Top 10 Craziest Super Bowl Moments of All Time

These are the kinds of epic NFL moments the Super Bowl is made for! For this list, we’ll be looking at individual moments from various Super Bowls that had our jaws on the floor. Our countdown includes Surprise Onside Kick, Wide Right, Philly Special, and more! Are there any we missed? Let us know in the comments.

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Are there any we missed? Let us know in the comments.
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If you aren’t a big football fan, The Helicopter moment was made even more special by the fact QB John Elway was playing the 4th Super Bowl game of his career, and although it was widely accepted he was one of the best QBs in the league for most of his career, he had yet to win one, and that play just represented his drive and willpower to become a champion
James Harrison's 100-Yard Pick. One of the craziest things I've ever seen in football.
Katerina Simpson
Katerina Simpson:
I will never forget David Tyree’s “Helmet Catch.” It will always make me smile. And bonus points for Eli avoiding the sack.
I about cried when the Eagles beat the Patriots. I flew back home to Philly just to watch that game.
Dude watching that giants super bowl win was so nerve racking I thought it was all over but somehow manning got away from those defenders it was the greatest thing I ever saw 😂
Paul Kuhns
Paul Kuhns:
I know you mentioned it but james Harrison’s TD is 100% a top 10 play. A 10-14 point swing before the half and 100 yards lol
Andrew Ellis
Andrew Ellis:
The Philly special will always be one of my favorite play call in super bowl history🦅🦅
Erick Solis
Erick Solis:
D. HESTER is the goat when it comes to returners and the fact that he isn’t a first ballot hall of famer is insulting.
Tim Robinson
Tim Robinson:
Although it made no difference in the outcome of the game in SB 7 When Garo Yaprimian missed the kick was blocked into his hands tried to pass it wound up in the hands of Mike Bass for a TD that was one that got forgotten on this list
Bryan Klein
Bryan Klein:
Helmet catch definitely... Then wide right are my favourite plays in Super Bowl.... Maybe if tthe Giants get an offensive line we can get back to the big game
As a pats an it was an out of body experience lol. It seemed all our superbowls had crazy moments
John Milas
John Milas:
DEVIN HESTER opening kick off TD is more than an honorable mention
Jackson Conley
Jackson Conley:
I argue that the final drive of Super Bowl 49 is the craziest moment in super bowl history.
Every Patriots fan has to say the insanity that was Super Bowl 51. We all remember where we were during that game.
#2 That call by the Seahawks was still the DUMBIEST CALL IN ALL OF SUPERBOWL HISTORY!!!!!
Mista Idgaf
Mista Idgaf:
Philadelphia should bring Nick Foles back for the 3rd time
3 things I will never forget as a football fan, Wide Right, One Yard Short, and 28-3 #GoRams
Michael Anderson
Michael Anderson:
Great list (even though I hate a couple as a Pats fan, I agree with them on the list!) ... I would add the first-play snap over Peyton's head for a safety in SB XLVIII
Gaming Celebrity
Gaming Celebrity:
That 25 point comeback by Brady and the Patriots will never be topped. Better disappearing act than Lady Gaga’s at halftime.
That Eli drive was the greatest moment in super bowl history.. I remember being a kid seeing that still gives me chills
How many times this week do I have to be reminded of Super Bowl 49 😭 Go Hawks!
John Doe
John Doe:
The greatest moment of 49 was Richard Sherman’s reaction to the interception
Josh Smith
Josh Smith:
I was ten when I saw the Rams vs Titans SB. It was so exciting I signed up for Pop Warner the next year! The game that made me love the sport
Antonio Tassi
Antonio Tassi:
Philly special is the best play ever brought out in a super bowl as long as I can remember! It is forever inshrined in the hearts of every Philadelphian!! Foles is the man!!
Yeah, i also thought it was crazy how they were holding nick bosa on 3rd and 15.
Devin Hester is the 1st and only player in NFL history to score from an opening kickoff in the Super Bowl, and THAT is an honorable mention?!
Daniel N
Daniel N:
Where’s Leon Lett’s blunder on the 1-yard line in Super Bowl XXVII? It’s a classic crazy play!
Think the Saints onside kick should be higher just a bit. That was completely unexpected. The whole time I was waiting for the pile of players to be cleared, I was sitting on my hands. And I also just got teary eyed thinking of that whole game again
Prison Mike
Prison Mike:
The pats comeback against the falcons will NEVER be undone.
I remember Elway's dive more than anything. I remember the overwhelming feeling I had when he did that and saying to myself "There is no way in Hell that guy is losing this game". The game was literally over after that play!!!
Erick Solis
Erick Solis:
That Kearse catch was insane man.
80s Teen
80s Teen:
Bradshaw threw the ball 60 plus yds in the air in stride, in the 4th quarter, under pressure. His career Super Bowl rating in his 4 wins in 6 years, back to back twice and 2 MVPs was a whopping 112.8
Just Ice Refrigeration Call The Ice Man
Just Ice Refrigeration Call The Ice Man:
I seem to remember the Patriots taping the Rams walk-thru and knowing how to stop all of the plays the Rams designed specifically for the 2002 Superbowl. I haven't eaten Kraft Mac n cheese since 🤣
Encognitus Maximus
Encognitus Maximus:
The helmut catch was so big and deserves its spot. It's for a SB win and ends an undeated season and an interesting note for both teams bc they played in the SB twice and Giants got'em both times.
LordeFlocka Tee
LordeFlocka Tee:
Philly Special 😭❤️🦅
Clay D
Clay D:
3 of these were Pats and 4 of them involved Pats. Go Pats all the way!
Jan Coetzee
Jan Coetzee:
Calling Steelers the Rams (twice!)? Am I missing something?
I enjoyed the ones where Tom Brady lost over the ones where Tom Brady won.

P.S. Go Birds!
Truth Hurts
Truth Hurts:
That Edelman catch is still one of my favorites of all time. 🤷🏽‍♂️
Cam looking at the ball after the fumble
Andrew Warren
Andrew Warren:
Before I even clicked the video, I just knew the Helmet Catch would be number 1. If it wasn't, I would riot.
Jerome Smith
Jerome Smith:
What makes a team driving down the field at the end of the game to kick a game winning field goal crazy?
GJ Olive
GJ Olive:
As a broncos fan the helicopter is a moment I was taught about early lol that and the drive are the first thing my mom thought after explaining the signed John elway helmet when I was 6 lol
Kersha Beaver
Kersha Beaver:
My favorite the new York giants David three catch with his helmet.
Hopefully the guy running on the field during Super Bowl last year is on here. I bet David Tyree is #1
yoboi nicossman
yoboi nicossman:
Probably one of the best lists I’ve seen
DMF 248
DMF 248:
Edelman catch was as big as the helmet catch just as difficult
Howling Burd19
Howling Burd19:
I will never figure out if the Patriots made the best comeback ever, or if the Falcons made the worst choke ever lol
Kersha Beaver
Kersha Beaver:
Atlanta falcons vs patriots 2017. How Atlanta let them come back. Was crazy
Touchdown to John Taylor in super bowl 23 not even an honorable mention?
Paul Smego
Paul Smego:
Santonios catch should be number one all though the Helmet catch is legendary Holmes catch was insane the Helmet catch should be 2
Michael Pittman
Michael Pittman:
Elway was a great freaking qb
Matt Dougherty
Matt Dougherty:
This should be expanded into a top 20 list.
Brian Arbenz
Brian Arbenz:
Ok, I’m old - like I remember the days when the ads were less awaited than the game, and Republicans actually accepted their defeats - but you have missed the best. Lynn Swan’s catches in ‘76 and John Stalworth’s catches in ‘80.
Mr Iczer
Mr Iczer:
What fresh hell? ZERO about the fastest score ever in a Superbowl?
The DickSkin
The DickSkin:
I literally read this as the top 10 “super bowel movements”. 💀👌🏻
John Steven
John Steven:
I’m a falcons fan and we should of been number 1 what a embarrassment 😂😂
Riley kazama
Riley kazama:
As a Falcons fan I admit we choked
Seems like Brady was in everyone. Dude was a beast and easily could have won a couple of more it not for great plays. Some great plays and heartaches. Always rooted and felt bad for the Bills. So close and so dominate for so long. And nothing. Was fun to watch. Great video
Box Score Hub
Box Score Hub:
Eli beating Brady 👌🏼
J. Snow
J. Snow:
You know WatchMojo had the C squad on this one of the Holmes catch was number 5 and the Harrison pick 6 wasn't even on here. 😂😏
Ted Logan
Ted Logan:
I loved that after the Philly Special, local Pennsylvania jewelers were engraving the play in jewelry for sale.
Celeb Village
Celeb Village:
Dont watch much fooseball but I know a great catch when I see it. WOW
Kelly Wiebe
Kelly Wiebe:
I honestly thing James Harrison - a D-Lineman - getting a 100-yard pick-6 should have made the list over a receiver making a reception.
Ryan Talbot
Ryan Talbot:
Von’s strip sack in SB 50 should have at least gotten an honorable mention 🤷
Antonio Kastro Carlisle De Melendez Y Tenerife
Antonio Kastro Carlisle De Melendez Y Tenerife:
i knew Kearse would be on this list . super Bowl 49 is still the Greatest super Bowl imo
Randy Sine
Randy Sine:
I am rooting for the Bengals
Lleyton Mullaney
Lleyton Mullaney:
Holmes game winning catch has gotta be top 3
Javonte Green
Javonte Green:
for me itd be hesters leadoff return TD. glad it was an honerable mention
IMO Jermaine Kearse's catch would top all of this list but sadly the Seahawks lost meaning no one was gonna remember it.
noah harris
noah harris:
For Future Sports Top 10s might I suggest doing.
Top 10 College Rivalries
Top 10 College Fight Songs
and Top 10 College Mascots
Nikko Doan
Nikko Doan:
Now do the same video for the Grey Cup Championship Game. That's the Canadian version of the Super Bowl.
David Garrett
David Garrett:
As a Cowboys fan I'm happy Leon Lett didn't make this list for his goof in Super Bowl XXVII
Keith M
Keith M:
You triggered me with the Falcons super bowl…
Gage Henrichs
Gage Henrichs:
Notice how the team is either the patriots, or the team is playing against them
Renato Costa
Renato Costa:
Who’s up for a Watchmojo Top 10 Super Bowl Champions list
Henry Frederick
Henry Frederick:
This may be considered old school, but how about Los Angeles Raiders LB Jack Squirek's interception of Washington Redskins QB Joe Theisman just before the end of the first half in Super Bowl XVIII? Ray Guy's 27-yard punt pinned Washington at their own 12-yard line with 12 seconds left in the half. On the next play, Squirek intercepted Theismann's screen pass and returned it for a touchdown to give the Raiders a 21–3 halftime lead. The Raiders went on to win, 38–9. Squirek seemed to come out of nowhere, the ball raised high in his right hand in the end zone for the score. I hadn't even heard of Squirek until that play...
Payton Jordan
Payton Jordan:
DEVIN HESTER GETTING SNUBBED FOR HOF AND WATCHMOJO!?!? The Disrespect for the GOAT returner, much like Hester himself is absolutely RIDICULOUS!!!
William Summerson
William Summerson:
Tyree's catch is the luckiest in super bowl history. I would have put Edelman's catch at no1.
Lights hit the field


Part of the field


It does count
D. Enda
D. Enda:
Eagles being 1 of the 2 teams to beat the Tom Brady and the Patriots in the super bowl makes me so happy! I cried when the eagles won.. I also cried when the Eagles lost to Pats the 1st time. EVEN though they cheated.
Alvaro Manjarrez
Alvaro Manjarrez:
Honestly Tom Brady could've ezly ended up with half the rings he has now... sometimes luck is all you need
I'm surprised the Chiefs are not on the list. What gives???
Trevor Asher
Trevor Asher:
Lot of Patriots on here 😂
Skank Hunt43
Skank Hunt43:
Every time i see Superbowl 51 I get sick to my stomach dam you falcons you will never be forgiven
Vinny Venom
Vinny Venom:
G O R A M S! 🐏
John Sonnenberg
John Sonnenberg:
I watched this to see where the elway helicopter spin was ranked at.
julian eldemans catch is the best imo
ill never forget the baltimore & frisco blackout. remember like it was yesterday. also wen new orleans won lol all my ppl was happy. and lastly... the malcolm interception was just ... man whyyy russell why
?!vnv Fickle
?!vnv Fickle:
Also Seahawks vs Broncos
Safety on first play
WDB Sports & Entertainment Network
WDB Sports & Entertainment Network:
Falcons blew a 28-3 lead

Laugh now
Stud Muffin
Stud Muffin:
C’mon Bengals let the LA Raiders still be the only team to have a super bowl for the city!
Mark Pedersen
Mark Pedersen:
I guess all of the Super Bowls before 1990 were duds, every single one hahahaha
Jacoby Jones record kick return should be on here and it wasn’t even in honorable mention
Jordan Alexander
Jordan Alexander:
The Colts player who muffed the onside kick was Hank Baskett, the only NFL caliber player my hometown has ever seen and will ever see.
Chris Crippler Cruz
Chris Crippler Cruz:
I wonder what will be number one lol we we all know it's the helmet catch but I'm here to see what the other 9 will be lol go Rams!!! 5 Rama JAMA!!!!
See It 2wice
See It 2wice:
The Butler INT should be no. 1. The Helmet Catch is a strong no. 2, but the INT actually won the game and represents the highest win probability swing in Super Bowl history. It's the most important single play in a Super Bowl just by that standard alone.
Radio Active
Radio Active:
Why are there videos of the Lions crazy moments in the Super B...oh, wait, never mind....
Rattlesnake55 loopmoop Ubby
Rattlesnake55 loopmoop Ubby:
Where was the Marcus Allen run?