Tottenham Hotspur 4-0 Sheffield Utd | Premier League highlights | Gareth Bale Hat Trick downs Blades

A Gareth Bale hat-trick and a sublime finish from Heung-Min Son put Sheffield United to the sword in the capital. The Blades lost on a 4-0 scoreline to Spurs.

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100+ comentarios:

Faris Al Maskati
Faris Al Maskati:
respect to sheffield for posting this even tho losing 4-0
Sheffield United deserves much respect ❤️ Thank you guys ❤️
Mario Gonzalez
Mario Gonzalez:
Respect to Sheffield United for uploading these highlights.
Just Videos
Just Videos:
When you unleash bale, this is what he does
Demzy & Semzy
Demzy & Semzy:
Heung-Min Son is a beast. What A Goal!! Bale's potential has been released finally.
J Chano
J Chano:
So VAR can see 4mm offside, but they can't see a player stomped on another player's face on purpose. WHAT A GREAT JOB VAR
Bale should have been starting every game as soon as he was half fit, tottenham's season could have been so different
abhinav shaju
abhinav shaju:
That heung min son goal though🔥
Illathan SA
Illathan SA:
That Son goal,technical ability is pure class,what is even more class is that he scored it without even looking at the target much,he glanced once for a second and booted the ball to the far post,good technical ability 💯🙏
Joshua Mak
Joshua Mak:
Never seen a club upload goal highlights despite a bad loss, faster than everyone else. Sheeessh mad respect
What a Hat Trick from Gareth Bale, he is one of the best footballers.
Only place I could find real highlights 😂
Khalidul Haq
Khalidul Haq:
All those strikes from Bale are unstoppable by any goalkeeper. So happy for the guy, he deserves it.
The son and bale chemistry is actually amazing
0:16 That commentary sums up the season
Julker Taou
Julker Taou:
What a goal from Son! 🔥🔥
Will Batho
Will Batho:
“Sheffield united here with a little bit of... something” LMAO 😂
Marjan Sarec
Marjan Sarec:
Perez and Zidane had Bale on the retirement list. Vicinusis 110 matches, 9 goals,. BAle 15 matches, 13 goals in last 2 years
Łloyd Philanī
Łloyd Philanī:
Son goal 🔥 that how you close a match
Such a beautiful goal by Sonny!!! Great game today!!
Cambo football
Cambo football:
My idol Heung min son support from Cambodia🙏
Form is temporary, Class is Permanent!
Radoslaw Wspanialy
Radoslaw Wspanialy:
I’m happy for him. He’s top class
Harris Chong06
Harris Chong06:
son heung min + bale
Ryan Mason is incredibly blessed to have players such as bale in his squad. Pure talent
Kane, Son and Bale. One of world football's most lethal trio's.
Ivan Zovak
Ivan Zovak:
Top class goals from Bale and Son
Efe Adah
Efe Adah:
Everytime Mourinho leaves a club,you get to see the attacking potential of that team
All I can say and feel for Sheffield Utd is RESPECT.
Sungkar Cityzens
Sungkar Cityzens:
Ryan Mason would be a great coach ...
raulie woo
raulie woo:
When Sonny boosts up, nobody can stop him.. what a surprise
Flawless_YT ☑️
Flawless_YT ☑️:
I’m a spurs fan but you got to give much respect to Sheffield United. 👍
Owned By M
Owned By M:
A fifa commentator once said “it’s a hat trick it’s a day he will never forget”
Bernard Wanjohi
Bernard Wanjohi:
You gotta feel for sheffield I hope they'll return stronger after next season
Vinz W
Vinz W:
If Mou is in charge, the score might just be 1-0.
William Felipe Dutra
William Felipe Dutra:
the son's goal, it was more beautiful than the 3 goals of the ball together
Shafique Iqbal
Shafique Iqbal:
Hope to see Sheffield back in the epl next season!!! Don't give up !!!
Not a troll
Not a troll:
Finally a highlight
IndependentScot C
IndependentScot C:
Even as a Liverpool fan I can't help but feel happy for Bale. A world class talent who's wasted years of his career under a manager who simply doesn't like him, at a club where he's never been appreciated. Glad he's back to showing just how good he is, albeit against a terrible Sheff utd team. But, from a football fan's perspective it's great to see!
Gareth, 4 games left. Let's score 8 more of these 💪
Payma Jumtsho
Payma Jumtsho:
I feel for Bale, Kane and the spurs team when Jose was at the helm... With Jose gone, they are scoring 4, Bale scores a hat trick and didn't need Kane too..
Thanks for the upload, came from Trending
Samuel El
Samuel El:
Respect for sheffield united
Respect for posting at MU we dont even post when we lose
Ronald Espinoza
Ronald Espinoza:
3 pases de Aurier ... 3 goles de Gareth Bale.....
Sonaldo and Bale🔥🔥
StevenThe KnightBJKing
StevenThe KnightBJKing:
Bale. Sensational player. Hope he stays( Chelsea fan)
I can't believe they found Son offside for that goal, which was legit and fine to anyone with a pair of eyes but couldn't do fuck all about someone being stomped on
Sneaky Uploader_4
Sneaky Uploader_4:
Much respect to the Blades, you'll be missed next season. Spurs fans appreciate you! ;)
Weather reporter: "its going to look like alot of showers and rain across the country this weekend and for may bank holiday..."
Bale: "That's a pity, I've been practising some sweet 8 iron tee offs recently, guess ill turn vs sheffeild".
Alex Walker
Alex Walker:
“One of the best players on the planet” 😂😂
Shilajit C.
Shilajit C.:
Thanks a lot Sheffield United YT channel ❤ for posting a perfect highlight video even though your team lost the match.
keymoney wanjikoh
keymoney wanjikoh:
BALE goals they're all bangers ❤️❤️things that you love to see him doing
The Foe
The Foe:
Thanks Sheffield Utd FC for uploading the highlights, much appreciated.
“Sheffield United here with a little bit of...something” 💀😂
Rudresh Kalgutkar
Rudresh Kalgutkar:
It's bizarre that no top club have made a move for son. Criminally underrated modern day player.
Sumaiya Chowdhury
Sumaiya Chowdhury:
When Sheffield had a chance in the beginning the commentator was like a chance and when he saw the shot he became silent
What a performance by Bale.🤩
Manchester United
Manchester United:
Big respect Sheffield United 👍
Ishtiaq Adnan
Ishtiaq Adnan:
Am I the only 1 to see son smiling after his goal?
I liked the way how they appreciated bale's efforts.
Sheffield United have some good human's in their youtube handling🔥
Football World
Football World:
Who else came here after knowing that Bale Scored a Hat-Trick😭❤, I hope he will come back in his prime❤😭😭
Pyae Phone Myat Thu
Pyae Phone Myat Thu:
Respect to Sheffield United for uploading these highlights.
Bale on fire 🔥🔥
Never thought that Sheffield United would be on #1 trending
Eliezer Luzitu
Eliezer Luzitu:
I feel sorry for the keeper 🥺🙏🏾
Sheffield United deserves much respect ❤️ Thank you guys ❤️ indeed!
Beni Sutanto
Beni Sutanto:
Respect the game, love for Sheffield united
Imagine bale playing for spurs instead of sitting on bench for real for all those years..
Heather lawrence
Heather lawrence:
Really wished Bale was on for the final last week , we may have got some silverware
Let it rain
Let it rain:
S.utd : we should we proud we concede three against a 4 times champions League winning .
Bagirock Carlguksoo
Bagirock Carlguksoo:
Bale & Son .....amazing C.L.A.S.S. !!!!
Fluffy Waffle Whale
Fluffy Waffle Whale:
"Gareth bale one of the best players on the planet" yeeee someones living in the past
respect, hope you guys could make it back to EPL soon enough.
Franz Reyes
Franz Reyes:
I thought i was watching Spurs channel. Very unbiased commentary on this 👏👏 Respect 👍👍
ProfDumm Dum
ProfDumm Dum:
Thank you Sheffield United. We will wait for your return.
Tyler Liddle
Tyler Liddle:
Spurs always bang the small teams, but never deliver in the big games.
I feel so happy for bale.🎉🎉🎉
Georges R
Georges R:
Us Madrid fans watching Ronaldo score 2 goals and Bale score a Hat trick...
- why are we here, just to suffer
cool boy
cool boy:
He is back 🔥
Hamza Malik
Hamza Malik:
I think they forgot they're meant to boycott. Even sheff know how useless that shit was.
Rahadyan Ilham
Rahadyan Ilham:
Respect to Sheffield United for uploading these highlights.
Rak Aldhaheri
Rak Aldhaheri:
Thank you Sheffield United for uploading these hilghts 👏👏👏
thanks for posting the highlights, respect
phouvong Phami
phouvong Phami:
Much respect SHU!
Nagisa Yamato
Nagisa Yamato:
Congrats, Sheffield United.. We're proud that you're now playing in the new league. 😂
Izaak Farley
Izaak Farley:
Congrats guy I'm a spurs fan but my respect had gone right up for posting this well done Sheffield it was a good game
Sons goal was sonsational
Yandani Mbobosi
Yandani Mbobosi:
I love Arsenal and seeing Gareth bale score like this is scary. He is just world-class.
Brendan pjz
Brendan pjz:
Huge respect for uploading this 👏👏👏👏👏
Sheffield thanks for uploading. COYS. but you played well 💪🏼💪🏼
Kyongnae Lee
Kyongnae Lee:
Thank you for the video~~
Darren Edwards
Darren Edwards:
Well done Gareth Bale 3 great goals ,I’m a big admirer of your career keep up the good work,from a Leeds fan !
Mad Fut Greece
Mad Fut Greece:
Respect sheffield♥️
Classic bale 👍😊 congrats spurs!
I loved the highlight of Brewster's shot
Shubham Rick banerjee
Shubham Rick banerjee:
Class ❤️
Alex Guevara
Alex Guevara:
I will always remember them 🙏🏻
cnmmd qiuoo
cnmmd qiuoo:
I’m happy for him. He’s top class
Did he say bale is one of the best player in the world? 😂