Tottenham Hotspur vs Norwich City | Key Moments | Fifth Round | Emirates FA Cup 19/20

Tim Krul's penalty heroics saw Norwich City upset Tottenham Hotspur and move into the quarter-finals of the Emirates FA Cup.

Extended highlights will be live from 12pm on the channel.

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The Emirates FA Cup
The Emirates FA Cup:
Extended highlights of the game and the full penalty shoot out will be live from 12pm!
The Hh
The Hh:
It's a Krul game, Spurs are in a Dier situation.
moddy sarai
moddy sarai:
Tim krul be like ''just take the game to penalties i'll do the rest"
Sudhakaran V
Sudhakaran V:
Does any one remember tim krul penalty saves vs costa Rica..... when he came on to the pitch in the 121 minute replacing cillessen
I will always remember Krul from the 2014 World Cup, Netherlands vs Costa Rica penalty shootout !
Ley Fadzly
Ley Fadzly:
Kane: I'm done.. I love Manchester United since I was young..
Just Average
Just Average:
It's happened again, it's happened again, Tottenham Hotspur your trophyless again
Imagine building a stadium for £1b But still have a trophy 🏆 cabinet full of dust 😂😂
Muniraj Balaji
Muniraj Balaji:
I actually rate this from Dier, he went into the crowd to get the ball from Lámelas penalty
Jai Rawat
Jai Rawat:
lucas should have passed to dele
Fendi Lie
Fendi Lie:
No son goku,no party.
Larger than Life
Larger than Life:
The only time Eric Dier attacked in the game was not included in the highlights.
KakaStyle Slw
KakaStyle Slw:
Always loves Tim Krul. Such an underrated goalkeeper.
Brayden Le
Brayden Le:
Jose: we are focused on winning the fa cup and lifting the trophy
Own fans:😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂😂🤣😂🤣🤣
Spurs : That was too cruel losing like that.
Norwich : You spell his name wrong
Tottenham should just be happy with Audi cup
Absolutely amazing how the Norwich players run the length of the pitch to their own fans after winning
Shawn Carter
Shawn Carter:
It's very awkward to watch without any commentary
Spurs still gonna win the AUDI cup guys. It’s the biggest prize of them all 😂
"Key moments" show only one PK
Santos Lewynn
Santos Lewynn:
0:30 I gotta look pretty for the freekick. They got the camera on me now?
If moura had passed to dele maybe it would be a different outcome. Players need to play together.
Oh My Daddy, we need your SON.
Knight Templar
Knight Templar:
“CLUELESS ONE” - we must win this cup
“CLUELESS ONE “ - oops 🙊, we must stay in 8th place in the league lol 🤪🤪
진짜 최악이다.. 최약팀인데
Anupama Roy
Anupama Roy:
1:20 Lucas had to pass the ball to Dele Alli, thats what Spurs are lacking without Erikson.
Thuyen Vu
Thuyen Vu:
Michel Vorm lacked of confidence in the goal keeper in this match.
P Woka
P Woka:
Me: No one should celebrate like that for the fifth round 🙄🙄
Chelsea & Man U: if only you could know what awaits for you🤔🤔🤔
peter wu
peter wu:
Krul's day, man of the match
Whiterun Guard
Whiterun Guard:
Let's all take a moment to laugh at spurs 😂😂😂
Judicious Aidoo
Judicious Aidoo:
I blame Lucas Moura for this loss , If he had passed to his team mate who had an open goal, it would have been a different story .
Fábio Fussball
Fábio Fussball:
Krul running, it's so fun 😂

Congratulations Norwich
Jadon Not Sancho
Jadon Not Sancho:
Who else hears the laughter of every arsenal fan
Dami Dashdavaa
Dami Dashdavaa:
North London is always red
Serena Poketeen
Serena Poketeen:
This team could face relegation in a few years. How you can pay 1000 million debt stadium with zero trophies . Add mou sacking wages. And exodus. Kane and son gonna leave soon.
Jason Mohamed
Jason Mohamed:
1:17 anyone hearing this hahaha
I 1
I 1:
Palestine Exists
Palestine Exists:
Survival of the “Spurs empty trophy cabinet” joke is vital. We may not be unbeaten, but we have silverware.
Papa Nabri
Papa Nabri:
Mourinho: We want the cup!
Tottenham fans: Call Mr Levy ☎️
Adrian Dopamine
Adrian Dopamine:
Can save all penalties in the world, still getting relegated 😂😂😂
incredible life
incredible life:
The ending was pretty hilarious!! Like a classic sports movie climax
Ashim Mittra
Ashim Mittra:
Penalty specialist Tim Krul 😍😍
Henri Otsomotsi
Henri Otsomotsi:
Once you go to penalty shots against Tim Krull , forget about it. You're done
Krul a great keeper from long time and still going
Hussein Mourad
Hussein Mourad:
Yet another trophyless season HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA
sotuur aeei
sotuur aeei:
"Key moments" show only one PK
bilinas mini
bilinas mini:
"Key moments" show only one PK
Just RK
Just RK:
Beginning of the end
Glen Kightley - Everything Arsenal
Glen Kightley - Everything Arsenal:
Krul is a penalty expert 🔥🔥
Jacob Mine
Jacob Mine:
Why does Krul keep its feet off the line when doing Peanlty Kick? No Way. An obviously misjudgement.
Krul is officially a gooner for that celebration
Scotty Bee
Scotty Bee:
What a game unbelievable Jeff 🔰
Evan Medcraft
Evan Medcraft:
My profile pick proves that I'm not a Spuds fan by any stretch of the imagination, but wasn't Kruul at least a yard off his line on the winning save?
Charles Obi
Charles Obi:
I know that Norwich will win this game, because their goal keeper is fantastic.
Anuj prajapati
Anuj prajapati:
Lol, the way krul ran the whole field I thought he had some epic celebration.
imran azis
imran azis:
If Lucas passed tht ball to Alli, could have been a different game
Oriectic YT
Oriectic YT:
I'm officially predicting when Lloris is back we are dropping Vorm again just like he dropped the ball
Dung T. Nguyen
Dung T. Nguyen:
0:29. things should have been better if he didn't spend time fixing his hair 🙄😅🤷🏾‍♂️
Queen Farhya
Queen Farhya:
Norwich deserve the win they played well unlike bottle teams..
Review Therapy
Review Therapy:
Christian Eriksen : Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha
Eddie M
Eddie M:
Mourinho aka 'the fired one' will get the sack soon
bilishu aliss
bilishu aliss:
0:30 I gotta look pretty for the freekick. They got the camera on me now?
thieu van rooij
thieu van rooij:
tim krul does it 2014 again costa rica...and now against spurs.
everyone loves tim
alvis jo
alvis jo:
best joke ever: spurs winning a trophy
alida flus
alida flus:
Absolutely amazing how the Norwich players run the length of the pitch to their own fans after winning
Aldo Reinaldo
Aldo Reinaldo:
Tim Krull deserved play for Holland in Euro 2020
Jeremy John Okweisie Arhin
Jeremy John Okweisie Arhin:
Love the atmosphere in the stadium
Ale Ale
Ale Ale:
Incredible crown and emotional game. I am Italian,and in a Italy Cup competion is impossibile realize and have the same emotion. What a fantastic is FA Cup. Complimenti 🔝
aola wili
aola wili:
Always loves Tim Krul. Such an underrated goalkeeper.
Ragnarr Loðbrók
Ragnarr Loðbrók:
As any Costa Rican will tell you, the game was already won way before the first Spurs player even stepped up to take a PK. 😃
White Express - Футбольный Канал
White Express - Футбольный Канал:
Beautifully! 😍😍😍 nice moment!
Akshat Sharma
Akshat Sharma:
Poch was miles better than Jose
Under poch we saw one of best Spurs side , Jose is nothing in front of him and this is coming from an arsenal fan
Username already taken
Username already taken:
Aaaand another trophy lost for the sp*rs🤣🤣
John Doe
John Doe:
How's that new stadium working out for u lot 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Please don’t be my United tomorrow 😂😂
anesu mayor
anesu mayor:
Spurs inyama yemagora
Budi Setiawan
Budi Setiawan:
Come Down You Spurs
Mukund Krishnan
Mukund Krishnan:
It's the history of the Tottenham ✌
Adnan Hakim
Adnan Hakim:
imagine your editor being that lazy to not show the full penalty shootout
Dont look back into the sun boys!!!
Souvik Bhattacharyya
Souvik Bhattacharyya:
Spurs spurred the opportunity yet again as Norwich continue to bewitch!
Don’t worry Spurs. United will accomplish what you couldn’t
Солнце Звезды
Солнце Звезды:
tell me the name of the song at the end of the match
Di Chi
Di Chi:
Why is is called "the emirates" FA cup?
Fayt Gospel Nation
Fayt Gospel Nation:
People That Takes Penalty Like Godson Flops Fast 😂😂 Let Him Ask Tammy Abraham
Moeketsi Leonard
Moeketsi Leonard:
What A WoW 😂😂
Mike Savory
Mike Savory:
Awful highlights, more of replays and celebrations than actual action!
Ricardo Cardenas
Ricardo Cardenas:
Hahah Mourinho, what are you doing with totteham ? :(
Son Bui
Son Bui:
feel very sad when tot can't continue
AFC Don:
You gotta be Krul to be kind
Akshat Sharma
Akshat Sharma:
Krul is an underated goalkeeper
R L:
This is the worst highlights ive watched 🤦🏾‍♀️ showed 2 seconds of the penalty shoot out. Looks like a five year old compiled this video ffs
Borusse James
Borusse James:
0:31 What is Karius doing there?
Peter D'Agostino
Peter D'Agostino:
Given the reaction of both the Norwich and Tottenham players at the end (not to mention Eric Dier), talk of the FA Cup lacking significance seems premature.
Horse Sense
Horse Sense:
I love it when the slimeball Jose loses ....again !
Red pilling
Red pilling:
When acting cool doesn’t work
J&L Urbex
J&L Urbex:
Liverpool and tottenham eliminated 🤣
Foster At
Foster At:
The magic of FA Cup as usual.
-“queen of NooBs”-
-“queen of NooBs”-:
Early April Fools