Top 10 Best Bundesliga 2 Goals So Far

Stunning action in Bundesliga 2 - the Top 10 goals so far
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They may not be the biggest-name players of all, but their goals are up there with any scored by Messi, Ronaldo & Co! Here are the ten best goals from Bundesliga 2 so far this season. One thing is certain: we're only just over halfway through the campaign, so we can expect even more spectacular strikes before the season's done. Which is your favourite from our Top 10? Let us know in the comments.

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51 comentarios:

Bundesliga 2 has more spectacular goals than its top flight equivalent.
Noah Mroueh
Noah Mroueh:
Please do more videos like this, I like the videos that have to do with the lower tier sides!
Dave Brawl Stars
Dave Brawl Stars:
Every goal I say "what can be better?"
The next goal I understand why and ask the same question
Please Kill Me Already
Please Kill Me Already:
This is the type of stuff you only see in the bundesliga
Stekaren HD
Stekaren HD:
Wow, these are some insane goals! Way better than the fist bundesliga
no como esra
no como esra:
> Not featuring Schaubs goal against Dresden
Rafael Carminatti Molla'
Rafael Carminatti Molla':
The phrase "What an absolute screamer" applies to all this goals
Shikamaru _Nara
Shikamaru _Nara:
Bundesliga 2? More like world
This channel is amazing
J Midds
J Midds:
Yehudi Pérez
Yehudi Pérez:
Bundesliga, i love u
Pure Cringe
Pure Cringe:
Union have the best goals ❤️⚪️💛
Leo Ellen
Leo Ellen:
I think they are too well picked that I can't decide. Maybe the goalkeeper one and both the last one and the one that the guy scored from his first touch after 11 seconds coming on the the pitch also the scissor kick one where he scored a hat trick. All just great
mat arch
mat arch:
4 was my favourite!
aliandowski al-yami
aliandowski al-yami:
number 4 was great 😍
Nicholas Jessel
Nicholas Jessel:
Top 10 goals are irrelavant only thing i like is the league table 🔵⚪️⚫️
Mirza Sabanovic
Mirza Sabanovic:
now top 10 saves in b2
Next video about bundesliga 3?
Ryan Harvey
Ryan Harvey:
Top 10 Bundesliga 2 saves?
Unni Edacheriyan
Unni Edacheriyan:
The substitute player was brilliant
Davi Augusto Rodríguez De Oliveira
Davi Augusto Rodríguez De Oliveira:
Matheo FM
Matheo FM:
Hartel goal vs Köln ???
Oh yea yea brothers
Sam Wansbone
Sam Wansbone:
Aue are the scores of stunners even though they're only 12th
Senapati Entertainment
Senapati Entertainment:
Really Bundesliga 2 goals impressed me much more.
Mr Cow
Mr Cow:
Made in Germany
Gilang colas
Gilang colas:
dari stutguart tadi malam melawan bayern itu juga tendangan yang bagus 👍
fifa bou
fifa bou:
Louis Fentiman
Louis Fentiman:
Is that the same Polter that played for QPR?
Sebastian Z
Sebastian Z:
Oh yea
Action for the youth ACTY
Action for the youth ACTY:
Koln and Hamburg should be promoted to Bundesliga and Hannover and Sturgratt get relgated
Lil -Falafel
Lil -Falafel:
Shaub vs dresden ????🤔
Ian Stephenson
Ian Stephenson:
Why don't you do top 5 goals for Bundesliga 2 every week anymore?
Devesh Mittal
Devesh Mittal:
All Favourite Goals Hai
Đu Vi
Đu Vi:
I like koln
Oscar Lee
Oscar Lee:
Nedim Arnautovic
Nedim Arnautovic:
Schaub vs Dresden? Voted best goal so far
Infinity STRIPS
Infinity STRIPS:
You never made the video you promised me
Leonardo Machado
Leonardo Machado:
The best Bundesliga 2 goal is 5°
better than the bundesliga, fans are incredible, so unpredictable. amazing league
Pineapple 4 hire
Pineapple 4 hire:
1st from Burnley
Aidy Gooner
Aidy Gooner:
Why don't you upload highlights of the Bundesliga 2 games for us overseas fans?
i like turtles:D
i like turtles:D:
Still suprised that koln are still in bundesliga 2
Mad Lad
Mad Lad:
Budesliga and chill
Ashli Galindo
Ashli Galindo:
La mejor liga del mundo
fifa bou
fifa bou:
Amazing like bundesliga comment person thx brother
samuela 2414
samuela 2414:
Make top 10 pac at FIFA19 on BUNDESLIGA
Markus Downey
Markus Downey:
anyone else think number 5 is the nasiest goal?
Number one was the best in my opinion
grimmer jxcts
grimmer jxcts:
This goals are better than Barcelona and real madrid goals
I didn't understand what tou were showing but its bundesliga so I watched