Tom Brady on HC Bruce Arians, Bucs Super Bowl Berth | Press Conference

Quarterback Tom Brady spoke to the media on Sunday following the NFC Championship Game vs. the Green Bay Packers.

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100+ comentarios:

James P
James P:
This man just went thru the 2 best QBs in the conference, went up against 2 of the top 5 defenses in the playoffs. This is the hardest path he went without Bellichick.
Team Time Riders
Team Time Riders:
The nfc threw everything at this man and here he is at the top of the conference. All those clowns who said that a “real” conference would eat him alive, well I don’t see them ANYWHERE!!!
Vito Smith
Vito Smith:
I'm a Patriots fan since 2001 .. I was pulling for the Bucs this year because of Tom .. Congrats to the Bucs and the fans of the city of Tampa....GO PATRIOTS....
And just like that, Tom Brady has taken over the NFC
Tampa has a legend for quarterback this man is something else, he makes everyone better and want to work harder. Ultimate leader!!! Congrats to the Bucs and their coaching staff. What an amazing year!!!
Jay Ilagan
Jay Ilagan:
The most classiest professional athlete in all sports!!
Big Mike
Big Mike:
Absolutely amazing what Tom Brady and his teammates have accomplished this season!
For all of those saying “Brady didn’t get the bucs to the super bowl,” he is definitely the number one reason
Red Devil Racing
Red Devil Racing:
I live in MA and will always be a Pats fan but my boy Tommy B and Gronk can’t go against them and riding it till he retires as my second team. GO BUCS 💪🏻
No Thanks Bro
No Thanks Bro:
Brady really went to the NFC to send brees and rodgers home from the playoff.
Bliss Haven Farm
Bliss Haven Farm:
I feel like this is a testament to how much someone can change the culture in a locker room. I mean this team had talent last year. Lots of teams have a decent amount of talent. But there has to be a confidence in that locker room. Brady brings that. He instills it. It's like someone said one time even the defense plays better when he's there. He changed the culture, ultimately...
Missungi TV
Missungi TV:
No more talk he had it easy in the afc. He proved he went to nfc and is still the king
Richard Listwon
Richard Listwon:
When l saw him make that throw to Scotty Miller l gasped “that’s the goat”. It gave me chills.
The GOAT keeps being a history maker, a dream crusher, a fan heartbreaker!
Brady you did it, much respect earned. 1 more win.
Ricardo Takahasi
Ricardo Takahasi:
I hope we can win, these guys deserves it. Fighting so many things at the same time and overcoming top tier challenges. SB here we go!!!!!!!!!
Michelle Ezeugo
Michelle Ezeugo:
Great play Tom. I hope you can win Super Bowl 55 in your own home stadium. Go Bucs. ❤️🖤❤️🖤
It's Tom Brady's world. We're just in it. GO BUCS!
Bee Ly
Bee Ly:
Honestly, STOP comparing this man to any of these qb's. There is a reason why he's the GOAT. He doesn't have to win the Superbowl to prove he's the best. Rodgers is good, Brady is just better.
Tom Brady knew he was moving to the right team.
Stephano Vargas
Stephano Vargas:
Undisputed GOAT 🐐
He beat Brees and Rodgers that why he is THE GOAT
Adam Leovick
Adam Leovick:
Congratulations to all you true Bucs fans!!!!! Never would we have images this hahah. Let’s enjoy this!!!!
Jason Cyril Garcia
Jason Cyril Garcia:
If Tom wins the Super Bowl this year,it would be one of the best season and post-season run in the history of NFL, ever. To be able to defeat Brees and Rodgers on the road and possibly reigning and defending superbowl champ/mvp in mahomes and to win it at 1st home superbowl is simply unprecedented!🔥🐐
John Smith
John Smith:
Next game, everyone will be healthy to go even AB. That's going to be an even scarier team to face.
Andrew Perez
Andrew Perez:
Congrats Tampa Bay!!! Sincerely Patriots nation, 1 more win you guys can do it!!!
Brad Brinegar
Brad Brinegar:
He's officially tied with Brees and Rodgers for NFC championships
Ryan Thyag
Ryan Thyag:
Brady made them believe they could do it. They however became too much aggressive on the play calling in second half but managed to win
Kisembe Namusyule
Kisembe Namusyule:
Brady retired Brees, denied Rodgers, now he must slay Mahomes to achieve Super Saiyan Ultra Instinct
Patricia vital hernandez
Patricia vital hernandez:
Tantos años cambie mi equipo por seguir a Tom Brady . El es un ganador un gran compañero de equipo y un increíble padre de familia, Su mamá y su papá lo formaron en su interior felicidades también para sus padres
Ken Snedegar
Ken Snedegar:
Congratulations everyone that lives in Tampa Bay Florida you have a great team with Tom Brady and Bruce Arians playing at home that is so cool hope you guys win the Superbowl
As a Pats fan I’m cheering for you in taking the overpriced Chiefs out like a true baller!!
Valentino— What goes around comes around!!!
Valentino— What goes around comes around!!!:
Looks like it’s going to be a early night for belichick.....Go get another one brady!!! Go Bucs!!! 🐐🥇💍
Daze Beatz
Daze Beatz:
This is so surreal!!!!!... My squad is going to the Super Bowl...BucsNation where y'all at?!?!? 💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾😎😎😎
Michael Garcia
Michael Garcia:
Brady.. the legend killer...the true goat...GO BUCS !!!!!!!!!!
John Foxx
John Foxx:
During such a time of divisiveness, it's amazing how Tom has resisted the forces that seem to be influencing everyone in the US and even globally. He has stayed classy and humble.
He is the real Captain America.
And a vegan!
A leader for tomorrow.
Chairman Meow
Chairman Meow:
he really is the greatest
JON R Wieszchowski
JON R Wieszchowski:
🏈🏈🏈 CONGRATS TOM, I Couldn't be any Prouder of you if you were my own son🏈🏈 We ❤ U Tom..❗
🏈 Go Bucs...❗
Danny Thompson
Danny Thompson:
In the end all that matters is the W.. GOAT!!
Love seeing Tom Brady happy, meaning this organization has raised its bar and is on the right track and on top of the line.
Brian M
Brian M:
Thank you Tom! It's been so much fun to watch.
Dreaming OFYOU
Dreaming OFYOU:
The super bowl is called the Lombardy Trophy. Honestly, it should be called the Brady Trophy after he retires.
James Bond
James Bond:
Congratulations to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers! And a special high five to Tom Brady 👍👍💪. I have been watching the Patriots since the mid 70's, been through the hard time and the great 20 years, so glad you followed me to Florida, no go get that Lombardi Trophy for all of us! 😎🍻.
Voodoo Booty
Voodoo Booty:
I really want Tom to lead this bunch to a Superbowl victory! I want it for them more than just for Tom. This team is very hard to beat!
Gianni DV
Gianni DV:
“I’m not wearing a blazer to the Super Bowl next year!”
Last year someone chuckled at his statement... are you still laughing!?😏
Henry M
Henry M:
we're never going to see a qb again like this christ
truth hurts
truth hurts:
Tom Brady greatest QB of all time....💯💯💯💯
GOAT, best to ever do it and thank God Tampa Bay was blessed with his presence. Thank you Tom Brady........
Brady6 #GOAT #1stBALLOT #7RINGS:
“oNlY bEcAuSe hE hAd BiLl BeLiChIcK”
“oNlY bEcAuSe hE wAs iN tHe wEaKeSt dIvSiOn AFC East”

Goes to the NFC without Bill Belichick at age 43 with no offseason OTA, 1st year in the system, and gets to the SB as a Wild Card team
Alex The Rican
Alex The Rican:
Wat else can we say about this man but other then his the best QB that ever play the game of football 🏈
Logan B
Logan B:
3 road games against 2 HOF QB's, 2 top 5 Defenses, and 2 top 10 offenses. Absolutely unreal, hats off to Tom, cant believe he pulled it off.
Maybe now they will stop Bragging how good Rogers is!
The fox announcers through out entire game favored Rodgers how great & talented he is.
Well Rodgers got beat at home by the Tampa Bay Bucs whole team, led by the GOAT!
Chris Rushnok
Chris Rushnok:
Brady so classy..we love u
God's love As all.
God's love As all.:
Everything happened for a reason i think Tom Brady is a blessing to the Buccaneers Team, and to the fans after all those disappointment and failures years! Tom, Thank you for teaching your teammates to works as a winning team. I salute y'alls God bless and "GO BUCS"
Jimmy Davis
Jimmy Davis:
I knew Tom could lead Tampa To the Superbowl he's probably the Greatest of Our Lifetime
MT Chris
MT Chris:
Literally balling my eyes out right now, I cant believe it. WE DID IT!!!!!
A Yaj
A Yaj:
Congratulations TB12 & Bucs! Awesome game! ❤️🐐🏈💯💝
3 awesome road wins in the playoffs and now home for the Super Bowl. What a year !!
Awesome team win Bucs!
Good luck in the superbowl from new England!
USA-Girl 911
USA-Girl 911:
I have been a massive Tom Brady fan for 15+ yrs. I couldn’t be more happy for him! Greatest QB and a great human in general! I also live near Tampa so I am really happy for the Bucs and what he has been able to bring to our State!! Lighting Stanley Cup Champs, Rays went to the World Series and now the Bucs going to the Super Bowl. All awesome for our State of FLORIDA. Great job!! Also, we have the best Governor ever!!
Fort Dorchester 12u  Highlights
Fort Dorchester 12u Highlights:
Tom Brady has all the infinity stones and he is thanos and he comes and takes what he wants
Angel Colon
Angel Colon:
Tom you are the best to ever play this game I really miss you from a patriots fan .. go get that ring again 👍🏻
Tom made the Buccaneers great again.

I can't imagine how Kraft and Belichick feel right now, LOL.
So many times as a pats fan I heard people say he would never be as good in the nfc and in one year he took all the big dogs out and is headed back to the Super Bowl. GOAT
Stevan Bardot
Stevan Bardot:
During the pandemic, no pre season, first year with new team, first season in a new division and now going to the Super Bowl 🤷 I still can’t wrap my mind around all that amazingness, just thinking about it makes my head want to explode 🤯
paul kolifrath
paul kolifrath:
I love when they ask Tom a question about him, and he says well the team or this guy, Deflects the praise while praising others
Ken Snedegar
Ken Snedegar:
And besides what I said I'm rooting for you Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay team to win the Super Bowl you guys did a great job all year with Bruce Arians
Boogey B
Boogey B:
Thanks Baby Boy, for making the right decision on signing 💥💯💥✌️
Tough journey but you made it!! GOAT never count TB out until the game is over... well played TB.. going all the way up!!!
John D.
John D.:
Congrats to the bucs.
Good for you Brady! Patriots owed it to you to be loyal.
Bob Billings
Bob Billings:
Go Bucs!! Interesting Fact, Tom Brady has now tied Aaron Rodgers for NFC Championship wins.
Paul Paul
Paul Paul:
He was awesome in the first half. His receivers dropped too many passes. Brady struggled in the second half, give the packers defense credit. Total team win.
Gi Gigi
Gi Gigi:
"Bodão" 🐐 você é demais! 👏👏👏❤️
Big props to Rob Parker for keeping Brady top of his game for so long!
beating two hof on the road and then getting homefield is unbelievable. goat
You gotta know that he's loving this. He won't say it, but a small part of him is thinking, "I did it in the AFC, and now the NFC." Obviously he needs the team, a QB doesn't do it all, but if he can just have a really good game against his opponent, and the defense plays well, he might just win another.
A true team win. Gutsy play calling to end first half. Arians said 'that was all Brady'. There is a young buck in KC wanting to knock the GOAT down a peg. No matter the outcome Brady will be tops for a long time.
In case there was still any doubt, "Was it Brady or Belichick?" has been answered. Brady goes to Bucs and they win. The New England Pathetics fall on their face. Belichick's winning percentage without Tom is 43%. Fact. Good luck to the Bucs on the SB.
Riccardo Chiti
Riccardo Chiti:
Ho seguito la partita da l'Italia,ho sempre tifato Tampa Bay dai tempi del mitico Leroy Selmon,ma una gioia immensa come ieri non l'ho mai provata, nemmeno per la vittoria nel Superbowl.
BigBass13 13
BigBass13 13:
I truly hope they get AB back for the SB. Mike Evans looked high in the second half of that game.
To play 3 ROAD games to reach the Super Bowl to be a HOME game, is amazing!
Ken Snedegar
Ken Snedegar:
Great job time you do great with Bruce Arians and the rest of the team did a great job you guys have good communication just got to watch the ball no interceptions that's win the Super Bowl
Boogey B
Boogey B:
The G O A T!!!! YALL Better Put A Big G On THIS MANNS!! Name!!! F O R R E A L!!!🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆ON 3 ! LET'S GO BUCCS!!!! WOOOOOO!!!!!
James Hayes
James Hayes:
NFL fan from Cork Ireland who follows the cowboys but my God Brady keeps going like he's superman. Much respect👍
David Smith
David Smith:
There was a lot of talent on this team but it lacked experience and belief. TB has changed that , and he has helped attract more pieces. If we play 60 mins against KC we can win, happy to be underdogs - keep sleeping on the Bucs
towel head timmy
towel head timmy:
with great power comes great responsibility, being the GOAT ain't easy.
Devils Fan
Devils Fan:
As a Jets fan I can't help but have so much respect for this guy. If you guys end up winning a SuperBowl can you let him come to the Jets for a year haha
Is Tom retiring???...
Yes, he's retiring Drew Brees and Aaron Rodgers!
Sahiem Brown
Sahiem Brown:
I bet all the Tom Brady haters hit him even more now LOL the man is going to his 10th freaking Super Bowl for crying out loud 10th LOL never bet against this man or this team it is truly the Buccaneers year
Alfred Seddon
Alfred Seddon:
he has been struggling to hide the smirk on his face the past couple weeks. good for you and good for the team that worked to get there.
Darlene Dickson
Darlene Dickson:
TOM! class act, nice guys - oh yeah! stayed focus
James W
James W:
Just solidifies Brady's greatness. What round was he drafted in again ?
Voodoo Booty
Voodoo Booty:
1st downs n touchdowns baby! Lets make it a point to score on every drive! Lets get those sacks! Lets get those take aways! No penalties! Unless its to save us! Lol dont hold back and give it all ya got! Lets score early and keep the lead! Go Bucs!
Willie Beaman
Willie Beaman:
Bucs Nation stand up! I've been on this pirate ship for 20 years and I am so proud to be a fan of this team.
Henry Kahr
Henry Kahr:
Congratulations to Tom...San Francisco 49ers blew it by overlooking him!
Big Asian Gaming
Big Asian Gaming:
LFG So happy this means so much to the city of Tampa I am soo happy
Jeff Ryan Music
Jeff Ryan Music:
Everyone has always said how easy Brady had it in the AFC all those years. Well, he beat Mahomes in the championship game 2 years ago.... and NOW what's even sweeter about this year is that he beat Drew Brees AND Aaron Rodgers in the NFC and as the underdog both times! Cmon boys n girls. This is big time!
I believe this man is going to win the Super Bowl. This time last year we were wondering if Covid-19 was even real , cracking jokes on it cause it seemed so far away.
Same thought pattern with TB heading off to graze in sunny Florida.
He did a slight Brett Farve on us but leveled up and went Kurt Warner , minus the big numbers