Tottenham Hotspur 3-0 Leeds United | Premier League highlights

Premier League highlights from our 3-0 defeat to Spurs at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in the Premier League.

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100+ comentarios:

Ritesh Ashokkumar
Ritesh Ashokkumar:
Lads well played. NGL i thought Bielsa was gonna have a heart attack everytime he was giving instructions. Respect
Bodie Thomas
Bodie Thomas:
Tottenham are a good side, there is no shame in losing to them. MOT
Japhet Tanganga
Japhet Tanganga:
Great match, respect for leeds.
leeds utd
leeds utd:
Lads we played really well today against a top side away from home.lers keep our heads up and focus on the cup and next game.👍
Abdushahid Tonji
Abdushahid Tonji:
Leeds is the Only Team that can loose 5-nil and still play attractive football.
PiB - WiU
PiB - WiU:
Leeds United very brilliant team. When they win it looks so perfect and beautiful. Unfortunately when they lose, they lose ugly. But they remain one of the most honest if not the only honest team in the Premiership today. All talents, grits, guts and pure hardwork. No premadonna falling down, feigning injuries or trying to get penalties or get opponents sent off. And Marcelo Bielsa is a great manager. I just hope and pray they get it right soon to become the top top team of the premiership they truly are.
Pedouf Philips
Pedouf Philips:
Much love Leeds United coming from a barcelona fan
Unlucky lads Spurs are a good side just look to the future and hope we can win the next gane
Unique Man
Unique Man:
So obsessed with 2020 that in 00:24 still written 2020 😂
Samuel Nesina
Samuel Nesina:
Certainly a misstep , let's always keep our heads
This was a good entertaining game! Leeds should've gotten at least a goal. Better luck next league game.
Bo 3
Bo 3:
I'm from Emirates and i'm leeds fan and i hope we get better than that . MOT
Eugene Kennedy
Eugene Kennedy:
We are not there ...yet....need to take chances at this level. Onwards and upwards...MOT
Vinay Singh
Vinay Singh:
what I love about Leeds is that they always fight till the end.
1:47 Ref checking the bus arrival time 🤣
Johnny Lundin
Johnny Lundin:
I am from Sweden and has followed Leeds since the win in 1991-92. I..Very black years after 2014. But now....What a team. Keep on that magnificent spirit and survive the first Premier season in 16 years!!!
Derek Wilkinson
Derek Wilkinson:
We move on from this disappointment, but we've got to put our chances away, we need a out n out goal scorer, simple as that!!! M O T
Leed is so fun to watch.
멋저요 최고 ㅡ😀😀😀😀😀
Brian Anthony
Brian Anthony:
That's more like it! 👊
Arindam Kalita
Arindam Kalita:
Leeds are always great to watch. They have such brilliant technical ability.
Freddy Best
Freddy Best:
We are back 💪🏿
Zero Fox AKA Phil the pipe
Zero Fox AKA Phil the pipe:
I myself am wondering what might be if we had a clinical striker up front.
Alfian Bon
Alfian Bon:
Mourinho vs Bielsa is a clash suitable for the Champions League Semi Final or thereabouts at least
Wtf Iaaan
Wtf Iaaan:
Mourinho is super lucky to have clinical strikers
Baihaqi Firmansyah
Baihaqi Firmansyah:
It's more like free kick neraby the boxline rather than a penalty, what a decision that made a change to the whole game..
Leeds are apparently doomed to a slightly queasy season of incredible highs and abject lows. It's tolerable if the ultimate result is maintenance of Premier League status. Next season we hope for improvement.
Ludovico Ruggieri
Ludovico Ruggieri:
0:06 there's a mistake in the graphic: it says Saturday, 2nd Jannuary 2020. C'mon folks, let's leave this year behind XD
Anıl Uner
Anıl Uner:
Leeds United was not so good against Tottenham and I'm really so sad for Leeds. Because I love Leeds United and it's colors so much with all my heart.
Gamers Vista
Gamers Vista:
Maureen Tait
Maureen Tait:
Disappointed, the penalty was the game changer early goal we needed.
Keep Your heads and your Spirits High , Leeds

As a Leeds Supporter ,

I Am absolutely Loving this Season , On to The Next

We go again lads ,We go Again
We are Leeds , we really need to stop back passes to the keeper. Its been exposed. If he can't have a comfortable pass. Just blast it.
Sam Luckett
Sam Luckett:
All the players are being given a chance to flourish in the system - I think we’re finding, unsurprisingly, that against the top teams our mistakes get punished more frequently. By mistakes I mostly mean giving the ball away in our half and missing our own chances.

With better players we will make less mistakes, but to know where we need to strengthen in the future we need to know who can make the cut from the current crop. Therefore we continue to play the same system.

Happily it seems that our current squad is good enough to finish somewhere above 18th this season, which is all that matters right now. This is the foundation of building a squad capable of pushing further up the league over the next few seasons.

And finally, although it’s frustrating to get hammered occasionally, it’s still so enjoyable to watch us give it a crack every game.
Sayukta Ojha
Sayukta Ojha:
how could bamford miss that???
he's a striker heading like a midfielder
Jorge Andrada
Jorge Andrada:
It does not matter that ledds united loses, I will always support ledds
Hariom Sharma Civil eng.
Hariom Sharma Civil eng.:
Still love you Leeds United
Ardianto Wibowo
Ardianto Wibowo:
0:20 is it an old match..? because it's written 2nd January 2020.
Tamz Muhammad
Tamz Muhammad:
Abdullahi Sharif
Abdullahi Sharif:
shout out to the commentator comments on doherty challenge. you dont need to do that in the last sconds of the game.
Each time we play a top 6 side we show our lack of experience at this level.
It'll come, for now, we need to beat the Burnley and west Broms of the league and kick on after his season when we'll have much more cash for players
mnh mnh
mnh mnh:
Superb by son 💯 goals for Tottenham
Sutrisna Salawu Jawa barat
Sutrisna Salawu Jawa barat:
False Alarms
False Alarms:
Kjell Esperås
Kjell Esperås:
Happy divorce day all Leeds. MOT NORWAY
Gustavo Hernandez
Gustavo Hernandez:
Vamos que si se puede Marcelo, sur américa te apoya
Tiktok BraZZers
Tiktok BraZZers:
pinalty oh
Arul Firmansyah
Arul Firmansyah:
mnh mnh
mnh mnh:
Kane is superb assist and goal penalty
mahadi bin muhammad
mahadi bin muhammad:
Too many balls had been given away cheaply by Leeds to Spurs. The incident leading to the first goal by Spurs was one of the examples.
brian mwiza gondwe
brian mwiza gondwe:
Leeds need a lethal striker.. that header was a goal
Navegando mi Van de Stadt 34
Navegando mi Van de Stadt 34:
JoE Spr
JoE Spr:
Hakeem Ahmed
Hakeem Ahmed:
The Good thing is the great performance Leeds united showed this season they won't go back to Championship
Tarek Mohamed Ali
Tarek Mohamed Ali:
Even the channel shows the date incorrectly ( 2020 instead of 2021 ) :)
2020 leads was still in the championship :)
Nishanth Radhakrishnan
Nishanth Radhakrishnan:
Had Bamford headed the ball in from Leeds early chances , game could have been different ?
Ive been impressed with Struijk I think he is better than Cooper - if Leeds can get Koch back and move Dallas to left back or buy a fullback that could help their defence alot - also need another cm to rotate with Klich or play alongside him in big games as Rodrigo leaves the midfield too exposed
Paul Negrea
Paul Negrea:
In all respect for what they have done for Leeds in the Championship, we need new left back, a good holding midfielder and a good striker to compete and even take out Pat. Alioski is a good team player but a good left back is needed.. Also Klich, man he does well but we strive for more in the Prem. I think Mac Allister from Brighton would suit Bielsa's system. Left back, maybe go for a loan of Ki Jana Hooiver or whoever you spell his name, the lad from 'Pool that signed for Wolves and does not get game time.
saman sa
saman sa:
Commentator seems to be depressed with each goal.
mos yankee
mos yankee:
come on meslier i know you're tall but you gotta have someone taking that front post
Joel Siwpersad
Joel Siwpersad:
Win or lose... we love Leeds
roberto carletti
roberto carletti:
No entiendo el VAR, la falta de Alioski fue afuera del area, antes de eso, una mano del defensor del otro equipo no fue sancionada....cosa rara este VAR......Jugo muy bien el Leeds, en nuestra cancha le hacemos 4........VAMOS LEEDS CARAJOOOO.....
Afif Abdillah
Afif Abdillah:
1:12 i think its outside the penalty box
Bee Lau
Bee Lau:
Dian Kurniawan
Dian Kurniawan:
0:17 2nd january 2020????
Plesse do buy Teren Puhiri he's the fastest
No plan works with dumb players. Only in the first goal there were four mistakes in a row!
C H:
PROBLEM...Why do leeds utd always buy players that either end up injured or you never see them again...?It does seem to be running theme with( orta leeds utd).
array izzy
array izzy:
quality is the difference
Darío Gutierrez
Darío Gutierrez:
these mfs really play darude sandstorm when scoring lol
1:29 harry kane know where son run
Did i just hear cyberpunk 2077 ost at the start
Beuken Phom
Beuken Phom:
If Leeds can sign a midfielder.
They can bang the league.
I would recommend Eriksen from Inter Milan and Draxler from Psg.
Fun Day
Fun Day:
Doherty Red Card haha
Paul Bell
Paul Bell:
Win or lose, we're Leeds.
0:54 should’ve been a goal
PC Willis
PC Willis:
I think it’s safe to say Everyone loves Leeds.
Karon Bolden
Karon Bolden:
Btw it’s 2021 not 2020, y’all have the date as 2nd of January 2020, not 2021
Kuppan P
Kuppan P:
Anyone knows the entrance song?
Ky Y
Ky Y:
the narrator sounds more demotivated than nartin tyler
Samuel Ekwe
Samuel Ekwe:
What a match
inonk gaming
inonk gaming:
Messlier mistakes will continue to repeat and harm the team.Yes meslier is good but for future maybe 2-3 years later but now we need experience gk
Ricky Adriansyah
Ricky Adriansyah:
Jat Jot
Jat Jot:
What's the odds on Bielsa smiling once?
Diego hades
Diego hades:
Bamford 🤦‍♂️😡
rockie mohlala
rockie mohlala:
You guys just need an experienced keeper
Maple Maples
Maple Maples:
Has Bielsa ever won anything other than something in the Argentinian league?
Juan Carlos Gurrea Martinez
Juan Carlos Gurrea Martinez:
Siempre seré del Leeds! Arriba Leeds!!!! El penalty es claramente fuera del área, pero supongo que el arbitro no pudo verlo. De alguna manera , condicionó muchísimo el partido.
Mr Jones
Mr Jones:
Here's an alternative opinion. Lost 4-1 to palace, 4-1 to Leicester, 6-2 to scum, 3-1 to Chelsea and latest gang bang was 3-0 to Spurs... And you lot think this is good enough? Players need to step up in these big games. I feel like I'm the only one expecting a bit more from certain players who cost us a fortune. I like to see optimism from fans but there's a fine line between optimism and being blind to reality.
Shandy Regyanta
Shandy Regyanta:
Why 2020? Now is 2021
Firdza pradhika igfirly
Firdza pradhika igfirly:
Where's your proper CB duet, lads? (Llorente-Cooper) I know Koch are severely injured.. you guys are currently very insufficient in organising defence..
Cruz Caffaro
Cruz Caffaro:
Leeds aren’t doing badly at all. If we would’ve signed Eberechi Eze instead of Rodrigo, our attacks would be a lot more effective, since Eze creates spaces when he is attacking. Very sad that we didn’t choose to buy him, because he’s a very talented player.
So was it just the one shot on goal for leeds? terrible highlights as usual
we are garbage and a bunch of Clowns
We did bad
Irfan Efendi
Irfan Efendi:
Leeds run out gas
its 2021 not 2020
Talha Zubair
Talha Zubair:
Leeds goalkeeper is too poor😁😂😂
Wtf Iaaan
Wtf Iaaan:
Leeds should feel unlucky