TOTTENHAM BATTERED | TOP 4 OVER | Leeds United 3-1 Tottenham Match Reaction

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We are Football Fan Media for real football fans, bringing you big match previews, post-match reaction, reviews, tactical analysis, player debate & fan media reviews/opinions.

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We are Football Fan Media for real football fans, bringing you big match previews, post-match reaction, reviews, tactical analysis, player debate & fan media reviews/opinions

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34 comentarios:

The Football Terrace
The Football Terrace:

0:00 INTRO
5:46 - Gareth Southgate to Tottenham & Harry Kane RANT from Terry
12:40 - Tottenham Fan Alan thinks "Harry Kane is going to leave"
24:40 - Chelsea Fan Abs begs Harry Kane to join Chelsea
43:00 - Player Power was the issue not Jose Mourinho
Kobe OM
Kobe OM:
I’ll never forget when Reguilon tweeted that Tottenham were top of the league and celebrated a draw against Chelsea 😂
Augustine john
Augustine john:
10 September 2020 Jose Mourinho said to Tottenham player "a team with good guys never win" Jose Mourinho is not a bad coach Tottenham player don't gave everything.
Even one of the most arrogant player like zaltan once said "I would died for Jose Mourinho".
Spuds fans: "Get rid of Jose, can't be any worse... "
reality: "Hold my beer"
Main problem is that Spurs its players own the club. Levy listens to Dele Alli and Bale, demands them to play yet are deadwoods instead of supporting the manager. The smiles and laughter they had in dressing room with Jose's exit has all of a sudden diminished. Madrid has been watching this and are already warming bench for Bale
Kwei Kwabena
Kwei Kwabena:
16M for Eze......give the scout, GM a raise! Wow!
Uzodinma Okwulehie
Uzodinma Okwulehie:
Are we seriously debating man of the match? It is clearly the goalkeeper by far. Though Tottenham were pathetic, they had opportunities to come back but for the goalkeeper.
Kwei Kwabena
Kwei Kwabena:
look at how Leeds played today, and how defensive Leeds played against United.....give this Manchester United team some credit!.
Andre Coetzee
Andre Coetzee:
Where were Gareth bale in this match🤔🤔🤔🤔 last week against a hopeless sheffield United team, every spurs fan was like yes bale is back yes Levy must sign him lol🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣let's be honest this spurs team is a joke and now we can see that this team was the problem with the exception of Kane, Sonny and Lucas, but the English media and English pundits wanted us to believe that it was José.
With headlines like:

* José mourinho was the fault.
* José mourinho lost the dressing room.
* José mourinho is throughing the players under the bus.
🤔🤔🤔 I guess with mourinho gone, who do you blame now😂
Cedric Levy
Cedric Levy:
By right, I am supposed to hate "dirty" Leeds. But how can I when I see how they play under Bielsa #nofear #noretreatnosurrender
georgie gorge
georgie gorge:
Poch will never come back , Son and Kane will leave if they have an ounce of brains . Southgate , are you kidding , that`s a great joke .
jack l Angus
jack l Angus:
~ just when you think it don't get worse , Southgate linked ~ FFS ●
nadir Jurgen klopp
nadir Jurgen klopp:
Would not mind kane at liverpool imagine salah jota mane kane upfront
martin sheridan
martin sheridan:
top 4 was over a month ago,half the team and manager wont be there next season
Nice intro theme terry
Everyone is talking a Harry Kane leaving,all you Spurs fans want to think about Sonny as well.Many big clubs will be after Sonny's signature more than Kanes? Hope you get Levy out of your club! #YNWA
Ebele Umeweni
Ebele Umeweni:
Kane will be gone in the summer mark my words, levy out Enic Out
Jason Casey
Jason Casey:
They was to be one of the top 6 and spurs can not even get top 4 and I don’t think they will get 6 at this rate
Anthony Lee
Anthony Lee:
How good we. Come on leeds
Mark Richardson
Mark Richardson:
They need bielsa. 🤣
Time is On the Essence
Time is On the Essence:
But apparently Jose was the issue right?....
John Cunningham
John Cunningham:
Super Leeds
Y T:
Tottenham 🤪🤪🤣🤣
Kwei Kwabena
Kwei Kwabena:
Is this the Reguilon that Manchester United fans were crying over? this is EPL, not La Liga!!!!!! He cannot defend, cross.....what was the hype about?🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂
Guy New
Guy New:
Its alll Joe fault
Mister M
Mister M:
Lol im subscribed
Andrew Gillan
Andrew Gillan:
Harry Kanes Offside goal is a Joke..I've Frozen the Frame...and VAR LINES IS MADNES..It don't even Line up with the Bloody pitch ..look at the Lines of the box to the line Made by VAR hahaha..they done it to lfc a few times this season ..
It has changed, sure! The problem is that man are not men anymore.
Nherera Karls
Nherera Karls:
Kwei Kwabena
Kwei Kwabena:
they are not soft?........they are bigger, stronger and faster........they demand to be spoken to like human beings. i do not know what company you work for in the US. my company and manager care about my well being.....this is 2021!
J V:
Artetá out.
georgie gorge
georgie gorge:
i`m 61 year old Aussie and a neutral , the guy with the fancy headboard has to kidding . mourinho is crap , the youngsters you have on the show are great . they are passionate about their clubs which i love , keep up the great work .
Mister M
Mister M:
Btw kane is aprantly gone. 160m to city
Ahmed The terrorist
Ahmed The terrorist: