Top 10 Goals in Bundesliga 2 History

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We've got it all: Brilliant long-range shots, overhead kicks, ridiculous chips... Enjoy the all-time top 10 goals from Bundesliga 2.

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27 comentarios:

Mehdi Mohamed
Mehdi Mohamed:
Lower leagues always produce spectacular goals. Up and coming talents meet bad defending and sketchy keepers.
silVerY GOLd.
silVerY GOLd.:
LOL the first one's so good they have to give u a warning to not try it. LOL
Asa B
Asa B:
Podolski <3
Jambechqwe M
Jambechqwe M:
"Schhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ich bin Lukas Podolski!"
Muhammad Galih Adityaputra Kurniawan
Muhammad Galih Adityaputra Kurniawan:
I Tried A Scorpion Kick Once... I Broke My ankle LOL
Amazing Goals!
GoodLookin Brad
GoodLookin Brad:
the #1 goal, does anybody remember dempsey doing that while looking in the other direction with 3 defenders on him?
Chris Mackie
Chris Mackie:
#6 Was so good!
bosnia <3
Sandeep Sainath
Sandeep Sainath:
HAHA the first goal was scored by Dick xD
God Brando
God Brando:
Worse goalkeeper
Miklas Kuoppala
Miklas Kuoppala:
Poldi's goals don't belong in thia lisy, especially not on the #2 spot..
Lol today my friend scored a one foot scorpion kick , jeez that was amazing!
Danny's YouTube
Danny's YouTube:
Jimmy c assisted the first one 0-0
Caspar Kok
Caspar Kok:
Number 5, van Basten
bartek potacala
bartek potacala:
Just two random podolski goals in there
Joe Widdop-Gray
Joe Widdop-Gray:
Andrei Incze
Andrei Incze:
Henry Tedds
Henry Tedds:
9 and 5 were the best
Ewan Kelly
Ewan Kelly:
king of the ping
king of the ping:
old crap
old crap:
Can u Do a bundesliga not bundesliga 2
podolski is god
Ana Flavia Ferreira
Ana Flavia Ferreira:
Luke Horn
Luke Horn:
i would have thought that over head kicks are more dangerous than scorpion kicks...
Ole Magne Hansen
Ole Magne Hansen:
Why are the goals in Bundesliga 2 better than the ones in Bundesliga? o_O