Tom Cruise's Lifestyle ★ 2020

Lifestyle 2020 ★ Tom Cruise's Net Worth 2020

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91 comentarios:

Daphnne Barkley
Daphnne Barkley:
I definitely love his movies he's a great actor
Daniel Kelly
Daniel Kelly:
I pray for tom cruise to find his way home.
Carmen Mitchell
Carmen Mitchell:
The GOAT(greatest of all time) The best male actor of all time because he does all of his stunts. I 💘 u Tom
Lona Moss-Ferrari
Lona Moss-Ferrari:
nobody mentioned about the movie Eyes wide shut
Greeneyed Gemini
Greeneyed Gemini:
Tom Cruise has morphed into LRon Hubbard, and his real wife is DAVID MISCAVAGE .
Marta Tosh
Marta Tosh:
I love him he is the best❤
Janaki Ram
Janaki Ram:
Tom always Top
Hug to hug here from Philippines
Alejandro Prado
Alejandro Prado:
Tom is my favorite actor
Merly Monroy
Merly Monroy:
Tom Crus he is my crush but lot of wives lot of girlfriend
The Fallen
The Fallen:
This is my lifestyle 🙏
Nilcivania Souza
Nilcivania Souza:
best movie actor !!! I admire a lot 👏👏👏👏💖😊
This video is so. **GOOD*❤❤❤ *Muzu*
Sherree Wilson
Sherree Wilson:
He’s a hard worker. Enjoys life. Happy Birthday for Tomorrow. TC. 🎂
Allan Timko
Allan Timko:
10:00 Was not expecting the POS Dodge Colt in the garage... must be for the maid
Nick D
Nick D:
That butchering of Miscavige is legendary
Jose C Moreno
Jose C Moreno:
What good is it for a man to own the world if he forfeits his soul... It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle then for a rich man to get into heaven 😔😫
Roy Azzurah
Roy Azzurah:
My first celebrities crush. ❤
Idol wow stunning house
Rita Wood
Rita Wood:
I have like Tom Cruise but have lost a lot of respect for him. On the grounds that in the Scientology sea Org., there are so many people being so very miss treated, and cruely Miss treated and he does nothing about it. This to me is a sign of a coward. Too bad he’s changed so much After Scientology got a hold of him.
Timothy Kissinger
Timothy Kissinger:
8 million total for child support?That's pocket change for Cruise.
Tamara Kaprielyan
Tamara Kaprielyan:
Turkey Man
Turkey Man:
Dodge colt? 😝
Maria De Lourdes
Maria De Lourdes:
Tom Cruise um ator fantástico,adoro os filmes dele,!!!
Imlikala Jamir
Imlikala Jamir:
He is my favorite actor
Len Short
Len Short:
The house pictured in Telluride is not the house.
Cindy Reid
Cindy Reid:
He may have all that here on earth but, it ends here as well. Ask a sociologist if Jesus is their Lord and savior. Well, it's not hard to figure out the end of the story. Very sad.
maureen bullock
maureen bullock:
Lifestyles 2020.... must have missed that... this was all old news! WHERE'S SHELLY MISCAVIGE!
Jürg Streuli
Jürg Streuli:
Tom Cruise is a super guy and religion is his private business.
Svetlana Chernyetsky
Svetlana Chernyetsky:
I would like to know about Daniel Craig
Bianca Hotca
Bianca Hotca:
Katie Holmes tried so hard. She has no where near a star status. She was a minor actress. Her marriage to Tom Cruise put her on the map.
Roberto Ferraro
Roberto Ferraro:
Not many actors on this planet who r capable to do their own stunts as Tom Cruise does. He deserves every penny that he gets. God bless him.
happy I care
happy I care:
happy I care
happy I care:
happy I care
happy I care:
Te aclaras ?
M R:
Scientology psycho.
Mission impossible. . .
Deborra Strom
Deborra Strom:
Intersting inform. My favorite movies..A Few Good Men & Top Gun & Last Samurai & the one with Cuba Gooding.."SHOW ME THE MONEY!" He should completely cut the cord with Scientology. Hopefully he has done that as Rumor has it.
happy I care
happy I care:
Mary Ann Smith
Mary Ann Smith:
💋💋💋💋💋💖💙 I wish if I find him
Gus Stone
Gus Stone:
I like the Porsche 928 and the Dodge Colt. Lol.
Scientology is insanity.
Catherine Hernandez
Catherine Hernandez:
Tom es increíble y único.
Boaz 77
Boaz 77:
Christjesus the son of God loved us died for us,
#Adrenochrome #wakeuppeople
Cristina Timoteo
Cristina Timoteo:
Olá!!Dear Tom. Lindo o seu apartamento,tem-se uma vista linda e maravilhosa,tanto da sala de jantar de visita e da cozinha.Gostei das maças vermelhas e da taça de vinho branco.Essa linda vista da janela eu a conheço. O meu amigo e família compatriotas que mora no EUA na Califórnia passa sempre por estas vistas lindas. Eu vejo que seu apartamento está faltando um toque feminino. Tudo lindo bom e maravilhoso.Oh glória!!
Teodora Downie
Teodora Downie:
He is a great father and I love all his movie🌎💃🏾
Yansen Supardi
Yansen Supardi:
Nice to meet you dad.
Elvira Tabakovic
Elvira Tabakovic:
B G:
Lindsey Vonn
thapabhakta 0367
thapabhakta 0367:
Love cruise
Lidya Silitonga
Lidya Silitonga: are so cool
Somi Somi
Somi Somi:
I love you tom cruise from Pakistan
Vincent Joyce
Vincent Joyce:
I bet Cher’s got some stories.
Barbie Ellis
Barbie Ellis:
Him and Leonardo DiCaprio are very rude though the people I mean to just cantankerous men
Laura Avendaño
Laura Avendaño:
Trevor Connolly
Trevor Connolly:
Rob Lowe
I am Thai.I like him very much,he is a star in my heart forever.
Cristina Timoteo
Cristina Timoteo:
Olá!!Dear Tom, vejo que você tem bom gosto. É lindo o seu apartamento,é outro ou é o mesmo e você só mudou a mobília,porque a vista é a mesma. Gostei também desse apartamento de tudo que há nele,principalmente com as maças verdes e as carambolas. Esse fruta aqui no Brasil é igual as maças aí nos EUA,em todo quintal se quiserem existem uma árvore dessa fruta. Tudo lindo bom e maravilhoso.Mas tem um porém,está faltando um toque feminino. Oh glória!!
Kevin H
Kevin H:
It is so sad to see him struggling so...
Basu Thapa
Basu Thapa:
I love tom
The samson
The samson:
Enjoy your life Tom cruise life goes by fast
wazahat Khan
wazahat Khan:
Tom lost his most expensive thing Nicole Kidman !
Jorge Rodriguez
Jorge Rodriguez:
I'm glad that He even when got divorced from Nicole Kidman was able to get ahead with His Movies and still make Millions Which I like them a Lot specially the Ones that have to do with Scifi Like Oblivion
Sue Siino
Sue Siino:
A lot of marriages, whatever!!!!
Jeff Beck
Rene Dulnuan
Rene Dulnuan:
Kilometer 6 Cruz to Vito Cruz Pasay Robinson Mall ! Batman and Robinhood Masks
Kolton Krulicki
Kolton Krulicki:
He's also a part of a huge cult and is absolutely nuts.
prissy pants
prissy pants:
He's very short..he is cocky with a little man complex full of himself
Randal Colling
Randal Colling:
Some guys have all the luck.
Viola Inches
Viola Inches:
Mmm not bad though he can't find happiness with all his millions ♡ Can he ? Such a pity!
Dot Canine
Dot Canine:
Tom cruise is my favorite celebrity
Syed Javed Ahmad
Syed Javed Ahmad:
world super star Tom Cruise. 👍👍, nice human being.
Crulyhairgal85 Newcastle94
Crulyhairgal85 Newcastle94:
Tom Cruise is my favourite actor 😍🥰😘
Sherry Bean
Sherry Bean:
Tom Cruise is so handsome love this man hẻ is great actor.
How someone with ten million dollars could possibly need child support is beyond me.
bol pol
bol pol:
poor life cruse
Tan S
Tan S:
I don't believe that celebrities should be venerated. They are simply people who are good at modifying their behaviors to try to make people believe them. I have always, for at least 30 years, wondered why people think actors are so wonderful and worthy of worship and of vast fortunes! I don't feel like this at all. I see actors as less worthy. I serve my country as a nurse to our veterans. Many of my friends serve their communities. All public servants are much more worthy of recognition, but not nearly as sensational and news-worthy as one who captures falsity like an actor.
T Prime
T Prime:
hey lifestyle and net worth how much did scientology pay you for this puff piece??? never mention anything negative about tom.....brown nose all the way
ॐ Paula Bianca Holy Spirit
ॐ Paula Bianca Holy Spirit:
What is different in this Scientology Church compared to other Christian Churches ?
Daphnne Barkley
Daphnne Barkley:
I said I love Tom Cruise's movies he's a great actor he is not a nice person at all
Bruce S. Parker
Bruce S. Parker:
But the only real thing that is reachable for obtaining money is aluminum cans and plastic bottles, so a handout is the only other option. Plus the reality of perpetual INFLATION, each day and year, Remember only the mint and Bureau of Printing and engraving Makes money, so these folks are super showered upon, There must be Output before Input or you haven't gotten out of babyhood.
Prasenjit Dey
Prasenjit Dey:
Tom Cruise, after watching this its seems more like " Cruise Control" de la money & success.👏👏
Elaine Walls
Elaine Walls:
Where is Shelly MisCavige???
fladave99 Mills
fladave99 Mills:
That LS-NW cover page is the most ANNOYING thing I have EVER SEEN - NEVER watch ANYTHING on your raggity site again
Shirley Kneece
Shirley Kneece:
I think Tom ruise is a Narcissist . I also believe he is brain washed and is cold husband