Top 10 Mike Tyson Best Knockouts HD


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Nick Stephens
Nick Stephens:
These victims are extremely lucky that memes weren't around in the 90's
Nas123 123
Nas123 123:
" I wish I was just in the ring with tu pacs killer for 5 minutes" -Mike Tyson
Tommy 2 x
Tommy 2 x:
Tyson invented the giraffe after he uppercut a horse !!!
Kai Sullivan
Kai Sullivan:
Mike Tyson is such a humble fighter. Every time he knocks someone out, or he wins he picks the man up and hugs him and gives him some advise and thanks him for fighting. Such a good and humble fighter. What a legend!!
Pure Skies
Pure Skies:
Who’s here after Mike Tyson’s comeback announcement?
Jake So
Jake So:
This guy would knock you out cold then rush to make sure you was ok. Now that’s class. Don’t see that anymore.
Abedul Ibrahim
Abedul Ibrahim:
When Mike tested positive for Corona Virus, the Corona Virus was put in quarantine for 14days.
100 subs with No videos
100 subs with No videos:
Anyone that gets caught with Tyson’s punch would’ve gone to thleep not sleep
Bern lao
Bern lao:
4:20 this is me trying to get up in 6 o'clock in the morning
Any money you make from these views should be given to Mike Tyson.
Zeeshan Ahmed
Zeeshan Ahmed:
Who's here after Mike Tyson posted a video of himself training on Instagram
Chance G
Chance G:
I wish boxing was still as glorious as it was in the 80’s.
Patrick Kubinec
Patrick Kubinec:
Till the fight is going on, he's treating you just like an obstacle - to destroy...but as soon the fight is over, he's coming to raise you and check that you're alright....Legend
This guy was just fearless, imagine being only 5’11 at best and still dominating big men like this
T. Sunand Emmanuel
T. Sunand Emmanuel:
Even they paid me 1 million dollars I would not have entered the ring to fight with him
Ashley Bray
Ashley Bray:
4:19 trying to walk home on a Saturday night
4:57 He charged it... And hold it. What a respectful man. Here to win, not to destroy.
Chaker Tifouri
Chaker Tifouri:
This is how much people wanted to see Mike Tyson Vs Muhammad Ali
Ankit Mishra
Ankit Mishra:
Mike tyson is a lion. He is one of the greatest boxers in boxing history.
Waluigili is here
Waluigili is here:
The knockouts are great,,, but him running to help them is beautiful
LJ Sneets
LJ Sneets:
Tyson in his prime, has to be the most intimidating fighter of all time. Countless fighters have publicly commented, that getting hit by him was unlike any other fighter they'd ever faced.
Tyson has a large bear rug in his house. The bear isn't dead, its just afraid to get up and leave.
Tyson: The most dangerous man in the world

Also Tyson: High voice
Je Ls
Je Ls:
the music is from the french rapper Mc Solaar...the title : "Solaar pleure"
josh. ako
josh. ako:
"Everybody got a plan until you get punched in the fathe." -Mike Tyson
Juice Melon
Juice Melon:
Even when Tyson is 80 years old I wouldn’t step in the ring with him
The Prime
The Prime:
Everybody is a gangsta untill Mike Tyson enters the ring!
byały wylczur
byały wylczur:
Mike tyson is just scary.
Like he is more scarier than fat guy from outlast
Shai Peled
Shai Peled:
Just imagine u and mike Tyson are in a ring about to fight and the bell goes off, and Mike Tyson slowly charges out you before he breaks your jaw.
καινη κτισις
καινη κτισις:
Tyson's hug at the end of those matches was like a consolation prize for trying.
2:15 might be one of the heaviest blows i ever seen
I love how he rushes to help his opponents after he knocks them out
2:18 ouch!
Matt Raglin
Matt Raglin:
God clearly got a little carried away with this man's power rating
Harley Adams
Harley Adams:
I respect Mike so much after a knockout he doesn't just run around showboating, he goes and makes sure they're okay and gives them a friendly hug in good sportsmanship.
I don’t know how many times I watched this Video
Alexei Reyes
Alexei Reyes:
Notice Mike Tyson always checking his opponent in the ring and after the match RESPECT!
Daz Dennis
Daz Dennis:
Mike Tyson: "Hi, I'm Mike Tyson, I'm fighting you tonight"
opponent "Eeermm, I think I left the oven on, gotta go dude"..
DerMarkus Carter
DerMarkus Carter:
He always said he wants to kill his opponent but everytime he takes someone down he always makes sure they are ok.
Jeremy P
Jeremy P:
They should’ve been handing out special participation belts to anyone who even agreed to get in the ring with Tyson.
Nom Prenom
Nom Prenom:
Respect Iron Mike ! Best knockouts ever
sheesh, Mike has folded more people than I have beach chairs in my life.
Elroy Jones
Elroy Jones:
Ref leaves the house like, "okay honey, I'll be home early tonight, Mike is fighting. You want anything to eat?"
Thermoplastisches Aethylendiamintetraessigsäure
Thermoplastisches Aethylendiamintetraessigsäure:
1:37 "Ayyy let me sleep"
Happy Go lucky
Happy Go lucky:
Mike said it’s never a boxing 🥊 or a fight, it was always a “war” every single time he enters the ring
he said himself he is more bigger than the Alexander the Great, cuz Alexander stayed behind his cavalry when Mike Tyson said he himself is the Alexander and the cavalry in one body
Lonnie Jenkins
Lonnie Jenkins:
The greatest of all time!🥊 Mike Tyson 👑🥊
Bananapig9 7
Bananapig9 7:
Tillman: Imma take the fight to Mike Tyson...*20 seconds later* ...I think I see angels callin for me...
Tony T
Tony T:
I’m gonna learn these upper cut to knock out my neighborhoods when they sing karaoke .
I like how he almost knocks these guys' heads off and then comes running to help them up
Darren Yang
Darren Yang:
I like how the referee is usually like...
*Oh shit, is he dead?*
I'm here after John fury called him out so I can visualise Mike knocking him out.
Finesse God
Finesse God:
Some of these fights you couldn't even go get another beer before the fight was already over.
"but his body won't let him do what his mind wants to"

every single one of Tyson's opponents in the 80s
Nicolas Derra
Nicolas Derra:
My dad told me that when he was younger he and my grandpa were waiting for one of mike Tyson’s fights to starts when my grandpa got up to grab a beer, when he was back mike had already won.
Tyson Haley
Tyson Haley:
I was named after him. But i love how he always the first to run, when allowed, to check on his opponent
Am I the only one???
who's watching this after
Tyson vs Jones Official announcement
Devi prasad mishra
Devi prasad mishra:
I would have feared to fight with mike tyson even in my dreams.
Scott Krasman
Scott Krasman:
2:20 Like getting hit by a shovel to the face
Nedim Ayvaz
Nedim Ayvaz:
Its sad to see that legend get older. Tyson is already in his 50s and Muhammed Ali has passed away 4 years ago...
Sai Thein Htet
Sai Thein Htet:
Man every time he knows someone out cold, he still rushes back to make sure they are ok. Much respect 💯
S. gonzales
S. gonzales:
Mike tyson always respected a fighter AFTER he knocked them out
maskiin boy
maskiin boy:
4:28 His body ain't doing what his mind wants to do.
mike Tyson he disconnects the body and the mind.
Zero 8880
Zero 8880:
Imagine getting punched by Tyson in MMA gloves, good night.
When Mike knocks his opponent he helps him back up to stand
Grand_Wizard of_GoW
Grand_Wizard of_GoW:
5:24 He was like: "Nope, I´m out."
harter Schwitzer
harter Schwitzer:
Everytime when Mike knocked one he helps Hit To stand up. 😍
Pandemic Survivor
Pandemic Survivor:
Looks like Mike got a cheat code for defeating all his opponents..
BP Lup
BP Lup:
Downside: Mike Tyson just knocked you into the past.

Upside: You get a hug.
Watch this everyday before starting the day
Jerry Mora
Jerry Mora:
How cool would it be to travel back in time to experience one of this legends fights
I'd be more impressed if his hands were moving at a speed my mind could comprehend so I could actually process what is happening
Isaiah Blackmon
Isaiah Blackmon:
Who’s here after we found out he was fighting on sep 12th !!!!!
Anthony Sanchez
Anthony Sanchez:
I got mad respect for the dude that kept trying to get up
Shamoy Brown
Shamoy Brown:
2:19 those screams translate to: please, I'll have your babies, just say the word
Marco Trov
Marco Trov:
I literally watch this every week to keep my motivation and testosterone consistently spiking.
When you watch these new heavyweights and then come back to watch mike Tyson. God damn he is on a whole different level. What a machine speed power head movement. Tyson is one of a kind. So blessed I grow up watching him fight. What a warrior.
I love how mike Tyson after knocks someone he goes to pull him up
Huge respect for Tyson helping up his oppenents when he knocked them down
I like how when he knocks them out he shows love and makes sure there alright
Devi prasad mishra
Devi prasad mishra:
The background music is powerful
Arlene Cabantugan
Arlene Cabantugan:
2:14 you can hear the impact
Tongku Moyong
Tongku Moyong:
In an interview Tyson's trainer told that Tyson eat steel chips as Breakfast!
Vulgo_ Gb
Vulgo_ Gb:
Os 10 mil deslikes foram a família dos adversários do Tyson kkkkk, o cara simplesmente e uma máquina mortal
Janaksinh Rathod
Janaksinh Rathod:
When you want to sleep, just imagining Iron Mike...His fear is enough my dear 😴😴😴
Munro 7
Munro 7:
Respect from Spain for this legend, or machine or alien, or whatever it is.

God bless you all
Bo Green
Bo Green:
4:30 that man wanted to get up and fight so bad but his legs weren't listening 😂😭. Respect forsure to all these fighters
Kavan Shah
Kavan Shah:
*I broke my back. Thpinal.*
Usta Matniyoz
Usta Matniyoz:
Майк— Тайсон!!!= Великий— Боксёр. Легенда...
Ansh Raj
Ansh Raj:
Lol..all I need is Ryan Garcia vs Mike tyson (prime)..I would see that in my dreams...

Lol..Ryan Garcia always gets sucked up opponents and he pretends to be a good fighter..just give him a good one..he is dead
Coater 31
Coater 31:
Tyson was a humble winner by not embarrassing the opponent when he was beat. That's what a champion looks like.
Sgtviper Gaming
Sgtviper Gaming:
4:21 me waking up drunk in taco bell at 12am.
Hungry 420
Hungry 420:
Imagine if the refs still counted like the way they did back in the 80s.
JPablo _083
JPablo _083:
cosas imposibles de hacer: pausar un video de mike tyson y que sus manos se vean quietas, no tener miedo de pelear contra mike tyson y hacer temer a mike tyson
Christopher Serfass
Christopher Serfass:
“The gods of war reignited my ego”
The most aggressive fighter of all the time yet the most sensitive.
Momo Bonavera
Momo Bonavera:
1:20 The referee, so cute, touches Bruno´s hair like "my poor child" hahaha
Patrick Bateman
Patrick Bateman:
As a amateur MMA fighter myself - I always imagine what Mike Tyson wouldve been if he focused all his energy in PRIDE instead of boxing.
Lance Ryder Wilson
Lance Ryder Wilson:
I know people already say this but whatever.
Ali: machine gun
Tyson: sniper
Tyson before the fight: I am gonna demolish him and beat him viciously

Tyson after fight: come mere Kimme kith and hug