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* The Tottenham team leave The Grand Hotel, Leipzig ahead of the RB Leipzig v Tottenham game in the Champions League
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26 comentarios:

Tottenham Fan Chris Cowlin
Tottenham Fan Chris Cowlin:
Please don't forget to leave a 'LIKE' and SUBSCRIBE to the channel! 😁👍⚽️
Robert Marshall
Robert Marshall:
Poor team poorly run club... I have never seen a team so desperate and dejected as spurs.. Daniel levy has got to go
Mark shaz
Mark shaz:
The match is so depressing to watch mate, our midfield our defence. 😭😭 Another cup gone and we are supposedly playing man it's on Saturday to get smacked.
Brilliant support! COYS
Scott P
Scott P:
What was that
Jose can’t even rely on lloris
Robert Yi
Robert Yi:
Just looks at the lineup. 200,000 sitting on the bench. Pathetic! Great move Levy. Bruno is who Poch wanted.
Levy & Enic to go there ruining our club
thomas Prior
thomas Prior:
thanks a million levy and that clown you hired to bring us silver were is it w t f are you playing at do you want relegation leader ship Is needed you and your clown have undone all that poch built
from final to fear of relegation sooner you and your puppet leve our great club the better get gone
love my spurs 54 years man and boy realy thought yea this is ours now look at us effing hope less kane son alli wont be there next season so whos next hope its you 2
Joel Hammer
Joel Hammer:
Proper pissed 🍻 COYS!
Drunk and drunker 🤣⚽️
Jay Claughan
Jay Claughan:
ENIC out
3-4 years ago, we was the envy of all the clubs in the world. Now look at us
Bite Pingping
Bite Pingping:
Elly Kakouratos
Elly Kakouratos:
Watch Jamie Carragher’s off the ball analysis of Ndombele’s poor performance v Burnley and you’ll realise this lad has no future under Jose cause the lazy git has no heart for our club.
Jose was right to criticise him cause he expects fight and a player to run at least to create space and help out his team mates but Ndombele was seriously lacking and he deserved to be outed.
Robert Yi
Robert Yi:
Five under under 20. Two on the pitch and three on the bench. What do you have plan Jose.
Paul Hill
Paul Hill:
We should have stayed at the hotel
Timothy Gray
Timothy Gray:
Yids yids yids!!!
Richard EVANS
Richard EVANS:
Bottlejobs and they can all go in the summer and join whoever they want
Allan Marshall
Allan Marshall:
Don't bother coming back.
Johnny Frisco
Johnny Frisco:
Leipzig... birthplace of R B Leipzig 2009 and Richard Wagner 1813 - 1883.....
Adrian Sroka
Adrian Sroka:
We can do this. To Dare Is To Do - COYS.
thomas Prior
thomas Prior:
bet poch is crying now seeing what this clown has done to his team but money talks no silver again bill nick must be turning in his urn what a shambles 4 losess I draw sunday another loss you watch whats the point now seasons over bet alli cant wait for end of season
Samuel Ingram
Samuel Ingram:
RB_Leipzig are gonna give Tottenham Hotspur a good thrashing in the champions league
Goddess Divine Binky Ferrari
Goddess Divine Binky Ferrari:
I have a horrible feeling Spurs are gonna lose. I hope I'm wrong.
haahaaaaaa....... Englisch fans are good boys , aber wenn die spieler von Tottenham so mies gelaunt an denen vorbeilaufen , werden sie gegen RB Leipzig auch verlieren .