be fake, this is NOT 100% confirmed
Dave T Geek
Dave T Geek:
They're probably sending Holland to the Venom Verse at the end of the trilogy.
I thought they were going to do that in Far From Home, since the trailer teased a multiverse Mysterio... but that was just a red herring.
Amondo Dazz
Amondo Dazz:
I'll scream if Tobey Maguire shows uo by saying "Hey Everyone"
ok thankyou
ok thankyou:
It seems like all they had to do was fix Tobey Maguire door..
Lionel X
Lionel X:
This should be a two part movie if there’s gonna be a lot of villains
Dave T Geek
Dave T Geek:
I think the real question is: Is Spider-Ham going to be in it?
karl acesor
karl acesor:
I want to see mr. Ditkovitch and mr. Aziz make a cameo.
Simon Brimhall
Simon Brimhall:
“Tobey and Andrew are going to join Tom as Spider Men.”

*Spider man fantasies intensify*
Steven Boyd
Steven Boyd:
Maybe morbius might pop up. Remember Michael Keaton was in the trailer.
Arturo Games
Arturo Games:
A multiversal sinister six is something so wild and crazy that it just might work!
I feel like this should have been Tom Holland’s 4th film. This feels so off from the other 2 Spider-Man films in this home saga id rather a more focused film to close the trilogy then this
Austin Kofford
Austin Kofford:
Im just imagining TH and AG looking at Tobey and saying “is that stuff coming out of you?”
oddly Gamer
oddly Gamer:
Dane O'Leary
Dane O'Leary:
I just want Mysterio back... and to STAY back! Gylenhaal’s Mysterio was SO GOOD!
João Moura
João Moura:
As always !
Source : you gotta trust me
Keagan Finaughty
Keagan Finaughty:
Me throughout the entire video:
"Shut up and take my money!" 😂
klloyd plata
klloyd plata:
I'm soooooooo very hyped and excited now because after all this time, they have confirmed it with an unexpected surprise. So many actors are coming back to Marvel and this time, it is in the MCU. #MarvelForever #Marvelous #ILoveYou3000 #WeLoveYou3000 #EXCELSIOR!! #NUFFSAID #StanLee #WhateverItTakes #AvengersAssemble!!! #WakandaForever!!! #EmbraceYourPowers #BeGreater #X-men #SNIKT! #THWIP!
Also imagine in the film when the 3 Spider-Men start swinging with each other towards the villains and they combine all their Theme songs! My inner fanboy is showing!
“Mr. Other Spider man, where are your web shooters?”
“Yeah, where are they?”
“What’s a web shooter?”
Christiano o
Christiano o:
Source: “trust me bro”
Chris evans will be the blond spoder man from the spider Verse....... please hahahaha
I’ll believe it when I see it, seems like you just want clout
Cinema Critic Reviews
Cinema Critic Reviews:
This is some really exciting stuff, good job on the scoop andy
Moise Picard
Moise Picard:
You have to do a reaction video to, "The Infinite Source: Goku vs. Mewtwo
Langi Foaga
Langi Foaga:
I will confirm that I will be in the movie as a spectator
I almost feel like if this all happens, it'd have to be a 2 part movie similar to Infinity war and Endgame
As long as the music is similar for electro I'm on board.
anthony wigham x
anthony wigham x:
ill send death threats if this is fake
edit: just kidding, but i’ll be pissed
OTP_ Jacob
OTP_ Jacob:
5:01 when he says this i can imagine tom looking oppositely from all the other villains then you here webs swinging behind him then you hear like a noise where 2 people have jumped and landed tom face looks confused he does not look behind him and Tobey says "Hey kid" then tom looks round and sees Tobey and Andrew and tom will probably ask questions and be confused then andrew cuts in and says "anyway were running out of time...…are you in?" and tom says "yes" then Tobey says "right lets do this!" I can just imagine it tho!!!!
MCU Spider-Man
MCU Spider-Man:
They Probably Will Be In Post Credit Scene To Be In Doctor Strange 2
Budi Santoso
Budi Santoso:
You should add "?" on the end of the tittle
Creative Mind
Creative Mind:
Sony said that wasn’t even officially confirmed so I’m lost. At this point, everybody lying until I see the trailer that’ll release in December🤷🏾‍♀️ it’s rumors, after rumors, after rumors
This is gonna break Endgames record in a week!!
Zach C
Zach C:
What if a portal opens up and it’s Tobeys Spider-Man getting thrown out of the portal and right after comes out kravin the hunter😳
This must be how venom gets into the MCU too
Amazing Spider Man
Amazing Spider Man:
Congrats for the Web-Tastic Scoop, Chief ! Two Thumbs Up And Some Webs ! - Spidey
I really hope this is going to happen!
You know, Dane DeHaan said something on Twitter last week that makes me think he's going to get back in shape for this...
Ian Realista
Ian Realista:
If really this going to happen, then Tobey and Sam Raimi will make their "Great Redemption" ❤️❤️❤️
Imagine this is fake or just extremely over exaggerated, mass genocide. My heart is literally racing watching this video, this sounds in fucking credible
Roberto M.
Roberto M.:
It’s probably not gonna happen in Spider-Man 3.

Probably it’s gonna end with Andrew and Tobey appearing in a post credit scene to build up for a Spider-Man 4 Solo title Spider-Verse movie.
They MUST re-use and bring back the old themes & motifs for this one.
*I had a feeling this video was fake. Sony themselves just debunked all rumors of Tobey and Andrew returning. This guy is an absolute clown.*
Diet Bleach
Diet Bleach:
It's like the elementary school me, middle school me, and high school me are all arguing about which one is the best spiderman.
When this trailer drops for the movie it’s gonna break the internet if all this is true!
Eline Milano
Eline Milano:
I'm eating my shoes if this happens. Sounds like a 10 hour movie. I don't believe it. What I do believe is a rolepart in the movie for Toby and maybe even Andrew as a villain of some sort. But it would be way to much to put in one movie. Think about it, the first movie had 1 big villain and 2 lesser ones on the main villain. The second movie...again 1 big villain. I do hope to see the start of the sinister 6 on the thirth movie, but even that is doubtfull.
Ace Balboa
Ace Balboa:
I’d love to see tobey maguire dance again