Tom Parker's Story | Stand Up To Cancer

“I just couldn’t think about anything. All I remember is just thinking, ‘Am I going to die?’”

Watch The Wanted's Tom Parker talk openly about his diagnosis and treatment for glioblastoma, a type of brain cancer.

1 in 2 people in the UK will get cancer during their life time. Every pound you give helps speed up life-saving cancer research, bringing treatments to people who need them, faster.

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Blunt Mcbittercritter
Blunt Mcbittercritter:
Rest in peace Tom. My thoughts go out to his family and friends.
Dawn Jones
Dawn Jones:
Deepest condolences to his family and friends. Glioblastoma is a horrible disease. I lost my 29 year old son to it last year. It needs so much more awareness and research. RIP Tom.
Absolutely heartbreaking. You can see he’s devastated about his situation and leaving his family behind. Rest In Peace buddy.
Alice Bieber
Alice Bieber:
I just can’t believe how quickly this horrible disease took him. Life is unfair and cruel. May you Rest In Peace in the hands of your father Tom
Zalman Krause
Zalman Krause:
This is so sad to me. I met Tom a few years back and he was the nicest guy ever! He put his arm around me and we sang some Wanted songs in the street. Rest in Peace, Tom. The good truly die young.
Rheana Lowsley
Rheana Lowsley:
My heart broke for him when he said “I’m only 32 years old”💔 Rest in peace Tom. Sending my deep condolences to his family&friends, his poor wife and beautiful children😢💔
Back_to_the_nineties 02
Back_to_the_nineties 02:
Tom is correct when he mentioned how he can't imagine what it must be like for his wife. Yet he shouldn't feel awful about it. He tried his best. That's all anyone can ask of him. ❤
Nora Galvan
Nora Galvan:
When he broke down crying I also broke down crying. I lost my mom to cancer too. I can't imagine how strong tom had to be as a father and husband to be fighting cancer. I am sorry to the family and his bandmates for your loss. Tom was a strong inspirational man. Sending hugs to all of Tom's loved ones. 💔
The Anty Em Channel
The Anty Em Channel:
My husband died from the same exact cancer, I am so glad Mr. Parker and his family made his story public. Currently there is no cure for this type of cancer and I’m hoping by this video it will bring more attention to glioblastoma multiform, my heart goes out to his family and especially his wife.
im still processing this, hearing himself finding out that he has cancer just breaks me. long live tom, u da man.
This is awful. He was way too young. His kids will never know their daddy like they should. RIP Tom
Naida Ari
Naida Ari:
When he broke down at 1:48 I teared up. I can’t imagine what was going on in his mind. Rest In Peace Tom. 💔😔
Stuart P
Stuart P:
Rest in peace young man. I can’t fathom how he must have felt knowing he was going to leave his beautiful children behind..
Jazmin H
Jazmin H:
when he asked “am i gonna die?” my heart sank especially after hearing about his passing
Mahorshi Sarkar
Mahorshi Sarkar:
I didn't know who he was until he passed away. Then i did a bit of research on him and stumbled upon so many videos and pictures. Judging by them, it left no doubt in me that he was so positive, vivacious, funny and loving guy. He was very good looking and talented too. He enjoyed life like an innocent soul who seemed to have no worries and responsibilities at all.
And then to witness this particular clip was heartbreaking and terrible for me. He wanted to live a long life with his kids for sure. he didn't wanna die so early. none of us want to.
To see a soul like him break down into tears is heart wrenching for anyone.
Been a couple of days since he passed away and not a single day goes by when i don't stalk his Instagram profile and wish, man, hope you lived a longer and fruitful life.
Wherever you're Tom, stay happy. You're free from the pain and sufferings now.
Rest in peace, hope he didn’t feel pain. What a strong guy, condolences to his family. Death is always sad whether you know them or not. 💐
Jayda S
Jayda S:
It’s heartbreaking how quickly this disease took his life. He was so young. My thoughts go out to this family and friends 💕
He was so young. Condolences to his family. RIP, Tom.
Lauren Vaughan
Lauren Vaughan:
Such a shame, 33 is no age, I feel for his wife and his young children.
Life is so cruel, bad things always happen to good people.
Your at peace now Tom, you will be missed by so many 😔💕

(Also Kelsey has set up a go fund me page on her official instagram for people to donate in Tom’s name)
Corie - Queen Sexymamma
Corie - Queen Sexymamma:
Tom will forever be loved and missed. What a warrior he has been. Sending so much love to his wife, kids, family, bandmates and friends. XX
My cousin was diagnosed 3 months ago, he did a 180 overnight - he lost his mobility. Poor guy. I know it's been horrible on them 😪. my heart goes out to these fighters...
Kay Bicaku
Kay Bicaku:
How he speaks about his beautiful wife and children . Shows how much he was supported by her . I'm still devastated life could be this cruel. Kelsey he was blessed too have met you. And vice versa,. May you find comfort in these words
RIP Tom you will be missed dearly thank you for being apart of my childhood ❤️
I’m so sorry Kels, he wanted to stay so bad for his family, for you. I know exactly how it feels, I remember watching my mom taking care of my dad while he was dying due to NET/cancer... and I remember the most terrible pain after losing him… I hate this disease.
Many hearts are with you and your family in this time of sorrow. RIP Tom 🕯💐, gone too soon.
Dave Rose
Dave Rose:
Hero is a word ment for heroes
You never moaned
You took your fate like a man.
I salute you sir
God rest your soul and know your legacy will take care of your family.
Your a very brave man
I’m in tears...he was such a lovely funny down to earth man..terribly sad 😢 rip Tom x
Arthur Steven
Arthur Steven:
Im 60 years old .... but seeing this brave young man has brought tears to my eyes 👏💔 life can be so so cruel and hearbreaking
Neadio B
Neadio B:
Watching this now after his passing is just heartbreaking. Condolences to his whole family & bandmates.
Joey Clarke
Joey Clarke:
Rest in peace Tom.
The Wanted will never be the same without you and are “Glad you came”.
At least, you’re now “Chasing the sun” in heaven.
Esha Khan
Esha Khan:
Rest In Peace Tom, condolences to his friends and family, you’ll be missed dearly
Shaun Beatty
Shaun Beatty:
Gutted and heartbroken to have lost him. RIP Tom and all of my thoughts are with you and your amazing family ❤️
Jessy Garci
Jessy Garci:
So devastating! Why don't they have the whole documentary? He was so inspiring. You could tell here the raw emotions he had how scared he was. I hope he's in a beautiful place resting peacefully.❤
Cinnamon Bun
Cinnamon Bun:
What an awful thing to happen to such a lovely young man. I can not imagine the pain his poor wife is going though and it’s so heart breaking knowing the kids won’t see there dad again.
But on a positive note it fantastic there so many interviews, performances,photos of him on the internet I hope this comes as comfort for them as they all grieve and remember him.
Meu coração está partido.
Que espaço você ocupa em nós ❤️💛💙
Beatriz Oliveira
Beatriz Oliveira:
Kelsey is such a strong and amazing woman, she truly loved Tom to his bones! I hope she finds peace and strength to carry on with their kids. Tom will be forever missed by all of us ❤️
Mαjo Torres
Mαjo Torres:
Can't believe how a young man with a beautiful family and a promising future, just left this world like this. I'm in tears. He deserves better… 💔 I send my deepest condolences to all his family, friends, band mates and fans. 💜
mark williams
mark williams:
Rest in peace tom you will be missed. I also got diagnosed with a brain tumour in 2020 but it was not cancerous it was called a ceutral nurocytoma. My heart goes out to all of his friends and family.
Living Life Simply
Living Life Simply:
What a wonderful, brave man. Rest In Peace Tom. Your fans and family will never, ever forget you. X
Shany Shan
Shany Shan:
They told me over the phone on a Friday evening, still living with a inoperable brain tumour so I’m genuinely sorry for ur loss stay strong
Claire Samuel
Claire Samuel:
this is heartbreaking,life can be so cruel, sending love to his wife and kids❤
Angie Greenwood
Angie Greenwood:
Rest in peace Tom. I lost my Dad to this in 1986 when he was 37, saddened to see treatment for this hasn’t moved on in 35 years. Sending love to your family xx
Michael Tomkinson
Michael Tomkinson:
What a brave young man and amazing husband and dad, absolutely amazing human being RIP Tom you will always be remembered 💙
Rest easy, Tom. Deepest condolences to your loving family. Your memory and legacy are in our warm hearts. ❤️❤️
Leeann Turner
Leeann Turner:
My thoughts & condolences are with Tom's family, friends, bandmates & all his fans. My thoughts & condolences are with everyone else who has lost a loved one to cancer. Rest in peace Tom
Yo Shita
Yo Shita:
Can’t believe it, he was my fave in the Wanted. I pray his soul rests in peace 🙏🏽❤️
Cherisse Milton-Cole
Cherisse Milton-Cole:
Watching this after the news of his death has me in tears :( RIP Tom, you were a shining light to your friends, family and fans. You will be missed <3
George Barker
George Barker:
Having survived cancer 4x and been clear for 12 years I’m happy I watched this video as at times I take it for granted… being healthy again - I should reflect on it at least once a week - rip Tom your words live on and remind us to be grateful for our health
Lorraine Wilson
Lorraine Wilson:
Rest in peace Tom .. a true legend in every sense of the word.. to Kelsey Aurelia and Bodhi. So much love to you all look to the stars and the rainbows and that is Tom smiling down on you.. 💖💖
Sue Bennett
Sue Bennett:
Such an inspiration, so brave & positive to the end. RIP Tom, sending love to your beautiful family.
RIP Tom Parker. I still can't believe this as he was only 3 months older than me.

An absolute legend and will never be forgotten.

Teresa Baxter
Teresa Baxter:
I feel so sad that a young man like Tom Parker on top of the world was handed such a devastating diagnosis. It's just not fair, I was so devastated to hear of his passing. God bless him in his journey home, my deepest condolences to the family and friends. God Bless.
Clive Homer
Clive Homer:
So brave and so heartbreaking for someone so beautiful and young my heart goes out to his family ❤️
Izzie manning
Izzie manning:
Rip Tom, rest easy ❤️
Tina Armitage
Tina Armitage:
If there was ever a time life seemed so incredibly cruel, this is it..... RIP Tom.... You fought like a soldier ❤️
This is so similar to my diagnosis. I didn’t feel right but couldn’t explain, I was told that I had a brain tumour the exact same way. I was 24 when I was diagnosed.
I have a grade two of the type Tom has. Two years, surgery, chemo and radiotherapy later and I’m so lucky to still be here.
Why is cancer a horrible reality we have to live with?!
Blonde Gremlin
Blonde Gremlin:
What a tragic loss. His family should be very proud of him, and themselves. I hope they take some comfort in knowing that he was so loved.
Alex J
Alex J:
Rest In Peace Tom. My thoughts and prayers goes out to this family and friends and to the band the Wanted too and my thoughts goes to his wife and his kids too. 🇨🇦❤️🙏
Edilson Silva
Edilson Silva:
Sempre que vejo estes vídeos fico muito emocionado...
Apesar de não conhecer, mas a gente sente a dor da perda.
Só Deus para dar forças.

Descanse em paz, Tom!
fi ♺
fi ♺:
rest in peace mate. you didn't deserve this at all. bless you, your family, friends and bandmates.
Sutton Clark
Sutton Clark:
I have no words…. 😢 RIP Tom, you were, and always will be, an inspiration 💙💔
Carlton Banks
Carlton Banks:
This makes me so extremely sad, I followed Tom’s story since I heard the diagnosis as my father succumbed to the same disease - i wish his family nothing but the deepest condolences and best wishes to come to terms with this. I feel so sad that his children have lost their dad, he was no age. It’s actually making me tearful just typing this.
im absolutely flooded with tears. he was so young, but he lived the best life he could have ever had in such a short time. bless his family, especially his two children.
Erika Mendoza
Erika Mendoza:
My heart just broke when he started crying💔 Just imagine what he was going through especially when first finding out he had cancer. I prayed for his healing. May he now Rest In Peace. I just know he’s watching over his family ❤️ He’s healthy, happy, and with God now. Lord please bless the entire Parker family, his wife, and two little kids. May they have peace and strength knowing you are with them and Tom is always going to be there for them! Amen ❤️
Raphaël Ghünnter
Raphaël Ghünnter:
I can't stop crying. Love you forever, Tom!
RIP Tom. Lovely guy and lovely family. So young and so brave!
Robert Griffiths
Robert Griffiths:
That's scary, frightening and utterly devastating. Rest in peace tom
Codostli Xocoyotzin
Codostli Xocoyotzin:
Descansa en paz Campeón!!!!!!
Gracias por tu música y enorme vibra.
Murder She ......
Murder She ......:
Rest in peace Tom. So sorry to hear this sad news.
Kresensia Widya
Kresensia Widya:
As a Fanmily, I saw Tom Parker as the silliest, goofiest member in The Wanted. He was always smiling and often times brought about mischief. To see him broke down like that was just like someone pulling a rug from under your feet. Deepest condolences and strength for the Parker's and those who he left behind
L S:
This is very sad. I want to hug him so much. You're missed mate
mary gomes
mary gomes:
Ao ver esse vídeo me quebrou o coração em mil pedacinhos.. 💔🖤
Fico triste com sua partida 😭 vc deixou saudades ☹️
Vida eterna ao nosso querido Tom que agora foi de encontro ao nosso Deus. 🙏
Krisch Ka
Krisch Ka:
R.I.P. Tom ❤️
It is absolutely heartbreaking 😢
So sad to read the heartbreaking news of Tom's passing. He fought with such strength and courage and was an inspiration Rest in eternal peace Tom 💙
John Pa'a
John Pa'a:
Been watching him and his band since the beginning RIP Tom my condolences go out to his friends and family and sending prayers and love from New Zealand 🇳🇿
Elaine Wright
Elaine Wright:
Bless him, watching this is heartbreaking, life is so unfair, murderers live forever, why take an innocent young man with all his life in front of him? Makes no sense whatsoever. RIP Tom, your family must be devastated.
Sophi Balerdi
Sophi Balerdi:
God bless him and his family. This was a man who wanted to live. Rest In Peace.
F H:
This is such a sad story, taken far too soon, condolences to his beautiful family rip Tom
God bless you Tom. RIP. All the love in the world to his family and friends ❤
giorgi cunningham
giorgi cunningham:
Rest in peace, Tom. Thanks for being a big part of our lives. We are so grateful that you made your presence.
Neil Reed
Neil Reed:
God Bless you Tom always, you maybe gone now but you've made a hell of a difference to all those you've touch. God Bless you rest in peace Amen
This one is going to weigh heavily on me for a while. A great guy taking much too soon. May he RIP, and condolences to his loved ones.
Jo Robinson
Jo Robinson:
We never know what's around the corner, every moment should be cherished. To be so open about all what you are going through and the positivity, strength & bravery of yourself & Kelsey is truly an inspiration. Stay strong & be proud of all you've achieved, & all you will continue to.....Truly amazing xx
Daisy Soriano
Daisy Soriano:
My love for this band was so deep. I was 15, 16 when I found them and it brought a joy into my life. Rest In Peace and thank you for being a part of my life. Prayers to his wife and children. ♥️
nicole s
nicole s:
such a beautiful soul. you inspired so many Tom, rest in peace. prayers to your wife and kids 🤍🕊
we will never forget you. you were with me during my childhood and it was the best time in my life
Lfc01 Wales
Lfc01 Wales:
Devastated for Tom and his family. So young and so sad RIP TOM ❤️
Rubii Red
Rubii Red:
Rest easy now King!
You'll be greatly missed by us all, especially your friends and family.
They'll miss you the most. Condolences to them x
All my thoughts, prayers and love to You, Tom ( high in the sky), your beautiful wife and family. You were 'undoubtedly' an amazing guy.
My heart breaks for this young family.
Sleep soundly with the angels, Tom. Yxx
I followed a youtuber called PeeweeTom who documented his whole time going through cancer, truly terrible disease, and happened to such a nice guy just like people have said about Tom. If you feel strong enough to educate yourself on it go there.
Marta Ger
Marta Ger:
RIP Tom, you were with me during all my youth. Thank you for your courage, for being such a hero and confront all that was coming. Condolences to the family ❤
Emma J
Emma J:
Watching this and seeing an article from him saying his tumour is now ‘stable’ is so positive and I really hope the treatment continues to progress as well as it has been so far. I pray he and his family will get through this
Ellie S
Ellie S:
It is an absolute honour to love you Tom. The greatest ever 🤍
debbie hartshorn
debbie hartshorn:
Rest in peace, such a lovely young man.
Jay Guy
Jay Guy:
Just so heartbreaking Rest In Peace Tom 💔🥺🕊 fly high
Rest in peace Tom💓 such an inspiration & an amazing person who will be greatly missed by many💓💓
Hannah Evans
Hannah Evans:
RIP Tom 😭 beautiful human being. Words can’t describe how devastating this is 😭 thinking of your wife and children and family 😭💔
Meet Tom in person
A very genuine lovely human.
Life is so unfair 😪
Thoughts are with his wife, children, family and friends ❤
it's heartbreaking to see someone in that much pain emotionally. rip tom. you were a beautiful man.
Rest in Peace Tom ❤️ All my love and condolences to Toms young beautiful family.
slippery penguin
slippery penguin:
rest easy tom, you was a inspiration!