Top 10 Moments of Sportsmanship in Formula 1

Sometimes, competition takes a back seat for sportsmanship. Take a look at these 10 examples of fraternity and togetherness in the heat of rivalry.

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Anchy Ivankovic
Anchy Ivankovic:
Comas and Senna story just made me cry. Imagine being saved by someone, and then not being able to do anything to save their life.
the ultimate sportsmanship was when Senna carried the Austrian Flag for Ratzenberger when he died in 1994 - that he was planing on hosting
We forget just how superhuman F1 drivers were 50 years ago... they’re amazing now but in a completely different way. They loved racing so much that they’d get into the car knowing they could conceivably die, burn, break bones, and god knows what else; yet they still drove those things like hell. The legends that built the sport we all love.
Luke Letain
Luke Letain:
I think the Senna and Comas story was more emotional than Niki Lauda’s crash. Made me cry.
It breaks my heart that Comas tried to help Senna but couldn't.
Early Video: *team orders*
Late Video: extremely sad f1 stories
de ad
de ad:
girls: men don’t have feelings

me after hearing sennas story for the 3791928th time: *immense sobbing*
Mr Bluey
Mr Bluey:
Emotional podium:
No one
Not a single soul
FIA: 1 million dollar fine
When Senna and Comas moment comes out: Yeah, I know that...
When I figured out he tried to return the favor: OH NO!!!! 😭
Sadikur Rahman
Sadikur Rahman:
The highest level of sportsmanship: Saving your fellow driver’s life
Trist in Sox
Trist in Sox:
Watching Purley walk away from the man he tried to save with his head hung low, it just breaks my heart. That is the most gut-wrenching sight in sporting history. He did everything he could and it wasn't enough. That's just... ugh...
harmeet singh
harmeet singh:
When the greatest F1 driver of all time saves you and 2 years later you have to witness his demise.
Lol, Hamilton giving Bottas three points is in the same video as David Purley trying to save Roger Williamson's life.
My heart broke for Comas when he realized he couldn't do anything to help Senna 💔
David Purley's actions that day were heroic, running across the track to push the burning wreckage, trying anything to help his competitor. The dejection in his body language after he knows Roger has gone is tragic.
MikuFan 3000
MikuFan 3000:
The story of Senna, and the story of Lauda, was the best one. 2 great drivers.
God, I wasn't expecting to cry at this hour
Érik Comas story hit me hard on the feels
550 _
550 _:
senna and comas literally make me emotional, imagine cant do anything but watch your hero died.
Senor Pepe
Senor Pepe:
It’s awesome to see Schumacher being sporting to Rubens
All of those are great, but Purley stands out the most to me. You could clearly see him being helpless despite all the efforts. And as he reported he could hear Williamson screaming to get him out of the car. He lost a very close friend... And he'd die in a plane crash in '85.
Ako Lawrence
Ako Lawrence:
9:00 - Number 2 - Senna saves Comas - regardless, Sportsmanship is always Number 1.
Patrick Cole
Patrick Cole:
0:56 I can’t tell if Toto is mad or happy
4:33 I don't know who that driver is, but the sight of him looking in absolute horror and shock at this carnage is just plain depressing.
So glad motor racing has come so far in terms of safety so this kind of images will never be repeated.
Callum CjHAM44
Callum CjHAM44:
Great selection of drivers being heroic.
Massive respect to all of them
Inevitable Catto
Inevitable Catto:
Senna and Comas story is like that one movie where Senna was meant to save Comas's life and go when the time has come infront of of the guy he saved. R.I.P.
The Senna and Comas story gave me goosebumps for 5 minutes. :(
Sofian Hassaine Year 10
Sofian Hassaine Year 10:
Credit to Comas for repaying the favour. The 1992 Belgium Qualifying session one stands out as much as Niki's story. It just goes to show that sportsmanship is more important than rivalries. Thumbs-up for this and the video if you agree.
Josmer Suero
Josmer Suero:
If they made a movie about Senna, Coma's story would be the saddest scene ever on film.
Gurpreet Singh
Gurpreet Singh:
That senna and comas story broke me 😢😭
0:55 You can tell Mr. Hamilton was proud of his son. Excellent man and father
9:43 I almost cried at that moment. The Senna's death was inimaginable
Niklas Last
Niklas Last:
I could watch these all day. Incredible to see how the sport developed over time.
Everytime I watch the video of Purley trying to save Williamson I get chills down my spine. The body language when he knows he can't help anymore are so painful to watch. Rest in peace, hero.
Craig Charlesworth
Craig Charlesworth:
All of those are great moments, particularly those where drivers saved, or tried to save, another driver's life. But I think you're missing Coulthard at Australia in '98 - he made an agreement that whichever McLaren driver led into the first turn would win the race but later in the race Hakkinen who had led from the beginning was mistakenly called into the pits dropping him to second. Despite none of this being his fault and the win being there for the taking, Coulthard handed the race lead back despite there being no requirement for him to do so. It was an amazing gesture.
Stefan Veenstra
Stefan Veenstra:
Purely heroic Purley, I feel gets too little recognition for his efforts. Glad he is on here.
salman ahjum-mathee
salman ahjum-mathee:
What an amazing video! Thank you F1 for uploading this video- the sportsmanship gestures seen in this video and other acts not included are remarkable. Hats off to all those drivers but the one that most stands out to me is the late Aryton Senna saving Comas' life. That stood out most because Senna saved his life but two years later Comas could unfortunately not return the gesture. RIP Aryton Senna and all the other drivers in this video whose lives were taken
Saathiran Ramesh
Saathiran Ramesh:
Senna saving Comas and Comas tried his best efforts to save Senna back after two years really deserves to be Top 1 of Sportsmanship.
Philip Neumann
Philip Neumann:
The senna comas story literally had me in tears man. I didn't know about comas before, that hit me really hard
Lost Boy
Lost Boy:
Senna fan since 88, I would given my life to save his, rip maestro my hero, I miss you.
Christo du Plessis
Christo du Plessis:
Out of every legend to ever do it, Fangio, Senna, Schumacher, Hamilton etc. David Purley is and will always be my true motor sport hero
Wilbirá Miranda
Wilbirá Miranda:
David Purley's: The great hero and true angel of F1.
Edel Ureta
Edel Ureta:
From 5 to 1, that is stuff of legends, those were although dangerous, the best times of F1, pure sportsmanship, gentleman, bravery and honor
rajesh kadupukotla
rajesh kadupukotla:
Emotional journey... thanks F1 for reminding the part of history that is arguably one of the pillar for what F1 is today.
One of the best videos of this channel. Very emotional, especially the two Senna-Comas situations.
Watching David Purley trying to save Roger Williamson is truly heartbreaking... His sheer dejection when he realised it was too late...
Oh man, this video really made me tear up, it started off with Purley and got real hard when it came to Senna and Comas. Mad respect for all these men.
Patrick Hein
Patrick Hein:
With the Lauda accident you also have to mention Hans-Joachim Stuck. He is a Local Boy out of the Nürburgring Region and so he knew the shortest Way to the Hospital and he told it to the Ambulance Driver. Had the Ambulance driven the Route it origenally wanted, a way longer Route, Niki would have never made it alive to the Hospital.
I was almost crying when Erik Comas told the story of Ayrton Senna's death😭😭

R.I.P Ayrton Senna 1960 - 1994 😭😭😭

You will be missed forever😭😭
This was recommended to me after Sebastian Vettel stopped on track during quali in Spa this year to verify if Lando Norris was okay after his crash in eau rouge
Sergio David
Sergio David:
Este tipo de reportajes me encantan y demuestra que lo primero es la vida y el compañerismo. Grandes historias
After seeing the movie million times I really assume that was the most dramatic and brave moment of F1 and will be forever
Eric Comas's words made me cry
Thomas Autengruber
Thomas Autengruber:
Fantastic video!
Thank you so much for all the effort you put in to deliver us with high quality content all the time
Lightening McQueen
Lightening McQueen:
Those top five are so heartbreaking and heartwarming.
Kai baing
Kai baing:
Don't say you didn't shed a single tear while watching this
Masterpiece of a video @F1 🙏
Seeing that Larrousse come round Tamburello at top speed brings a tear to my eye, Erik tried to help the man who saved his life 2 years earlier, but he was just too late, it’s sad and the effect it had on comas mentally was huge, to the extent that he retired from the sport
T Lam
T Lam:
My personal favorite example of sportsmanship was when Lightning McQueen pushed Stripe Weathers past the finish line in the 2006 Piston Cup
Andrés García
Andrés García:
With this video I'm grateful of all the safety that F1 has nowadays, must be horrific to see a driver caught in a burning car.
RIP to all the drivers that lost their lives in these accidents
Tom Tom
Tom Tom:
New respect for Sterling Moss!!! What a Champion!!! Awesome F1!!! 🇨🇦 Totally impressed!!!
James Wilson #234
James Wilson #234:
Great video @F1! I got a shiver watching Senna save Comas and then Comas leaving the pits in Imola. I've always wondered though, how did the team allow his car to be fired up and to let him leave the garage during a red flag....
Coulthard slowing down for Villeneuve in 1997's last lap?
Kimi handing the winners trophy as if he was happy about it to Fisichella at Imola 2003?
Reutemann handing Jones two wins then denying him a third.
Schumacher lifting Alesi after his first win?
Massa's podium at Interlagos.
Ah Hydro
Ah Hydro:
Even though Comas Couldn’t Save Senna He Is still a good man because it’s the thought that counts
So much respect for the drivers saving or trying to save others life. 🙏
Rasal Hague
Rasal Hague:
Eric Comas' words put tears in my eyes. He felt so bad for himself for not being able to save Ayrton. And to think that this is the month the horrific crash in Imola happened. RIP Senna :(
2:44 this camera angle is so cool they should bring it back
Crazy how many drivers will jump into flames when Marshall’s won’t. Have to respect these drivers.
Kami Sama
Kami Sama:
6:55 is definitely the one of the, if not THE saddest and most tragic moment ever happen in F1.
Imagine trying to save your friend, that is trapped under tonnes of burning steel, but all you get is a front row seat of watching your friend die in the worst way possible.
RIP Roger Williamson and David Purley.
(Btw for those who are morbidly curious, the video of him trying to save Roger exist on Youtube. It's very distressing though, so i warned you.)
This is the most heartwarming video I've ever watched. I literally have nothing else to say I'm speechless.
Victor De Sousa
Victor De Sousa:
It’s very sad how many people we have lost to the sport. I’m really grateful that i’ve never witnessed anything like this in my time following f1. I really hope that we keep getting better and better in the safety matter.
John Berger
John Berger:
That's why I have so much more respect for the drivers of the past. They were able to stand up and protect their fellow drivers. In real life racing, I keep the sportsmanship honor alive.
Afif El Hadi
Afif El Hadi:
Senna and Comas‘s story made me cry. The whole video is really nice. Thanks F1.
Maz 111
Maz 111:
Sorry but pulling someone from a burning car is not sportsmanship it’s pure heroism!
Why I'm crying for ERIC COMA's words 😭😭
When we see Senna on a top again... Such an awesome racer
Frank Smith
Frank Smith:
4:08 you can see Peterson moving and freeing himself from the car and standing on his arms. Hunt pulled him out completely.
Will Hann
Will Hann:
I've followed F1 for a long time and new the story of Senna saving Comas, but I had never heard Comas' side of the story from '94. Brought a small tear to my eye
Astrax Gaming
Astrax Gaming:
Every time i hear érik comas name or ayrton senna i almost cry, i have probably spent up to 30 hours just watching ayrtons crash and how érik tried to help. Rest In Peace
Peter Olomolaiye
Peter Olomolaiye:
Closest I've been to tears in nearly a decade. Great bravery.
Dr Srikanth Tirumala
Dr Srikanth Tirumala:
One of the best video ever made by Formula 1 management. Truly heroic
S Martin
S Martin:
I must say, I am not the biggest fan of Lewis, but this particular moment in Hungary gave me back my belief in sportsmanship. I mean we all know the game that is F1. But that moment...
The Senna/Coma story on the other hand is heart-breaking indeed.
Dodo on the rocks
Dodo on the rocks:
Respect to all of these guys. I cried :(
Luis Ramirez
Luis Ramirez:
Stories like these mal me love F1 even more
Nikki Lauda and Ayrton Senna 2 of my F1 heroes
Mohit Garg
Mohit Garg:
This was sad but beautiful. Thank you for making this compilation!
Purley deserves to be higher on this list. He gave everything he could and wouldn't quit despite the dire circumstance and the lack of help.
Azka Raditya
Azka Raditya:
Girl: I can't believe you didn't cry in Titanic! Do you have any emotion? Have you ever cried?

Tory Robinson
Tory Robinson:
Well-played F1. A not-so-subtle reminder that real consequences in motorsport can bring out the humanity in racing drivers.
#4 also reminds me to a certain extent of when Didier Pironi tried to help the safety marshalls & rescuers save Riccardo Paletti... also tragically to no avail.
Interesting, I had always read that Comas driving out at San Marino '94 was because of a miscommunication, this is the first I've heard that it was a rescue attempt from him. Wild, heartbreaking stuff if that is really the case.
5:39 Stirling Moss sadly passed away just a month before this video was released. A real F1 hero.
Nischay Bennehalli
Nischay Bennehalli:
The greatest sportsmanship was shown by Barichello by agreeing to be the second driver at every team.
Patricio Rivera
Patricio Rivera:
Almost cried with the Senna/Comas and the others that lost their life😪
Oilapes Motoring
Oilapes Motoring:
man these ppl are soo inspiring and it got me crying respect to all these legends
Jose Liborio
Jose Liborio:
Purley´s attemp was corageous, heroic and must be regarded as un of great human acts in the sport.
Eric Coma's story is the one that really made me sad. As when he said and I quote "A certain praylasis hit me because I was standing right next to the man that saved me from death two years ago at that point there was nothing I could do and I felt terrible" Eric Comas
8-bit Steve
8-bit Steve:
What about Jackie Stewart crashing at Spa in 1966 and being trapped in the car with fuel in the cockpit. Graham Hill and Bob Bondurant got him out of the bent car before it ignited.
Tomos R
Tomos R:
It brought a tear to my eye. Eric Comas. REST IN PEACE SENNA
Thanks to all the heroes who tried saving or saved other drivers lifes! Comas words and Purleys reactions made me shiver and really sad...
Brakes not breaks
Brakes not breaks:
Racing drivers respect each other with their lives. The bond they have for one another outweigh the rivalry by a huge margin
adithya ray
adithya ray:
This proves this is also a beautiful sport but is very underrated. Loved F1 ever since I was 4-5 years. Sitting beside my father who introduced me to F1 and I frequently asked questions about everything I witnessed, I was also inspired to race in karts but sadly it didn't last long, after 2 years or so studies was becoming harder and harder, but still my passion for racing never dies and I will achieve my dream some how or the other way around.
Seeing the reaction off another driver so upset that no one could help his fellow sportsman really bough a tear to my eye