Toni Kroos the most PERFECT midfielder

Toni Kroos the most PERFECT midfielder
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Arnab Barui
Arnab Barui:
Casemiro on Toni Kroos "If Toni wants the team to slow things down, the team will go a little slower – or if he wants to up the pace, the team will play a little faster. So basically, the way we play is determined by Toni Kroos”.
Harshvardhan Verma
Harshvardhan Verma:
He actually plays it simple and is one of the most underated player
The Money Management
The Money Management:
Best midfielder in the world. Each foot as good as the other, very few understand just how good he is.
The Nova
The Nova:
He is just the perfect definition of midfielder, Shooting, Dribling, long passes, short passes and over 93% of accuracy in passes each season. It’s insane how good he is. He is the best midfielder in history alongside Iniesta. Whenever you think of how a midfielder should play, Toni has be on your mind.
Black Hammer
Black Hammer:
The soldier of Madrid. Just perfection.
Vision, pass, long shoot.. damn he's the best. Hala Madrid.
When i watch toni kroos i think football is easy itsn,t hard work
fahmi farizi
fahmi farizi:
When something complex looks easy, it means he really good at it.
paZ marcos
paZ marcos:
kross represents “Germany “ a Machine, practical n efficient.
Gonzalo Arias Mateache
Gonzalo Arias Mateache:
He doesn’t shine very often but he is essential for his team. Incredibly consistent!
Sabba Sarishvili
Sabba Sarishvili:
After Alonso anounced his retirement, this man was a true miracle for RM!
The best passer in the world..
Paul Scholes: towards the ending of my career as a professional footballer, I try to emulate him. He's among the greatest.
Nat :D
Nat :D:
Even tho as a barca fan i give Toni Kroos my respect. He's such a great midfielder
OMB 8:
He really lived up to his name ,Toni Kross/cross. Toni is the best, perfect midfielder that football has ever seen, he is just amazing and very talented Ijust can't imagine Madrid without him.
Holy Cucumber
Holy Cucumber:
Playing Futbol is hard in itself, but playing simple Futbol is the hardest thing.

Toni Kroos making it look effortless.
e chltt
e chltt:
wonderful editing! not only his goals and assists, but his distributions, accurate positioning and long passes can be seen from this video.
A. Alzubaidi
A. Alzubaidi:
Every time I remember we got him only for 25M I realize that was the theft of the century
Ronaldinho D10s
Ronaldinho D10s:
That's the quality of a German engine very accurate and classy
Aryan Patil
Aryan Patil:
Imagine him and de Bruyne I the same team , they will prolly pass to each other and score 7
8:27 perfectly timed with the song
Ellyson Teixeira
Ellyson Teixeira:
Kroos é extremamente importante para o Real! Joga muito esse alemão
Is wasn't till now that i realized how accurate his passing is
🐐 G.O.A.T
Liamin Haokip
Liamin Haokip:
RM are lucky having a player like him😍♥️
Imagine Dragons Fan
Imagine Dragons Fan:
Finally video of my favorite footballer❤
O maluko conseguiu me fazer torcer para a alemanha na copa, ele é foda demais.
Vegeta San
Vegeta San:
His assist to Vini during El Classico is the stuff of a legend.
Daadiŕ Issak
Daadiŕ Issak:
toni Kroos sees the run before

long, how much I love him
jope vuge
jope vuge:
One of the best transfers from Perez
Mine B4k Lucas
Mine B4k Lucas:
Espero ter gol dele contra o CITY⚽️❤ #HALA MADRID💜
Football Stars
Football Stars:
Just amazing ❤
rotten pes
rotten pes:
Toni's First Time Passing Is Op!!❤️❤️
Alisson carlos
Alisson carlos:
Joga muito esse alemão tem visão ,tem bom controle de bola ,um meio campista completo
Carlos Andres Aldana Gomez
Carlos Andres Aldana Gomez:
Carvajal's control is perfect in all the passes
Godzilla RM
Godzilla RM:
The most amazing edit is en the 2:10, amazing animation Ange goal from Sir Toni Kross 🥺
one of the best signings madrid had made in years and at 1st i didnt like kroos but his play speaks for itself
TONY #10
TONY #10:
Best midfielder in the world 💙👑Kroos is Legend👑⚡
Shahmeer Khan
Shahmeer Khan:
Need a master class from him in the upcoming 2 matches as we are in a crucial moment of the season
patrick heimpel
patrick heimpel:
When I see Toni playing, I think of chess
Erik Nicolas
Erik Nicolas:
Great under pressure. This dude is the meaning of class and elegant
Kroos and modric = perfect duo
Eduardo Henrique
Eduardo Henrique:
⚔⚔🙅🏽‍♂️🙅🏽‍♂️bom vídeo!!ótimas músicas!continue assim 😎😎⚽️
Cars Huynen
Cars Huynen:
Probably the best player now at utd. If he and Modriç leave, then i just hope Fede Valverde follows him and that Asensio developes more.
M Diddy
M Diddy:
He is so good any song sounds good when you watch him.
Ahmad Abdulmajid
Ahmad Abdulmajid:
This is possibly the best football video ever made.. Good editing bro 👏👏👏
Imagine a team with Kroos and KDB in the midfield the forwards would be through on goal every minute 🔥
Luis Lizard
Luis Lizard:
As inter Milan fan I envy Real Madrid to have such a fine player ...
Martin Montes de Oca
Martin Montes de Oca:
No es el mejor pero despues de thiago es el masterclass. Exquisito.
Imagine a mild field, Kevin De bruyne, Kross and Kante
كرووس❤ الاعب الاكثر عشقا❤ وحظا💕
i am sanyam
i am sanyam:
kroos is class.♥️
The Madridista
The Madridista:
We're just lucky to have him 🙏😊
عبدالله /Abdullah
عبدالله /Abdullah:
Vamos Madrid 👑 👉 ❤😍
Modric​ and Kroos 2 best midfielders ever! Both playing for us they both are perfect we got them for cheap too!
Hala madrid
Brian Ngondo
Brian Ngondo:
That pass 3:25 is perfectly executed
best midfielder in my opinion👍👍👍
Muha Al-Nahdy
Muha Al-Nahdy:
He's not skillful, but his passes and vision make up for that. TRUELY WORLD CLASS
Haja mkm
Haja mkm:
Kroos control 💯🤩
Nicolas Pfister
Nicolas Pfister:
Will you make any pre-game promo videos, like you used to do in the past?
Sage Hernandez
Sage Hernandez:
Easily my favorite player in fifa
Hayden Blair
Hayden Blair:
Toni Kroos, KDB and Kante would be the perfect trio
Juan Guillermo Cuadrado Escobar
Juan Guillermo Cuadrado Escobar:
2:56 jajajaja al mejor del mundo 😬
Imagine him and F. De jong❤❤
saqlain kazi
saqlain kazi:
I like his signature move its so cool to watch
A V:
A gem of a midfielder... Modric Kross Casemiro.. Still the best first choice..
El mejor medio del mundo 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍💞💞💞💞💞
Sillius Soddus
Sillius Soddus:
His defending is underrated
Amar Nath
Amar Nath:
Classic kroos...🎯
Tony kroos Niasse
Tony kroos Niasse:
#Tk8 is my idol, and if i'm today a Madrid fan it's the graceful of him
Love you more my number 8
مدريديه للابد
مدريديه للابد:
توني يا توني الله عليك ياتوني🇩🇪👑👑💕
Jefferson Silva
Jefferson Silva:
Na opinião o melhor meia atuando mesmo eu torcendo pro Barça ele e busquest e De bruyne juntos seria lindo !
Real have the two most underrated midfielders, Casemiro and Kroos
Luis Garcia
Luis Garcia:
El verdadero motor del madrid.
Ruth Nzi
Ruth Nzi:
He's so class🔥🙏
Mateus Camargo
Mateus Camargo:
Esse merece a bola de ouro
he’s not perfect but he still the best in the world
Por muy bueno que sea nunca llegara a la altura de iniesta, xavi o zidane. Realidad
GeniUs All
GeniUs All:
Kroos very good player ❤
Emiliano Castro
Emiliano Castro:
Best midfielder of the decade
Yash Shah
Yash Shah:
Damn I miss football
Victor Josue Camacho
Victor Josue Camacho:
El mejor jugador del Real Madrid que tiene, el mejor del centro del campo
Wesley W
Wesley W:
Imagine if Kroos played for Bayern for his whole career
KB9 KB9:
The perfect player
Jokerz Endz
Jokerz Endz:
Make sure there’s no masks around
Khalifa Almahr
Khalifa Almahr:
The heart of RealMadrid’s team
Alvino Kamara
Alvino Kamara:
When you want to create a midfielder in a lab, you create Toni Kroos, flawless
Ahmed Sulaiman
Ahmed Sulaiman:
Im here when Toni made that briliant pass to Vini , Real 1-0 Barca
Robert Langdon
Robert Langdon:
kroos and carvajal=better love story than titanic
Riskas Sanchez
Riskas Sanchez:
Lleva 10 años en el Madrid, nadie se acordará en unos años de éste jugador ... Ni dos partidos buenos en su carrera.
He is perfect.
Darryl Tobiko
Darryl Tobiko:
Elegant & intelligent player
Marco Hernandez
Marco Hernandez:
So simple and satisfying
KDB!! 💪🏼💪🏼
데브라이너가 역동적으로 준다면 크로스는 결 따라서 이쁘게 주는 느낌.
Azam Khan
Azam Khan:
Legend 🙌💯👏 If u want to know how the word accuracy was put into dictionary meet Toni Kroos
Bojan_georgievski BG
Bojan_georgievski BG:
nice! best midfilder
Kurt Cobain
Kurt Cobain:
The Most underrated midfielder
ayoub Chentouf
ayoub Chentouf:
Toni the Best midfield in the world
stalin alexander
stalin alexander:
Kenneth Retana
Kenneth Retana:
3:25 I can almost hear the sound of the ball from that classy pass
Haider emirate
Haider emirate:
Haider emirate
Haider emirate: