Tom Holland Shows Off His Viral Pants-less Look for Virtual Interviews | The Tonight Show

Tom Holland talks about doing press virtually, shooting the next Spider-Man film in Atlanta and his upcoming film Cherry.

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Tom Holland Shows Off His Viral Pants-less Look for Virtual Interviews | The Tonight Show


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100+ comentarios:

Fern Mao (fm2097)
Fern Mao (fm2097):
"I don't spoil anything" Also Tom: *explains whole cameo scene with Harry*
Kelly Sudyatmiko
Kelly Sudyatmiko:
Can we talk about how he just showed us his legs with no hesitation? 💀
Reagan Rockward
Reagan Rockward:
“You don’t wear pants but you do wear socks though”

*“Yea cuz it’s cold”*
Getting mad at tom holland is impossible it's like getting mad at a pet. He's too cute not to get mad.
Sudhandira P
Sudhandira P:
"i dont give out any spoilers"
five seconds later..
"so spiderman webs harry and he's sort of swinging.."
K O O K I E:
“I’ve read the script”
RDJ writing a fake script for Tom: 👁👄👁
Tom Holland: "I'm a trustworthy member of the Avengers"
Also Tom: Siting with no pants on and socks cuz his toes get cold
Abeer Arif
Abeer Arif:
Plot twist: The marvel people are holding a gun and a script behind the camera.
It’s meee
It’s meee:
Tom: “I haven’t spoiled anything”
Tom “...which is the section where my wife overdoses”
Angel Diaz
Angel Diaz:
I’ve never met anyone that hates or doesn’t like Tom Holland

Edit: *finds out my cousin doesn’t like him a week later✋🙄*
RinT Schultz
RinT Schultz:
Tom: “I haven’t really spoiled anything” *opens his script on camera*
Lauren Wolffis
Lauren Wolffis:
the way he effortlessly switched to an american accent when he said “i’m spider-man” wow i love him
Sophia Irinco
Sophia Irinco:
the way tom spoils 2 of his movies after saying he doesn’t spoil movies
Infamous Swoosh
Infamous Swoosh:
Why does jimmy look and sound like he hasn’t slept in 3 days
athina almamo
athina almamo:
I have developed an unhealthy obsession with this man...
1:29 THE WAY HE SAID “yeah cause it’s cold” and his little giggle afterwards AHHHH HE’S SO CUTE IT HURTS
Abigail Chiu
Abigail Chiu:
Tom: I’m looking at my trailer and it’s way bigger than it used to be
Anthony M: the kid’s a problem
Jade Brough
Jade Brough:
Tom Holland: “I’m a trust worthy member of the avengers”
*2 mins later*
Also Tom Holland: “Spider-Man flips him upside down”
Emily Stokes
Emily Stokes:
He’s gonna age like fine wine.
Lydia Smith
Lydia Smith:
Tom just drinking a ton of water to make sure he doesn't spoil anything
Tom: "I haven't really ever spoiled anything"
Also Tom at 3:47 : spoils Harry's cameo
Happy Hacks
Happy Hacks:
Tom trying not to spoil anything.
Also Tom: Yeahh there is one scene where my brother makes an appearence as an ecstasy dealing shaky kid and spiderman webs him upside down....
Me: Here we goo again...........
Herno D
Herno D:
The fact he doesn't realize he spoils things it's absolutely hilarious
Helen Rieza
Helen Rieza:
Is it just me or he looks better than ever? That jawline 😢
João Victor Fabricio
João Victor Fabricio:
"I'm a trust worthy member of the avengers..."
at same time doesn't wear pants during interviews..
Vanessa Vance
Vanessa Vance:
Jimmy: “you don’t wear pants...but you wear socks”
Tom: “of course i do i’m not an animal”
Eva oneil
Eva oneil:
“i don’t spoil anything” tom: “well in the dope scene where my wife dies”
Clara Meiklejohn
Clara Meiklejohn:
“I haven’t really spoiled anything ...”
Marvel fans:👁👄👁

(thanks for all the likes!!!)
Annabelle Scott
Annabelle Scott:
“I don’t have to shave my legs, because I’m like a pre-pubescent teenager and I haven’t grown hair on my legs yet. “ hahahahaha
Joana Zanon
Joana Zanon:
I wonder if he knows about the "I understand Spanish to a certain level" trend
Ching Ki Kwan
Ching Ki Kwan:
never imagined I would aspire to be a chair.
“I haven’t really spoiled anything-“

*we all lie....*
Jaylian Paula Sasan
Jaylian Paula Sasan:
"I'm a trustworthy member of the AVENGERS"
- Tom Holland 2021
alana cooper
alana cooper:
Jimmy’s just sitting there laughing while he gets Tom to spoil the movie
Dixie Normous
Dixie Normous:
They just give Tom a fake script at this point, then every time he films a scene:
"Wait, I don't remember this part in the script."
"Oh, yeah. We decided to change this part and do [this] instead, just go with it."
Epiphany 😜😘
Epiphany 😜😘:
"I am spiderman i read the script from beginning to end so it would be a mircle if they kept it from me"
*flash back to endgame interview*
"...they told me it was a wedding and i was like wheres Robert?!"
Emily Prentice
Emily Prentice:
Tom: I don't really spoil anything
Also Tom: Spoils Harry's scene in Spiderman, spoils the fate of his wife in Cherry.
Dixie Normous
Dixie Normous:
"I feel like now I've progressed..."
*Spoils the shit out of Cherry*
Tom Holland: "I haven't spoiled anything...."
*Proceeds to tell Jimmy his brother's role in Spider-Man 3*
Kellan Reck
Kellan Reck:
Plot twist : Literally every people who watched this video (M/F) has a crush on Tom.
Us: literally came here to see pantless look
Us when tom shows it off suddenly: *surprised pikachu*
Eleanore Bourke
Eleanore Bourke:
Tom, babe, you just spoiled the whole scene with Harry
"i read the script" also rdj writing a fake script for tom
Kevin Anjelo
Kevin Anjelo:
Tom: i didnt spoil anything
Minutes later: spoils his brothers whole cameo...
“Sorry I thought I was Batman for a moment”-Tom Holland(Spider-man)2021
We just gonna brush past the fact that he called Tobey and Andrew the boys
Yasub Saiyyed
Yasub Saiyyed:
Tom Holland:- i don't spoil any thing
Me who is a marvel fan:-
👁️ 👁️ 💢
rekik solomon
rekik solomon:
Tom- “I don’t really spoil anything
Also Tom- *explains the entire scene with Harry*
yeah okay 😭
Arushi Saxena
Arushi Saxena:
He is growing up into a handsome man now.. He kinda look stronger and manly than before ❤️😍
r B
r B:
Tom: I don’t spoil nothing
One second after : spoiler Harry part and cherry 😂
Lulu Harshie
Lulu Harshie:
Tom in his head when Jimmy was grilling him: **Dont say ANYTHING**
Plot twist: Jake had a drone on standby in case Tom tried anything.
Tom: I haven’t spoiled anything
Also Tom: spoiling his brother’s whole cameo
Beste göden
Beste göden:
i think without a crowd shouting and laughing, its way more entertaining.
Appofan Mc
Appofan Mc:
tom: im trustworthy i dont spoil anything
10 sec later: *my brother will be in the movie, he's going to play a drug dealer*
Mihir S K 1841066
Mihir S K 1841066:
"I haven't really ever spoiled anything"
- Says the man who spoiled Spier-man's death in infinity war to an entire theater audience just before they even saw the movie.
Tom: "I've progressed. I'm a trustworthy member of the avengers."
Marvel: 🙄
Also Marvel: lift thor's hammer and ye shall be worthy of trust.

Bxby Lilah
Bxby Lilah:
The way he said “yeah baby I’m here” melted my heart 🥺🥺🥺
So... He basically talked us through the whole plot of Cherry right after claiming he doesn't spoil that much?!
I am Didi
I am Didi:
Tom: I haven’t really ever spoiled anything


Tom: 🌝🌝🌝

The whole world:

Even Bacteria:

Tom: .........

ok there might have been a FEW
Israel Dorneles
Israel Dorneles:
Oh, Tom... these legs. God bless you.
Jimmy's world reknowned fake and forced laugh. Always and forever so hard to watch.
Mr. Nice Person
Mr. Nice Person:
Tom deserve an award for trying his best not to spoil anything.
Donny Smith
Donny Smith:
Sounds like his brothers are under his weird a little shadow
livy mangroo
livy mangroo:
no one:
absolutely no one:

tom: literally spoiling the scene with him and his brother right after saying he doesn't spoil anything
Inzamam khan
Inzamam khan:
My God, his cherry Movie My God, I've never seen such a wonderful story and the mind blowing acting of his. Hats off to Tom Holland.
Aisyah dw
Aisyah dw:
"Being upside down is second nature to me now"

Well, yess😂
Parth pratim Dutta
Parth pratim Dutta:
Fun fact : Zendaya is just behind the door !
Dani was invented
Dani was invented:
Tom: I'm not known for spoiling!!

A few minutes later:
"We added the scene where my wife overdoses, and we do that awful scene in the car."
Zach L
Zach L:
Tom: "I won't spoil anything about the upcoming spider-man movies"
Also Tom in his next sentence: *spoils a whole scene*
Kulsum Kauser
Kulsum Kauser:
I am a big fan of Spider-Man and I can’t believe that he virtually goes to meetings in his undies
Emelia Chanka
Emelia Chanka:
Oh my god why is he so likeable he is so amazing😭😭
Emma Esward
Emma Esward:
He has the most sexiest legs I've ever seen. He is amazingly talented and gorgeous. Love Tom so much 😊
I really respect the fact that Tom's motivation for this film is to bring awareness to this issue and emphasize that its an accomplishment to seek help... hat's off dude
AJ Autobot
AJ Autobot:
Now we need Tom Holland"s brother to do, every CAMEO in whatever movie he plays.
kylie m
kylie m:
tom is so sweet. i LOVE that he is doing a movie on addiction. my brother overdosed and luckily he got brought back and i’m just so lucky.
He's like my dream, he is way better than I'd ever have expected . :'D
Can we just take a moment appreciate his goddamn acting in this movie and his choice to come out from mcu and make such a difficult role like this, just to create awarness about this socially-degrading issue? I can see a bright future of his...
Elizabeth Dautremont
Elizabeth Dautremont:
Best interview. Who needs pants when you have socks?
Casey Ryland
Casey Ryland:
Plot Twist : Behind the camera there's people at Marvel watching him close by so that he won't spoil the movie
Oli Matt
Oli Matt:
So we’re just gonna brush past the fact that he called Tobey & Andrew "THE BOYS”
Valerie Marroquin
Valerie Marroquin:
I fell in love with him more when he said “frustrating” baby I’ll beat them up for you don’t worry about it sweetheart 🥺💘💘💘
thea koss
thea koss:
tom and jimmy: *joking about hair on tom's legs*
jimmy: um-
Nevaeh Taylor
Nevaeh Taylor:
I’m not even joking Tom is my life, I could stare at him for years decades life times it’s not ok anymore
BYE not Tom being comfortable casually flaunting his legs
Tom: "I don't actually spoil anymore"

Me: *I* *don't* *even* *know* *you.*
Belen Castillo
Belen Castillo:
I was lit dying w every movement, face, smile, word, laugh from Tom I mean it GOD I WANNA MET HIM 🥲❤️
Perfection: t o m h o l l a n d: Perfection.
Hello World
Hello World:
I just love listening to Tom talk ahhh
Paul P
Paul P:
“I haven’t really spoiled anything”...... also Tom Holland: So in my new movie, we added some scenes where my wife dies
tom when jimmy is grilling him:
“i am todd hewitt i am todd hewitt i am todd hewitt”
Hannah Solberg
Hannah Solberg:
Tom Holland is the most precious human being alive🥺🤩✨
Pablo Saceda
Pablo Saceda:
Tom Holland: "I'm very tired of shooting on set"
Me: "I do whatever it takes to act like Spiderman!"
"I don't spoil anything" Also Tom:
explains whole cameo scene with Harry
Tom is so charming. He's like a breath of fresh air.
Renata m
Renata m:
I didn’t realise in the movie cherry that he didn’t have a name until he mentioned it now
Matt Shelton
Matt Shelton:
Easily the best spider man... such a genuine and down to earth guy
Michael Valcorza
Michael Valcorza:
8:12 Jimmy is like, I thought he said he doesn't spoil anymore?
Morgan Cloutier
Morgan Cloutier:
Tom is just living sunshine. A joy to watch and just see living his life. He’s an incredible actor, incredible person, and his future is looking so bright.
Karolyne Oliveira
Karolyne Oliveira:
ownnnnn, I think everything that he does is cute, but he crying, is to much cuteness