Top 10 Craziest Harry Potter Details You Missed

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Only die hard fans of Harry Potter caught these small details the first time around! For this list, we’re looking at some of the most surprising bits of foreshadowing that even the biggest “Harry Potter” fans may not have caught onto. We can’t say for sure whether every single one of these was intentionally written in by J. K. Rowling, but considering her masterful storytelling skills, we’d be surprised if they were simply coincidences.

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Thomas ABABA
Thomas ABABA:
Voldemort is like a teenage girl
-has diary
-a tiara
-favorite pet
-beautifull cup
-Obsessed with a teenage boy
tina tran
tina tran:
everyone to harry: “you have your mother’s green eyes”
harry’s eyes: blue
lily’s eyes: dark brown
Jonathan Allain
Jonathan Allain:
Voldemort's got 7 horcruxes J.K Rowling got 7 books
She is Voldemort
You're a lamp Harry,

I'm a watt?
heather dierks
heather dierks:
We already knew Tom Riddle killed Myrtle. That's no secret.
Andrea Seligman
Andrea Seligman:
Here's a common rule for the books: Ron is always wrong except for when he's joking, Hermione is always right except for when she gets emotional.
Spike Marsters
Spike Marsters:
also - when petunia talks about Azkaban in book 5
she says she learned it from "that horrible boy"
harry angrily says he was his father - petunia says nothing
its revealed in a flashback to be snape
Melanie G.
Melanie G.:
J.K. Rowling says listen to Ron because he usually predicts what happens.
In Dumbledore’s memory about Tom Riddle, there were 7 stones next to Tom’s window... I think THAT somehow shows the seven horcruxes
They missed the most impressive Easter Egg from the series: In Order of the Phoenix in the Hall of Prophecies, two glass balls break and parts of the prophecies that were contained within can be heard, "At the solstice will come a new..." and "...and none will come after!". Phoenix was written between 2000 and 2003, when it was published; but on the Solstice in 2006 JK Rowling announced the "new" book title "The Deathly Hallows" and since it was the last in the series "none would come after".
I have one, When Harry held the resurrection stone, his mother lily, said “Always”. She says it in a tone of voice. But before that in Snapes memory He also says always in that same tone of voice. Am I the only one who noticed that?
I knew all of them. But Lupin died after everyone was sitting around in the Burrow after Mad-Eye’s death. 13 people. He rose first to go get Mad-Eye’s body. He died first of the 13 there
josies just vibin
josies just vibin:
Am I the only person wondering why there is a MsMojo channel?
"Top 10 Craziest Harry Potter Details You Missed"

*looks at thumbnail*

their hairlines?
Dumbledore is the 2nd brother. Snape has nothing to do with the Hallows, never mentions them, NEVER FREAKING USES ONE. Sure, he has a lost love, but the 2nd brother's story is not so much about the lost love, as the need to cheat death by trying to bring people back. Snape doesn't want to cheat death, doesn't try to bring anybody back, and does not die because he used the Stone or realized he could never bring Lily back completely.

You know who did all these things though? ALBUS, MAN. He looks for the Hallows, has lost people, and in the end can't help but use the Stone which costs him his life. Not directly because of the Stone itself, but his urge to see those he loved takes away all of his wisdom.

Voldemort wants power, looks for the wand, (mis)uses it, dies because he's betrayed by it and because he never got it and was blinded by his thirst for power = 1st brother. Dumbledore looks for the Hallows in his youth, but then looses his family in many ways, uses the stone to brings them back, gets mistaken, and dies because of it = 2nd brother. Harry pushes away the other two hallows (even though he finds the stone appealing at first), understands there is worse than death, removes the cloak to face death and accept it and dies = 3rd brother.

When you think of someone in the series who is actually looking for the Hallows, uses one out of desperation and dies because he didn't learn the lesson, YOU THINK OF DUMBLEDORE.

(and don't give me this bullcrap about Albus being Death. If he were he'd be way more wise and less active, and wouldn't be looking for the Hallows! Death has no equivalent. It's Death.)

Daniel Kluk
Daniel Kluk:
MsMojo: Harry was NOT born in midwinter
Southern Hemishere people: aM i A jOkE tO yOu
Harun Tekin
Harun Tekin:
ron said to harry in tralawneys class "youre gonna suffer, but your gonna be happy about it"
my mind is blown that I wasted 8 minutes watching this.
I live in Australia so...July 31st is winter hahaha
My dad has the same birthday as Neville Longbottom.

Random fact of the day
I think I remember Sir Nicholas flat-out telling Harry that what Peeves had dropped *was* the Vanishing Cabinet
To skip the usual begging for subscriptions
Tricia Van Andler
Tricia Van Andler:
I’ve started collecting Harry Potter character details, feel free to ask me any questions and I will add as I get more details

Harry Potter Stuff

Gabrielle Delacour (Youngest daughter of Monsieur Delacour and Apolline Delacour)
House‎: ‎(She was at Beauxbatons) Hair colour‎: Blond
Born‎: ‎ 31 July 1985 Eye colour‎: ‎Unknown
Nationality: French Wand: ‎10", Elm, Veela hair core
Species: ‎Human (Part Veela) School: ‎Beauxbatons

Fleur Delacour (Eldest daughter of Monsieur Delacour and Apolline Delacour)
House‎: ‎(She was at Beauxbatons) Hair colour‎: ‎Silvery Blond
Born‎: ‎30 October 1977 Eye colour‎: ‎Deep Blue
Nationality: French Wand: ‎ 9½", Rosewood, Veela hair core
Species: ‎Human (Part Veela) School: ‎Beauxbatons

Louis Weasley (Youngest son of Fleur Delacour And Charlie Weasley)
House‎: ‎Gryffindor Hair colour‎: ‎Strawberry Blond
Born‎: ‎11 August 2005 Eye colour‎: ‎Light Blue
Nationality: French Wand: ‎Unknown
Species: ‎Human (Part Veela) School: ‎Hogwarts

Dominique Weasley (Middle Son of Fleur Delacour And Charlie Weasley)
House‎: ‎Hufflepuff Hair colour‎: ‎Long Weasley Red
Born‎: ‎ February 14, 2005 Eye colour‎: ‎Green
Nationality: French Wand: ‎Unknown
Species: ‎Human (Part Veela) School: ‎Hogwarts

Victoire Weasley (Eldest Daughter of Fleur Delacour And Charlie Weasley)
House‎: ‎Ravenclaw Hair colour‎: ‎Golden Blond
Born‎: ‎ May 2, 2000 Eye colour‎: ‎Deep Blue
Nationality: French Wand: ‎Unknown
Species: ‎Human (Part Veela) School: ‎Hogwarts
Ravenclaw 24601
Ravenclaw 24601:
Early! You know you're a true harry potter fan if you knew all these already!
StarGazer kawaii
StarGazer kawaii:
Anyone else realize that Peter Pettigrew has 'pet' in his name and 'grew' could be a clue to his size not being the same as his human form. Ron's pet grew.
Calum ASMR
Calum ASMR:
The snowball one, didn’t exist in the books... he threw mud in the books.
Stephen King
Stephen King:
J.K. Rowling liked the idea of Dumbledore representing death from The Tale of the Three Brothers
Harry potter?...Always!!👐
Sil T
Sil T:
The Weasley twins used the vanishing cabinet early on in the series to get revenge on Slytherin quidditch captain.The one who missed a loved one and chose the resurrection stone was Dumbledore not Snape.
Dagmar Eileen
Dagmar Eileen:
How about the appearances of two horcuxes? Slytherin's locket is mentioned in Order of the Phoenix, and Ravenclaw's lost diadem in Half Blood Prince. Harry has had both of them in his hands before he knew what they were and had to search them again in Deathly Hallows!!!
Originally when I heard the 3 brothers Riddle/Snape/Harry parallel, I thought it was brilliant. But it seems to me now that Dumbledore is probably the 2nd brother, not Snape. Snape never possessed the stone, and never knew it existed. Dumbledore craved it above all else, and it LITERALLY kills him. Just like the Elder Wand is what kills Voldemort. Hoist with their own petard, like the first two brothers, while Harry is the only one cleverer than Death, and survives. Even the "Greeted Death as an old friend" makes sense, but it's not in the chummy way Harry greets Dumbledore, it's the tragic way Harry walks into the Forest to his death by Voldemort, which was essentially the catalyst for his life, or "an old friend"
Donna Elston
Donna Elston:
*her: spoiler aler-*

*me: I Watched all of it-*

*her: Shut up and let me carry on!*
Blacque Jacques Shellacque
Blacque Jacques Shellacque:
Also, Harry did come to think of Snape and You Know Who as sort of brothers. The abandoned boys who found a home at Hogwarts.
Saz Fretz
Saz Fretz:
Another bit of foreshadowing is that Harry protected everyone during the Battle of Hogwarts by sacrificing himself to Voldemort just the way his mother protected him from the Dark Lord by giving her life for his. January 31 would be midwinter, as winter usually begins around Dec. 21.
John Couch
John Couch:
I am sick of people saying that Snape represents the brother with the Resurrection stone. Sure, his story mirrors that brother in that he loved Lily, but the man who truly embodied this brother and actually owned the resurrection stone AND tried to use it was Dumbledore. The death of his sister cost him more than anything, and we find out at the end of the Deathly Hallows that Dumbledore put on Gaunt's ring because he wanted to use the stone to bring his sister back. This led to his eventual death. In other words, his longing for his dead sister led him to join her in death... Sound familiar? The same could be argued for Snape in his love for Lily, but in my opinion, the seventh book clearly sets up Dumbledore as the representative of the resurrection stone. This makes sense, considering his importance to the story as a whole. The whole seventh book brings Dumbledore's motives into question, comparing him to Voldemort in his longing for one of the Hallows, and in the end, Dumbledore makes the proclamation that only Harry (a most unique individual) is worthy of possessing all three hallows.
Tricia Van Andler
Tricia Van Andler:
Ever bored? Think of this scenario: The Dursleys make great friends with their new completely normal dentists, Mr. and Mrs. Granger, and tell them the usual story when they decide to introduce Hermione to Dudley. That their nephew goes to saint brutus’s school for incurably criminal boys. What happens next?
Suvechssa Asikina Rashid
Suvechssa Asikina Rashid:
I've known all of these except The one where Professor Trelawney sensed Tom Riddle's birthday.
Ghost Dragon
Ghost Dragon:
The entries about the predictions can be found in Trelawney's page in the HP wikia or in Pottermore
SS - 07TH 754630 Ruth Thompson MS
SS - 07TH 754630 Ruth Thompson MS:
fun fact i have the same b-day as harry potter XD
Holly ludlow
Holly ludlow:
The deathly hallows part though ❤️
Alaa Sayed
Alaa Sayed:
Am I the only one who always thinks that dumbledore knows everything.
Wesley Patterson
Wesley Patterson:
I've always loved the fan theory that Ron was psychic
Lillith Kagari
Lillith Kagari:
July 31 is midwinter

Well at least where I'm from.
HAL 9000
HAL 9000:
I knew most of these
Accio me
Accio me:
Ahh yes, I have missed the part when Voldemort has a line on his forehead, Harry has an equilateral triangle on his forehead and Snape has a circle.
• Maya Julianne •
• Maya Julianne •:
My friends call him Harry Potato.
Rachel McNally
Rachel McNally:
What about the locket they find while cleaning Grimmauld Place that they couldn't open? Gaunt's locket - Horcrux!
Dakota Grohman
Dakota Grohman:
this entire video was pretty stupid. the only two even worth watching for #1 & #2
UnicornPug 102
UnicornPug 102:
Harry's first words about Snape- Who is that man
Harry's last words about Snape- the bravest man I ever knew
Wow...deep 😭😭😭
Rachelle Bañuelos
Rachelle Bañuelos:
I never even thought about that Snape thing omg 😭😭😭😭🤧🤧🤧

And y’all missed the biggest ONE!!! In the second book when Harry is hiding IN THE CABINET from Draco and his father,Draco is looking at the cabinet (Harry remembers and it’s part of the reason Harry thinks he’s up to something) also EVERYTHING that Draco uses in the Sixth book to try and kill Dumbledore with the necklace the poison, and that hand of glory he uses, is all things he sees when he’s visiting the shop with his father in book 2!
"Voldemort's birthdate is Decembre, 31st, which is mid-winter" : winter starts on December, 22nd though. Spoilers : Dumbledore represents the resurection stone, and he dies because of it. Because Voldemort, like Harry, is a descendant of the Peverell. And he turns this ring he inherited from is magical ancestors into an horcrux. He doesn't even know what that ring is, and is in fact the resurection stone.
Wade W. Wilson
Wade W. Wilson:
I would say most of those are right except for the fact that Voldemort could not kill Harry because of the Resurrection that he did with his blood you cannot kill Harry because a part of himself is always in Harry from when he tried to kill him and it rebounded on him causing a piece of himself to be latched onto Harry soul until Voldemort killed that piece that's the reason they actually did not tell Harry about it because they knew that he would try to terminate that to use first within making Voldemort evil to kill Harry that much quicker and not have all of the horcruxes destroyed yet which meaning him being more powerful
Taylor Valdes
Taylor Valdes:
1. We already knew about Tom Riddle killing Myrtle
2. Most of us already had realized the three brothers relationships to Snape, Harry, Voldemort, and Dumbledore
3. Some of us already realized about the 13 at the table
Michelle .H
Michelle .H:
"Top 10 Craziest Harry Potter Details You Missed"

All of these are common knowledge to Potter fans.
Bekah Arnold
Bekah Arnold:
I only clicked on this video so I could say "yep, i knew that" to everything lol
Joana Lalaland
Joana Lalaland:
That it was the same wanishing cabinet was confirmed in the 5th book when Fred and George stuffed the slitherin captain into it and in the 6th when malfoy was referencing montegues apparition attemts this to explain his plan.
A Mazaharally
A Mazaharally:
Not really a fan but I know the Potterhead fanbase is strong and crazy so I know all of them know these facts already
A little disconcerting to watch movie clips and hear about details that are book only.
Michael Oluwajuyemi
Michael Oluwajuyemi:
I love this series!
omg how can we miss this thing when actor said it literally in the movie -___________________________-
Flor Aberastury
Flor Aberastury:
Pretty sure Albus was "the second brother", as he even uses the stone and for that dies since his hand is basically dead and doesn't have much time left. What I always remember as a detail I only saw after reading the books for a second time, was that Albus' brother is mentioned on book 5 as someone "harry found familiar" or something like that, but only in book 7 we learn he's dumbledore's brother.
Nicky Vanilla
Nicky Vanilla:
"Top 10 Craziest Harry Potter Details You Missed"
*sips tea* Try me
Purple weirdo
Purple weirdo:
"He Greeted Death, As though an old friend..." Really as it had shown in movie and book, Voldemort "Kills Harry" In the tale of the three brothers it would be as though of the brothers had the same personalities as the almost three separated visual persons. Snape, Dumbledore, And Harry. It was most likely foreshadowing their personalities into the tale of the three brothers, Like before, Harry was not afraid of death which was supposedly Dumbledore and what is agreed is that Dumbledore could have been the vision of Death himself, As it said "The Brother greeted death like an old friend." The puzzle would fit perfectly, Harry as the brother, Dumbledore, Death.

Another detail that we all missed was that Harry is actually michael reeves
Rick Papineau
Rick Papineau:
4:00 - the last thing Snape wanted was to look into the eyes of the woman he loved... even though the child actress who played young Lily (featured in this video) doesn't even have the same eye colour as Daniel Radcliffe.
Youssef Achouri
Youssef Achouri:
As a potterhead i didn't miss any :')
Nathan James
Nathan James:
Didn't expect any of these to surprise me but the last kind of blew my mind. To think jk had the forethought to make sure there was 13 people and is awesome
Libby Rowan
Libby Rowan:
My favorite one is in the philosopher's stone, harry mentions that he sometimes got the feeling that snape could read minds. Then obviously you learn he can in the 5th book.
Josh R
Josh R:
I must be the only one who noticed they put "Philosophers Stone" 😂
Don Corleone
Don Corleone:
"Weasly is our king" - Dumbledore
I never thought about some of the main characters being like the three brothers, but it makes sense. Also, Harry becomes the master of death once he has all three pieces of the deathly hallows, becoming Death's agent and finally killing Voldemort after he cheated death all those years.
Cinty Creates
Cinty Creates:
Front Cover At First Glance:

Oh Cool HArry Potter

Well the line on voldermolt means hes straight and not gay. The Triangle on Harry means he's almost indistructableand is the strongest shape/wizard. And the circle on Snape means hes one sided, so he is always mean.
Hannah Huie
Hannah Huie:
Ha, I only came to say... Pshh you think I missed anything in Harry Potter? Sweetheart I have re-read those books dozens of times... :D
It's ROWling, not Rowling!
Love to Hermione!!
Dea Tusha
Dea Tusha:
By now I can't remember if this is actually in the books, or if I made the logical jump myself, but I always thought Tom Riddle got the medal for services to the school for ratting Hagrid out about Aragog?
Private i
Private i:
"Before we begin, we publish new content every day."
So, wait. You publish stuff ... THEN you begin???
How does THAT work?
Dancing Divas
Dancing Divas:
How do you know so much about Hogwarts? I don’t remember a “msmojo” when I went there...
Professor severus Snape 52088
Professor severus Snape 52088:
I am snape look at me
Chloe Sane Lae Chal
Chloe Sane Lae Chal:
People get likes by saying random things, so......
Here's mine .....

Chicken .....
James Bennett
James Bennett:
Sorry but your theory about the vanishing cabinet is incorrect.

The Slytherin quidditch captain was found stuck in the vanishing cabinet and was the person who told Draco Malfoy about it. And is how he found out about both cabinets.
Gay Beans
Gay Beans:
-_- I already knew all of them
Bianca Francisco
Bianca Francisco:
There's no way one potterhead couldve missed those details!! 😆
Vinu A S
Vinu A S:
why did you had to do me like that by showing CEDRIC SO UNEXPECTEDLY
Every time I see the Tale of Three Brothers, whenever I see Death, I'm reminded of General Grievous.
Lillian Caputo
Lillian Caputo:
Title: Top 10 Craziest Harry Potter Details You Missed

*So... Voldemort is a stick, Harry's a triangle, and Snape is a circle.* *Got it.*
Savannah Kathleen
Savannah Kathleen:
UGH when Snape says “look at me” it gets me every time 😢
Maggie Malkenes
Maggie Malkenes:
I get starstruck if I just think of my birthday😂 It’s July 30th and Harry’s is 31th

Where’s my Potterheads at?🤓🤓🤓
Accio me
Accio me:
Ahh yes, I have missed the part when Voldemort has a line on his forehead, Harry has an equilateral triangle on his forehead and Snape has a circle.
Patricia W
Patricia W:
Snapes dead just made me cry again 😫😭
flissy loo
flissy loo:
Every prediction Ron and harry makes comes true eventually, when reading the tea leaves Ron sees... a “bowler hat” and says Harry’s gunna work for the ministry, Harry becomes an auror, and Ron says Harry will get “unexpected gold” he gets gold when winning the tri-wizard tournament. Harry says Ron will have trials and suffering but is gunna be happy about it, this could be interpreted as his trials for quidditch keeper and his happiness is being selected and actually winning games for Gryffindor or his trials later on when they’re hunting Horcruxes the trial being him wearing the Horcruxes and he becomes happy when he realises Hermione likes him not harry.
Before I even watch the video I don't care if you first to comment.
John Segura
John Segura:
I think the greatest foreshadowing is in the Prisoner of Azkaban.
Ron: You're going to suffer but be happy about it.

This applies to every trial & tribulation that Harry undergoes throughout the book series and whatever changes they made in the movies. Harry has to suffer and overcome every obstacle, no matter how daunting and/or painful. The ultimate sacrifice is death, which it is one of the last times he must suffer on screen or in the books to overcome Voldemort. We even get a more physical representation in The Order of the Phoenix, when he tells Voldemort, that it's him who is the weak one, using the ideas of love and companionship (cheesy I know) to overcome his torturing.
Hogwartz Dey
Hogwartz Dey:
I see Harry Potter and I click ❤❤💪💪
Greyson Delaney
Greyson Delaney:
1:16 I just realized Professor Mcgonagall was on the same Quidditch team as James Potter :/
Heidi Khaou
Heidi Khaou:
When I read the first book and the others, I had a good imagination of everything, but once I watch the movie, all the characters look as bad as I imagined.
Like if you are also like this.
Archer Shing
Archer Shing:
Tom Riddle Is Cute Tho ♥
Kim Ken
Kim Ken:
Waiting for PART 8......LIKE, IF YOU TOO

I'm just JUNKSHOOK!!!! 😂 LOL
Bumbleli Playz
Bumbleli Playz:
Fred and George broke the vanishing cabinet didn’t they? When they shoved montague into it? Isn’t that how it broke and then Malfoy was at hogwarts repairing it.
Vanilla Ice
Vanilla Ice:
I to this day havent found the answer to why Newt was seen on the map given to harry by fred and george in prisoner of azkhaban
Madi Eschenbach
Madi Eschenbach:
The one about Snape’s last words have me in literal tears