Tom Brady & Bucs Ice the NFC Championship & Advance to Super Bowl 55

Tom Brady & Bucs Ice the NFC Championship & Advance to Super Bowl 55

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James Slattery
James Slattery:
Tom Brady has such a bright future for someone who is only halfway through his career.
brady is in his 10th super bowl. That's insane
Brady to the Bucs.
Bucs to the Superbowl.
In their own stadium.
Just when you thought his legacy couldn't get any greater.
Omni Pepper
Omni Pepper:
At this point it's frustrating. It's not a blowout but getting 3 picks and not doing anything with it is just bad
ae Tank_yyteawu
ae Tank_yyteawu:
No matter what, the guy still asks security for permission to say hi to his son... top guy.
Jay Calloway
Jay Calloway:
There are 3 things certain in life: Death, Taxes, and Tom Brady playing in the Super Bowl.
James Slattery
James Slattery:
Fun fact: Tom Brady has now won as many NFC Championships as Aaron Rodgers.
Systematic Error
Systematic Error:
Brady is insane man. He’s taking this team to the super bowl in his FIRST year. Geez
sMiles the Narrator
sMiles the Narrator:
*Packers lose
NFC North: “This does put a smile on my face”
JahNuhThun Dee The One And Only
JahNuhThun Dee The One And Only:
For the first time in NFL history, a team will be hosting the Super Bowl in their own stadium!
Kevin King is the real MVP.

Mel Blount, Darrelle Revis, Deion Sanders, etc can never be as good as him.
Kei Shirogane
Kei Shirogane:
Tom Brady after the game: hey, can I see my son
Aaron Rodgers: wtf thats me
2:07 “can I say hi to my son?” The things you hear with less crowds.
TalentlessHasSpoken !
TalentlessHasSpoken !:
He’s been playing for 20 years and has gone to 10 superbowls out of those years. Damn...
Sports 311
Sports 311:
The Buccaneers essentially are hosting the Super Bowl come February 7th
Jagger Riffle
Jagger Riffle:
Ayyy the way Tom went over to his son though, mad respect for this guy.
Alex Virology
Alex Virology:
terrible call to kick the field goal
Lucas Garcia
Lucas Garcia:
No one:
The packers coach: 23+3=31
Deshaun Wilson
Deshaun Wilson:
Should’ve went for it on that 4th and Goal. F in chat for Packers Fans
Bashiri Bowden
Bashiri Bowden:
The goat. We will never see this again.
Dallas Cowboyz
Dallas Cowboyz:
Michael Jordan was the Tom Brady of the NBA..
As a bears fan, this brings a smile.
Lord Sir Cock The VII Jr.
Lord Sir Cock The VII Jr.:
I remember being in 5th grade when this guy was winning Super Bowls. I’m 27 now
This Brady kid looks good. He’ll be a star someday for sure
Paradise Archer
Paradise Archer:
Well Tom Brady just won his 7th Superbowl, I'm calling it now
Joe Night Owl
Joe Night Owl:
Brady:"F that i ain't going to the Pro Bowl, I'm going to the Superbowl
As a Vikings fan, I am so happy right now haha. Thank you, Bucs.
Robert Kane
Robert Kane:
Tom Brady has as much NFC Championship wins in one year as Rodgers in his whole career 😂
This is what happens when Aaron Rodgers didn't run for the touchdown.
Mike Evans
Mike Evans:
Anna Thomas
Anna Thomas:
How many Super Bowl Games you wanna Play?
Brady: yes
Tomy Durazno
Tomy Durazno:
That Brady guy looks like he knows how to play
Random Guy
Random Guy:
Brady had the last laugh when the haters said he couldn’t make a super bowl without belichick
Jerry Esque
Jerry Esque:
I'm starting to realize I'm never gonna see a player like tom brady ever again in nfl history. Never seen this in the NFL.
Ian Davisson
Ian Davisson:
I'm a patriots I'm still a brady fan congrats to the best quarterback to ever suit up
with no paddle
with no paddle:
rodgers looks like he was playing soundgarden on the way home
Heso Melo
Heso Melo:
Aaron Rodgers and the Packers choke if you get Brady to throw 3 picks and you still lose than that’s on you
Nathan Tucker
Nathan Tucker:
History has finally been made, the buccaneers have become the first team ever to play a super bowl in its home stadium
Undeniably the GOAT 🐐
I said it even when Winston was starting: Tampa Bay SB bound once they cut their ints in half.
Aye Mayne
Aye Mayne:
People need to keep hating on Brady!! The more hate the more he wins!!
Me as a Packers Fan: 😭
Tom Platz
Tom Platz:
Why would Allen Rogers care about going to the Super Bowl, when he about to host the Jeopardy game show ?
Marcus Gonzalez
Marcus Gonzalez:
Did anyone else notice that the #5 seeded Florida team upsets #1 Wisconsin team TWICE this year in sports 😱😱😱
Remember when people said Week 6 is completely different from today?
F R:
Damn this “Brady” guy will have a great future in the NFL!
Aaron Beaulieu
Aaron Beaulieu:
If I'm not mistaken he's the first to win both an AFC and NFC Championship as a starting quarterback
Damn man really uploads before my game is even caught up to the end lmao
if tom brady was in the nfc he wouldn't win..........welp
Luke Green
Luke Green:
Tom Brady has such a bright future for someone who is only halfway through his career.
kaos 42o
kaos 42o:
Tom Brady, the man is a living legend. All I can say
Am I the only one getting kinda emotional when Brady walked to his son?
Mike Evans
Mike Evans:
Wow. He’s the goat no cap
mad man
mad man:
This 1st year Brady guy looks pretty good he has wisdom beyond his years.
Chidozie Osuji
Chidozie Osuji:
Brady forgot to give the ref a high five
Reaper Brunson
Reaper Brunson:
Look at Tom Brady man, so Inspirational !!!
Mr. Terrell
Mr. Terrell:
Fun Fact: Tom Brady has been to more NFC Championship games over the last QUARTER CENTURY and this MILLENNIUM.........

than the Dallas Cowboys😂😂😂😂
Binh Thi Nguyen
Binh Thi Nguyen:
I love Tom Brady i want to come to see him win super bowl!😍🤩💯
Justin Herbert
Justin Herbert:
Good luck Brady. Hope you win your 7th super bowl ❤
Evil Toad
Evil Toad:
2:07 that was wholesome as hell
Brady make me happy~~
Michelle Ezeugo
Michelle Ezeugo:
Awesome. I hope Tom Brady and The Tampa Bay Buccaneers can win Super Bowl 55 in their own home stadium. Go Bucs. ❤️🖤❤️🖤
Tom Brady
Tom Brady:
1:51 Brady “I’m good bro watch out”
Irvin Castilla
Irvin Castilla:
Think about it. Tom brady bringing the bucs to hosting a super bowl @ home for the 1st time in history, he truly is without a doubt THE GOAT
Cool Cap
Cool Cap:
Wholesome moment with Tom Brady and his Son
Reginald D'Haiti
Reginald D'Haiti:
Lawd have mercy im grateful to live to witness greatness over and over 🐐 brady
President George Washington
President George Washington:
I'm honored to be able to one day say to my kids that I watched *THE* Greatest Of ALL Time play, Tom Brady.
There are three things that r certain in life
death,taxes,and tom brady advancing to the superbowl
Kim Sukaskas
Kim Sukaskas:
I love you kiddo I love you Dad. Awesome and Congrats to Tom Brady. The GOAT
Glen Savage quagmire
Glen Savage quagmire:
The GOAT !
How can there still be haters? Like what else does he have to do lol
Michael Place
Michael Place:
Bucs are back the first super bowl I can remember and it’s all coming back around because of one guy.
Christian Banuelos
Christian Banuelos:
that packers pack hitting different 🍃💨
Anthony Traversi
Anthony Traversi:
Can't wait for the "congrats packers" video from utree
Brady is the undisputed goat, im a packers fan but he is an absolute legend
1:31 Aaron “I should’ve ran it in on third down” Rodgers.
JoJo Home
JoJo Home:
We miss you in NE Brady!!! Congrats Tampa!!! You deserve it!!!
Awesome Dylan
Awesome Dylan:
Everyone is going to be so salty
Let’s go bucs!!!!!!!
Mike played great in the 1st half... second half :/
But we still did it💪💪💪💪💪
Ree Ree
Ree Ree:
When Tom retires with more super bowl victories than any franchise in the NFL 😯
When will they make this man the NFL logo
phantom 2.0 pluto
phantom 2.0 pluto:
TOM has almost a whole the playoffs lmfao
G_ A_C
G_ A_C:
I called this the first game of the season.
Dustin M
Dustin M:
Let's go Bucs! Finally excited to see them play again since the Brooks, Dunn, Sapp, Lynch, Barber, Johnson ect era!! Offense needs to improve on a few things defense is playing great if they can continue playing the way they are and the offense tighten up then it doesn't matter who we play we can win
As much as I dislike Tom Brady he is the goat and will be remembered forever
CuckyWazzbac 67
CuckyWazzbac 67:
Wow, just wow
Sacred Boswellia
Sacred Boswellia:
Lovd the very end of this video. The usher lady holding some random kid back like "yeah, sure kid, sure your dad is Tom Br....oh, yes Mr Brady, of course he can come down to see you!"
natedawg 100
natedawg 100:
Tom played like ass in the second half. Got the job done tho 💯
Vince Ian Catahan
Vince Ian Catahan:
I can't wait for ring #7
Smky TG
Smky TG:
I feel so bad for Aaron
D Davis
D Davis:
His 10th superbowl, I've been telling people ever since I moved down here to Tampa last year that with Tom Brady as a quarterback things are very different.
Nolan Bittner
Nolan Bittner:
Lejohndary World favorite retard
Lejohndary World favorite retard:
Tom Brady: one super bowl missed is enough
Since tom brady went to his first superbowl, i graduated kindergarten, middle school, high school, college. Bought my first car, my first house, got married, had a child, collected my first and second stimulus check and now he's at his 10th.
Levi on switch
Levi on switch:
I’m very surprised Tom Brady made it to super bowl and hopefully the chiefs make it super bowl
Ercihan Ateş
Ercihan Ateş:
Augz Sarmiento
Augz Sarmiento:
Amazing 🤩
So happy for brady 😀
Carlos Vazquez
Carlos Vazquez:
Hard Work and Dedication
7x super bowl champion calling it now forever grew up watching him in New England
Tribe Elias
Tribe Elias:
RTV Sono
RTV Sono:
First time he’s made it to the super bowl with no bye