Torino 2-4 Atalanta | Gomez on Target as Atalanta Score 4 in their Opening Match! | Serie A TIM

Goals from Gomez, Muriel, Hateboer and De Roon give Atalanta their opening 3 points, despite Belotti’s double for the Hosts | Serie A TIM

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Gomez got called up for Argentina squad and this is why
You know it’s gonna be a lot of goals when Atalanta play
Atalanta: If they score 2, we will score 4!
De Bruyne Memes
De Bruyne Memes:
Atlanta, Lazio, Juventus, Inter, Milan, Napoli have all strengthened up. This year’s scudetto is going to be tough.
Ollie Martinelli
Ollie Martinelli:
As a Juve fan I am so glad about the rebirth of the big teams in Serie A. Inter, Napoli, Atalanta, Milan in my opinion can all contend for the title along with Juve and I honestly can't wait for the future of Italian football. Soon it'll be back to the absolute best level.
Wilwardo Horen
Wilwardo Horen:
The Italian league has gotten so much quality
Mc Frant
Mc Frant:
Ждём когда Миранчук будет играть)
Alongbar Brahma
Alongbar Brahma:
*Torino Scores

Atalanta : So you have chosen death
Hazim Karić
Hazim Karić:
New season, same Atalanta 💪💪
Sa'eed Mohamed
Sa'eed Mohamed:
Like ............. if you thinking attalanta would score 100+++ goals this season and join scudeto race
Tushar Bhardwaj
Tushar Bhardwaj:
Monang Siringoringo
Monang Siringoringo:
2 things to say :
1. Feel bad for Belotti, he has been an amazing striker
2. Hats off to Gasperini, turning Atalanta into giant machine goals, if i'm not mistaken he was one of coaching staff at Juventus during Lippi managerial
Atalanta is pretty much what Liverpool was 3 years ago, goal machine & much weaker defence, yet watching a small/average team evolve to dominate the league is super exciting 🔥⚽️❤️🇫🇷
futy room
futy room:
Papu gomez most underrated player ..what a talent he is..
Виталий Яблоков
Виталий Яблоков:
Нужен Миранчук и комментарии на русском.
Sidharth M
Sidharth M:
Papua Gomez🔥🇦🇷🇦🇷,
From Kerala,India
Ayoub Bouhouch
Ayoub Bouhouch:
if Seria a had half of the money PL gets from tv revenue they would put pl under dirt
Amal Amal. P
Amal Amal. P:
Gomez goal amazing
Ali Blablabla
Ali Blablabla:
Atalanta starting like champions. Bravo! Keep it up.
Milan fan here.
D M aja
D M aja:
Andrea Belloti vs Atalanta : 2 - 4
Belotti Needs a better team, he is a great runner and finisher!;

Great showing by Both Teams,
Atalanta great [email protected] [email protected] this season,!;
Around The World With Football
Around The World With Football:
remember ilicic 7 - 0 last year ? 😂😂😂😂
Mr. Loon E. Tunes.
Mr. Loon E. Tunes.:
Atalanta: Goals Galore.
Sik Juice
Sik Juice:
This is how many goals Atalanta will score this season

Александр Доминтян
Александр Доминтян:
Русские,где Аталанта миранчука
Kenny McCormick
Kenny McCormick:
Миранчук опять вытащил игру своим отсутствием!
Rizky Hadi Felani
Rizky Hadi Felani:
I'm only here just to rewatch gomez' goal 😁
Ram Zi
Ram Zi:
Жалко Миранчук был травмирован.
Forza Atalanta!
Atalanta are starting to become my favourite Italian team, they have such lovely players with an amazing coach who plays attacking football. You love to see it
k tom
k tom:
Excellent to watch this Atalanta team. Long may it continue. Nice to see a team without big money and very rich owners to play attacking and effective football.
Vlad K
Vlad K:
Аталанта при Гасперини хорошая!
Nadeem Elhadidi
Nadeem Elhadidi:
Atalanta is just about goals
A F:
It's still killing me how they lost to PSG. Maybe a nice 5 game winning streak will do. I'll tell you when we get there. 👍👍⚽️⚽️
daniel fazari
daniel fazari:
Thats the Atalanta i know!!!!
Salman Kidwai
Salman Kidwai:
Who else think that serie a is the best league
Bibek Das
Bibek Das:
Welcome back brand new serie a season 2020/2021
mohd izzuddin
mohd izzuddin:
Despite losing some of their important players, they still win. What a team!
гомес всю игру сделал
TheGoats ITA - CapretteNane
TheGoats ITA - CapretteNane:
Atalanta dea che incanta!
Max Egorievsk
Max Egorievsk:
2:13 найс пас)
Александр Киричев
Александр Киричев:
Отлично с мирунчуком бы 7 забили .ждем
hommani othmane
hommani othmane:
This Atalanta side will cause some serious damage to big teams this year !
عاشق الحسين الحسين
عاشق الحسين الحسين:
Iraq l❤ Serie A / 🇮🇶❤🇮🇹
M.A.Z.10 B421
M.A.Z.10 B421:
Belloti : I finally scored my first goal against Atalanta. Later, “Atalanta have got 4”.
Деревенский клуб ,говорил Егоров ,ну ну .
“To the Early Squad That’s reading this”(no bot)

Sending Virtual hugs to anyone who needs it! stay safe everyone and stay positive ❤️

My dream is to hit 1K, Just Trying To Make My Mom Proud!
Bibek Das
Bibek Das:
Congratulations 5milion subscriber serie a
Ruslan Malinovskyi
Ruslan Malinovskyi:
It's a wonderful result for our team. The debutants played really well to be honest. And ale. A spectacular goal and 2 assists as well
Here we move to the capital.
M Rian Noor
M Rian Noor:
So sad to seing belotti playing for this team 😢😢
Best channel out here❤️
Lucca Caixeta
Lucca Caixeta:
Masterclass from Gomez
Зенит Чемпион!
Зенит Чемпион!:
Оч жалко, что Миранчук травмирован
Yogesh Singh
Yogesh Singh:
Atalanta for Scudetto ✊
Myty Mini
Myty Mini:
The most attractive brand of football in the world
Julio Stevenson
Julio Stevenson:
Gomez effect
Pappu gomez 💥💥💥🇦🇷🇦🇷🔥
This commentator was pronouncing their names perfectly . He's worked on that, respect.
Mr Blessed
Mr Blessed:
Why must Atlanta concede goals,can't they keep a clean sheet?
Giampaolo, kasihan 😭
Série A is starting to come back to the competitiveness it used to have!
Noob Saibot
Noob Saibot:
Torino : scored 2
Atalanta : ok, I will double it
Ralph Muskinyaar
Ralph Muskinyaar:
I really hope Atalanta continue like this for many years. They are such a great team to watch.
An Tsern
An Tsern:
Эх, я думал что миранчук выйдет
Marten De Roon
Marten De Roon:
1:08 what a beauty
2:00 Muriel is classsss
Rizal Prasetyo
Rizal Prasetyo:
Gomez was amazing..
youssouf faye
youssouf faye:
Gomez 💯
Robert Thokchom
Robert Thokchom:
Juca Kajuru
Juca Kajuru:
Que time maravilhoso
Spooky Ghost
Spooky Ghost:
1 goal and 2 assists, what a great performance by Gomez! Glad to see Atalanta still playing their beautiful football from last season.
Данель Халель
Данель Халель:
Gomez - the king of the passes!
LEgend of Atalanta! Gracias
Raul Diaz
Raul Diaz:
Gomez an an absolute beast
Cristobal Fernández
Cristobal Fernández:
Baila como el papu 😂😂😂😂😂
Forza Milan
Forza Milan:
63 Torino fans disliked the video😂😂💔
milion mc
milion mc:
New season is back :D
Tar Ek
Tar Ek:
I truly enjoy watching this team scoring . They are really prolific 😁😎
Leo Enamul
Leo Enamul:
Atlanta just wow playing😍
Murilo Camargo
Murilo Camargo:
Тирам Исуeдов
Тирам Исуeдов:
Serie A I love you!
Mat Payne
Mat Payne:
Still waiting for illicic
Nefilim Ugh
Nefilim Ugh:
my favorite crazy team Atalanta opening new season match! wish all the best for Bergamasks!
Bibek Das
Bibek Das:
Love you serie a
domingos tito
domingos tito:
Ricodonni Simangunsong
Ricodonni Simangunsong:
That's a great start 👍
19 98
19 98:
Donie Chandra
Donie Chandra:
Gomez 🥺
Rhamdan Lazuardi
Rhamdan Lazuardi:
always interesting to see atalanta
Dr. Harsh
Dr. Harsh:
fantastic football from atlanta.
starboi klem
starboi klem:
Atlanta is gonna win serie a this season, you saw it here first
Phelix Scott
Phelix Scott:
Wonderful 👏
From Russia with love
here we go again
Юрий Палыч! Юрий Палыч! ))
Zach Mohammed
Zach Mohammed:
Forza Atalanta🔥🔥🔥🔥
Ruben JC
Ruben JC:
Dam i overslept and missed the game
2020-21 serie a no.1 atalanta
William Yeoh
William Yeoh:
Interesting Atalanta as almost every players is able to score. Makes one of best keeper, Sirigu like novice keeper
riad muntasir
riad muntasir:
Papu gomez u beauty❤