Tottenham 1-2 Aston Villa [INSTANT MATCH REACTION]

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Samarth Dhawan
Samarth Dhawan:
Jose was never the problem. Should have kept Jose and moved on 4-5 players for a proper rebuild
Stephen Otoo
Stephen Otoo:
Scape goat Jose is gone. Front foot players are in now 😀 with aTottenham DNA defined by levy (whatever that means) Winksy, Dele, Bale are firing. Guys it's over. Sometimes managers need love as players do . Sacking Poch and mou in favour of these players was a bad signal.
Akhilesh Gannavarapu
Akhilesh Gannavarapu:
Jose Mourinho might change his mind about finishing 2nd with United being his biggest achievement. It would be putting Tottenham at the top of the table for 2-3 months, which was like pushing an elephant up a tree.
Told you Jose was not our problem. We have some poisonous players such as Winks, Alli and Bale that undermined what Jose was trying to achieve. We got what we deserved and sacking a manager of Jose.’s and replacing him with a 12 year old is a crime against football. Every team that Jose managed prior to us had energy and endeavour ie his Chelsea, Real, Inter and Porto sides ran through brick walls for him and that should tell you something. Mason picking his mates meanwhile relegating the likes of Ndebele, Moura and Rodin to permanent sit on the bunch tell you everything we need to know about his ineptitude.
I thought Jose was the problem 🤣 they are fucking worse 🤣 players got 2 good managers sacked but yet the fans clapping the players off at the end demand the manager to be sacked. As bad as your attempted protests.
Mark Lopez
Mark Lopez:
Don't understand how Lucas was relegated to the bench. One of our best players in the second half of the season....
alex sibanda
alex sibanda:
There's no way anywhere Winks is anywhere close to Ndombele!
Mason is busy playing his friends, there're some who say Ndombele is lazy, really?? Sometimes we get what we deserve. Lucas was running his socks off but all of a sudden he sees no game time! Last few games Lucas played, he was one of the committed players. Kane with all due respect, lost it from the day Mourinho was shown the door!
C John
C John:
Mason keep starting your friends, now we know how good Jose is
Sacked Jose and bale/alli/Winks get their game time and the results get worse 🤣
Jam Man
Jam Man:
another game goes by and im wondering how winks starts over tanguy
Richard Sutton
Richard Sutton:
I'm an Arsenal fan, I enjoy your show and our season and everything that goes with it mirrors yours, a season to forget
Amari Woods
Amari Woods:
It’s so sad how I’m not even phased by these performances anymore
Anderson Oliveira
Anderson Oliveira:
A lot of sensible football fans said you can say goodbye to Kane if Jose leaves. If Mourinho can't win you a trophy no one will and I think sacking him before the final just told Kane that the board don't care about the trophies.
can someone tell me how Winks gets a game in front Ndemble or anyone FFS!! Poch was an absolute genius to make Winks and Dier get england caps!!!
Daniel Clarke
Daniel Clarke:
But you guys wanted Jose out now look at you. Guys are clueless.
C C93
C C93:
The quality when Tanguy came on was so clear.
Will Dix
Will Dix:
We have become a complete embarrassment!! It's just heartbreaking to see my Club play this poor! Most of the things that Mourinho said to them was probably true, and because of that they stopped playing for him, and then he ended up using his Job for it! The truth is, that player's run football clubs now, not managers anymore, and are players are 💩, if I was Harry Kane I would try and get out of there ASAP, and the best that we can do is use the money for a complete rebuild, with a new manager! Sad times! 😭
Alan McCartney
Alan McCartney:
I agree that the defence is awful but also why does everyone get excited about Dele, all he does is little flicks that get nowhere. He has no drive or strength. How many times did he lose the ball today and set up an attack for Villa. Villa looked compact and organised we looked so open it was embarrassing, honestly if Kane had played for Villa today we could have lost by half a dozen.
Vedukho Khesoh
Vedukho Khesoh:
Well atleast now you know why Jose kept playing Bergwin, Lucas and Ndombele over Dele, BALE AND WINKS! Jose is always right in the end. People just don't like to accept the truth!
Ulfric Stormcloak
Ulfric Stormcloak:
Should of kept faith in Jose and allowed him to continue until the end of could of had a trophy and a top 4 finish judging by the results of the other teams.
Views For Money
Views For Money:
We want WeAreFootballTV focusing on Seria A and jose mourinho.
The Grace Campaign with NAK Ernest
The Grace Campaign with NAK Ernest:
I thought you guys said Jose was the problem. What do you say now, Huh?
Reguilon's volley was one of the goals of the season. The way he gave Lloris the eyes and hit the ball so cleanly with the outside of his boot was pure class. Most of the side deserve to be sold if tonight was any guide. Those proceeds and £150m for Kane should reduce the debt to £800m and we will have the best stadium in the Championship in 2022/23. A shambles.
Michael Nelson
Michael Nelson:
Anywhere Kane goes I will follow,I wasted 35 years supporting a business not a football club
Spurs fans including these two and the owners want to be pampered that is why they couldn't swallow Jose's truth. Results are realistic awakening
Not sure how Winks plays over Ndombele when we are starved for creativity in the middle. Mason is playing his mate Harry Wanks and its costing us. Would love to see a huge clear out and get some people in with Kane money. Wherever Kane goes I'll be keeping tabs on and rooting for. Our club is a joke right now.
Matthew Hood
Matthew Hood:
Sad to see Kane saying goodbye
D M:
Reguilon 1goal 1 assist. He’s Arsenal’s man of the match 😊
Deadly Dizzle
Deadly Dizzle:
It's no coincidence the only two real world class things we had (Mourinho and Kane) were not happy with the state of the club and wanted out.
"Tocktitity" 😂😂 cheered me up a lil
Tae Law
Tae Law:
Its these 2, Micheal Owen and Tim Sherwood who put the last nail on This teams coffin. Words can build or destroy
David Hosten
David Hosten:
This match is exactly why people laugh at us. It reminds me of the bad old days when being a Spurs fan and supporter was an endlessly masochistic state of being. Bottlers, Spursy..whatever the saying we embodied that today.
Guido de Kort
Guido de Kort:
We are rudderless, if we feel like this, imagine how some of our players feel. I don’t think this is fixable anymore, we are fucked. Everything is going to hell.
harry shephard
harry shephard:
We will struggle to finish in the top half of the table next season after Kane leaves. Had a couple of really good years but it's been getting worse and worse since that CL final. Regressing back to average.
Edmond Saddler
Edmond Saddler:
I thought Jose was the problem.😀😀😭😭
Rich Macer
Rich Macer:
We are officially shit now. I so wish Bale had planted that goal attempt, would have been lovely for him. Mason should go before the last game- put Levy in the hot seat- just for shits and giggles.
Sarfaraz Ameen
Sarfaraz Ameen:
Hopefully spurs dont qualify for Europe to really make sure levy wakes up
that was the most apauling use of substitutions ive ever seen!...2-1 down n u bring on your first sub round the 72min mark???WOAHHHH🤧
BigTasty ForLife
BigTasty ForLife:
If you don't play your best team, guess what happens?
Winks is not a good footballer
Dele holds on to the bal too long
Son totally off the boil
Ongeziwe K. Besi
Ongeziwe K. Besi:
y'all wanted to play "The Tottenham way" why are you crying now? this is in your DNA, you've won nothing in how many years??? THE TOTTENHAM WAY COYS
Michael Scales
Michael Scales:
Supporters want to see their team win and if possible play attractive football.They DON'T want to see them beaten regularly in a first class stadium.They support the team NOT the stadium. don't understand why the old stadium ( where we had a great record) wasn't renovated for say a 100 million ,and the rest spent on the team.They say Levy is a good businessman ! I wonder if he's not a secret Arsenal fan.And don't get me started about his sacking Jose just before our best chance of winning a trophy.
Dave Robertson
Dave Robertson:
Arsenal and Spurs are competing to see who can have the worst season
Baker Govender
Baker Govender:
He substituted the best player Bergwein
mick ducati
mick ducati:
we could of had 6 up the Villa 😜👍
Nicola Polito
Nicola Polito:
And Back to reality once again...When is this fan base going to learn? We can beat the average teams but as soon as we come across a half decent team and when we need the points we always always bottle it..I hate to say I told you so but I told you so...Overhyping a victory over wolves do you have no shame 🤦‍♂️
mark smith
mark smith:
Well Reggie had a practice go against Leeds
Sue Smith
Sue Smith:
D M:
Spot on Ben...sad times, next season we will be having a relegation fight honestly it's rotten from top to bottom.
Stephen Segal
Stephen Segal:
If they don't get the right manager in they will be in a relegation fight next season
Please every Tottenham fan reading this , please let's stick together and start to boycott the club whether that be , not renewing season tickets, not buying merchandise, protesting , I am so sick and tired of this , we need the board to go , 3/4 of the team and most of the back room staff , I'm glad they got booed today because that's what they deserve bar the likes of Kane and son and maybe Hojberg . The rest are a joke and are killing me more and mor every day. We need to take our club back because we are just regressing more and more and I'm so done with it , my love for this club is dying and I'm honestly considering just not watching any games or going to any games next year. We have no manager no direction and no plan! I am so fucking done! Please just do not pay your hard earned money to watch this shit anymore because I guarantee the same thing will happen next year without investment , I am tired of 'hoping' every year, what is the point of watching this affecting your mental health ? It's not worth it I'm telling you , enic out levy out , half the team out , hitchin out , ducking rebuild everything now
Stuart Hammond
Stuart Hammond:
Whenever we've needed a result this season, we have bottled it. Pathetic.
Roman Pschenyckyj
Roman Pschenyckyj:
Poor Kane to have a last home game with that.! He deserves more and better .
The writing was on the wall the moment they didn't give Winks the number 40 shirt.
lawrence sullivan
lawrence sullivan:
Not fixed that microphone then??.Thats spurs in a nutshell.
Yew Lee Tan
Yew Lee Tan:
We should’nt have sack Mourinho. The situation would not had reach to this state
Edmond Saddler
Edmond Saddler:
🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲 loves Jose
Matthew Hood
Matthew Hood:
If Kane wants to go we have to let him... better for both parties
mathew holman
mathew holman:
Fam all the other teams were so amped up for their first game back with rhe fans and we don’t even look arsed
Tae Law
Tae Law:
The biggest mistake of this season was to sack Jose
Samuel Pinzi
Samuel Pinzi:
I'm depressed and fed up guys, we are well and truly in the mud. Kane will leave in the summer and Son will probably follow suit and I won't blame them one single bit. They deserve better than Tottenham
When the crowd began the game with "you're one of our own", I wonder if he thought, "damn, this is the last time I will hear this...". Good luck Harry.
Peter Xxxx
Peter Xxxx:
Should've been 5 or 6-1
Edmond Saddler
Edmond Saddler:
That what u get when u are ungrateful big up Jose.
Aaron Webster
Aaron Webster:
We need to have a banner saying "Daniel why don't you want to win anything"
SpursFan Dan
SpursFan Dan:
That was goodbye from kane. I've not felt this low and this empty supporting Spurs in many many years. The sad thing is, with the right investment at the right times and it all could of been so very different. I honesty don't know where we go from here. All I can say is, If and when the kane money comes in, it has to be invested so well and who's going to be in charge this summer to do that. There are some massive decisions for this club in the near future and I prey the right ones are made.
Luke Wallace
Luke Wallace:
We just need to accept we’re a just small club and stop getting our hopes up.
Freedelivery 85
Freedelivery 85:
The fact that I wasn’t sad just tells me where we are as a team...
Colin Turner
Colin Turner:
Rudderless who else would see out the season without knowing who’s our next manager
Let Deli Ali& Bale manage the club....They have done well so far and fans love them. Spurs problems is far beyond the owners, the disillusioned fan base that thought this was a highly ranked club. Every club that is stable needs patient and building. Leicester is typical of such, no big names but high spirit from owners, players and objective fans. Harry&Son left the day Mourinho left and so will he win with Roma as Poch does so with PSG.
B to the T
B to the T:
I fear for Spurs next year - i honestly think you’re going to be hunting round for trips to Barnsley and Luton
As Roy Oribson once Sang Its over, its overrrr. 😀 We all Love Leeds. 👍😁
Eduardo Cataganha
Eduardo Cataganha:
Congratulation....for being so incompetent as a Club. Jose out, Kane Out, Son out, Eureapean football out!!! And if management doesn't change, then you probably will go down to league one. Who's going to come to Tottenham with this mess????
Colin Stanley
Colin Stanley:
Just two years ago, I was sat in my favourite Pub here in beautiful Brixham with all my fellow Spurs fans. The pub was packed to its rafters with Spurs fans looking forward to watching the 2019 Champions League Final. Those 5 years under the Magic one Poch were so rewarding and exciting. HOW on earth has my beloved Spurs fallen soooooooo far?
Robert Phalen
Robert Phalen:
Never want to see Harry winks play in a spurs shirt again. I used to love the player but he’s just not good enough. If he played for another club absolutely no spurs fan would say he’s quality
This team has managed to continuously broke me down to the core this year. Continuously lowering the bar
Happy Days
Happy Days:
Mourinho in. O wait that bridge was lit on fire never to be rebuilt. It was a miracle what he got out of these players with how they act and the power they think they wield.
alex sibanda
alex sibanda:
Kane is too good to stick around!
John A.Thompson
John A.Thompson:
Jose got the attacking players to cover for the defence yet levy thought he knew ball

Enjoy your decline
Rufus Roughcut
Rufus Roughcut:
TBH I'm past caring now. I'm dreading next season, relegation battle anyone?
Catch 22 !! can u see Levy + ENIC leaving this cash cow of a stadium going anywhere!!
Souhitya Sen
Souhitya Sen:
That Middlesbrough game was under Mourinho
k tom
k tom:
Kane was really amazing today, unstoppable as always. Truly world class, worth 150m or more... NOT. Such an overrated pillock.
Dick Truesay
Dick Truesay:
If Arsenal finish above you, my days 🤣
Melton 69
Melton 69:
No European football is a blessing in disguise
E. F.
E. F.:
Until we BOYCOTT and hit LEVY in his pocket, Don’t expect anything to change at this club.
Yeah but Pochettino hasn’t won anything
Yeah but Pochettino hasn’t won anything
NXL Alex
NXL Alex:
Depressing that this is the farewell Kane's getting at this club.
Felt bad for Kane after today, I don’t think Levy will let him go but the man deserves to succeed
Joseph Sultana
Joseph Sultana:
Spurs supporters Saw Mr Winks as our future Captain !!! What a joke !!! Hé is lucky to play in the 3 finals !!! I forgot to Say hé is Pals with Mason !!!
Richard EVANS
Richard EVANS:
Roll on Sunday, no more spurs to piss me off for the next few months, PATHETIC PERFORMANCE TODAY
ian stewart
ian stewart:
I hope Joe enjoyed the game as much as Arsenal did! Keep the pressure on Levy to go!
Daniel Thorsteinsson
Daniel Thorsteinsson:
Thanks for your work guys. But can you compress the audio. Usually one mic is much much higher then the other. Like 30 db+ really hard listening with headphones. And always pressing the volume up and down. Thanks guys
Matt B
Matt B:
Couldn't play much worse if you'd blindfolded them
mark smith
mark smith:
Why didn't Mason go 3 at the back last 10 mins.Has he not watched Doherty this season
Pascal Denis-Johnson
Pascal Denis-Johnson:
If Arsenal finishes above us, I’m drop kicking someone

We’ve finished in the top 6 for 9 consecutive years

We have the biggest debt in Europe
Alan batha Smith
Alan batha Smith:
Dele and winks embarrassing so called footballers
Danny Boyle
Danny Boyle:
The Middlesbrough cup game was under Mourinho.