Top 10 Moments in December - Great Fair Play, Leipzig on Top & Lewandowski vs. Werner

A December full of thrills - here are our top 10 moments!
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Robert Lewandowski and Timo Werner are in a neck-and-neck race to finish as top scorer in the Bundesliga. Leipzig are top of the league at Christmas for the first time in the club's history, Bayern have a new star striker, and Maximilian Arnold and David Alaba are writing Fair Play in capital letters. Here are our top 10 moments for December. What was your favourite moment? Let us know in the comments!

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62 comentarios:

F M:
Arnold is underrated for sure. A real quality player
Because of the YouTube channel alone the Bundesliga is my favourite league to follow
This month was wild! What a league!! To have a top 10 of this quality in what.. 3 or 4 matchdays?... it's unbelievable!
lulis rodriguez
lulis rodriguez:
I feel bad for clip #1
Lucas Cotton
Lucas Cotton:
Respect is my favourite thing about football
Anna Luzan
Anna Luzan:
Coutinho's magic matchday was stunning to watch!

From a 10 year old GK with big dreams to play for his 1 club Dortmund! (my moms acount)
Kamiel Verstrepen
Kamiel Verstrepen:
Little Magician❤️⚽
The x guy
The x guy:
11:28 dude's so funny 😂😂😂
This pleases the nut
This pleases the nut:
Alaba looks like a fusion of Martin Lawrence and Tyler, The Creator
Dheer kills players 78
Dheer kills players 78:
0:30 i wish it was gary neville lol
Bubdsliga can u do a video on Diego Demme now hes left to Napoli thankss??
Jan van den Berg
Jan van den Berg:
I ❤️ werner
The most entertaining league in the world. Out of hear if you think the prem is more interesting
Aidyn likes to game
Aidyn likes to game:
:Oooooo CRACKING" ~
Comentator 2019
Matei Aplugaritei
Matei Aplugaritei:
7:04 I respect the fact that they don't forget about their mascot. Also his face and gestures killed me
Cyborg Eats Food ツ
Cyborg Eats Food ツ:
3:51 voicecrack
matty sanders
matty sanders:
11:32 Neuer looks like a y6oung tom hanks
Thiên Phúc Trần Viết
Thiên Phúc Trần Viết:
5 months later, Davies the roadrunner beat the record of Hakimi. MEEP!MEEP!
Fábio Fussball
Fábio Fussball:
Arnold and Alaba, congratulations 👏

And Gladbach's win against Bayern was sensational. Beautiful moment
Vania Toldo
Vania Toldo:
Beautiful selection in this vídeo 😍⚽😍
Maksumov Mirabdulla
Maksumov Mirabdulla:
Thikho Mudau
Thikho Mudau:
To editers u did an amazing job well done
I always confuse myself with Sommer and Hitz for some reason
Frank Dylong
Frank Dylong:
OoOOoOooOoOOoooOOoooo CRACKING 1:35
Disrespectful Canine
Disrespectful Canine:
As a Barça fan I feel so happy for Coutinho. He has been able to revive his football and form ever since leaving.
New Wonder kid?... pathetic ;)

mhd rizki
mhd rizki:
Look like so eazy scoring with freekick for Jonathan Schmid
Juan Rafael
Juan Rafael:

Messi:Ahh,your approaching me?
Song for coutinho's moment?
Hubert Mojsiuszko
Hubert Mojsiuszko:
Alphonso Davies made the brightest fireworks last few months... Can't wait to see him back on the pitch, specially in UCL!
Woohyun Son
Woohyun Son:
Heartwarming from Arnold and Alaba. Now that's what football is all about
Arkana Mashka Yusuf Ahmad Pontoh
Arkana Mashka Yusuf Ahmad Pontoh:
It suposed to be 2-2 but the ref is dumb i hate you ref 😭
lee sanderson
lee sanderson:
Just call it a German vid at least show some spanish, English or Italian moments ffs
Metal Monkey
Metal Monkey:
I was sorry to see Coutinho go from Liverpool because he's such a great player but since he left we've won the Champions League, Club World Championship and 13 points clear at the top of the league with a game in hand
magic is slowly coming back
Benis Village in Iran
Benis Village in Iran:
Deadline day and Sexy signed for Salford City for 1 billion pounds?

Huzair Kalia
Huzair Kalia:
I was there for Bayern vs Bremen game. Allianz Arena was absolutely breathtaking!
Antal B
Antal B:
7 of Schmid's 8 freekick goals were either from 25+ meters or a bad angle, that makes him even more impressive :O
Subhomoy Sett
Subhomoy Sett:
Whole January belongs to Erling Haland
Schmid's got 8 free kick goals and I swear Messi has 8 this season
Laureen Hudson
Laureen Hudson:
it good i like it
Grumpy Lasagna
Grumpy Lasagna:
Bayern needs Jonathan Schmid
Mohid I.
Mohid I.:
Phillip Max had himself a month, but I still say Werner is man of the month.
Callum Keary
Callum Keary:
Fair play
Darth James
Darth James:
That Gladback win over Bayern was the biggest scam this season so far. Bayern battered them, still they survived, scored a goal against the run of play and get a lucky winner...
Paul Wilks
Paul Wilks:
I've come to love the Bundesliga after playing different teams in Football Manager 18, 19 and 20. Much more authentic and interesting than the EPL.
Sarita Bagrial
Sarita Bagrial:
Marco Richter misses a sitter against Augsburg one month later scores a blinder against Dortmund
Vashist Venkatesh
Vashist Venkatesh:
Would be special indeed if both Borrusia Monchengladbach and Liverpool won the titles this season.
Calhanoglu? with free kicks?
Arkana Mashka Yusuf Ahmad Pontoh
Arkana Mashka Yusuf Ahmad Pontoh:
Why is reus always eating chips
Franko Zorcic
Franko Zorcic:
Looks like Werner is going to have a compatision!
Βασίλης Κάρκουλας
Βασίλης Κάρκουλας:
Zirkzee deserves a Sabaton song.
Zkillzy 4718
Zkillzy 4718:
Is there anything wrong with youtube?
To be completely honest, I don’t care who wins the league as long as it’s not Bayern.
TroyRemplakowski 17
TroyRemplakowski 17:
Lewandowski is the best
889 likes the last one was me
Jesus Monasterio
Jesus Monasterio:
I dont get how RB is on top of the league with a bunch of unknowns
Zirkzee is overrated because he plays for Bayern
Lucas Cotton
Lucas Cotton:
Imagine Timo Werner in the premier League! He could be the worlds best striker with his talent! He can still go far in the Bundesliga, but he could go that extra step in the Prem or Laliga