Top 10 Gilbert Gottfried Moments

When it comes to Gilbert Gottfried's best moments, there are too many to count! For this list, we’ll be looking at the late funny man’s best moments throughout his unforgettable career across television, movies, and popular culture. Our countdown includes "Aladdin", “Saturday Night Live”, “The Aristocrats”, and more! What’s your favorite Gilbert Gottfried moment? Share it with us in the comments.

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100+ comentarios:
RIP, Gilbert <3 What’s your favorite Gilbert Gottfried moment? Share it with us in the comments.
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Aramis Betances
Aramis Betances:
Rest in peace Gilbert Gottfried, your comedic genius and voice has made us all laugh.
PR Retro
PR Retro:
Gilbert Gottfried will be missed terribly. He was always funny even without making jokes.
Bobby Burgess
Bobby Burgess:
Gilbert Gottfried is truly a one of a kind actor and comedian. His voice may be annoying to some, but unforgettable to all.
This man had one of the most recognizable voices in the world, and his final role was as God in Smiling Friends. Rest in peace, you absolute legend.
Colin Ledoux
Colin Ledoux:
Gilbert Gottfried did an outstanding performance as Iago in the Aladdin movies and Kingdom hearts games.
joey Shepherd
joey Shepherd:
This news hurt me deeply, we’re losing way too many comedic talents lately. Rest in Peace Gilbert
Mark David87
Mark David87:
What a brilliant man he was. Really funny. R.I.P Gilbert Gottfried. 😔
Gilbert Gottfried has always filled us with so much laughter. But now that he is gone, things will never be the same without his unique voice. May he rest in peace. 🙏 🙏
Mathieu Leader
Mathieu Leader:
Gottfried was a one of a kind comedian
Kian Watson
Kian Watson:
This video is made in loving memory of Gilbert Gottfried...
R.I.P Gilbert Gottfried (1955-2022)
9 Facts Studio
9 Facts Studio:
Gilbert Gottfried is truly a one of a kind actor and comedian. His voice may be annoying to some, but unforgettable to all.
Xavier Wilson
Xavier Wilson:
I absolutely love his voice!!! May his soul Rest In Peace!!!!
Nas T
Nas T:
Even when he's gone, we'll keep supporting Gilbert Gottfried and his awesome career. 💪🏾❤🙏🏾🕊
RIP to Gilbert Gottfried, a stand-up comedian who even did the voice of Iago the parrot from Disney's Aladdin and even the Aflac Duck. He's up there in the skies with Robin Williams.
Ghost rider X
Ghost rider X:
This guy was so cool. He will be missed.
RIP legend, huge part of my childhood
Magallanes Agustin
Magallanes Agustin:
He was in so many of our childhood movies and shows. Rest in peace Gilbert Gottfried, and thank you for the laughs.
RIP gilbert this is a very hard loss in times where we need funny guys #forevergottfried
Will Robinson
Will Robinson:
Gilbert Gottfried had a unique annoying voice we couldn’t stop listening to.
Legendary! RIP Gilbert
OMG his roles as Iago, Digit and Dr. Bender and Wendel are so nostalgic to me. R.I.P. Gibert Gottfried. You'll never be forgotten.
Man, I'm still upset that he's gone. He really made me laugh everytime I watched his stuff. We'll all miss his amazing work. Espeially his voice over work.
Heather Ashline
Heather Ashline:
Gone but never gonna be forgotten RIP Gilbert Gottfried 😥
Globby aka Weird Jelly Guy
Globby aka Weird Jelly Guy:
Gilbert Gottfried as Iago and Digit made up a big part of my childhood.
We’ll always love and miss you Gilbert.😭💗
Kristi Starosta
Kristi Starosta:
His voice and his comedic personality really got me laughing! He'll be and always will be a forever legend!
Murilo S. Oliveira
Murilo S. Oliveira:
Descansa em paz, mestre... As he said in an interview, after a tragedy, comedy comes along... Let the laughter replace the tears... RIP Gilbert Gottfried....
Jacob Bourne. Dean of Eagles.🦅😎
Jacob Bourne. Dean of Eagles.🦅😎:
Rest In Peace, Gilbert.
You were a legend, a GOAT, my idol and one of my favorite comedians ever. I have Aladdin on VHS.📼
You were also breathtaking.
Deborah Carroll
Deborah Carroll:
One of his appearances on Hollywood Squares is my favorite. The contestants needed his square to win and they kept getting the answer wrong. He had like ten questions in a row asked without a win, and each time he yelled, "You fool!". It was hilarious. The host finally just said, "Welcome to the Gilbert Gottfried Show."
Michael Whitley
Michael Whitley:
RIP Gilbert Gottfried. My most memorable moments of him were Digit of Cyberchase, Problem Child and Look who's talking! May his soul rest in peace!
Carl Rees
Carl Rees:
This guy when he used to appear on The Howard Stern Show back in the day was a madman. I remember him as a kid from Problem Child too. That voice is iconic.
Michael The Undead Mariachi
Michael The Undead Mariachi:
Requiescat in pace Gilbert Gottfried you comedic legend, may the laughter you brought us be brought up with you in heaven
Art turner
Art turner:
i love any of Gilbert's appearances at comedy central roasts. also gilbert roasting George Takei at friar's club
Mattias olsson
Mattias olsson:
We will never forget you Gilbert Gottfried. RIP
Galveston Guy
Galveston Guy:
RIP Gilbert... humor is what we need in this moment!
Gillian Felix
Gillian Felix:
I will never forget the comedian and voice of Iago himself. Rest in piece Gilbert Gottfried. You will be missed.
Sarah Buckallew
Sarah Buckallew:
Wow... so many legends we've lost in the last 6 months. Betty White, Bob Saget, and now Gilbert Gottfried... God must be opening a comedy club in heaven 🙏 🤣
Michael Kerner
Michael Kerner:
I loved him so much. He was a joyous voice actor. Gilbert was a joyous character actor, whom made so many people happy. I pray he gets a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame or his legacy. But that would never happen in the end.
Foster Deck
Foster Deck:
Rest In peace Gilbert Gottfried you will always be remembered for both your comedy and for your iconic stand out voice.
Mr. Decency Keepin’ It Real
Mr. Decency Keepin’ It Real:
Film actor.
Voice actor.

We’ll miss you, Mr. Gottfried.
Declan ChristoTube VA
Declan ChristoTube VA:
Gilbert was a legend on the Cameo platform. His appearances on Cold Ones can't be beat!
J.R. Rodriguez
J.R. Rodriguez:
His impersonation of Andrew Dice Clay at the Howard Stern show still have my stomach in knots.😂
Entertain-inator 3000
Entertain-inator 3000:
I like this guy, he's a legend! RIP Gilbert Gottfried. May he rest in peace.
Nicole Wigfall
Nicole Wigfall:
It may not be as well known, but Gilbert also had a cameo on an episode of "Living Single," where he once again stole the show as a loveable villain - he was HILARIOUS.
Joshua James
Joshua James:
😔 sad that his passing was done so quickly that I didn't notice until now!

He's a great comedian and actor

He'll be remembered by millions
Daniel waugh
Daniel waugh:
He was given such a gift of a voice. And now will be sadly missed.
Thomas old
Thomas old:
R.I.P Gilbert Gottfried, master of bird voices and dirty jokes galore.
Dequane Tate
Dequane Tate:
Rest in peace Gilbert Gottfried, you will be missed. Farewell and thank you.
Scifi Writer
Scifi Writer:
My favorite moment is when Gilbert Gottfried was on Hollywood Squares with the "You Fool!" moment.
James Mendonca
James Mendonca:
Lol. He will be missed. I just watched a clip of him as Lincoln in A Million Ways To Die in the West, and I burst out laughing.
Poolside123 Canadian
Poolside123 Canadian:
God this man means the world to me & millions
of others. Also condolences to his family &
Frank (his co host on his podcast). RIP man.
Now you get to see Arlene (his sister) & your loved ones again.😓

Quick story: as a kid, I used to watch Cyberchase at my daycare providers next door, like clockwork, at 4:00 on PBS, and when it was over, my dad would come home around 4:25 and pick us up. I never forgot that. I’ll never forget Gilbert.
Bryan Scott
Bryan Scott:
Without a doubt Problem Child is my absolute favorite Gottfried appearance. After watching some of his best Toast moments, this man is an absolute genius.
His voice was truly something unique and special. Aladdin and his appearance on Hollywood Squares were probably my favorite moments form him. RIP <3
King Infinite
King Infinite:
My 2 favorite moments of his in general are in Problem Child duology when he frantically shouts "WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO WITH THE LITTLE CREEP?! HE'S ALREADY BEEN RETURNED 30X!!!" from the first film and then when Junior enters his office and he just instantly starts screaming bloody murder in the sequel😆😂
I had the chance to meet him on 18th st. coming out of Barney's of New York. Very shy but appreciative of our very loud acknowledgment his presence.
R.I.P. Mr. Gottfried.
Tristan Penfold
Tristan Penfold:
Tears of laughter mixed with a few tears of sorrow running down my face. Gilbert was one of my comedy heroes, and his podcast was outstanding as well. Can't believe there'll be no more Cesar Romero orange wedge jokes, Herve Villechaize in Scent of a Woman or Old Groucho... RIP Gilbert, you will be sorely, truly missed. 😔
Joshua Mohlman
Joshua Mohlman:
“Look at this! I’m so ticked off that I’m molting!”
- Iago, Aladdin
RIP Mr. Gottfried, you will be missed
I saw him perform live back in the early 2000’s, and he was amazing. Definitely one of the funniest comics I’ve ever seen live, and when I saw him he was the middle act and Mitch Hedberg was the headliner—and he was a tough act for Mitch to follow. So damn funny, he’s a legend that will be sorely missed.
Sarcophilus Boi
Sarcophilus Boi:
I’m still sad that he’s gone…. rest in piece Gilbert Gottfried 😔✊
Ghost Jones
Ghost Jones:
my heart😭 we’ll miss this comedy genius❤️. I was just watching smiling friends with my friends the other day and were pleasantly surprised when he showed up playing god😂 that voice will never get old . Long live Gottfried!
Christopher Craig
Christopher Craig:
Rest in Peace Gilbert Gottfried. I will always remember you when I watch Aladdin.
Christo Abrie
Christo Abrie:
when he appeared on Celebrity Apprentice; though the show is classier than most of the reality shows we've come to loathe, there was no shortage of catfights (for both the ordinary and Celebrity versions), except for Gilbert, he was the lone bright star who nobody gunned for because they all respected him. Even when he got fired, he accepted his loss with grace and dignity, something even Donald Trump couldn't deny.
One of my favorite Gilbert Gottfried moments was the College Humor sketch where he reads sections of 50 shades of grey
Opening this video with both Gilbert Gottfried and Bob Saget feels real bad man. We lost two greats, and I'll never get that full audiobook reading of 50 Shades of Grey done by Gilbert Gottfried.
The guy was amazing. Vividly remember him from Problem Child and other cult films of the 1990s. RIP.
Lord FireChops
Lord FireChops:
His best roast performance was on historical roasts where he played Hitler in the roast of Anne Frank.
Scott Soucy
Scott Soucy:
A true original! Unforgettable, fearless and tenacious. You might not have liked his voice, but once you heard it you couldn't get it out of your head!
Goofus Maximus
Goofus Maximus:
Even with a voice like nails on a chalkboard, when you hear it, you're gonna have a good time laughing!!

Rest in peace Gilbert. Thanks for making us laugh.
geri mitchell
geri mitchell:
He was a very funny man. Prayers for his family 😪🙏🙏🙏
One of my biggest and favorite voice actors of all time… gone, but NEVER forgotten. RIP U LEGEND
Nicholas Hernandez
Nicholas Hernandez:
The man with the legendary voice… you will be missed. Rest In Peace.
Mike Mudra
Mike Mudra:
Gilbert was the best comedian ever he and Robin are my two favorite comedians those two were great in Aladdin Iago and the genie were made for them RIP Gilbert it felt like those two were brothers in the comedy world there won't be another Gilbert or Robin
Jack Mack
Jack Mack:
You forgot one important role of his in movies: Johnny Crunch in The Adventures Of Ford Fairlane. Gilbert played a foulmouthed radio DJ who's friends with and hires the titular "rock and roll detective" to find someone for him. Classic Gilbert Gottfried. RIP
John J. Apanovitch
John J. Apanovitch:
Still can't believe that he passed away. He voiced Digit in Cyberchase, a show that my older brother and I watched while growing up. So, when I heard about his passing, it shocked me a ton. I hope he is making Heaven laugh, and this video is such a wonderful tribute to everything he has done for the world of entertainment.
This Is Stuart
This Is Stuart:
RIP Gilbert Gottfried love from the UK. Favourite moments of his being on Beverly Hills Cop 2, being on US version of Celebrity Squares, and his voice over work
Philip Bruchman
Philip Bruchman:
I was shocked when I heard he passed. Hilarious and beloved RIP Gilbert, we love you
Aladdin was the first movie I remember seeing in theaters. Rest easy Gilbert.
My favorite Gottfried moment was his appearance on Norm Macdonald's podcast. Gottfried talked about one of Jerry Lewis' telethons for kids with muscular dystrophy. Gottfried explained how Jerry always hosted the first part and he got to interact with the kids that didn't look so bad. Then guest hosts would do the later segments and they always ended up with the kids that had it bad.
Tony Orlando was on one year and he got a kid in a wheelchair who had a real bad case. Tony asked the kid if he wanted to do a song together. The kid nodded the best he could. The music started and Tony Orlando began singing "When there's something strange in your neighborhood. Who ya gonna call?" The he put the mic to the kid and the kid blasted out the best he could, "Gooothh buthers."
The two comedy legends laughed till they cried.
Man Norm, Saget and now Gottfried all gone months apart.
JYD2019 Y
JYD2019 Y:
Rest In Peace Gilbert Gottfried
Douglas Schultz
Douglas Schultz:
Another legend called home to a bigger stage with other greats. Rest In Peace.
Daniel Thomas
Daniel Thomas:
Anyone Roast he was a part of was always hilarious. But I gotta give #1 - to him playing Fred Fuchs in AVGN.
Michael Lawrence
Michael Lawrence:
Definitely the kind of humorist we need today. An understated genius.
Rest in peace Gilbert Gottfried, you will forever be immortalized as One of the greatest Disney villain’s sidekicks
One of Gottfried's most memorable lines as Iago is truly eerie now:

"Why am I NOT surprised?! I think I'll have a heart attack and die of not surprised!"
In honor of how great Gilbert was and is, we should start a favorite joke thread by him, I'll go first.(Also, if its The Aristocrats Joke, just say it. Lol.)

How do you know you're at a gay picnic? All the hot dogs taste like shxxt.

Thank you Gilbert and God bless you.
Brittany Morford
Brittany Morford:
Going to miss Gilbert Gottfried. He was the best. I seen him in everything. I also miss Bob Saget too.
Besides the voice of Iago he's also best known as the original voice of the Affleck Duck.
Joy Brown
Joy Brown:
I don’t know if this counts but Godfrey would do Jewish Dracula on the Stern Show. Honestly it’s one of the funniest things I’ve ever heard in my life yo😂😂😂
Dan Carrington
Dan Carrington:
RIP Mr. Gottfried, you were part of my childhood for sure. You were great on the Comedy Central roasts too. We'll miss ya!
The Commenter Dragon
The Commenter Dragon:
Rest in peace Gilbert, you magnificent and talented bastard. you will forever be missed.
Dave Davidson
Dave Davidson:
His stand up was hilarious in the 80's, R.I.P. Gilbert. His attacks on Paul Ruben was uncalled for though. Dude was in an adult theater pre internet, we all knew what happened in them.
HD 04
HD 04:
It's so saddening that he is gone...I hope he is doing well with Norm and Bob.
Rest in Peace Gilbert Gottfried your comedy & voice will always be Iconic.🙇🏿
Brandon Foster
Brandon Foster:
The "You Fool" episode of Hollywood Squares was my favorite Gilbert Gottfried Moment.
Shaine White
Shaine White:
RIP, lago. You'll always be the voice of reason.
Mathieu Leader
Mathieu Leader:
I always loved Gilbert guest starring in the Are You Afraid of the Dark episode The Tale of Station 109.1 as afterlife DJ Roy a spellbinding performance.
Pamela Adamany
Pamela Adamany:
when I got my new truck I had sirus, and listening to his pod cast was the funniest thing ive ever heard...he was so intelligent well informed and totally sad he's gone.
I remember watching him voice Iago in Aladdin and seeing him on Hollywood Squares as a kid. It still feels sad to see him go. RIP Gilbert Gottfried.
Beer Dude
Beer Dude:
I always thought that he would be the perfect Bond
Great actor, great comedian. He will be missed.
R.I.P Mr Gottfried, your portrayal of Iago will live on in my heart for the rest of my days (and Iago’s cameo in Farce of the Penguins) 😔😔😔

Always a Fan Mr Gottfried 💙🐱💙