Tom Brady the GOAT Let's Rip w/ 3 TDs to Go to the Super Bowl Once More | NFL 2020 Highlights

Tom Brady fires away with 280 passing yards and 3 touchdowns to win the AFC Championship and send the Buccaneers to the Super Bowl. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers take on the Green Bay Packers during the NFC Championship Game of the 2020 NFL postseason.

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100+ comentarios:

He's been playing for 20 years... and this is his 10th Super Bowl appearance

I'm honestly surprised he isn't the NFL logo yet
Brady: 2 turnovers, 14pts
Rodgers: 3 turnovers, 6 pts

This is how you win and lose playoff games. Capitalizing on your opponents' mistakes. Brady does it better, so he wins more. Simple.
the 13 M T
the 13 M T:
Brady really out here ending quarterbacks careers, first brees now he ends Rodgers hope of a second ring. GOAT
Alex __226
Alex __226:
I was told 5 years ago Tom Brady was "washed".. since then he's had a HOF career on top of already being the GOAT. It isn't even close.
Sports Fan_91
Sports Fan_91:
One year in the NFC & Tom Brady has tied Drew Brees & Aaron Rodgers in NFC Championships. 😂😂🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐
Chidozie Osuji
Chidozie Osuji:
Even the NFL acknowledging it now yup Brady is the GOAT and there may never be anyone like him
At the ripe old age of 43 Tom Brady returns to his 10th Super Bowl.
"Impressive. Most impressive."
Nicholas Pettigrew
Nicholas Pettigrew:
Let’s all just admit it. He’s the Goat * 2. This guy really led this team to the first home SB
Sports Fan_91
Sports Fan_91:
His haters for years said "he wouldn't do this in the NFC".... well in year 1 he takes a 7-9 team to the Superbowl. 🐐🐐🐐
Bill C.
Bill C.:
Tom Brady Stars in: The GOAT Awakens. A Super Bowl Story.
Vadoom 335
Vadoom 335:
If u split his career into 2 he would quite literally have 2 hall of fame careers
Rafael Gonzales
Rafael Gonzales:
Tom Brady really came over to the NFC to beat Rodgers and Brees in their own house to go the Super Bowl lol
His 1st half was GOAT tier, his 2nd half was incredibly poop. Still, got the win and now onto a 10th SB, congrats to Brady
Lion El Aton
Lion El Aton:
Tom Brady is the greatest football player to ever live. We are and have been for a while far beyond any remnants of doubt.
Corpy Hogan
Corpy Hogan:
This why it’s so hard for people to believe in the Packers. Good season, playoff win, blow it in the NFC Championship game, rinse and repeat. They’ve had Rodgers for more than a decade and have one superbowl
The man switch teams and still going to the superbowl 🐐
Godwin was huge today... Brady almost blew it in the 2nd half, but he was money on third down and that what mattered the most. This is one of the most impressive playoff runs by a team since the 2012 ravens..
The man, the myth, the legend, the GOAT ....Tom Brady.
Tobi Amajie
Tobi Amajie:
Skip Bayless: “There’s only one man in the history of sports that I do not bet against and that’s......*pause*.......Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr.” 👴🏼👓 #TB12
As a Packers fan, this was the most painful lost ever. More than 4th and 26th, more than the game in Seattle a few years ago.
Paul Nguyên
Paul Nguyên:
The GOAT's hosting his Super Bowl! Crikey, mates!
Thomas Morano
Thomas Morano:
Old pats fan here..glad to share what we had of 20 years of winning with tampa bay....go brady the goat
Tom Brady... the NFL’s final boss.
Felipe Neves
Felipe Neves:
That play to Miller is one of the best I've seen.
Joe Lucido
Joe Lucido:
It has been an absolute pleasure watching this man play a little kids game. There will never be another one like him, I just wish he was starting his career instead of watching it come to an end, maybe another year, but that would be just a goodbye to all real football fans out there. One more to go Tom, make it look easy, like you have since the beginning.
No Thanks Bro
No Thanks Bro:
Say what you want the Bucs wouldn't be here without him!
He’s been to ten Super nearly 1 out of 5 Super Bowls have him in it. That’s crazy if u think about it
Christopher Paul
Christopher Paul:
How about the nfl rename the trophy to the brady trophy instead of lombardi trophy. He will win 3 straight with the bucks with a total of 9 rings and 12 appearances if thats not the greatest football player ever i dont know what is. SO BRADY TROPHY 🏆 FROM HERE ON NOW
Tao Kretz
Tao Kretz:
Packers really beat themselves in this one. So many mistakes, so many chances to come back despite those mistakes. Just made one too many
Dats a paddlin
Dats a paddlin:
The best team sports athlete winner in modern history
The Gamer 91
The Gamer 91:
That's it. Rodgers will never ever be considered better than Brady. Rodgers blew his shot.
Tom Brady has as many NFC Championships as Drew Brees and Aaron Rodgers.
But but Brady is a system QB without the patriots he will be nothin.... I wonder what the haters will say now
Carlos De Leon
Carlos De Leon:
This man just continues to amaze me
MoTown Moe
MoTown Moe:
Never Bet Against Brady 🐐 When Will You People Learn?.....
Tom Brady is the mfing system
Andre Neale
Andre Neale:
Well....this should 100% settle the GOAT QB debate. For the 1% doubters that were left.

Tom Brady or NFL owners
Who really owns the NFL?
Lola Lopez
Lola Lopez:
Maravilloso video... Que historia, que leyenda... También me encantó esta otra reflexión de Tom y sus épicas 10 visitas al Super Bowl...
Patrick Jacobsen
Patrick Jacobsen:
It's undeniable Brady is the GOAT of the NFL.
They said he was washed up so he went to a bottom team and made them great just amazing whether he wins or loses it don't matter he has just shown his greatness by taking team to the super bowl
As a Vikings fan I approve this. The only thing that can get me excited as Vikings winning, is Green Bay losing
Brady has everyone's respect
I'm Batman
I'm Batman:
One thing I know is to never bet against the G.O.A.T
David Kars
David Kars:
I want a Mahomes vs Brady super bowl that would be legendary
jack woods
jack woods:
What made Brady so Impressive and Critical is how he played absolutely SUPERB in the First half....on the ROAD at Lambeau in COLD weather and basically put the game AWAY in the FIRST Half including that absolutely BEAUTIFUL CLUTCH DIME he threw to Miller with 2 seconds left in First Half...Packers were in a Big hole rest of game...Defense did the rest in 2nd half....Brady just Led the "Bucs" to the SUPERBOWL in his FIRST Year with the Team AND AT AGE "43"...Brady HATERS are basking and marinating in their anger...
doomzdesire20 _
doomzdesire20 _:
Rodgers is like James Harden legendary in the regular season disappears in the playoffs
King Pineapple
King Pineapple:
Stop the debates brady is the goat even with three pics he still wins congrats to the goat Brady..
Sjr Hotboi
Sjr Hotboi:
Further proof that Brady carried Belichick
Zaafir Ashar
Zaafir Ashar:
Its over now even the NFL called Brady the 🐐
John50 Beach
John50 Beach:
2 of those interceptions were essentially punts. 3rd down and out of field goal range. It's actually kind of genius to throw those. Either you get a massive gain or you gave the ball to the opposing offense close to their goal line with no chance to return it
Luke R.
Luke R.:
Let's ignore the picks for a second. Do people realize how amazing Brady was in the first half? He was carrying the offense despite another 4 drops and no run game. The first drive and the last pass before the half were brilliant. TB doesn't win without Brady's first half performance. The defense then finished the job in the fourth quarter--sometimes that's just how it goes in the NFL.
Glen Savage quagmire
Glen Savage quagmire:
Brady owns Rodgers any day of the week period !
Jason Mercuri
Jason Mercuri:
Go Tompa Bay!!!
This Tom Brady guy is pretty good at football. I think he has a bright
future ahead of him. he might even win a Super Bowl someday.
JahNuhThun Dee The One And Only
JahNuhThun Dee The One And Only:
Tom Brady is the greatest and most accomplished athlete in North American pro sports history.
BigOpp Smoka
BigOpp Smoka:
I don’t wanna hear anything about the refs. The packers had three picks and scored six points and decided to kick a field goal instead of going for it
Anas Shahid 224
Anas Shahid 224:
Tom Brady the 🐐
R6 Plays
R6 Plays:
Im pretty sure tom brady has had 4 HOF careers
Fraudgers had 6 points off Brady’s turnovers. At least when the Bucs picked off Brees, Brady scored. Rodgers’ MVP belongs to Mahomes.
jonathan ramos
jonathan ramos:
Congratulations buccaneer fans as a raider fan it's fun seeing the team that clobbered my favorite team in the Superbowl go back to the Superbowl for the first time since that game. Hopefully gruden can get us back here but we are mediocre to say the least
Best QB to play the game.
Maxx’s MYTEAM:
Everybody thought Tom Brady would be done going to Super Bowl after last year but obviously not🤨
Joost Mehrtens
Joost Mehrtens:
This is the year the NFL shows they are probably the most competitive compition in any sport. With the exception of the Jets all teams have reached the playoffs in the last 5 years. And yet Brady manages a 10th championship
Luke R.
Luke R.:
Brady had been playing so well. What the heck happened in the 3rd? Glad he won but those interceptions have me scratching my head.
bruce lau
bruce lau:
brady really out here ending QB's careers tho
Angel Aquino
Angel Aquino:
He also ripped 3 interceptions, and 2 in a row
Tb#12 🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐 have my RESPECT 🐐🐐🐐🐐 Wordless Priceless
Harshil Patel
Harshil Patel:
Shannon tomorrow probably “I gave him a F skip”
Chewable Orb
Chewable Orb:
The GOAT also had 3 picks today......just sayin..
Dutty Bookmon
Dutty Bookmon:
Tom Brady is the G.O.A.T of world wide sports!!! BIGFACTS%NOKAP
Dutty Bookmon
Dutty Bookmon:
Tom Brady is the G.O.A.T of world wide sports!!! BIGFACTS%NOKAP
Jay Calloway
Jay Calloway:
He’s doing all of this at a very young age of 43
MonsterKing 2003
MonsterKing 2003:
Let’s Goooooooo Brady
Nathan Gibson
Nathan Gibson:
GOAT 🐐🐐🐐
This could had been You Bill lol but Nooo You was jealous of your own QB ain’t want to give him no new toys or nothing lol now you watching from the couch NE is Highly Big mad right about now watching Brady do his Thing 💯💯🔥🔥🔥 Go get that Ring GOAT 🐐 #TB12
Nicole J
Nicole J:
BTW, Brady won the NFC Championship, not the AFC.
Yo Tampa how does it feel to have the goat on your team
Rolland Finney
Rolland Finney:
Crazy to think that u can split his career and accomplishments in half and he can be the GOAT twice🤔
Jay Bee
Jay Bee:
Go the Browns for next season :)
Ken Runnels
Ken Runnels:
This man is the Jordan of football it's just true
Beast Scale
Beast Scale:
Now the haters clinging to the 3 INTs and saying Brady was carried by a stacked team all year. Didn't hear no mentions of this after that Chicago game where people was making fun of his age and the 4th down call. Serious note shout out to Lavonte David and Mike Edwards for handling the communication on that Bucs defense despite having to shutdown Aaron Rodgers with 2 of their starting safeties out. Todd Bowles also deserves love.
The Ringo & Monte Show
The Ringo & Monte Show:
bucs fans can be happy all they want...but keep in mind....brady is only on their team for a lil less more than when pats had him for 20 years <_< .....hes always a true patriot in our hearts from Massachusetts ! PERIOD
Jay Salazar
Jay Salazar:
If you hate Tom Brady you need to have a deep self reflection session about where you are in life. Its wasted energy and will only bring yourself down. The first road to recovery is accepting that Tom Brady is the greatest NFL player to ever lace up and probably the greatest Athlete in any sport all time. That's debatable but a valid one .
Best QB of AFC now representing NFC in superbowl 😂😂😂
Lloyd Bonafide
Lloyd Bonafide:
So was it worth it Bill? All you had to do was give the man weapons
Three picks and the Packers couldn’t capitalize.
Tyler James
Tyler James:
3 interceptions wow 👏
Aubs Samaniego
Aubs Samaniego:
Tom a beast
Christian Soria
Christian Soria:
Packers defensive cordnatior been taking notes from Adam Gase
Salva Op
Salva Op:
Y’all remember when everyone was saying that aaron is the goat? That russel will win mvp? When everyone was calling Tom a system qb? Let me tell you something, Tom was the system in NE, toms is far better than aaron, mahomes, Montana, idc, Tom is the league mvp this year, period.
Calvin Calvin
Calvin Calvin:
Packers threw the game by not going for it. You don't disrespect the GOAT and his luck like that
Sap Chapo
Sap Chapo:
I like how the buccaneers play on the road but at home uhhhh not so sure i love Brady but i got a feeling Buccs defense will not hold up against the Chiefs i hope im wrong tho
Trevor Philips
Trevor Philips:
ppl say Rodgers better skilled QB. even today, Brady wasn’t great

but Brady still always wins 🤔 maybe not most ‘skilled’ but he’s the GOAT commander ! 🥵💯🔥
Roman DeLis
Roman DeLis:
WARNING: packers fan boys blaming refs for loss⚠️
James Grinstead
James Grinstead:
Mr. Inevitable does it again!
No Thanks Bro
No Thanks Bro:
By the way, The MVP trophy curse is real.
Bree H
Bree H:
Big Man....
Big Man....:
If Matt leflop drafted a WR instead of Jordan love they would’ve won