Torino 0-1 Juventus | Juventus triumph in the derby | Serie A 2021/22

Torino put on an impressive display of discipline and tactics as they give Juventus a run for their money but in the end, the Bianconeri secure the win thanks to a late goal from Manuel Locatelli | Serie A 2021/22

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Pritish Appadoo
Pritish Appadoo:
Chiesa to Locatelli. Two young Italians who absolutely wanted to join Juventus, unlike many of the mercenaries signed by the club throughout 2016-19. It's no surprise that they have done more for the club than some who have been there for 2, 3, even 4 years at times.
Jonathan v
Jonathan v:
I’m so happy to see the team coming together. Finally shutting up all the Juve band wagons that came only bc of Ronaldo. Don’t get me wrong it was sad to see him leave but all the fakes became haters when Ronaldo left Juve. I stand by their decision bc I’m a fan of the club not just the player.
kra zey
kra zey:
Locatelli and Chiesa carrying Juventus and Italy for years to come.
Boris Filmz
Boris Filmz:
How important is Juan Cuadrado in the second half that helps a lot Chiesa and Locatelli in the attack
Supporter of the best club in Turin
Supporter of the best club in Turin:
Difficult game! Great job by Milinković-Savić, and credit is due to Juventus. They looked better than usual here. Maybe it's the derby pressure! #ForzaTorino
James Hunter
James Hunter:
Chiesa and Locatelli are already key players. Juve look average when they dont play
Sujith Gopinathan
Sujith Gopinathan:
Right now I'm am feeling emotional this is juventus they are back we need to keep on winning like this and we have juventus (DNA). max is the true leader he is back at his best lots of love from india 🇮🇳 forza juve.
Allegeri is a great coach. He is mentoring this young team to greatness
Gam A
Gam A:
Without Ronaldo Juve are playing like a team again.
Angelo Di Carpi
Angelo Di Carpi:
Locatelli future big player in Juve, even more than how big he is now 😎💪🖤🤍
Mainak Das
Mainak Das:
Absolutely phenomenal performance by Juventus .How they comeback is just amazing . Italian players are really fire here .🔥🔥🔥❤️✌️
Score 7i
Score 7i:
*Congratulations Juventus.* 🖤🖤
Look how fast Chiesa run when they attack 🤯 so proud of our young player 👏
Allegri finally got this Juventus side playing free flowing football.
Last 6 matches of Juve: 5 wins, 1 draw and zero lost. No Ronaldo, No wins has fixed now.
Allegri's old tactics is gradually back and will be on fire soon!.
Muhamad Ambrikom Tidar
Muhamad Ambrikom Tidar:
Benar kemenangan yg sangat berharga, membuat Fans Juve terharu 😢
Jiban Jha
Jiban Jha:
Old lady does not need big names like Ronaldo or Messi... Juventus, the name itself enough.
Berita Sepakbola
Berita Sepakbola:
Congrats Juve👏
Eu Revikz
Eu Revikz:
The juve goal was really nice the first touch by chiesa and the finish by locatelli
Juventus already at 3 points only from the 3rd place! People thought JUVENTUS was finished after Ronaldo left! But that's the complete opposite! This year, Juve will reborn! FORZA JUVENTUS! 6 consecutive matchs without being defeated! 5 victories and 1 null! Haters do you believe that?
Hogol Casar
Hogol Casar:
I feel JUVENTUS is like an injured LION roaring from behind
Abid Hussain
Abid Hussain:
Locatelli is a Gem signing
Chiesa Locatelli Cuadrado Kulusevski Alex Sandro, all important for this season. Imagine Dybala in that!
wahid alokozay
wahid alokozay:
Beautiful goal it was very important three points for us
Gin Hanggarawan
Gin Hanggarawan:
2:19 Locatelli ran to celebrate his goal right after his shot before even it went to goal.
Urus Zur
Urus Zur:
Juventus looks like an old worn-out muscle car that was given to Allegri for pumping. Allegri - Xzibit💪
Ivan Bis
Ivan Bis:
Роналду ушёл, ничего особенного не изменилось с командой. Как и с его приходом в клуб....
В итальянском футболе, в команде все должны быть звёздами, Интер, Милан😢 - тому пример
Gerardo Portillo
Gerardo Portillo:
Outstanding performance by CHIELLINI
Aman Vaidya
Aman Vaidya:
Where are “And they thought Ronaldo was the problem” fanbase and commenters now?
sam tinkler
sam tinkler:
That pass at 0:35 was outrageous
Jackson Rodabaugh
Jackson Rodabaugh:
Questo è la Juve che io amoo😍😭
Aidy Gooner
Aidy Gooner:
It was sooo inevitable that Torino weren't going to hold on for a draw. Juventus always find a way against their inferior neighbours. 😞
locatelli is amazing ✨❤️
Dicky D.
Dicky D.:
Back to the real track.. GRINTA🔥🔥🔥

Vandana Pasare
Vandana Pasare:
Congratulations Juventus 🎉
Amazing win Juventus.
Sam Defore
Sam Defore:
They still waste too many chances, need more unity in passing in the final third instead of being greedy and going for goal themselves. Notice that Chiesa was doing the great passing instead going for goal. They should appreciate that Max allows most every player to play, he rotates them into games and even the Chelsea game, made subs, gives players a chance for game time.
37 Midhun Mohan
37 Midhun Mohan:
Great efforts🤩
Αθανάσιος Μανουσάκης
Αθανάσιος Μανουσάκης:
Congratulations ! Fortsa Juve !
Well done Juventus!!!!!! You are on your winning streak again……great work!!!!!! Well done Locatelli, Chiesa….. 🖤🤍🇮🇹✨
Congratulations 🎉🎉 Juventus
En. Smiler
En. Smiler:
Actually, CR7 out away from Juventus is the key momentum for built up fighting spirit among the players getting stronger as proven without him..If they running down, people will blame them as well.Thank to CR7 become such as vaccine to activate the spirit.
Gramoz Sejfija
Gramoz Sejfija:
Kaio jorge looks very promising he did more for 4 mins than Kean for an entire half
Vincenzo Grisaffi
Vincenzo Grisaffi:
Derby dominato ⚪⚫💪🔥👊😍 Torino è ⚪⚫ #forzajuventus #finoallafine
v k
v k:
finally allegri shows its class.
Congrats for the win juve👏👏
Kenton Duncan
Kenton Duncan:
Idk but Locatelli has some Marchisio in him. Am I alone in seeing this?
Alunk Haris
Alunk Haris:
🤩🔥💪😍👍..#forzajuve #finoallafine👏👏👏👏
Bradley Roine
Bradley Roine:
Juventus Turin much love from New Calédonia oceania Pacific 🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨 💖💖💥🔥🔥🔥😍
Congratulazioni, baci e abbracci. 💖💖👍👍🇮🇹🇮🇹
Tiny Tiger
Tiny Tiger:
Chiesa > 37 years old Ronaldo. Juventus do the right thing to get rid Ronaldo and focus on Federico. He is next big thing in the world of football. Forza Juve, Forza Chiesa
indra lemana
indra lemana:
Juve is ON Fire,,,🔥🔥
Awe Shavier
Awe Shavier:
Chiesa e Locatelli 💪💪
Supriyanto Wibisono
Supriyanto Wibisono:
Semoga terus d jalur kemenangan.
Forza juve.
Bradley Fynn
Bradley Fynn:
2:44, you gotta love Italian highlights
Can we say Who Needs Ronaldo now? 😁
Cashfloat Tuneche
Cashfloat Tuneche:
Torino's goalkeeper and Lazio's milincovic are brothers
Abid Hussain
Abid Hussain:
Chiesa has some potential
dimz and
dimz and:
I watch the game, every juve player work hard, but for me sandro and rabiot is the best player in that game
Glen Shumba tv
Glen Shumba tv:
Now this is Juve
Juve is well and truly back
Even proved its worth , against supposedly overrated clubs from premier league as they beat Chelsea in ucl group stage few days ago👍
Alberto Orsi
Alberto Orsi:
Forza Toro sempre!!
Юрий Беляков
Юрий Беляков:
Славься Юве!❤️
Alex Alceres
Alex Alceres:
Forza Juve
Best assist best goal forza
si kambing
si kambing:
Forza Juve 🖤🤍
Alexandre Cestari
Alexandre Cestari:
Bianconero Sempre 🙌🏻🤜🏻🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹💓💓
thiama Gueye
thiama Gueye:
McKennie has nothing to do in this team when it comes to participate offensively. Keep gonig Juve
Bisri Mustofa
Bisri Mustofa:
0:19 Look at Chiesa's run
Firmansyah Ab
Firmansyah Ab:
Big thanks for locatelli 2 👍🏿
Gio C.
Gio C.:
1:0 ... A very juventinian result. JUVENTUS 🖤🤍
Iqbal Muhammad
Iqbal Muhammad:
Finoallafine forzajuve 👏👏
Grande Loca 🌟🔥👌💞
Yoel Arokeum
Yoel Arokeum:
Top Juve ⚫⚪🙌
bagas dex
bagas dex:
2nd half is for juventus.. increasing the game play so well.. 1st half 0 on target 4 off target is a nightmare
2000-2021 still Juve 🤙
What a finesse shot
Forza Juve ⚫️⚪️💪
Jack Howard
Jack Howard:
Lovely finish 🔥
Toàn Tiền Tỷ
Toàn Tiền Tỷ:
Thật tiếc khi Milan không giữ Loca ở lại.
Forza Toro 💪
Frank Dei
Frank Dei:
Juventus with Allegri = Resilience
Vicenta Fata Piñuela
Vicenta Fata Piñuela:
19_ lord_young
19_ lord_young:
Back to winning days 😂😂😂
Ripple [Found]
Ripple [Found]:
Perlahan Namun Pasti Juventus Bangkit Dan Menunjukkan Jati Dirinya Sebagai Klub Besar
Benjamin Daniels
Benjamin Daniels:
Juventus is bouncing back small Forza Juventus
David Firdaus
David Firdaus:
No Ronaldo no problem 👍 #forzajuve
Barbershine Boyolali
Barbershine Boyolali:
Juve is backk 🔥🔥
681 Bhadane Sudarshan Bhila
681 Bhadane Sudarshan Bhila:
Locatelli 😍
Ahmad Affandy
Ahmad Affandy:
Juve forever💘
Billal Farra
Billal Farra:
Forzajuve ❤️
Lukes Fukes
Lukes Fukes:
Forza Juve !!!
Aditya Sharma
Aditya Sharma:
Chiesa is amazing
Θανασης Ξαρχας
Θανασης Ξαρχας:
il mio juventous preferito da un greco 🖤🤍🖤🤍
Surendra Babu Natarajan
Surendra Babu Natarajan:
I love Juventus
Tim Bak Tuu
Tim Bak Tuu:
Juve on the rise💪💪💪
Abdullah Amir
Abdullah Amir:
Great game
eko hartono
eko hartono:
Akhirnya...Inilah Juve yg sesungguhnya..