Total meltdown madness 🤯 with Keanu Reeves

Taran has Keanu do a “dog nuts” run with 2011 Combat Master, custom @sigsauerinc MPX and @leupoldoptics DeltaPoint 💥⁠
Never seen before behind the scenes John Wick 3 training 🎥⁠
Happy Birthday Keanu! 🎂🎈

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Kyan Eclarinal
Kyan Eclarinal:
Why are some people in the comment section saying “ try doing that when people are shooting back “ last time I checked this guy was an actor not a marine
I almost didn't recognize Jon Bernthal disguised as Cowboy Matthew McConaughey there.
Ollie Ols
Ollie Ols:
Prob the closest we’ll ever get to a John wick and the punisher crossover😂
Rusty Dodd
Rusty Dodd:
this was training for the new bill and ted movie...
Keanu Reeves is a character John Wick plays when he's not out killing bad people
Glenn S
Glenn S:
The words of Morpheus still haunt him...
"What are you waiting for? You're faster than this!"
Rhys Evans
Rhys Evans:
He could actually be a competition shooter... That's insane...
Mike Taylor
Mike Taylor:
Keanu Reeves is so fast... his guns need stunt doubles!!!!
Wow.... there was like 0 lag time between targets & shots fired
Very impressive Keanu 😎👍🏼
Siddharth Singh
Siddharth Singh:
He just UNO reversed the "Remember switching to pistol is always faster than reloading"
Recoil-Savvy Airsofter
Recoil-Savvy Airsofter:
Why were they calling John Wick “Keanu”?
Kevin Pitts II
Kevin Pitts II:
That chick almost ruined it with that stupid fortnight dance
I have a Big bick
I have a Big bick:
Why is John Wick pretending to be Keanu Reeves.
.....did The Punisher just send a shout out to John Wick?!!!
Actually A Cat
Actually A Cat:
It's Matthew McConaughey! It's Beefy Paul Rudd! No, its...Jon Bernthal with a mustache??
Positively Positive
Positively Positive:
Biotches were thirsty!
I get a feeling that women just wants to reveal more skin when they're around Keanu.
Myles & More
Myles & More:
The one movie star you would not want to have a real life gun fight with.
Ride With Me
Ride With Me:
Imagine dating Keanu Reeves and heard him calling "I would like to make dinner reservation"
Roy Kayle PHB
Roy Kayle PHB:
Forget Tom Cruise and Bruce Willis, Keanu is literally the real deal
Sebastian Smith
Sebastian Smith:
Jon Berthnal being there gives me hope he shows up in part 4.
Lord Chanka
Lord Chanka:
Is that John bernthal with a mustache WHERE IS THIS PLACE I MUST SEE THE PUNISHER
Nick Collins
Nick Collins:
What a shirt huh. Y’all know who I’m talking about
Studio: All that ammo just for a movie?
Keanu Reeves: *It wasn't just a movie*
Just Some Guy without a Mustache
Just Some Guy without a Mustache:
Now let's see him in action with only a pencil
That dance at the end was super cringe...
Alex K.
Alex K.:
0:36 her abs though.
Fing Book
Fing Book:
He leads by example. He should take more people out shooting. Shooting should take off more now that sports suck.
Kenny Hitt
Kenny Hitt:
“...and that’s when Denomolos realized that maybe the original timeline wasn’t so bad, and that perhaps he had greatly underestimated Ted’s capacity for vengeance.”
Sounak Ghosh
Sounak Ghosh:
My goodness.....what is he going to do in john wick 4??!! god
Vin ce
Vin ce:
damn, Reeves has gotten way faster (and still maintaining accuracy) it's quite stunning
lil bleek
lil bleek:
Get these females outta hereeee
Keanu Reeves is on his way to being 60 and look at him... When I'm that old, I'll probably be in a wheel chair and have forgotten my name.
jekel thirteen
jekel thirteen:
0:36 Why is that instructor wearing only a quarter shirt??
Gregory Shepherd
Gregory Shepherd:
Those metal targets in the distance: "stop trying to hit me, and HIT ME!"
Not Even Wrong
Not Even Wrong:
Keanu Reeves is a badass!
David Trevino
David Trevino:
The dancing chick screwed it up for me
An honest definition of well crafted "Gun Control" is displayed within this video. Keanu has it. Many seek it. Some achieve it. However, others will never grasp it, as they search for a very differing version.
Marcos Soto
Marcos Soto:
Am I the only one who noticed ALL TARGETS WERE HIT???? 😐

Hostage aunt betty took one to the arm....Uncle Dan got canoed....
Keanu Reeves doesn't have a security system on his house. He just has this playing on a loop on screens hung all around his fence lol
User Name
User Name:
I didn't even realized that the cowboy was joh bernthal.
I had look again after seeing the comments
Mohan MK
Mohan MK:
They should make a action movie about Some evil guys pissing off real Keanu Reeves and paying for it
Dan Benzel
Dan Benzel:
I wish I could afford to fling lead like that.
Larry Phelps
Larry Phelps:
Is this recent or from back around the third movie. If it’s recent that would mean Jade is back in the picture.
Geoff Green
Geoff Green:
Johnny Silverhand, ladies and gentlemen.
Mike sigler
Mike sigler:
Can’t wait for the next John wick movie 🎥
Aww that's a really cool happy birthday from the pals at the end there. Of course John Bernthal rocks a cowboy hat at the range in his off time.
Cole Williams
Cole Williams:
With todays market all I can see is dollar signs hitting the targets... But man do I sure love seeing it!
dicky abadi
dicky abadi:
John Wick played as Keanu Reeves
David K
David K:
Keanu Reeves: *exist
Whole Internet: I Love you
Keanu Reaves has mad skills because he isnt human and is 300 years old. I actually think hes cool! Canadian tactical biker.
Smith 53
Smith 53:
Where was the “meltdown” or the “madness”. Just some good shooting.
Daaln Weaver
Daaln Weaver:
Guaranteed you wouldn't want to break into his house
steven livingston
steven livingston:
You sure don't want to break into his house.
0:25 Why is she doing the fortnite orange thing
Had to take a second look to see if my eyes were mistaken I barely recognised jon bernthal
That is the sexiest shooting range crowd I’ve ever seen. My gun club is just full of middle aged plumbers and guys who pull up in John Deers.
Stun Gun Stunna
Stun Gun Stunna:
Just don't give him a pencil when he has to sign the waivers.
Dylan Harris
Dylan Harris:
The Wick Flip 😂
killinMe Smallz
killinMe Smallz:
At least if SHTF we got John Wick on our side...
Jeez, that red top chick is cringe
ShamiXX XoXo
ShamiXX XoXo:
Ethan Hunt left the chat.
Oh no, another episode of “I’m on my Knee’s Keanu” 😮🍆, “Take it Keanu please” 🍑
... setting the world aflame and hearts aflutter. Just another Tuesday... for Keanu...
Bryan Goodspeed
Bryan Goodspeed:
Appreciate y’all from Texas ^^
Holy shit.... John Wick and Frank Castle in a cowboy hat lol
recipe 4 recovery
recipe 4 recovery:
I thought Hollywood was against assault rifles...... must be a blip in the matrix
Speaker of Words
Speaker of Words:
He was actually playing a song from Bill and Ted with those gunshots. FIRE!!!
Average Internet Musician
Average Internet Musician:
Keanu Reeves with that much skill in gun handling is enough for him to join the army.
Rob cousimano
Rob cousimano:
Dam the one is the red needs to love and miss me
Beast Mode and happy birthday, and lets get Keanu and Jon to do a quick draw event challenge, just a little friendly competition.
Mike Danko
Mike Danko:
Happy bday Keanu!!!
He's ready for the apocalypse
Keanu... How many times do I have to tell you.... " Don't shoot the Non-Threats!!" Lol
this is basically the plot of john wick 4 (i love how all the chicks wore faux camo and cut out shirts for john wick (who looks really similar to keeanu reeves btw))
DarkAngel Michael
DarkAngel Michael:
Keanu is a great shooter.
This is what makes John Wick so believable.
Andrew Payne
Andrew Payne:
I’m more intrigued by John Bernthal training as a cowboy. I wanna see THAT movie
Mr. J
Mr. J:
Dude! he looks and moves like John Wick! amazing!
Vibhu Goel
Vibhu Goel:
0:34 Is that Frank Castle ?
Kasumi SSJ
Kasumi SSJ:
That dance at the end xD
Dark Knight
Dark Knight:
He's beginning to believe..
Slicktop 2jz
Slicktop 2jz:
When life imitates art 👍
D. Lasky
D. Lasky:
Yooo he's got a 3-part comic book coming out....looks sick too!! And I'm not 'into comics' either.
Michael keaton
Michael keaton:
I really didn't expected to see a village people John Bernthal when I clicked on the video...
Mankern Chahal
Mankern Chahal:
his trigger finger and accuracy are goddamn ridiculous
Everett West
Everett West:
I’m thinking he’s back
The GirmanatorJr
The GirmanatorJr:
Keanu Reeves is the greatest of all time
Chris Sullins
Chris Sullins:
Looks like a fun place with nice people.
Only Keanu can reload at 0:07 and cause a bullet time effect
Süleyman Kayacan
Süleyman Kayacan:
0:33 Shane received the hat from Rick Grimes..
knut ola bersås
knut ola bersås:
love how they call him "hollywood"
Dustin Lok
Dustin Lok:
He's been my favorite actor since speed... My favorite movies is Point Break.
Christian Haykus
Christian Haykus:
Ladies love him 😂, how does he do it 😭
I didn't even see Keanu shoot. That was all John Wick right there.
Bland Prod
Bland Prod:
Hey that girl that was dancing has the same shirt I have
Edgar Maestre
Edgar Maestre:

That T-shirt!!!

I guess it's high time for collaboration with Jerry Miculek :D
Most excellent Ted!! Most triumphant display of outstanding marksmanship!!! ...errrr Mr Wick....ummm Keanu lol!! Happy Birthday Keanu...Happy Number 56!!! And many more!!! And yes, his female fellow sport shooters are total babes.
Iam DaLeek
Iam DaLeek:
And the LEGEND grows