Top 10 Moments of Schumacher Brilliance

With 91 wins across his illustrious career, it was nearly impossible to pick just 10 moments to highlight the genius of Michael Schumacher. Here are the most incredible moments that show why he's regarded by many as the greatest of all time.

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100+ comentarios:

Jack z
Jack z:
This is criminally short, the dude's career was nothing but brilliance.
Schumacher came into F1 on pure, raw talent... his father was a bricklayer.
John C
John C:
I'm 53, been watching this sport since the seventies, 40+ years... to my mind, Schumacher was the best. Absolutely the best.. Senna was the peoples champion, and rightly so, but Schumacher was so supremely talented that it's hard to argue with him being the greatest of all time... any weather condition, any tyre condition, if the car still moved he had it taped, even being stuck in 5th gear ffs... the rainmeister they called him... When Schumacher was in his prime, he could do anything, anything at all, he could do magic and often did. Keep battling Michael... we won't forget you...
Robert Carr
Robert Carr:
I still honestly believe Schumi is the strongest f1 driver we have ever had. Absolutely relentless.
Billy Theta
Billy Theta:
Here in greece when someone drives really fast its a common phrase even like elders who dont know what f1 is say '' who do you think you are schumacher ? '' that says a lot
Mensch gebliebener Sterbehelfer67
Mensch gebliebener Sterbehelfer67:
He was the reason millions of Germans started watching F1 back in the 90's.
Agostino Lupo /Agostinol16
Agostino Lupo /Agostinol16:
He is not a legend,he is THE LEGEND.
Love you Michael.
Just saw the documentary Schumacher, I'm amazed when he switched to ferrari, he styed with mechanics until late to work on the car. HE DEVELOPED HIS FERRARI CAR! HE GAVE THE INPUTS AND SOLUTIONS TO PROBLEMS! Todays drivers are like, "is the car ready? No! See you later". No way anyone could me measured with Michael. Pure natural talent. Formula 1's Messi
hey hey
hey hey:
Michael was the greatest off all time. No one can ever match his greatness.
Hamilton broke the record, but Schumacher will always be the champion! And now the legend!
Akash Mishra
Akash Mishra:
And that, ladies and gentlemen, why Schumacher is untouchable in the history of Formula 1. Lewis wouldn't even dare to polish this guy's shoes
The Monaco Pole in 2012 with 43 years in that terrible Mercedes was one of my Highlights. This was pure driving genius
Dave Cormier
Dave Cormier:
If Schumacher accepted the offer from dominant williams in 1996 and took the “easy way”, he would have more titles, instead of this he went from a team he won 2 titles in a row with, to a team that hadn't won in the sport for over 2 decades. He helped to build the foundations of that team over the next 3 years and then went on to dominate with that team for the next 5 years. He helped and was a crucial part in building their success.

He also came out of retirement and helped developed Mercedes into what they are now before Hamilton took the seat He was in. Brawn himself said Schumacher had an immense and crucial part to play in developing the car and team into what it was to dominate the sport with Hamilton at the wheel.

Schumacher has and always will be the greatest F1 driver the sport has seen, alot don't like him, but anyone with common knowledge of F1 won't dispute that. Hamilton is a great, that can't be disputed. But he is not the greatest of all time.

Oh to answer about others with poor equipment, Schumacher also has the most wins in a non championship winning car even though he has less wins than Hamilton, further proof Hamilton is only great with the greatest car against the other greats records.
Ishaan Ashwin
Ishaan Ashwin:
Ahhhhh, back in the good old days where Ferrari actually had good strategists
Niko Property Agent
Niko Property Agent:
Stuck in 5th gear and still maintain the pace and come in second, what a legend.
Today's driver already retired, non stop whining, blaming the teams.
K B Hay
K B Hay:
A legendary driver with almost no equal to his driving ability, Merry Christmas Michael
Chetan Sharma
Chetan Sharma:
"Schumacher" the name which is synonymous with quality fast driving. A true LEGEND
Mr. Harman
Mr. Harman:
Michael & Ayrton! The Greatest drivers of all times. I miss both!
Haruko Sokudo
Haruko Sokudo:
Even if Hamilton wins 8, 9 or even 10 WDS, he will not beat Schumacher's greatness. Cos greatness alone is not defined by the number of championships you have.
Those of us, who saw Schumi enter F1 and work his magic, including transforming the Ferrari team from a clown show with an occasional flash of brilliance to an unbeatable juggernaut, can consider ourselves lucky for having witnessed such motorsport greatness...sure Senna and Ham are also great, and I would have liked to see all three drivers pitted against each other on equal terms, but that can never happen, and we must consider each for the era and equipment and against the competitors they drove. All I can say is that I couldn't keep a dry eye while watching this, thinking of how many times he was at 18kPRM and 200mph, and lived, and shined, only to have that stupid accident while skiing... Keep fighting Michael, you will NEVER be forgotten!
Demetrius Paschalides
Demetrius Paschalides:
Schumacher stuck 5th gear : its all good.
Hamilton falling back after strategy not paying : just retire the car.
Bruce Lee
Bruce Lee:
Probably the best driver to ever sit in an F1 car Full Stop. Not only a phenomenal driver, but he had such talent in setting a car up from scratch. He put both Benneton and Ferrari on the map.

He won in the Benneton, whilst Alesi and Berger struggled when they went there, and he took Ferrari to the top when again Alesi and Berger had struggled with Ferrari. "Legend.
the GOAT , he could have done so much more if he had the chance
George Gonzalez
George Gonzalez:
I really miss Michael, he was dedicated to the sport. He faced the ups and downs and raced like a true champion.
David Moll
David Moll:
God I miss this man. He is truly a legend
Terry Roth
Terry Roth:
Schumacher was the greatest F1 driver. He started with nothing and his determination made him a champion.
Edwardo Lad
Edwardo Lad:
Prime Lewis Hamilton wouldn’t hold a candle to this man is his prime.
Примус Керосиновый
Примус Керосиновый:
Schumacher is a legend, the best of the best . May God grant him health.
Vivek Jain
Vivek Jain:
Incredible talent, fierce commitment, single minded focus on best result in any given situation and above all his love and passion for this sport is unmatched

In 2006, his engine gave up while leading the race prior to finale in Brazil, robbing him of potential season victory. Everyone in his team was so dejected but he came to the paddock and was cheering them up. I was so shocked pleasantly ... in his final race year back then ... he was so unaffected by cruel luck. And then again in Brazil, had a puncture, dropped to last position and then had a drive of his life to finish 4th ... simply amazing.

My favourite sportsman by miles
Shantanu Saxena
Shantanu Saxena:
When Ferrari's strategy were actually good because of Micheal.
Enrique A
Enrique A:
Gracias Schumy por estos grandes e inolvidables momentos , Dios te bendiga
When you have a mechanical engineering genius behind the wheel... im feeling privileged that i was able to see him alive and on tv performing some of the greatest driving moments.
Michael Schumacher the greatest Formula One driver! I have been following his career since the late 90s, when I was a child, I always supported him. It is unfortunate that such a misfortune happened to him. For me, he will forever remain the greatest. Red Baron, miss you.
Everson Almeida
Everson Almeida:
As a brazilian I have no personal reason to say this, but he is the best of all, unquestionably. Every great driver had masterful performances and victories, but Michael was only one of the very few that accepted a real challenge, in this case, to go to Ferrari with a much inferior equipment. Bravo, really, bravo.
A simple Word is Needed to describing this man = GOAT🐐
Padoir of Ireland 🇮🇪
Padoir of Ireland 🇮🇪:
Schumi—The legendary racing Legend of all time. Won in several un-race-able cars. ☝️
Vytautas LT
Vytautas LT:
The best. Ever. A legend. Keep fighting, Michael!
jerome RABO
jerome RABO:
just one thing to say : the best driver ever.
Get well quickly Mickael, we think of you
The man who made me a formula one fan..The Greatest ever
Der SiR
Der SiR:
Getting emotional seeing this. Have tears in my eyes writing this. Thank you Schumi for this magic moments of brilliance! I am still a huge fan of you and your lifetime achievement. For me you are the GOAT taking 2 Teams from midfield to top and become 7 time World Champion! I hope you will get better. Keep fighting!
Angus Chiggins
Angus Chiggins:
We didn't truly appreciate how special it was watching him back then. It's only looking back you realize. Thanks Michael.
D S:
And to think, he has so many more special moments that could've easily be in this Top 10. He was the Best.
C D:
I watched him as a boy, and the privilege of telling my daughter about him.. this was a truly talented driver.
Dave Cormier
Dave Cormier:
Difference: Hamilton went to Mercedes when they were on a upward spiral while Schumacher went to ferrari when they were on a downward spiral

If Schumacher would have stayed in 07 and 08, he would end with 9 titles. Also if he took the “easy” route, he would be a 10+ world champion easily.
Elaine Smithies
Elaine Smithies:
He,s the GREATEST always will be ❤️
Baskar Deenadayalan
Baskar Deenadayalan:
The legend, no other driver close to him
Warren O
Warren O:
100% agree on the Spain 96 race. That car was dreadful. The critics were out saying Schumacher had made a mistake going there from a dominant Benetton team. But boy he silenced everyone there. The best driver I have had the privilege of seeing. Nobody now comes near. Keep fighting Michael.
dunai george
dunai george:
For me the best ever!
I wish him the best and i hope we see him in good health!
One of the things I remember most clearly, is watching Schumacher in Brazil 1994, in a Benetton, definitely only the third or fourth best car on the grid, out-drive Senna (who was definitely driving the best car on the grid ) for most of the race ... IN BRAZIL!!!! Talk about proving you're truly something quite above anything else. Schu - definitely the king of F1. Debating it is futile.
Very interesting that Schumacher's work on Mercedes makes Hamilton break his record...
K N:
Michael, my hero!
You can appreciate his brilliance without putting down Hamilton…
Even Scumachers family recognize Hamilton’s success.
This could’ve been a Top 50 for all I know, but Schumi was and will always be the GOAT. F1 will never be what it was without him.
Thanks for the great Memories Michael and keep fighting.
The Godfather
The Godfather:
When i was 10 years old and watching F1 race on tv,
my father always said,
“If you want to be a racer, make sure your idol is Michael Schumacher”
daniel smith
daniel smith:
You can say what you like about Michael Schumacher,people call him a cheat but all he did was attack and defend aggressively,which if you look back through the history of f1 they all did it from fangio, Clark,senna,Prost it’s called racing,look at other motorsports where they constantly barge each other off the track like touring cars or the gt series. Michael Schumacher was one of my heroes and it’s so sad what happened to him because he is without doubt one of the greatest f1 drivers ever,I know he won his last 2 titles quite comfortably but the 97/98/99/00 seasons he shouldn’t have even been in contention really as the Williams in 97 and mclaren in 98/99/00 was a far superior car but that’s what he did,he won when he shouldn’t because he was an absolute master of getting every last thousandth of a second out of the car. If Lewis Hamilton beats all his records which could happen,I still believe in the same car there’s no one to touch Schumacher,he’d wipe the floor with all of them...keep fighting Michael 🤞👍
MacKenzie K
MacKenzie K:
I think this video undersells just how great Schumacher was in the rain.
I started watching F1 when Michael was winning race after race, and championship after championship with the Ferrari. It used to frustrate me that he won everything, but the truth is there hasn't been a driver like him since. An absolute dedication to racing and an absolute dedication to victory!
i don't think there will ever be a driver at his level of commitment and talent to come again. i watched since late 97. and kept me on my feet every race, fighting and dueling with every opponent he encountered, he never backed off... thats why i respect him dearly and love as well.... keep fighting Michael, a true Legend.
Alan attack
Alan attack:
Always the best, very emotional to watch considering whats happened to you mate.
F1 Master
F1 Master:
He's an undisputed driver. There's a lot of rain performance superhuman. It is also unique in history with the feature of developing the team. If I were a team boss, I wouldn't think about a pilot for 1 second except this guy.

Thank you Michael, for everything. Also for terrific struggles with Mika.
C Sheridan
C Sheridan:
This man will always be one of the bestest racers to live
He is the greatest. Childhood Hero.
Schumacher a legend, brilliant intelligent driver and I ( when I used to watch F1) was a Senna fan.
Sam P
Sam P:
I'm pretty sure Michael was addicted to beating his own times. He just happened to beat everyone else whilst doing so the LEGEND 😂 Also the reason I have an Abarth is because he said he drives one. Greatest of all time, and of the true F1 era.
Michael was a genius driver!!!!!!
I still remember when Schumacher won his first gp with Ferrari in Spain. Ferrari was struggling so much and Schumacher was being criticised a lot, and the GP was pure suffering and fighting and the joy at the end was immense. My family opened a bottle of champagne to celebrate Schumi and the Ferrari victory. Priceless memory!
Still the GOAT skill wise
Comeback after a Broken Leg and Setting Pole in the first Qualifying after this is Incredible.
Ezekyle Abaddon
Ezekyle Abaddon:
Glad I got to see him race at Indy in 2004 during the US Grand Prix, even if I was rooting for Montoya at the time. My heart goes out to the guy.
Serry Van Rensen
Serry Van Rensen:
Schumacher is a legend I miss having him on the grid recover wel my hero
Benjamin Jehne
Benjamin Jehne:
The 1995 SPA race was the most thrilling race I ever seen in over 26 years of watching F1. This was a once in a liftime event.
Schumacher started with non-contender Jordan-Ford…then won championships with a Ford engine, Renault engine and 5 with a Ferrari engine, GOAT!
Alif Nurfakhri
Alif Nurfakhri:
I cried a bit watching this. He was my childhood hero ☹️
USS Akira
USS Akira:
Truely Truely Amazing Schumacher is my favourite F1 driver ever
Schumi was a outstanding Driver, always at the limit. But what him made so special is that he was also an awesome mechanic with technical understanding. He pushed every Team to the best with his knowhow. If he hasn't that accident in 2013, he surely would be an excellent Team Manager yet.
2:34 i remember watching it live on TV when I was a kid. After his first pit stop, he absolutely blasted through the entire race. He was visibly faster than everyone else, went from 18th to 4th over the course of the race, absolutely insane
Justin Timbersaw
Justin Timbersaw:
0:05 when you see Schumacher do this, you don't need to watch the rest. Absolute Legend.
V10 Engine
V10 Engine:
Absolutely this man; ''Great Racing Machine''
Albertus Aswin
Albertus Aswin:
2006 Interlagos... Remembering what happened still made me shiver even now!
peter lee
peter lee:
Number 4 in Hungary 98 literally sums up Schumacher, given a outside the box strategy and has to drive to the absolute limit doing qualifying laps almost every lap to win
Barry Sargent
Barry Sargent:
When this great man was doing this, l was on the edge of my seat, holding my breath, what a racer he was! Two weeks couldn't go fast enough for me. Watching him race was an out of this world experience . 🥰
So much of his career centred around Spa, his debut was there in 1991, his first win in F1 in 1992, (controversially) disqualified from winning in 1994, won from 16th on the grid in 1995, won by a country mile in 1997 thanks partly to an inspired decision to start the race on intermediate tyres as opposed to the rest of the field being on full wets, collided with David Coulthard in 1998 while trying to lap the latter (possibly a factor costing him the championship that year), beat Alain Prost's record of 51 wins by winning in 2001 and finally, securing what would be his seventh and last championship title there in 2004
bodie of ci5
bodie of ci5:
He was always my guy. Keep fighting Michael.
Happy Birthday G.O.A.T. Get well soon Hero. If there is someone who can win "this, It's You. Let's do it Schumi <3
Kike Pistolas
Kike Pistolas:
"100% perfection, I couldn't live with anything lower."
John McMahon
John McMahon:
The guy is a true winner. To do it, time after time, after time, just epic.
Tejas Shah
Tejas Shah:
The man Who concreted the Name Of Ferrari. In childhood whenever i heard about racing or ferrari the only name which came in mind was micheal Schumacher
The best F1 driver ever imo and I'm still honored to share my Birthday with him (day and month only but still).
F1 Pro
F1 Pro:
Greatest of all time❤️
Truly magnificent driver. I'm proud to say that I taught him everything he knows. 😃
I never was a fan of Schumacher but I was in Monaco in 2012 and when he made the pole I stood up and applaud because it was such a performance !! To beat Hamilton, Vettel, Alonso, Roseberg.... !!! I was happy for him because its come back was not as espected but this moment was really nice! Get well champion
My favorite overtaking maneuver for use in video games has always been the outside shicane slip! Brake late but hard, get next to him, he can't counter, fast on the throttle, gone!
Didn't know I took it from MS but makes sense growing up idolizing him most out of all non-football athletes...
jean-paul rideau
jean-paul rideau:
Monsieur Schumacher ! Le plus grand des pilotes de formule 1 . Merci monsieur du grand spectacle !!!
Was passiert, wenn?
Was passiert, wenn?:
Michael Schumacher - a legend!!!
Sapnil Sawant
Sapnil Sawant:
The confidence the legend has is beyond imagination!!!!
Alex Santos
Alex Santos:
O piloto mais talentoso e elegante de todos os tempos
Igor Faial
Igor Faial:
Eu sempre acompanhava fórmula 1, apenas pra assistir o Michael Schumacher
This video needs to be half an hour long

There is no greater legend than the great Michael Schumacher 🏎🇩🇪🏎🇩🇪🏎🇩🇪🏎🇩🇪🏎
5:10 Just under a second faster than second place. And that was on his comeback after breaking his leg. The leg was also not yet completely healed. In the footage from this weekend, you can still see him limping slightly.
Mick has a monsterous set of shoes to fill and continue with the legendary Schumacher name.
bodie of ci5
bodie of ci5:
I remember watching MS's first race in 1991. I was 9 and I decided that he was my guy.

Keep fighting Michael.