Tommy Fury Tears Into 'No Balls' Jake Paul And Reacts To Tyson Fury v Anthony Joshua Breaking Down

Tommy Fury spoke to BT Sport ahead of his sixth fight on Saturday 5th June. He discussed his world title ambitions and his training routine, before moving on to fielding questions about Jake Paul and Tyson Fury.

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100+ comentarios:

He works hard like our binmen.
YouTube Boxing
YouTube Boxing:
I hope he’s ready for this because Tommy’s opponent is working hard and really taking this fight serious, he even took a week off work at Tesco just to train for the fight.
Tommy be careful with your opponent, he’s coming to paint my house next week
Gaz S
Gaz S:
5 fights in to a pro career with only 10 amateur fights too, Tommy is fighting exactly the level of opponent he should be fighting at this stage of his development. Good luck to the lad.
Crispy Shez
Crispy Shez:
Tommy Fury, every bin mans worst nightmare
It’s the first time I’ve heard Tommy talk, he sounds really grounded with his head screwed on.
Puneet Mitra
Puneet Mitra:
Don't understand the hate, he's 22 and is gaining experience. Every boxer has to fight and win the "journey men", AJ, Yarde, Dubois etc all have. Stop hating and support the British talent.
Boxing Technique Videos
Boxing Technique Videos:
"Hey guys! Ended last week my first Boxing class. Now I'm booked to fight Tommy".
Tommy looking for another can to add to his record.
Don Poppa
Don Poppa:
Look at most pros first 10 fights! It’s mostly people with negative records however Tommy has taken that to a new level 😂 I hope he progresses well regardless
BT Narrative
BT Narrative:
All these comments in here about him fighting "binmen" from people who couldn't beat their mrs hairdresser. Ironic.
balachandran k
balachandran k:
pls anyone tell tommy fury that go easy on my gardener andy bishop. because i need him after that fight
Lijah _300
Lijah _300:
People in the comments being purposely dense like they never heard Tommy say he has 10 amateur fights🤔
Needs to sign with Eddie
OLE GUNNAR get United back to the top
OLE GUNNAR get United back to the top:
People just expect him to have bigger fights because he's tysons brother
"I'm a fighting man through and through"

fights the local postman.....
Tommy’s a pro with no amateur experience hence the amateur fights at pro! It’s not rocket science, good luck to him!
Seems like a really disciplined young man Fury name is set in stone with unrivalled talent that both sons have in the ring..hope he does well can't wait to see him in action
Gavin Burns
Gavin Burns:
He's only 22 seems really mature for his age talks like he's a guy in his 30s
James Morris
James Morris:
Fair play to him. Come cross well and looks to have improved a bit.
I like his mindset, top lad!
The 90’s fatty from Take that
The 90’s fatty from Take that:
I like this guy very mature for 22 and seeing he had no dad growing up he’s done well.
Vinny Brig
Vinny Brig:
Lovely lad. Bright as a button, hope he does well
Steven Williamson
Steven Williamson:
See soo much of joe calzache in this lad what a gracious and humble man, I wish him all the best, good luck fella
Incarnation F
Incarnation F:
Tommy is different keep moving my man 💪🏾
Andrew Walsh
Andrew Walsh:
Hero tommy great lad great interview
Jake Paul would be his best opponent to date to be fair
Callum Gordon
Callum Gordon:
Here so early nobody has told him to stop fighting bin men 😂
Kassie Robinson
Kassie Robinson:
Very well-spoken for his age.
Danny Bartlett
Danny Bartlett:
I love tommy his one off the lads legend in his own rgt. Hard working and sensible head on his shoulders 💪👏👌
Mark Gorman
Mark Gorman:
Did his father not say he can't get Tommy into the gym every day only yesterday??
Daniel Bate
Daniel Bate:
Every time I see this guy he talks very well and is nothing other than a complete gent, he couldn't be more different than Tyson if he tried from what I can see, I find it very hard to not wish him all the best in his career!
Andrew Devine
Andrew Devine:
Tommy vs viddal, a real influencer fight🥊
Ben Finesilver
Ben Finesilver:
Tommy "at the end of the day" Fury.
Jimmy Walton
Jimmy Walton:
I love how he judged Ben askren on how many insta followers he has. Big respect tommy 🤜🏻
Bence Nagy
Bence Nagy:
He has been calling out Jake for half a year and ends up fighting another journeyman lmfao
Amir Aryan
Amir Aryan:
More than Jake, I want to see him against Logan
Lautiee Hu
Lautiee Hu:
Tommy fury is the definition of being a hussle make his own move no matter what people say and like he say this is a marathon not a race he will get there and everybody will start to love him.
Give it up for the “bin man bashed” ahahahahaha. I like tommy though, seems like a great fella.
honestly idk why people hate on jake and tommy when they fight bums. tommy hardly had a amateur and jake didn’t have one at all. they need these fights
Good luck to Tommy go on lad
decent lad!
Paul Dent
Paul Dent:
I turned pro in 2017 I’ve had 12 fights lost 11 of them and drawn one! I’m Tommy next opponent due to fight in July
billy b
billy b:
He's a big one for being active lol lol
Lewis Thompson
Lewis Thompson:
Good luck on the fight bro! Respect!
0-14 opponent, my god
Everyone hating on him will be his fan in a few years.
I really took to the fury family when I saw the Father, a very humbling man.
shah Khan
shah Khan:
This guy's gonna go far good boxer 🥊 humble out the ring
It's more of a reflection on Tommy when the most interesting thing to talk to him about is jake Paul. It's getting boring now aswel and it was pretty tedious the other 100 times it's been mentioned haha. Roll on him stepping up so we can really see what he's about...
Karl Hope
Karl Hope:
He is young and with no amateur experience. Nothing wrong with him taking his time and slowly improving. If he took a hard fight to early and lost these same people would be slating him yet again...
Rajin Arshad
Rajin Arshad:
Haney and Lopez are fighting for world titles at 22 and Tommy is fighting bus drivers at 22
Sjaak Afhaak
Sjaak Afhaak:
He’s fighting Hodor every day
Duncan Brodie
Duncan Brodie:
I thought he came across really well in this interview. All the best
Franks been scouting on Checkatrade for the next opponent
stay true
stay true:
Bloody hell my corner shop is going to be closed soon, all the way to Asda for a loaf, thanks tommy.
Tommy king of the binmen
Candies in Basement
Candies in Basement:
A moment of silence for the devoted binman who is multitasking for Tommy's next fight.
Pack Mentality
Pack Mentality:
Tommy fury is a legend 👍
Marvin Thomas
Marvin Thomas:
Frank Warren’s matchmaking at it's finest!
Excited to see Tommy climb up the ranks, great attitude
Vic C
Vic C:
The Fury stock has really been dropping as of late...
Gunner Bearige
Gunner Bearige:
Tommy furs next opponent has double didget losses and 0 wins
Rob Thomas
Rob Thomas:
Tommy “at the end of the day” fury
Michael Wight
Michael Wight:
Fancy going to Miami looking for him so he can make the fight knowing fine well he defo wont be there because he moved.
jools sweller
jools sweller:
Good on yar Tommy!
Token Bluntz
Token Bluntz:
I wonder when Tommy is gonna realize that his brothers name, wont keep making him relevant forever.
Tommy fury vs Jake Paul would be a good fight , I don’t care what anyone says.
Jake Paul would be a step up for tommy ironically but Tommy ain’t got enough clout to get the fight 😂🤦‍♂️
I wanna be a fighter !
dizy James
dizy James:
Nice 1 lad
Serious Critic
Serious Critic:
Tommy fury defiantly has a mesomorphic build that he gets from his mother's side.
Liam 83
Liam 83:
Level headed man esp given his age , all the best Tommy 👍🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇬🇧
Ash Lall
Ash Lall:
11:10. Not true; Tyson Fury called out Jake to fight Tommy first, and then Jake responded.
I like this boy big time, big future ahead
Jai Davis
Jai Davis:
Tommy ‘at the end of the day’ fury
kidger carberry
kidger carberry:
😂 😂 😂 😂
Illustrious opponent coming for Tommy at the weekend, I’d give him a title shot before the years over..
trucking hell 165
trucking hell 165:
Love how everyone saying respect Jake Paul for fighting Woodley yet he swerved Tommy coz he knew he wouldn't take a paid fall
Imagine Vidal vs Tommy
L Martin
L Martin:
His dad has done a good job
mcgeowns hours
mcgeowns hours:
How come its always the days when u just turn up for a interview and thay were aving a LIght day
allseeing ry
allseeing ry:
He’s got his head fully screwed on.
Geeno and Tango
Geeno and Tango:
He’s so down to earth and well mannered ! Top lad, hope he can go all the way and shut these haters up! He’s going to smash Jake Paul in 1st round if it ever happens. Fury camp has an unbreakable mentality!
ayr fresh
ayr fresh:
Tommy is fighting easier opponents than Jake Paul lmao
Tommy will be the main heavy weight
within 5. yrs.
Craig Bailey
Craig Bailey:
Tommy would absolutely demolish jake with one hand as well 😂
eric peterson
eric peterson:
well put together lad, if he was a army man i reckon he would be a potential candidate for special forces! hope he does well.
The EGG:
Tommy will champion in max 5 years
Thomas Garrett
Thomas Garrett:
He works hard like our nurses
Kev B
Kev B:
Try picking fights with boxers instead of embarrassing the sport by picking fights with utubers
Cyrus Shellard
Cyrus Shellard:
Tommy seems a decent bloke
Orbital Drop
Orbital Drop:
If jake pauls smart, he’ll keep fighting known names who cant box. More money to be made pissing people off lol
He genuinely trains to beat his opponent who's 0-17 hmmm 🤔 not sure I'd bother
Shab. B
Shab. B:
Save your breath Tommy, Tyron will knock Jake out cold
his opponents 12-250 sad
Steve Smith
Steve Smith:
Tommy "twice on Sunday" Fury
Ej Castle14
Ej Castle14:
Never knew tyson had a little brother till he called out the greatest boxer alive jake paul
Jon Paul
Jon Paul:
Tommy last 4 opponents have a combined record over 140 losses and 12 wins 😂😂😂😂🤡