Top 10 Best Goals 2020 - Vote for the Goal of the Year - Kimmich, Poulsen, Lazaro & More

Clash of the giants in the Supercup - dream goals secure the championship.
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It was a year full of dream goals and lots of spectacular moments in the Bundesliga. Whether for Florian Neuhaus' long-range effort, special strikes from Joshua Kimmich or André Silva, or the back-heel flip goal from Borussia Mönchengladbach's Valentino Lazaro, this special year will remain long in our memory.

Which one was your favourite? Let us know in the comments.

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100+ comentarios:

Davi Costa
Davi Costa:
I'm a Bayern supporter through and through, but c'mon

It's gotta be #Lazaro
Christophe Oosterwijk
Christophe Oosterwijk:
lazaro's scorpion kick goal just stands out for me
Lazaro's 🦂 was sickkk💥💥 #Lazaro
WhiteRzo II
WhiteRzo II:
No matter what club u're fan of, Lazaro's goal is just beautiful, and all of we know it...
Minej Mosuris
Minej Mosuris:
There's an obvious winner here, It's #LAZARO... But shoutout to Kimmich, the man was on here twice, as a midfielder no less😮💥
#KIMMICH-01 was world class, has to be him
i'd have to say #neuhaus because even though the keeper was off his line, the defender still did a good job of making neuhaus have difficulty getting around him, then the 40 yards or so shot, and the fact the keeper still managed to get fingertips to it although unable to keep it out just makes it special for me
Iliyan Shishkovski
Iliyan Shishkovski:
#Bailey 's goal was the most difficult and #Lazaro 's the most beautiful.
Leandro Santos
Leandro Santos:
Can's goal against Bayer Leverkusen was extraordinary, for me the best who most agrees
Nathan Desmond
Nathan Desmond:
It's really incredible how everyone hasn't mentioned the beautiful scorpion kick by #Lazaro
#silva is second (I know it doesn't count) But what a finish and nice assist
Insane Scorpion! #Lazaro
Aanu Olanrewaju Agoro
Aanu Olanrewaju Agoro:
I don't know which to choose among Lazaro's, Silva's and Yurary's goal
Roberto Nascimento
Roberto Nascimento:
Tivemos muitos golaços, mas é inegável não eleger o #LAZARO como o mais lindo
the legend
the legend:
Happy New year every body! #kimmich-02
Sri sai Dutt
Sri sai Dutt:
Despite being a Bayern fan, I think the best goal was from Emre can. Man announced his return to the Bundesliga in absolute style. And to beat a keeper like Lucas hradecky from such distance........ Whew!!! Has to be him.
Comrade Vasya
Comrade Vasya:
All great goals but this one was something else
Edward Taylor
Edward Taylor:
Amazingly well done. These guys are awesome
2:29 This is Lazaro's goal
Lazaro's goal is the most beautiful goal 😍
Thatz' Adamz
Thatz' Adamz:
Leon bailey made it 💪💪 what agooool, I can't stop watching did vid clips all they were amazing but leon👍👍
Vivaan Alleyne
Vivaan Alleyne:
I've gotta say #Can that goal was insane!! the bend on that makes my decision.
Kosi Jason
Kosi Jason:
Sancho just looks too good ❤️🔥
Anthony Francis
Anthony Francis:
#bailey I love that one
Grace Richards
Grace Richards:
Treytonland Playz
Treytonland Playz:
It has to be #neuhaus. That was amazing!
Dani C
Dani C:
#Lazaro was amazing. He should win imo...🦂🦂🦂
Kartik messi
Kartik messi:
Congrats,#Neuhaus you have won it. Beautiful Goal 😍
Super Arsenal
Super Arsenal:
@the legend happy new year
Omar Kohi
Omar Kohi:
It's going to be #Bailey what a fantastic, amazing and special goal that was vs Hoffenheim🌝🌝🌝😉😉🌞🌞
#Everyone was amazing
Magnus Bondesson
Magnus Bondesson:
I loved Baileys goal!
m Nik10
m Nik10:
I'm the first view
Jack Howard
Jack Howard:
#Bailey's 🔥
Ahmed Eid CR7 lewandowski
Ahmed Eid CR7 lewandowski:
#Lazaro score amazing goal his goal is the best in Bundesliga i love bundesliga
sid Muse
sid Muse:
2:13 gotta be kimmich
Xavier Mascitti
Xavier Mascitti:
Happy new year
Abdullah Ahmed
Abdullah Ahmed:
#Angelino. My goodness...
PP Carvalho
PP Carvalho:
#Silva wow that was a very beautiful goal, congrats Silva and Kamada
#Bailey absolutely marvelous🎉🎊🔥🔥🔥🔥
Hanane Nina
Hanane Nina:
The Joker #KIMMICH ❤️
Christopher King
Christopher King:
Henry Wheeler
Henry Wheeler:
That scorpion was unbelievable
عشاق كتاب الله The Book of Allah
عشاق كتاب الله The Book of Allah:
زوروا قناتنا والله لتعجبكم القناة 💖💖
Nicolas Cornejo
Nicolas Cornejo:
#lazaro for sure!! He walked away like it was nothing, like he does that every week
Risto Vainikka
Risto Vainikka:
Has to be #kimmich-02
Tibor Jánosi
Tibor Jánosi:
#Lazaro , easy choice :D
David Gordon
David Gordon:
Leon bailey's goal from that hard angle
Top difficulty, top corner, and from 45 yards as well🤩 #Neuhaus
maks jakiś
maks jakiś:
#Lazaro.beautiful scorpion.
I love getting goal turkish player CAN.
It's super GOAL.
Lorenzo KSB
Lorenzo KSB:
ArgLeipzig para los panas
ArgLeipzig para los panas:
Angeliño and Poulsen <3
Victor Tsenov
Victor Tsenov:
Best league!
Best Football
Best Football:
#Lazaro. Anything to say.
ryan naloy
ryan naloy:
for me it's lazaro or Poulsen
Lela K ellini M
Lela K ellini M:
OMG 😍💋 💝💖❤️
Ericgames123 !
Ericgames123 !:
#can even though I’m a Bayern fan
Eugênia Valente
Eugênia Valente:
Hey there Lol
Hey there Lol:
#lazaro for sure, coming from a Bayern fan , love from Canada
11 Toetty
11 Toetty:
#Neuhaus 🔥🔥🔥
mickey leboeuf
mickey leboeuf:
tough choice, but i'll go #Lazaro
Eduardo Paz
Eduardo Paz:
#Lazaro #Silva #Angeliño
I can't decide, they are great goals
Sil De Smedt
Sil De Smedt:
#Lazaro of course very rare and beautiful goal!
Mayureshan Muhunthan
Mayureshan Muhunthan:
I gotta go with #Lazaro, but both of Kimmich's goals were amazing
Ryunosuke Alex Iwanaga
Ryunosuke Alex Iwanaga:
No wayyy! Daichi kamada one man SHOW!! it’s #silva
Spanci KFT
Spanci KFT:
#Lazaro 🔥
Football Fan
Football Fan:
I know everyone thinks it's good but #SILVA Is absolutely amazing and better than all of these. The run from kamada 🔥🔥 and the heel finish too🤤
Mr Reef
Mr Reef:
#Lazaro that goal was amazing
Muhammad Taufan
Muhammad Taufan:
Lazaro's scorpion kick is the most beautiful goal 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Salifyanji Siwale
Salifyanji Siwale:
Come on #lazaro 👏👏👏
Thomas Stathakos
Thomas Stathakos:
& Happy 2021!
Im a Bayern fan and as much as i love that Kimmich goal vs Dortmund i would choose Lazaro because that was incredible
#kimmich—01 and #kimmich-02
It just has to be #Lazaro Absolutely Sublime
ᑕᖇ7 ᗪYᗷᗩᒪᗩᖴOᖇᗴᐯᗴᖇ 710
ᑕᖇ7 ᗪYᗷᗩᒪᗩᖴOᖇᗴᐯᗴᖇ 710:
Fire works In Malta
Fire works In Malta:
# lazaro
Kelvin Nnodim
Kelvin Nnodim:
I vote for # (CAN) now and forever that curler was superb
Sami Djebbar
Sami Djebbar:
#silva what an assist and a goal lovely thinking to pass and i didn't choose lazaro as good goals are inventive and have some pazzaz so if u do count this second is #bailey
Karl Guilbeau
Karl Guilbeau:
OMG what a strike from #Lazaro
rayhane ben abbou
rayhane ben abbou:
#KIMMICH both of them
Ellis Kuester-Ha
Ellis Kuester-Ha:
#Lazaro, what a goal on his debut even
Kuwaiti 1123
Kuwaiti 1123:
Its got to be #Lazaro 👏👏👏.
Binin Basheer
Binin Basheer:
I will go for levendoski
Laney Monti S
Laney Monti S:
Really nice 👌 😍💋 💝💖❤️
Kai Song
Kai Song:
I'm a Bayern fan, and kimmich's goal was the most important, but #Lazaro . that goal was smth else
Woohyun Son
Woohyun Son:
The Bayern fan in me says Kimmich vs Dortmund, but that Lazaro scorpion takes the cake
Pallavi Deshmukh
Pallavi Deshmukh:
Winson Chan
Winson Chan:
#Lazaro - Without a doubt!
Man.. this goal is beauty
Hugo Kamper
Hugo Kamper:
#Poulsen because he is the second GOAT after Braitwhaite
Jakub Nocoń
Jakub Nocoń:
Many beautiful goals, but that must be #Lazaro.
12 I Putu Toby Adithya Basunjaya
12 I Putu Toby Adithya Basunjaya:
Hard choice😁🤔
The Football Debate
The Football Debate:
Some bad goalkeeping
P. Neylon
P. Neylon:
Easily lazaro then bailey and can