Tottenham's Toby Alderweireld & Jan Vertonghen are past their best - Steve Nicol | Premier League

ESPN FC's Steve Nicol recaps Tottenham's disappointing 2-2 draw with Norwich City in the Premier League. Despite Harry Kane scoring his 136th goal in 200 league appearances, Nicol says Jose Mourinho should worry about "past their best" defenders in Jan Vertonghen and Toby Alderweireld.
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Foyth was the reason why Norwich scored the first goal and Aurier was responsible for the other. Hardly Toby or Jan's fault.
Toby and Jan had nothing to do with the result. Toby is stuck between a rock and a hard place for the 1st goal having to cover both the ball carrier and the 2 Norwich players behind him.
Foyth's mistakes are far less frustrating than Aurier's since there's a real player in Juan Foyth once he clears up the nonsense from his game, his comfort level on the ball for a CB is pretty special.
Serge Aurier needs to go, period.
I Am Always Happy
I Am Always Happy:
Both are 30 years and older. They've got almost no other centre backs so yeah it is concerning
Love In The House
Love In The House:
Tbh Spurs have looked sloppy even under Jose. They conceded a lot, their play isn't fluid, they don't dominate games and they scrape through wins. They'll be lucky to make top 4.
I Am Always Happy
I Am Always Happy:
Imagine getting a defensive coach but still not fixing the defense
Stevie, YOU’RE past your best. Hop off this channel so we can get Jesse Lingard. 😎
Fraudulent Yid
Fraudulent Yid:
Spurs bottled it. They could have been 4th.
Jaime Garcia
Jaime Garcia:
That was a beautiful free kick by Eriksen
Dylan Corbanese
Dylan Corbanese:
Toby is class
the artful dodger
the artful dodger:
Alderweireld looks settled and playing well where as Vertonghen looks like someone and playing like someone who wants out ASAP.
Thank you Stieve for seeing what all of us clearly couldn’t: Aging players are victim of... aging

Sometimes obvious, sometimes idiotic, always Stevie Nicole
Age of the Geek
Age of the Geek:
Stevie is clueless here. Toby is class. Vertonghen might be past his best though. Toby isn’t. He gets put in the absolute worst positions because Spurs keep losing the ball in their own half. It’s maddening. Also, Sanchez isn’t good for Spurs. He is for Colombia though.
I'm so early
Adeyemi Olusegun
Adeyemi Olusegun:
They were tired. They can't play as frequently as they used too. Mourinho cannot play Foyth, we can see that now.
Serena Poketeen
Serena Poketeen:
Vile Tottenham robbed, fake penalty and One goal denied for other team
Lelouch Vibritannia
Lelouch Vibritannia:
Aurier scored a world class own goal. We need a rightback
Robert Yi
Robert Yi:
Finally folks are recognized the reality of poor backs on the spurs. Numerous signs, one was CL final Reds Origi out dueling TA.
Not the first and last.
Monkey D. Kong
Monkey D. Kong:
Tot 1 - 2 LEIP

SISOKO 7’. Werner 86’ + 90+2
Digonto Zahid
Digonto Zahid:
Senile stevie back at it .....can we get some more of gab and jules than this bollocks
Good fits for Mourinho, then.
Anti Football
Anti Football:
Imagine being as clueless as this Steve Nicol guy..
Absolute clown. Don't even watch games i believe.
Aurier and Foyth individual errors literally caused 2 goals and this clown is on about Toby and vertonghan . muppet
Kwai C
Kwai C:
So unlucky Norwich,you were robbed
Dagger HQ
Dagger HQ:
Theres no way Pukki was offside, VARs implementation is a joke
Lee B
Lee B:
I thought the explanation for the use of VAR was 'VAR only gets involved when officials have made a 'clear and obvious error', to the majority of people watching the goal it was definitely not a clear or obvious error by the referee?
I think just get a left back
Doc What83
Doc What83:
Stevie Nicol confirming he didn't watch the game.
toby has lost his pace but still has everything else he just needs his other defenders to be good too which is not gonna happen if u have aurier foyth and sessegnon next to you
The both of them are awful defenders. Lovren is better than both of them combined.
Wazza Maheshsingh
Wazza Maheshsingh:
Lads it is tottenham Hotspur .
Agree with Steve. They are both no longer at this level.
barry coote
barry coote:
I'm a spurs man I thought Norwich offside goal should of stood.. vertongan should not be playing left back & we got no right back. Something needs to change..
Peter Spellman
Peter Spellman:
Pukki I know scores goals but he’s just so boring to watch. Hotspurs actually have some serious energy about them.
ณภัทร สุขแสง
ณภัทร สุขแสง:
VAR needs a drastic change and should be used as other countries
James Irving
James Irving:
What do you expect when you are basically playing a MAN SHORT the whole match....Aurier is the WORST DEFENDER in the EPL....sure he's okay going forward, but DEFENSIVELY he's ATROCIOUS!!! Spurs have 4 OTHER healthy defenders on the bench...Walker Peters. Sesignon, Davies, and Foyth…..For GOD SAKE all of them are SUPERIOR to Aurier….Spurs will NEVER be TOP 4 as long as Aurier starts....period...
Hyena 95
Hyena 95:
They robbed Norwich with that offside goal. Tottenham sucks.
Nabil Lionare
Nabil Lionare:
Another pathetic dive , another penalty by the most overrated player in the world
The Norwich back line is going to get them dropped, it’s just that simple. They look fluid in possession, dangerous in attack, but if you have a shot stopper like Krul and you’re still leaking goals, your defenders need changing or an overdue kick up the backside.
Official memes Tv
Official memes Tv:
Spurs ain't finishing top 4
Franco Grossi
Franco Grossi:
fauzi hassan
fauzi hassan:
Agreed...the defence is s&itty...need better players .
Don’t be stupid, alderweireld is one of the best defenders in the league, he gets into any team in the prem as he’s reading and understanding of the game is second to none.
The Huntster
The Huntster:
Mourinho is past his best, the should have stuck with Poch 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻
Mourning Ireland
Mourning Ireland:
What's this rubbish ESPN keep broadcasting that Brits are afraid of change? They voted for massive change politically a couple of years ago, they're historically responsible for a huge array of inventions and innovations (i.e. change), changed the world through colonialism (change doesn't have to be positive), and the ESPN studio is full of Brits who've changed their entire lives and moved to the US. Yet ESPN keep restating this meat-headed falsehood about British people being afraid of change. I'm not British and I can see this is patently false.