Tottenham To Beat Manchester United To Gareth Bale & Sergio Reguilon?! | Transfer Talk

Welcome to Transfer Talk, the show where we bring you all the best news and gossip flying around the world of Football. In the line-up this week we look at West Ham’s desperate hunt for a defender, with James Tarkowski and the Arsenal duo of Sead Kolašinac all top of their list. We then stay with the Gunners by profiling Lucas Torreira, the Uruguayan midfielder set to return to Serie A with Torino.

Then we turn to Divock Origi, and explore where the Belgian forwards future lies, before analysing the exciting news Aston Villa want to sign Werder Bremen star Milot Rashica.

This leads us to our headline news, and what a story this could be. Both Tottenham Hotspur and Manchester United are both seriously keen on signing Welsh superstar Gareth Bale, meaning his time in the Real Madrid wilderness could be finally over.

We stay with Tottenham to look at their endless hunt for a new striker, and finish with the news Bayern Munich are ready to try sign Chelsea winger Callum Hudson-Odoi again having been rejected in the past.

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some West Ham scout has defo been playing fifa 20 to try and sign tomyasu
Josh Curtis
Josh Curtis:
Bale is still world class in my opinion despite him being 31 he still has another fuel left I'm the tank I mean fare play to who ever gets him if he leave Madrid cause some people just forgets how good he really is
Kyle Robinson
Kyle Robinson:
As a Tottenham fan I definitely want Gareth Bale. Club legend coming back home. What's not to love?
Always waiting for Transfer Talk❤️
Will Allen
Will Allen:
danny ings would be a great back up
Peter J Mallia
Peter J Mallia:
Dele didn't fall out with Mourinho over being subbed against Everton on Sunday, and that wouldn't be a reason to offer him over something to trivial, so no chance mate, plus Real Madrid aren't interested in a player like Dele right now and Dele isn't interested in moving anywhere.
There's many ways to pay his Wages with 50% coming from Real Madrid, Bale could take a pay cut just to get away from RM plus he may agree to spurs paying him a lower wage but fir a longer period, a deal that would see Bale get paid by spurs for a season on top if his wages from what ever club he went to so it could happen like that, I doubt it but who knows, or just simply take a pay cut with RM paying 300,000pw and SPURS paying just 200,000pw. It's not like Bake can't afford it and he'll be getting first team football all the time, once he's fully fit and up to EPL fitness standards once more.
Please please please let this happen.
Alexis Tapia-Palacios
Alexis Tapia-Palacios:
I’m a spurs fan and I’m really excited if we land these two signings
Shush Shush
Shush Shush:
Man united signing players this summer is more of a joke than the Fifa 21 ratings
Otis Shilson
Otis Shilson:
If spurs manage to get these two it'll be some unreal business by levy this window
The Panenka Podcast
The Panenka Podcast:
Use me as a laugh at Man united button;)
Who's here when Bale left Real Madrid and went to Tottenham?
Pandurang Gireesh
Pandurang Gireesh:
Imagine the scenes if spurs actually sign them!!
Mo Riyad
Mo Riyad:
I’m a spurs fan and I’m very excited for this season
Agastya Kilachand
Agastya Kilachand:
Obviously Mourinho would want a big,tall and fit striker as all the strikers spurs have been linked to match that description and all of those players r very very good
I think Reguilon suits Tottenham a lot more than it does United, mainly due to the buyback clause. United's transfer strategy seems to be buying young players who will be with the club for many years like Sancho and Van de Beek.

Spurs on the other hand are probably thinking a lot more short term because they probably know Mourinho won't be there in 2 years time so they need to win trophies now and bringing in good signings now, whether those signings are still there in two years isn't that important, which Reguilon and also Bale probably won't be.

Might hurt Spurs in the long run but they did try the long term strategy with poch and won a grand total of nothing.
Nana Kofi Norman
Nana Kofi Norman:
I’m first great content
kieron spiteri
kieron spiteri:
It's already been confirmed that bale and regulion are spurs players
Christopher W
Christopher W:
Spurs are also still in for a cb and a backup striker so it is looking like a good window only bettered by Chelsea
stephen michael
stephen michael:
It took 7 years for Spurs to replace Bale with Bale.
Cameron Parish
Cameron Parish:
Utd were never in for Bale, we just get linked to him for no reason. We were in for Reguilon tho but weren’t willing to use a buy back clause in his clause but spurs were so fair play
Fletcher Besonen Gil
Fletcher Besonen Gil:
Great way to start my birthday! Love your content here and on the rest of your channels guys. Keep up the good work.
Josh Mooney
Josh Mooney:
play in x1.25 playback speed

thank me later
Ari Seligmann
Ari Seligmann:
Reguilon deal confirmed
Ethan Waring
Ethan Waring:
Ahahaha West Ham are having a shocker 😂😂
Enis Azemi
Enis Azemi:
I am sure that dele will be a good candidate to move to Madrid also, and together with Bale they will became another golfer there. 🙄😀
Love how man utd are getting robbed lol
Enis Azemi
Enis Azemi:
Mourinho definitely need Bale, he will definitely improve tottenhams defence, he is a very good defender, and recently became very popular golfer in Madrid. 🤔
Harry Fletcher
Harry Fletcher:
Belotti would be the pick of the bunch of those linked to spurs so far. Can’t see them accepting a loan with option to buy though, even for £50m
Next vid: Man Utd beating no one on getting Sancho, like WHEN ARE THEY GETTING HIM
cian _205
cian _205:
Please sign milik spurs
Joe White
Joe White:
Did I just miss it or did they not even mention reguilon despite him being in the title?
Agastya Kilachand
Agastya Kilachand:
We’ll take any striker
Caleb A
Caleb A:
kolasinac look like a fit version of ethan klein 😂
Daniel Watson
Daniel Watson:
Hudson is staying
Tom McF
Tom McF:
As a united fan I hope that spurs sign bale, I think I would cry if we signed him
Pheasant Pluckers son
Pheasant Pluckers son:
Hardly beat them to it, he would never go to such a small club
Lucas Pedro
Lucas Pedro:
That’s funny coz United don’t want either as they were never after bale and regulion has a buy back clause which United said no to straight away
Isaac McGregor
Isaac McGregor:
Very early lmao
Definitely I would want Bale, I just expect him to be ridiculously overpriced.
Arthur Morgan
Arthur Morgan:
You've Got A Friend
You've Got A Friend:
Tony's Live Gaming
Tony's Live Gaming:
Luke Weedon
Luke Weedon:
I want milik. Hes the only good player listed out of all those strikers
If I was CHO I'd be on the plane to Germany he's wasted at Chelsea
Boss Lax316
Boss Lax316:
They're all yours
Ah H
Ah H:
Bad dost💪
Josh Olajide
Josh Olajide:
Did I hear 600k per week for bale
Hightown FC
Hightown FC:
If Bale joins Man United it's going to be the worst transfer of the season. He WILL not be able to handle the intensity 😤 better Tottenham than us!
Filipe Ribeiro
Filipe Ribeiro:
Man Utd should sign Alex Telles. Older, but top 5 left back in the world, no doubt.
E K:
Transfer Talk = Best show 🤟🏻😎🥰😍
Joram Aladwa
Joram Aladwa:
Manchester United > Manlinked United
So happy i don't have to see Bale in a United shirt. He is not at all what we need
Troy Stait
Troy Stait:
Hope bale comes to England
Abhinav Gupta
Abhinav Gupta:
Cho signed new contract under sarri,not lampard 😂
Sachin Murria
Sachin Murria:
Bloody hell you're quick
Joseph Madden
Joseph Madden:
Loan for origi you mad
Frank Edward
Frank Edward:
So what MU need a CB and a fit quality right winger
Rakshith kp
Rakshith kp:
Did u hear Arteta after game?
Holding going no where for now
Aashir Gurung
Aashir Gurung:
Join h9vvbk , Fpl normal head to head league
King Ronaldo
King Ronaldo:
If only we had a better board to back ole 😓
shahit roshana
shahit roshana:
Come on spurs
Cengiz Ünder to Leicester City... confirmed by Fabrizio Romano
Noah Gilliam
Noah Gilliam:
They've already got reguilon
Neil Ferguson
Neil Ferguson:
I might be petty but Newcastle have Wilson so don’t need original aswell
Kunal Lahrani
Kunal Lahrani:
But why origi has different hair styles in every scene
Thomas More
Thomas More:
Wow this would be risky Tottenham doc really showed how dire their financial situation was even before COIVD lockdown. Bale better perform and stay healthy otherwise he’ll have hell to pay.
Alex Dayenian
Alex Dayenian:
I honestly hope bale goes to spurs. Only if this transfer happened a couple years ago
Jesse lingard:phew thank God
JP Joseph
JP Joseph:
Looks like Man Utd may have to wait for Sancho 🤣
Keyshawn O'kasi
Keyshawn O'kasi:
First lol
X Saber
X Saber:
1 position Spurs have a lot of depth is wingers and yet they are close for Bale.. even tho Bale is still world class
Vito Corleone
Vito Corleone:
Please, please, please let that Bale deal happen :v Let him go to the Premier League where he finally shuts up all of those, that defend him so much
Ruben Pacheco
Ruben Pacheco:
Anyone else want Origi to stay?
justin Mbarika
justin Mbarika:
Sergio Reguilon?
Spurs and united can battle it out for sixth place
Bharat Krishnamurthy
Bharat Krishnamurthy:
As a spurs fan, I would want Sorloth or Ings, because Ings has premier league experience, but will be hard to pay for. Sorloth could be risky, but he looked really good, and can develop under Kane.
James Watts
James Watts:
i want bale to come back to spurs and win cups
Samuel Eto
Samuel Eto:
United needs bale.he is winger we need.he can also be leader.
Dee & Arr
Dee & Arr:
Even at 31 yo Garath Bale can make Tottenham a lot more dangerous than they are now
Jamison Sims
Jamison Sims:
The people truly linked with a move to Spurs....christ. Jose needs to be sacked. He literally does care about the defense issue, and continues to criticize and berate Dele. Tf, man?
Beuken Phom
Beuken Phom:
Let's hope by Miracle United will sign Bale... I saw that real Madrid will let us sign him for less than 30+million.
I’m a real fan and I would despise alli at real
JoEYEleven *
JoEYEleven *:
Rashitsa hahahahaha...
Obreezy weezy
Obreezy weezy:
Spurs NEED to sign Edouard from CELTICS..Think about it
darren modric greene
darren modric greene:
COYS... Let's get Bellotti and Kim Man Jae in an give it a good go, Sonny Bale Kane omg what an attack
Nischal Rai
Nischal Rai:
Dont expect for anything from Manu, glazer and woodward. Ole is too positive, even after he lose a match, he wins positivity
Sam Football
Sam Football:
The day football dialy don't upload will be a crazy day
michael coelho
michael coelho:
Let there be 10 millions dirhams with Michael Coelho now to circulate in Jesus name amen.
Panna Football
Panna Football:
Bale & Arkadiusz Milik
Abraham Nettey
Abraham Nettey:
Jitesh Vaghela
Jitesh Vaghela:
Torreria was good for us
Purpleheaded Wombferret
Purpleheaded Wombferret:
We ain't even in for bale he was a back up we are chasing sancho so give it a rest
Keify Curl
Keify Curl:
Tottenham can’t afford his wages
aaron king
aaron king:
united fan here i would honestly rather sign no one than get bale why would i want a 31 year old golfer getting in the way of greenwood's playing time no thanks🤣
Zack Worden
Zack Worden:
SPurs fan and would rather have milkik
Cut it out. United never wanted Bale and would not buy any players with buy back clauses. We don’t develop talent for other clubs. Try again!!
Aston villa are not getting relegated
Spurs still won’t win any trophies
Dan Lewis
Dan Lewis:
Spurs could have a nightmare trying to get a new striker in. Everyone knows they’re desperate so will demand more from them and with levy not being the biggest spender it’s either pay up or struggle and hope Kane stays fit and in form