Top 10 Cobra Kai Fights

These "Cobra Kai" fights woke the karate kids in us all! For this list, we’re looking at the most heated showdowns from the first two seasons of this “Karate Kid” sequel series. Our countdown includes the Lunchroom Fight, Johnny vs. Kreese, the School Showdown, Miguel vs. Hawk, the Mall Fight, and more! Which “Cobra Kai” fight has YOU the most excited for Season 3? Let us know in the comments!

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Have you checked out the first two seasons of Cobra Kai yet? We sure have!
Edward Brandenburg
Edward Brandenburg:
What I like about this show is EVERYONE is an awful person in their own way.
Michelle Tackett
Michelle Tackett:
This is how you do honor to a franchise.
Mal Skywalker
Mal Skywalker:
That final high school fight was definitely the best fight in the show.
I think we can all agree on one thing

That school showdown was f**king gold. Season 3 can't come fast enough. Why netflix? Why must you release it next year when filming is already finished?
John Fritz
John Fritz:
Miguel is without a doubt my favorite character in the show and I hope he gets better in season 3. His dynamic with Johnny is awesome.
*This Is One Of The Few Times Where A Sequel/Reboot Is Actually Really Good.*
Tap Gaming
Tap Gaming:
It's just perfect how stingray just appeared out of nowhere and took the win
Bianca Mullner
Bianca Mullner:
Can’t wait for season 3!

Also, you left out that the actor who played Tommy actually died shortly after the S2 premiere.
No there was a clear winner in the school brawl it was Miguel
Musa Aktas
Musa Aktas:
This is why Bruce Lee once said “Never take your eyes off from your opponent, even when you bow”.
Miguel vs. Kyler and his friends should be higher. That one had the emotional payoff that was building over several episodes.
When you realize every conflict in the show could have been resolved if people had basic communication.
Mr. Decency
Mr. Decency:
'Cobra Kai', a true reboot/sequel to the original 'Karate Kid.'
Andrew Gubanic
Andrew Gubanic:
Literally EVERY kid who fought in the high school fight would have been expelled.
MJ Allen
MJ Allen:
Am I the only one who wanted to see Hawk beat up Dimitri?
Hawk was definitely a bully but that stemmed from the fact that he was bullied harshly most of his life on the other hand Dimitri is an annoying and whiny kid who constantly put himself down and lowered his and Eli's confidence instead of helping him boost it. He never tried to work hard or put in the work for anything and yet he got to be the "good guy" and the victor of the fight.
"It was satisfying to see Demitri best Hawk"
I'm sorry what?
Hawk may have turned into a jerk but he was still sympathic, Demitri is a entitled whiney vindictive coward. He humilated Hawk by revealing his most embarrassing secret and then when Hawk came to beat his ass, Demitri with barely any karate training whatsoever and some natural anticipation crap manages to beat Hawk. Humiliating him again. It wasn't satisfying it was infuriating.
A.J Thomas
A.J Thomas:
Hope Johnny and Daniel put their differences aside for once in season 3 as Kreese continues to spread his no honor way in karate.
Ryan McCarthy
Ryan McCarthy:
Shout out to the one good thing YouTube Premium ever had
Brian Banegas
Brian Banegas:
I'm hyped for season 3
So glad Netflix yoinked this show from YouTube Premium
Home Of Talks
Home Of Talks:
I love how since CK is on Netflix every one is talking about it
Jonathan Lopez
Jonathan Lopez:
The bond between Johnny and Miguel alone is why I love this show. Miguel ftw
King Bernard
King Bernard:
Mr. Miyagi is smiling down from heaven watching this badass series.
Malachi Anthony
Malachi Anthony:
When Tory yelled Miguel name as he fell down the stairs we all felt that
Gurmeet Singh
Gurmeet Singh:
The only sequel that actually worked even after years of time
Jacob Mems
Jacob Mems:
Top 10 Chadwick Boseman Performances please do this
Daniel Wozniak
Daniel Wozniak:
this is the best fight scene seriously it motivated me so much i went on to fight with 4 guys and now i am in the hospital
Doy Boy
Doy Boy:
Well i didn’t enjoy hawk getting defeated 😕 i wanted him to win tbh maybe that cause i just prefer cobra kai idk
Bunpharm Kwankitsatornkun
Bunpharm Kwankitsatornkun:
why not Aisha's "No mercy B***h!", i love that scene.
Brutus M.
Brutus M.:
This was so much better than I thought it would be.
Alejandro Calix
Alejandro Calix:
Miguel: its Cobra Kai
This is the absolute best series I've ever watched, I was having nostalgic meltdowns in practically every episode! Can't wait for season 3! 🥋
Liz Vizion
Liz Vizion:
I thought this show would be cheesy but it's actually good. Ralph Macchio still has his boyish appearance but William Zabka looks great. I hope they bring Elizabeth Shue aboard.
I hope Elizabeth Shue reprises the role of Ali in Season 3.

She can still act, & she was pretty good in the first season of The Boys.
GT Thomas
GT Thomas:
I first caught this on YouTube Red and I will gladly watch it again on Netflix. Also, it's safe to say Samantha is the reason for Johnny and Daniel's feud reigniting 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
olaoluwa akomolafe
olaoluwa akomolafe:
This was a really good sequel the best one also Johnny is a good guy he was teaching them honor and not the way he was taught back when he was a kid too I like him and best fight was the last episode
That last fight literally had you feeling so sorry for multiple people. I'm glad WatchMojo realized that Robbie's actions were a product of being caught up in the moment and not on purpose. Poor Miguel. Season 3 is gonna be amazing.
Whats wrong With me
Whats wrong With me:
I like Johnny now. Just started watching on Netflix
After Tory introduced herself as "Tory with a Y", you should have said "Sound familiar?" and then showed footage of Daniel and Ali from the first movie: "Hey, you got a name? Ali with an I."
Danny Rammouni
Danny Rammouni:
Number one could be nothing else than the school showdown. I wonder how Season 3 will top that, if it could
Big Parksy
Big Parksy:
This show is so good I just binged the first season with my dad. Can’t wit for Szn 3
Neil O Connor
Neil O Connor:
"Accedentely kicking Miguel off the railing" how does one Accedentely kick someone of a railing
johanes bhre
johanes bhre:
i want to see johnny vs daniel (friendly match) like rocky and apollo
“As Hilary Swank demonstrated...” NO, we don’t talk about that
Paul Daniel
Paul Daniel:
This is actually one of my favourite shows
Although I am glad Payton List got a chance to show she still has chops after Jessie and Bunk'd, I'm surprised Ralph Macchio actually picked her.
Airbender Hawk
Airbender Hawk:
*Johnny Lawrence voice*


All of the fights are amazing, especially the intensity that has been teased since season 1, it finally got physical in his apartment. :)). What’s also great about Cobra Kai, it makes the movies canon, especially with Hilary Swank’s movie too. I’m going to rewatch these seasons for fanfiction muse, writing wise.
I would love to see Daniel & Johnny, Myagi Do Students VS. Chozen, Terry Silver, Kreese, Mike Barnes, & Cobra Kai Students! 😃
The fight In the high school between Miguel and Robby is the best
What about top 10 Chadwick Boseman performances
Johnny is the star of this series. Down and out loser who rises back! Awesome!
Young Sinatra
Young Sinatra:
School fight is greatest thing I’ve seen from a tv show, just had your eyes glued to the screen and not blink
Jrskiee Repulles
Jrskiee Repulles:
When is the season 3 of cobra Kai coming out? I’m like totally excited right now! Rn
Dominic Lancia
Dominic Lancia:
Season 3 needs to show Daniel and Johnny fighting together to take down Kreese.
Connor Angell
Connor Angell:
Here's an interesting things that I have seen that makes this series so good.

Cobra Kai: The Cobra Kai business teaches "No mercy" (or doesn't teach good ethics/morals at least in my opinion), but the Cobra Kai students have never really been the causes of the conflict against Miyagi Do
Miyagi Do: Miyagi Do business teaches to be defensive and to show mercy (Daniel teaches students patience, perseverance...good ethics at least in my opinion), but the Miyagi Do students (Sam mostly) is the main cause of their conflict with Cobra Kai.

Also Johnny Lawrence was wanting to reverse the initial identity of Cobra Kai, but Johnny Lawrence doesn't seem to get that chance to show Daniel LaRusso 'that' good side of him.
I'd love to see rivals fight together in the climax
Pokémon champion Carson
Pokémon champion Carson:
I like how hawk could be the best fighter on par with Miguel but hawk can’t control his anger if he could channel his anger he could win
Just A Peaceful Man Who's Born in 1980s
Just A Peaceful Man Who's Born in 1980s:
Just like old times.
The original 'Karate Kid' will be one of my favorite movies from 1980s.
Karan Aujla
Karan Aujla:
*Literally* *the* *1%* *people* *who's* *Reading ...* *may* *Your* *parents* *live* *More* *than* *100* *Year's* *with* *Good* *Health* 👇❤️🧡🧡

Shane Kidd
Shane Kidd:
That’ll be a great recurring gag, every time Johnny and Daniel are facing off, someone interrupts them.
gabe 96
gabe 96:
“Privileged bullies” lol what they’re just bullies just say that 😂 why everything so political now
Jon Silha
Jon Silha:
I can see how comparing the finale of season two and the finale episode of season two is a different story but I genuinely think that the season two finale episode in general is the the best in the series at least for the time being.
Cam Brown
Cam Brown:
Im going feel bad for anyone who watching this and haven’t watch cobra kai yet
It really sucks being the first person here but no commenting
Five minutes from the start of this video and however many minutes until Cobra Kai hits Netflix.
VG Rabid
VG Rabid:
who else discovered this 2 years ago before it was on netlfix
Mohibullah khan
Mohibullah khan:
No.9 Johnny be like: *déjà vu*
This is one of the very few concepts from the past (80s) that adapted the best to today's standards. It has enough from the original source material to still get the aesthetic and vibe from the movies, as well as enough new stuff to make it fresh for today's audiences.
John The beast
John The beast:
That’s always been my favorite part

“It’s not karate’s cobra Kia”

The best everrrrrrr
David Duroshola
David Duroshola:
10:28 satisfying? It was a piss take! This girl is tripping.
Such a great show, I’m glad Cobra Kai has been getting more press recently
guillermo acosta
guillermo acosta:
I like the relationship between Daniel and Robby

It was great that Robby got a father figure.
Isaac Ra
Isaac Ra:
Y'all only discovering CK now? Lmao
Jason Stephen Gan
Jason Stephen Gan:
No one was satisfied when Demetri beat Hawk. Hawk should have won that no contest.
John Santana
John Santana:
I always thought it was some cheesy show on YouTube, when it came on Netflix I thought what the hell, I got time, I ended up watching the entire show in one night
Mr strong cat
Mr strong cat:
While it’s unsatisfying to see demetri best hawk
3:19 Tory did not “show no mercy” she simply cheated, the fight was over.
Johnny Arellano
Johnny Arellano:
That season 2 got me in my feelings 🤕😥. I feel things got out of hand .because of Tory Miguel got hurt, robby is probably full of guilt. I need season 3 !
Johnny Fountains
Johnny Fountains:
Johnny Lawrence has my name.
lets keep it real, outside of nostalgia, OG Karate Kid finals fight sucked. Daniel was hurt... blah blahh blah. MMA championship fights go 25mins, with round rests, about the length of a tv show or Cobra Kai episode. I would love to see an entire episode of Jonny vs. Danny, equal(IMO) Sensais, duke it out for a whole episode.
The Law
The Law:
Best character of the show: Miguel’s grandma
Sage of the 12 paths
Sage of the 12 paths:
LMAO, imagine if Donnie Yen, Jet li or Jackie Chan were teachers in that school!!!!!
Salam A
Salam A:
Here's a fact Sam is the main villain followed by robby
Bobby Shewan
Bobby Shewan:
Miguel vs Robby: Round 2. Easy
Aidan Austin
Aidan Austin:
This show is absolutely amazing
Jee Soo Daugherty
Jee Soo Daugherty:
I still till this day wonder how where Demetri's chicken was during that fight
el pa
el pa:
2:10 well, I'd say it is about miguel. Johnny was clearly annoyed with what he saw, his car was more of an excuse for him to jump in.
Aisha vs Miguel is priceless (it just didnt even make the top 10)
Blackout Studios
Blackout Studios:
10:50 “Accidentally”
And demitri got more plot armor than Miguel does if he can just beat hawk like that
Akshay Gowda
Akshay Gowda:
One of the best show ever seen
Thiago Martins
Thiago Martins:
Even if Hawk should've beated dimitri because of his experience, and dimitri all problems overall, im just surprised to see so much people actually supporting hawk's vengence path õ.ô
Wilbert Marrero
Wilbert Marrero:
Parking lot should be higher.
Nathaniel Min
Nathaniel Min:
The fighting scenes are as real as WWE fights. 10/10
Joshua Woods
Joshua Woods:
“Privileged bullies”
Sean K
Sean K:
It was just chaos in high school more people were getting in to the fight and this is what the teacher said: Screw this I dont get paid enough *runs toward the door*
Bruh every time I pick up a show suddenly everyone is like oh yeaaaaaaaaaa
Michel van der Linden
Michel van der Linden:
"as hilary swank demonstrated-"
Me: Im gonna have to stop you right there...
Stelios Hypernova
Stelios Hypernova:
Damn, I might just watch this series.