Tom Cruise yelling at crew members of MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 7 for breaking Covid Safety Protocols

Leaked audio of Tom Cruise yelling at crew members of ‘MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 7’ for breaking COVID safety protocols.
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Most times when stars yell at crew on a movie set, it comes off like a diva turn. But Tom Cruise was caught in an audiotape unloading on the crew of the London set of Mission: Impossible 7, and it sounds like his ire is well placed.
London paper The Sun has posted audio — listen here — of a tirade directed at the crew after he noticed lapses in social distancing protocols that were put in place to make one of the first blockbusters to resume production during the pandemic. In this case, Cruise, also the film’s producer, helped develop the protocols meant to get the film through production that spanned from Italy to Norway and London. It is a massive undertaking, and there were reports of Covid issues during the Italy leg of the shoot, which reportedly shut the film down for a couple of days.

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Kenny Do
Kenny Do:
Mixtape of Tom Cruise and Christian Bale rants here:
Brian Jung
Brian Jung:
Mission Impossible 10: Social Distancing
Ben Lewis
Ben Lewis:
I mean, Tom Cruise spent millions of dollars of his own money renting out empty cruise ships so production of the film could continue. One outbreak of Covid and the entire production could get postponed or shut down, potentially losing the studio tens of millions of dollars. Hundreds if not thousands of jobs could be on the line. I'd get pretty pissed if I saw some dumb interns not wearing their masks
Nathaniel Wildstone
Nathaniel Wildstone:
Notice how the audio ends on, “I trust you guys to be here” and he’s calming down and leveling with people. This was not a typical “selfish celebrity” rant. Cruise knows that if they don’t follow protocols their business could and will be shut down. It’s happened all over the world, and Hollywood is NOT immune. So, he reasons if he has to fire a couple people who aren’t observing rules—whether they make sense to them or not—he’ll do it in order to keep his job and thousands of others. With that much pressure on the line, does it make sense that he would be angry? Uh, yeah. It does.
Good Vibrations
Good Vibrations:
Could you imagine him yelling like this while dressed as his tropic thunder character, it would be impossible not to laugh
Lisa jack
Lisa jack:
Just imagine if tom caught the person
who recorded this while recording it💀
I mean he’s got a point. That delivery was pretty crazy but imagine the whole multi million dollar project getting shut down because a few people couldn’t wear masks
John Crane
John Crane:
He sounds like the teacher that comes in to yell for the substitute
Martin D
Martin D:
ya'll need to join the military...this is everyday
He sounded perfectly normal for Tom Cruise...
Teri B
Teri B:
He sounds like an angry parent that is frustrated by repeating himself to children who don't do their chores.
Joe Lee
Joe Lee:
I bet Tom Cruise wants this video to self destruct in 5 seconds.
astro boyvr
astro boyvr:
Bravo Mr Cruise Bravo
I'm glad someone is taking the safety protocols serious
Khaled Hussain
Khaled Hussain:
He is basically acting his character from Tropic Thunder, Les Grossman.
Well, i agree with everything he said and being angry is good so as to need to get a point crossed
He sounds like he's acting a scene even when he's mad.
Weird how he speaks about "reason" while being in a cult like Scientology.
mog dor
mog dor:
I'm picturing him jumping on a couch while he's yelling at everyone
Oh boy, his haters will brag about this for a long time
V Srdi
V Srdi:
This is a respectable guy, I know there’s some nutty things in his persona but the guy meant well here. Sometimes you just gotta grab people by the wrist and lead them in the right direction. Love it.
Joe Gombita
Joe Gombita:
I honestly find nothing wrong with this. He wasn't denying COVID or angry for protocol but for the LACK of protocol.
nicole george
nicole george:
You guys cut the last part when he says
to them "i really care about you guys"
not cool just not cool !!!!
Ronald Kragnes
Ronald Kragnes:
When Tom said, "is that clear?!"
I was waiting for someone to say "crystal." :)
tanya b
tanya b:
I actually don't find his tone offensive at all given the circumstance. I had boses talk in by far worse manner on a daily base.
He could win a Oscar for this performance
It’s a good thing he’s not the Governor General of Canada.
He’s also the producer, the money man of the movie so I’m not surprised he’s pissed as that’s what top producers usually act like
I can understand where he’s coming from tbh. He has spilled a lot of money into this movie and if people don’t take the proper precautions, it can easily be shutdown and he will not be able to make the movie.
Mark Clough
Mark Clough:
Good for Tom! They’re lucky to have a job. He’s responsible for keeping the project together and going. If it takes a severe ass chewing to get people to do their jobs correctly and without jeopardising the project so be it. Well done Tom! Everyone will think again before....
Christian Bale would approve this
Caleb Pearl
Caleb Pearl:
1) It's his money
2) He makes the rules
3) You break the rules, he gets mad
4) He's not wrong
john p
john p:
sounds like he has asked nicely a few times before. sometimes people need an touge lashing if they are taking the piss.
Oprah: "You get a car, and you get a car and you get a car!"

Tom Cruise: "You'll be gone and you'll be gone and you'll be gone!"
annette pope
annette pope:
yeah fair enough, he sounds OTT but i dont think he is and i dont even like him. enough ppl have died and hes trying to provide jobs & keep ppl safe by following rules. USA just had 5m positive cases in one day. how many of those will die? how many more before ppl wake TF up?
Phillip Bridges
Phillip Bridges:
He's so right. I like how he is not sugar-coating it. So much is on the line when they are making a movie around this time.
Good for him. Sometimes people need a good shaking to wake them up to reality!
Remember: “It’s only a mask if you treat it that way”
- Vanilla Sky doctor.
Autumn M
Autumn M:
It's great that Hollywood can still make movies while small businesses have to stay shut down.😕
King Kong
King Kong:
Fun Fact: A virus outbreak is exactly what Ethan Hunt prevented in Mission: Impossible 2.
Marko K
Marko K:
South Park better make a parody of this!
Erik Seidler
Erik Seidler:
Aren't scientologists the only ones who can cure Covid?
Cato Alexander Aspmo
Cato Alexander Aspmo:
Christian Bale Freaks Out on set. Starring Tom Cruise.
Lavendera k
Lavendera k:
Another boss would've just fired them on the spot but tom has a great heart he wanted to teach them not get rid of them ...he actually cares about them...
Wouldn’t it be hilarious if at the end of his rant somebody said “aaaaaaand CUT!”
Carl Brehmer
Carl Brehmer:
I've got no issue with it. He's the boss there, has a valid point, and is doing his job. He could have fired them on the spot but instead he gave them an ass chewing, he helped them out.
“You can’t handle the truth....” lol
The Entertainer98
The Entertainer98:
I would've done the same thing I likenthis guy and I respect him .
"When you practice Scientology, you learn to control your anger" 😳
Ali Jafri
Ali Jafri:
Imagine this yelling when he's wearing glasses and an underwear
python edits
python edits:
"It's just the job, no hard feelings."
Lisa jack
Lisa jack:
Lines from this recording that
will become famous:

"I'm beyond your apologies"
"You're f**king gone"
"That's what i sleep with every night"
"I will deal with your reason"
"And you too and you too and you"
2 fantastic Unicorns
2 fantastic Unicorns:
Haha too bad he’s not this passionate about seeing his kids..
Jose Rodriguez
Jose Rodriguez:
I wouldn't be surprised the coronavirus will disappear after hearing Tom Cruise. That's all it took.
Andrew Young
Andrew Young:
I mean, he’s not 35 anymore. If he gets sick, it could definitely be more severe for him.
Maurice Hargis
Maurice Hargis:
This is that one time when being Tom Cruise actually makes sense. I have no issues with this rant
Bisexual Ichigo
Bisexual Ichigo:
I hope Family Guy parodies this like they did to Christian Bale’s rant audio.
John Kay
John Kay:
Cool Tom, now do California, it's outta control here.
Mission Impossible 10: Attack of the "F" Bombs
Wavy F. Baby
Wavy F. Baby:
Mission Impossible: Covid Protocol
Freelance opportunist
Freelance opportunist:
They're all grateful to be wearing masks so Tom can't see them laughing.
Raditya Nugraheni
Raditya Nugraheni:
From my point of view as a health care worker, he's saying the right things. But, well, I guess the US is different.
Joel Vincent
Joel Vincent:
Is he being that unreasonable? Seems fair enough really
Gordon Brett
Gordon Brett:
All the people saying “but the jobs!” And then ok with the shutdown of thousands of small businesses, have wack priorities.
Raymond Jamieson
Raymond Jamieson:
That’s how my old Pastor at my old church use to speak to us when he weren’t obeying the bible
Serena Sun
Serena Sun:
People's lives are literally on the line. Not to mention an entire production, which typically takes years of hard work. It sounds like his crew had already broken the rules before, and he is expressing his anger at them for not following orders. Yes, he's kind of drill sergeant with his approach- but keep in mind actors are trained to express their emotions on instinct. Also, bosses are humans too and they have a right to get angry and exert leadership. Being the boss of a nonprofit myself, a field where everyone is supposed to be "nice" - and also being from a coaching, psychology, and creative arts avenue- I see both sides. While I do not believe in a Steve Job's type of tyrannical intimidation style, there are plenty of corporations with bosses like that. On the other hand, sometimes "nice" doesn't cut it, and people will unfortunately see that as weakness. Being a good leader can be tricky...
Errr Errr
Errr Errr:
I love the watermark "this is my video of tom cruise freaking out, none steal it"
i thought that because of his level in scientology he was covid resistant
Garrett Pederson
Garrett Pederson:
Somebody’s been hanging out with David Mischavige too much!
Billie Christiansen
Billie Christiansen:
Funny how Hollywood can continue to make movies but let’s shut down all the small businesses while thousands of people lose their jobs and livelihood. I have no sympathy for these Hollywood millionaires. They can all go to hell as far as I’m concerned.
Martin Carlos
Martin Carlos:
Next stop him yelling to force "vaccination" into living beings
Nadine Baldwaan
Nadine Baldwaan:
I can feel his anu$ pumpin miles away when he yelling like that
Kurt Guntheroth
Kurt Guntheroth:
"...... And though she feels as if she's in a play
She is anyway......"
Upward Spiral
Upward Spiral:
Chisty A
Chisty A:
Okay, so CLEARLY, this video is NOT in ANY WAY related to the audio.
Dark Vincent
Dark Vincent:
After so many MIs I can’t take him seriously even though he might be enraged af inside 😂
Crazy Funny Cats
Crazy Funny Cats:
His best acting ever! 🤣
He’s a Scientology puppet. They love mask rituals
Drum Ninja
Drum Ninja:
But at 1:55 he's the only one NOT wearning a mask.
"I want the truth!...............................were you wearing your mask!"
Sonic Guyver
Sonic Guyver:
You need to remember Tom Cruise has invested millions of his own money to keep this production going under the COVID-19 restrictions. And when he says, "I'm done with your apologies" that tells me this isn't the first time this issue has come up.
Diana Prince
Diana Prince:
My bad, I thought this was an actual video of it. 😂
O - O
O - O:
Great story for the culprits. "Yeah, Tom Cruise totally shamed me on a film set once, epic!"
Πάτροκλος Ἀχιλλεύς
Πάτροκλος Ἀχιλλεύς:
I imagine he yelling at me like this and then kiss me, thats so hot 🥵
Diana Ratchford
Diana Ratchford:
Someone give me the Cliff’s notes, did a few crew members not wear their masks??
“Sir, this is a Wendy’s.”
Instead of a tirade, just fire them. Then tell everyone of the crew through a video chat that there will be zero tolerance going forward. If anyone has a problem with me enforcing safe working conditions for the financial and health well being of everyone of the cast and crew then I'll gladly and swiftly show you the door too.
Cutie Eevee 2
Cutie Eevee 2:
Guys I dont know whats going on so can you explain and tell me if he's saying right things or wrong things 😭😭😢
"Help me help you to not spread covid! Am I making myself clear?"
Moroha X
Moroha X:
*Family Guy, is going to love this!*
Shaun Rattray
Shaun Rattray:
Why doesn’t he just Scientology the covid away.
Tatiana Teate
Tatiana Teate:
Whew, looks like one of those David Miscavige re-enactments they're always mentioning in Scientology docs
All I know is he's got a lot of money, he does alot if not all his own stunts,..and he's got a full head of hair.....I still like him...
Freddy Rosario
Freddy Rosario:
Leyend says that he still pointing “and you” 👈
Jo Griffin
Jo Griffin:
They should have all just walked off and said F you !!
Get some new help with masks and no experience
Meh Meh
Meh Meh:
That's the most of any mission impossible movie I've ever watched.
Sareiviseth Diep
Sareiviseth Diep:
He was simply over reacting😷
Daniel Castillo
Daniel Castillo:
Just when we got over the jumping on the sofa like a raving maniac bit!
Toasty Topics
Toasty Topics:
Ohhh I get it. This was part of the movie.

He was so in character. He nailed it! Great job Tom!!!
Tommy Tyler
Tommy Tyler:
I agree with him. I always thought he's an ass. But I grew some respect for him
Inglorious 6661
Inglorious 6661:
I don’t think he’s an asshole for doing this. He seems like he really cares about people keeping their jobs. maybe he didn’t need to go off the rails but these are *dire* times.
Was he jumping up and down on Oprah's couch during this?