Top 10 Men's Tennis Players | ATP Ranking History (1990-2021)

Top 10 ranked men's tennis players from 1990 to 2021.

Great players. Great achievements.
This is the story of the ATP Rankings Top 10!

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Players List:
Bautista Agut
Carreno Busta
Del Potro

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Data Ranking
Data Ranking:
It took me 34 hours to make this video.
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Goran Brailovic
Goran Brailovic:
2011-2021 Djokovic dinasty ! 19 slams, almost 50% 👏🏼👏🏼❣️🏆🥇 proud of him !
Damn, Federer spent 19 years on top 10. That's insane !
Those trio dominance in 15 years is also unbelievable !
Federer is the first player to hit 7000 points
Nadal s the first player to hit 15.000 points
Novak is the first player to hit 16.790 points
When those trio took a rest, only Andy Murray can hit no.1
Thank u for this video. I lov this masterpiece
Nadal is the only player that has been into the Top 10 since 2005, just incredible 👑
Naalain Muhammad
Naalain Muhammad:
The way Djokovic climbed to number 1 in 2018 is one of the most epic comebacks in the history of sports.
Hank Hsu
Hank Hsu:
Love Federer, Nadal and Djokovic.🥰 They are all legends.👍
J Upham
J Upham:
I never thought anyone could top Pete's 7 Wimbledon's, nor Borg's dominance at Roland Garros, nor beat Federer at a slam finals (outside RG) see 2004-07....Records are made to be broken. The Big 3 are in a league of their OWN.
Nadal’s rivalry against Federer is more iconic, but the biggest rivalry is probably between Nadal and Djokovic
Ricardo M.
Ricardo M.:
Djokovic en un año llegó a doblar en puntaje a su más cercano perseguidor, además desde el año 2011 que viene liderando este ranking, increíble!!!
yuan hu
yuan hu:
In Federer's earlier career, he didn't have any opponents that come close. Djokovic and Nadal have much more challenges to win a slam compared to Roger.
João Nuno Ferreira
João Nuno Ferreira:
2 things come right to mind: 1) how much long Nadal has passed at number two; 2) Much respect to Murray. In this brutal era, won 3 majors, 2 olympic gold medals, 1 Davis Cup, 14 Masters and became No 1!
Djokovic 16.790 in 2016... Beyond this world.
Darko Stanišić
Darko Stanišić:
In Serbia we don't say GOAT, we say NOVAK ĐOKOVIĆ, and i think it's beautiful🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸
Did you know that Novak in Serbian means the "new one". :)
After that elbow injury he came and won further 7 Slam . This IS one of the biggest comback after getting injured and after 30 winning Slam which IS the most by aby tennis player after getting 30
Novak is simply the greatest , he won held all slams on 3 different surface at once. That record will never be broken🤷🏾‍♂️
Nina Ristic
Nina Ristic:
Novak Djokovic!🇷🇸🇷🇸❤
alpha my
alpha my:
Can someone please replace the Australian flag with the Austrian flag for Thomas Muster - he is Austrian 🇦🇹 and there are no Kangaroos 😁
Ayaz Saeed
Ayaz Saeed:
11:27 Djokovic climbed back to # 1 by making a ladder of all other top 10 players
At one point Djokovic's ranking points were higher than number 2 and 3 combined 🙈
Among all of the greatness showed, there is one name that stick out. Novak Djokovic.
Matteo Meloni
Matteo Meloni:
I just love how Novak came back to the top in mid 2018! 😍😍😍
Tina Ristivojevic
Tina Ristivojevic:
Samo je jedan jedini NOLE i više se nerađa majka je rodila Velukana👑
Brandon M
Brandon M:
That 16950 by Djokovic is scary - holding 10/14 of the big tournaments at once! Same number as Rafa has won EVER (has not won WTF, Miami, Shanghai or Paris)
Djokovic destroyng tennis since 2011 and counting... It took him just one decade to absolute decimate the competition and break almost every record there is out there... The most impressive part? He did all that during the GOLDEN ERA of this sport... playing against the GREATEST players to grace courts... and on top of that... against HOSTILE crowds... It just doesnt get any more GOAT than this...
Bernardo Fanton Tomazzoni
Bernardo Fanton Tomazzoni:
10:38 Djokovic had more points then Federer and Nadal combined
De las pocas listas en que me siento orgulloso de ver a mi país🇦🇷
I vise nego jasno da je Djokovic broj 1 ikada !
megan mcleod
megan mcleod:
murray being in the top 3/4 for so long and then finally getting to first is so satisfying
L Fernando
L Fernando:
4:21 That was the heyday of Kuerten, a monster, it's a shame that the hip injuries were slowly putting an end to this genius
11:25 this is incredible by Djokovic
Filip Matovic
Filip Matovic:
Can we just take a minute to appreciate Delpo?
Pajdo Bil Gejts
Pajdo Bil Gejts:
Đoković je legenda možete pričati šta oćete♥️♥️
Hendrik Heemels
Hendrik Heemels:
It's astonishing that Federer came back to the nr 1 position after so many years.
Monsef Safi
Monsef Safi:
Que increíble haber tenido un sudamericano en el top 1, gracias chino rioss🇨🇱🇨🇱
11:25 Now that's motivation! Currently recovering from a broken arm. Ill come back twice as hard after this 💪
Azhar Suraj
Azhar Suraj:
Most people praising Novak in 2018.. but for me It's Federer How he came back into top at that age. Legend.
Anda Medak
Anda Medak:
Ma Nolee ti najjači svih vremenaaa...poz.od hrvatice...neka te sreca prati❤
Thank you for the video. Great work. Sport achievements are and should be measured (thanks to Fisher we have statistics) and it is undoubtedly clear who is leading atm and who is on the way to become '' of all time''.
eGaz TheFirstAustralian
eGaz TheFirstAustralian:
Love this video and your dedication is highly commendable. Let me say however, Thomas Muster is Austrian not Australian. He needs the Austrian Flag not the Australian Flag
Naz Mi
Naz Mi:
At one stage the Swedish were good in the 80 and 90 's but Djokovic past all the famous players with his Balkan fighting lions heart!!!
Novak Djokovic the goat...2nd is Federer. 3rd Nadal

20 gs for nadal and fed
# but Fed spent more weeks at number one
And player of the decade
19 gs for novak and weeks at number one 327
And player of the decade
No contest novak Djokovic is the deal
Kevin Johnson
Kevin Johnson:
I wish you'd have started in the 70s or 80s so we could see how players like Connors, McEnroe, Borg and Lendl stacked up. I remember thinking that Connors was on his way out, then he came back and was #1 again.
Paul Kevin Somera
Paul Kevin Somera:
I just see 3 GOATs (Roger, Rafa, Novak). Greatest generation of tennis indeed.
Tasanee Wantanakul
Tasanee Wantanakul:
Novak djokovic so Brillant great point
And Brillant player ever and of all time
nikos kati
nikos kati:
Federer is my favourite BUT Nole is the GOAT
2:28 i like how Thomas Muster is representing Australia
Juanjo Ledo
Juanjo Ledo:
It is just impossible to bring the best Djokovic to the earlier 2000s or the best Federer to the latest 2010s. It is what it is. The rivals are good or bad depending on the guy they have in front of them. There is no such a "weak era". In the end, the best is the one you enjoyed the most.
When ive seen Isner peeking into top 10 a little made me happy. I still remember when ive seen his serve the first time. Just brutal
David C.
David C.:
It's a shame Nadal had so many injuries, otherwise he should have stayed at the top for many more weeks
Udtojan Pestillos
Udtojan Pestillos:
The only players who compete the big three were Stan Wawrinka and Andy Murray.
Horacio Leal
Horacio Leal:
Creo que muchos coincidimos que Nole será, por rendimiento, el mejor de todos los tiempos por mucho tiempo.
Aarin Hegde
Aarin Hegde:
wow thiem is there in top 10 since 2016 and has not left yet and fact that rafa never left top 10 even after having so much injuries is still beyond me
Bozolóide Assumido
Bozolóide Assumido:
4:20 orgulho do Brasil
Alexandru Badic
Alexandru Badic:
About fedex
He consistently beat subpar competition, often even struggling against some of it. He really did not have any truly impressive slam victories because he always got extremely lucky breaks along the way. Let's take a look:

2003 Wimbledon: Beat his pigeon one-dimensional server Roddick in the SF, then freak'n Philippoussis in the final. A headcase from a prior era who had never made it beyond the QF before.

2004 Australian Open: Beat his pigeon pusher-Hewitt in the 4th round, headcase Nalbandian in the QF, clay court specialist Ferrero in the semis, and an exhausted Safin in the final.

2004 Wimbledon: Again, the two notable players he beat were Roddick and Hewitt, guys who simply weren't that good. One a one-dimensional hard server with terrible net approaches, poor returns, and mediocre movement. The other a finesse passing shot specialist who couldn't hurt you if you didn't serve-and-volley. Sebastien Grosjean in the SF was not a particularly tough semi. And Roddick might have beaten him if not for the rain delay.

2004 US Open: Old, congenital back injury Agassi who couldn't move was his QF opponent, and he took Federer to 5 tough sets. Tim Henman was the SF opponent - past his prime and a limited serve-and-volley player whose best surface was grass, not HC. And then it's good 'ole Hewitt in the final.

2005 Wimbledon: Once again, it's Hewitt and Roddick. His QF opponent was Fernando Gonzalez, who was not very good on grass. And Hewitt and Roddick were weaker in 05 than they were before.

2005 US Open: Headcase Nalbandian in the QF, good 'ole Hewitt in decline in the SF, and old, horrible back Agassi, who couldn't move, in the final, scaring him early in the match before the back became too much.

2006 Australian Open: Easiest draw in slam history, and Federer had tons of trouble with marginal opponents. He should have lost at least 3 of the matches he won. First he had to go 5 with Tommy Haas. Then generic counterpunch baseliner with mediocre movement and a below average serve in Davydenko gave him all he could handle in the QF, having multiple set points to go up 2 sets to 1. Then journeyman Kiefer took a set off him in the SF, and then Baghdatis was up a set and a break, nearly 2 breaks, on Federer in the final. Marcos Baghdatis, who struggled to stay in the Top 100 in subsequent seasons. And the fact that Baghdatis was able to go through Roddick and Nalbandian (and Ljubicic) tells you everything you need to know about the strength of Roddick and Nalbandian as competitors. They got ousted by a marginal Top 100 player in a Grand Slam.

2006 Wimbledon: Another ridiculously weak draw. Jonas Bjorkman at age 34 in the semi-final. It doesn't get much weaker than that. And he was a serve-and-volley throwback in an era where the slow conditions mean they get eaten alive with passing shots. Then he played Nadal in only his 4th ever grass court tournament in the final, and nearly lost. Nadal was serving for the 2nd set and would have gone up 2 sets to 1 had he not choked. And the opening set bagel was clearly Nadal's nerves getting to him as well. Mario Ancic, his QF opponent, may have been a good grass court prospect if it were 10 years earlier. He was another guy playing in the wrong era for his game, making him fodder.

2006 US Open: After the easiest first 4 rounds a player has ever played in Grand Slam history, he went on to play zero-tactics ball basher James Blake, generic baseliner with no serve, limited power, and mediocre movement Davydenko, and his old buddy, Andy Roddick.

2007 Australian Open: He played no-weapons Tommy Robredo in the QF, his old buddy Roddick in the lopsided SF, and fluke Grand Slam finalist Gonzo in the final...and nearly lost the first set. He played baby Djokovic in the 4th round...a guy who was nowhere near what he would become.

2007 Wimbledon: Got a walkover on Tommy Haas in the 4th round, then lost a set to post-chicken pox Juan Carlos Ferrero in the QF, who was a journeyman at that point. Then he played freak'n Richard Gasquet in the semi-final. Then in the final it was a rematch with Nadal that he got extremely lucky to pull out, winning 2 tiebreak sets and losing 2 sets cleanly. Nadal was injured towards the end of the match. Without that, Nadal probably wins and ends the streak one year earlier.

2007 US Open: Lost a set to Feliciano Lopez in the 4th round. Played old buddy Roddick yet again in the QF, then generic no serve, mediocre movement, no power Davydenko in the SF again, then young, inexperienced, developing Djokovic in the final, who nearly won the match in straight sets but blew multiple set points in the first 2 sets. Djokovic had beaten him in Montreal a couple tournaments earlier.

2008 US Open: Had to go 5 to beat Igor Andreev, a clay court specialist. Then beat qualifier journeyman Gilles Muller in the QF, then Djokovic in the SF (maybe his only semi-impressive victory in a Grand Slam), and an exhausted Murray in his first ever Grand Slam final. Djokovic was a fairly impressive win, but he wasn't the player he became in 2011, and he was coming off getting many in the crowd against him after his dispute with Andy Roddick, whom he beat the round before.

2009 French Open: Lucky that Soderling upset Nadal. Had major problems with Acasuso, dropped a set to Mathieu, was down 2 sets and nearly got broken to allow Tommy Haas to serve for the match in round 4, then was down 2 sets to 1 to Juan Martin Del Potro in the SF. Won the final over rookie slam finalist Soderling, who had never beaten him before.

2009 Wimbledon: Played servebot Ivo Karlovic in the QF, freak'n Tommy Haas in the SF, and nearly lost to his old buddy Roddick in the final. A blown volley in the 2nd set likely cost Roddick the match.

2010 Australian Open: Had to basically cheat with a bathroom break to break Davydenko's momentum (and help clear the late sun rays) when he was getting streamrolled in the QF. Then played an exhausted Tsonga in the SF after Tsonga had upset Djokovic. Then played Murray in the final, who was still a headcase at the time, trying to win his first Grand Slam.

2012 Wimbledon: Djokovic in 2012 was not the same player after his grandfather died. He played weak Youzhny, who has never beaten him in an ATP match to this day, in the QF, completing one of the easiest first 5 matches ever played in a slam. Then in the final, he capitalized on Murray's nervousness trying to win his first slam and become the first British man in a long time to win Wimbledon. Along the way, Federer went down 2 sets to 0 to journeyman Benneteau in the 3rd round, coming mere points away from losing in the 4th set tiebreak.

So when you really look at it, there are asterisks everywhere. Federer won 17 slams but it honestly feels like he should have won 0. ZERO. None. Not even kidding. It's surreal that he's been able to win this many. But the reality of tennis was he was competing over and over again against the likes of Roddick and Hewitt, as well as Nalbandian and Davydenko. If you don't think highly of those 4 players (and I don't), you're not going to think highly of Federer. He beat pre-prime Djokovic and Nadal, and he took advantage of Murray's early struggles with mental toughness.

In actuality, Federer is the guy who wins slams when the others falter. He's not the guy who beats others at their best. Others beat him at their best when they're right. Safin in 05 AO. Nadal in 08 Wimbledon, 05-07 and 11 FOs, 09 AO, 12 AO, and 14 AO. Djokovic in 14 Wimbledon, 08 AO, 11 AO, 10 USO, and 11 USO, 12 FO. Murray in 13 AO
Никола Тесла
Никола Тесла:
Novak Goatovic 😉
future hofer
future hofer:
11:25 is brutal....after injury beast is awake and hungry :) LOL ... NOLE IS GOAT we can talk just about second place
David Zhabin
David Zhabin:
Respect to Djokovic from Russia🇷🇺 you are an amazing player!
Ben Sobeleone
Ben Sobeleone:
Rafa and Nole learn from the Master of Tennis 🇨🇭(Federer has changed this Sport like Air Jordon)
Federers face when Djokovic arrives😄
Aroop Sanyal
Aroop Sanyal:
This was an elaborate video to reiterate, Novak is the GOAT
Truly blessed to have grown up during the best era of tennis #Big3
Hugo Marquez
Hugo Marquez:
It’s very clear that Djokovic is the GOAT. He’s consistently dominated the last 10 years, with Nadal and Federer competing against him. Federer dominated 4 years most, at a time when the players weren’t so good (save for an up and coming Nadal).
Guillermo Martínez Somonte
Guillermo Martínez Somonte:
Once Nadal appeared, he never left. What a beast
Nenad Abramovic
Nenad Abramovic:
Djoković G.O.A.T
Dusan Andjelkovic
Dusan Andjelkovic:
Novak the GOAT 333&more week on n.1 (atp stole him 20 weeks in 2020), whoole carier fight with Federer and Nadal.
Federer 310, first 6-7 years, fight with Moya, Davidenko...
MrBuf Milion
MrBuf Milion:
10:38 Djokovic had more points then Federer and Nadal combined
Quiero recuperarme a lo Djokovic, volver con todo 💖😌 11:25
Max Gretschmann
Max Gretschmann:
Thomas Muster, the legend from down under 😄
𝓚𝓲𝓶𝓫𝓪𝓵𝓸 𝓔𝓽-𝓞𝓱𝓶𝓼
𝓚𝓲𝓶𝓫𝓪𝓵𝓸 𝓔𝓽-𝓞𝓱𝓶𝓼:
novak is simply the GOAT
Milan Perovic
Milan Perovic:
NoVac is simply the GOAT
Franjo Gavranović
Franjo Gavranović:
NOLE najbolji si svih vremena, neka pati koga smeta , lp iz Hrvatske
Maximilian K.
Maximilian K.:
Thomas Muster is AUSTRIAN not australian!!
Never the less, nice video!
Kaioken Training
Kaioken Training:
10:31 That remontada from Murray
Ja Ba
Ja Ba:
Sampras & Agassi.. time when US play tennis.
G Rock
G Rock:
Djoko is not from this earth
one of the best sportsman that ever lived
100K subscriber challenge with 0 videos
100K subscriber challenge with 0 videos:
Djokovic is more than a brilliant player, but we all know and love Federer, and all think of him as the best
Raúl Franco
Raúl Franco:
No hay duda, Nole es el mejor de la historia.
capitan futuro
capitan futuro:
Grande Marcelo Rios de Chile , 100% talento, 0% disciplina. Jaja.
kely 19
kely 19:
When you discover other sports because f1 has summer break and out of nowhere you see Grosjean and Haas on the list
Gz Gz
Gz Gz:
1998 Marcelo Ríos de Chile 🇨🇱
El primer Latinoamericano número 1 del mundo. ..
Pramesh Khanna
Pramesh Khanna:
I loved the way you showed the stats. Thank you.
Slobodan Simic
Slobodan Simic:
Novak GOAT most records on his name most wins vs other's player's when hi is on 100% no one can't stop him
Real Brethem
Real Brethem:
People talk about Federer playing in a weak era, but the second half of Sampras’ reign was against complete scrubs until Agassi started competing again after the ‘99 FO
Bojan Obradovic
Bojan Obradovic:
FYI, Thomas Muster is an Austrian, not Australian. Different countries, one is in Europe and another is also a continent.
Djokovic is the goat
Wimz Swimz
Wimz Swimz:
Only andy murray could reach world no 1 during 3 GOATS era. Daniil medvedev will've reached world no. 1 after nadal and djokovic retire while roger federer has been much weaker due to his advanced age.
Hugo Diaz
Hugo Diaz:
Marcelo Rios was number one for two periods. March and August 1998. He took it from Sampras, he got it back, then it was Rios again and finally Sampras took it again. In the video it only appears once in number 1. Anyway, wonderful video. Great job.
Darkban : Norske greier
Darkban : Norske greier:
Nadal and Federer: oh fuck he's back
Everybody just keeps hating Roger Federer so viciously in this comment section. I don't really understand why. Djokovic and Federer respect each other, they kept joking together at the Laver Cup. In the stadiums, Federer seems so popular, but on Youtube, he just keeps getting more and more hate. Why?
And if Federer had broken Sampras' records so quickly, and Djokovic broke Federer's records, what if the next tennis great breaks all the Djokovic records?
Victor Hugo Ramirez
Victor Hugo Ramirez:
Old times, coria nalbandian gaudio 🇦🇷🇦🇷, 3 argentinos in the top 10
Bernhard Arnold
Bernhard Arnold:
Just for info: Thomas Muster ist Österreicher. Austria...not Australia
GM Group 369
GM Group 369:
Novak 369 Djoković Nr.1
Nikola 369 Tesla Nr.1
Free Energy Power ✊🎾🏆
Talha Anwar
Talha Anwar:
We are lucky top 3 are playing in same era.😘😘
Кафельников, Агасси и Сампрас, вот они конечно тусовались в топе долго, и борьба у них всегда была жесточайшая.
Amazing Murray to get anything in this era. No wonder he had to become a cyborg.
Guatón lolero
Guatón lolero:
3:18 Marcelo Rios was the N° 1 for 5 miliseconds 😎 VIVA CHILE
Shafqat Ishan
Shafqat Ishan:
This stat is full of inaccuracies, djokovic did not drop out of top 3 in 2008, and Ferrer never became #3 before 2013. Also Murray reached #2 in 2009.
Waleed Mushtaq
Waleed Mushtaq:
Federer is the GOAT ... ❤️