Tottenham vs Arsenal | Match Day Live

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100+ comentarios:

Benjamin TRNT
Benjamin TRNT:
Wouldn't be an Arsenal loss without them blaming the ref.
Jinhyun Doh
Jinhyun Doh:
For those who are not fans of the two teams, the referee was very fair and I thought the red card should have come out sooner.
As a neutral, I can tell you that was an absolute stonewall penalty 😂 what are these guys on about. Hard done by two decisions that were correct. Madness.
Jay H
Jay H:
Rob Holding could not handle Son. Fouled him literally every time he touched the ball.
😂😂shambolic Arsenal performance
Holding deserved that red, he was a hot head since the start.
Robert Russell
Robert Russell:
That was the sweetest watchalong.
Grizz ツ
Grizz ツ:
Holding red🟥 1:00:39
spurs pen 48:39
Harry Kane goal ⚽50:18
Harry Kane again ⚽1:05:07
Son goal⚽ 1:31:50
Still can't believe Julian said he would take Martinelli over Son. We need Claude to be the voice of reason..
"THE GAME IS FIXED" thanks spurs, you're doing the whole football world a favor
Why are Arsenal fans complaining about the Ref? he got every decision right.
G B:
As a neutral spurs team is much better than Arsenal's. Arsenal were totally outclassed tonight.
You can't complain about Son when Nketiah dived within the first 5 mins of the game
Tristan Edwards
Tristan Edwards:
Robbie bought the whole family out for this one even the Btec Ian wright on the left and the Claude tribute act on the right
Kabir Uddin
Kabir Uddin:
Penalty given: 49:05
Kane goal: 50:19
Holding red card: 1:00:40
Kane goal: 1:05:08
Son goal: 1:31:55
Axel Jonsson
Axel Jonsson:
lmao these gooners screaming that the game was fixed got me dead bru
Romeo Daley Jr
Romeo Daley Jr:
How are Arsenal fans blaming the ref. It was a clear penalty. You are just letting your players and coach off. Cedric ran into the back of Son.
Mark Peers
Mark Peers:
It was a defo penalty. Whether you like it or not they've given pens for that all season. But then again it's Arsenal, the fans need something to whinge about
49:07 pen given
50:20 kane pen
1:05:10 kane header
1:31:58 son goal
James Taylor
James Taylor:
As an arsenal fan I actually hate sharing the same fanbase as these guys. We got holding doing judo and they're saying he did nothing wrong. And cedric practically barging son in the box. Joke club joke fanbase
1:01:15 this is gold. All claiming the red card is wrong and then they see it and are all stunned by how stupidly aggressive Holding was.

Son doesn’t try and get players booked either, Holding was trying to get a reaction from Son..
star Park
star Park:
48:42 son gets penalty
50:20 kane scores penalty
1:00:40 holding gets red
1:05:05 kane gets his second
1:31:55 son scores
Badou Me
Badou Me:
The Amazon documentary would be legendary if Arsenal fail to get top 4
Star Dazing
Star Dazing:
Blaming the ref he elbowed Son in the face easy second yellow…which equals red 😂
J B:
Love how they say it wasn't a pen but they practically got the same decision go for them against Man Utd. Smashing someone in the face with your forearm isn't a 50/50 mate.
Newcastle 2-0 Arsenal.. save this!
Baba Hassan
Baba Hassan:
Holding lived up to his name. He was terrified of son
Neel Patel
Neel Patel:
I think Son has been too much for Holding and probably Cedric. They're both not supposed to be first choice in any team with champions league ambitions.
Tennis Files
Tennis Files:
I really like James' level headedness. For example when the penalty is given. Most objective person on the channel. Keep up the good work! Big win for Spurs.
1:01:01 "Game is fixed!!"

1:01:24 *Pipes down after seeing the replay*
After the first half debacle, I liked the resilience and good forward play by Arsenal, without our centre halves. They might be inconsistent, but we need to step up next game....... and get back to playing good football .... with discipline at the back and midfield...... Arsenal look more like scoring with Nketiah..... and we need to score more goals for the goal difference now..... by creating more
Pedro Neves
Pedro Neves:
Every time Arsenal think they can get 3rd they go on to get slapped 3-0 in the next match lol 🤣🤣
Robbie : handball
few seconds later : penalty for what ? 😂😂
Ajs 1988
Ajs 1988:
I love the comment at the start, if he goes with the elbow, go down and get him sent off .. fast forward ... crying when holding does it to son and gets sent off 😂😂😂
Kk Rr
Kk Rr:
AHAHAHAHHAAH how is that not a pen ? Cedric literally jumps into him and doesn’t even try to get the ball ahah he literally is about to score and Cedric jumps into him wtf ahaha
Danny Ledger
Danny Ledger:
Ratio of viewers:
Arsenal fans: 12%
Other London club fans: 88%
Antony D'Andrea
Antony D'Andrea:
How arsenal believe they deserve that 4th place, which they will probably get, is beyond me after that abysmal performance
pen given 17:18
pen Kane 18:44
Holding red card 21:37
Kane 23:42
Son 28:04 COYS
Pepe Jean
Pepe Jean:
Those comments about Son in the beginning aged very well
Remember Sakas Dive against Chelsea… remember Azpis reaction to Saka… did Cedric do that to Son..? No.. cos he knows he barged him over. And Saka is a cheat. Go back and watch it. He is holding Azpi.
Same old Arsenal.
How can you be so biased to say the ref got the big decisions wrong? holding made multiple fouls on Son
FC Snake YT
FC Snake YT:
I can only hear 1 say it was a pen, true legend from the lords of North London ⚪️
Oliver Evans
Oliver Evans:
One of my personal favourites this 🤣🤣
The Realist
The Realist:
The heat is on, didn't even need Romero after all COYS 😀
Paul Harrington
Paul Harrington:
I'm not an Arsenal fan but I love the friendly community feel of your video. You're good guys (and gals).
I love how they were complaining about the second yellow before they didn't even see what happened
Holding should already been sent of when he kicked Son in the back. But putting Holding, crap player in manmarking Son stupid. Everytime he made a foul to stop Son. And it was a penalty, stupid challenge in the back of a player. For some of you you don't have to break a leg to give a penalty. But like always when Arsenal loose the ref is at fault. 2 of your players bottled it again.
Arsenal fans love blaming the refs but conveniently forget how they scammed the ref in games vs Manchester United and Chelsea 😂
Brought the whole gang out to watch this! 🤣🤣🤣
RB896Afc 14
RB896Afc 14:
Holding cost us, couldn’t keep calm. Painful considering how well we’ve been recently
Giedrius Banevičius
Giedrius Banevičius:
Today was a terrible and, unfortunately, untimely performance individually for some players. Lack of composure and quality in some positions cost us. HOWEVER, there are still two games to play for against a Newcastle side which has almost nothing to play for, and Everton at home. Just remember, that in the past 4 games Arsenal beat 3 teams from top of the league, including Chelsea and West Ham away. In general, in my opinion, there is a shift in attitude this year and overall promising play from the players. They put themselves in a position to succeed and just need to win the the last two. And lets not forget that Tottenham are not gods and play against a motivated Burnley side new gameweek and still have to win their 2 games as well. So lets look at this situation how it is and with a bit of optimism. Lets support the team in the final stages of the season and see how it goes. COYG
Tilak Rana
Tilak Rana:
Holding was lucky enough to play more than 15 minutes because that guy was literally trying to hurt the players, should've got 4 yellow and 1 red.
25:33 Robbie got robbed even before the match started 😂
Holding was a thug , he could have done serious injury to son .
On the day Spurs kicked Arsenals Butt .
Pepe Jean
Pepe Jean:
Brought out the whole of AFTV just to watch that 😂
Don Robbie bought the whole party just to see them get thrashed
Fouls occur because defense is difficult
Blaming the referee is an excuse
R99 -
R99 -:
for the all or nothing series, i sincerely hope they bottle this
Rob chicken
Rob chicken:
James only one making sense once again and not using the refs as an excuse that
Lee Hall
Lee Hall:
This is what happens when you match a world class manager and a novice
Arsenal fan = “How about we lose this game and then lose the next 3 as well”
Reality = arsenal only have 2 games left after spurs
premiumsneakerscare service
premiumsneakerscare service:
Arteta is like guardiola they don't really have plan b once they are cage on plan A
Murphy -
Murphy -:
Little Ben Mitchell at the front thinking he’s Pep, this is gold
Leigh Richards
Leigh Richards:
The old geezer before the game saying they shud kick Son out of the game....priceless 😂
All of our fans that are blaming the reffs, SHAME ON YOU
Get your standards up
If you swap the faults and the pen on the other side, I guarantee you not one of our fans would say we won because of the reff
Lame azs fans
That was a pen all day long ! It was an awful tackle and if it was the other way around, you would be screaming for it !
Jas Kang
Jas Kang:
Why do they think having more people for bigger games makes for a better viewing experience? Far too many people on this watch along.
David Russell
David Russell:
How is that a Penalty....Well it was!!!🤣🤣🤣
Liam Goodenough
Liam Goodenough:
Arsenal got cocky as they always do and underestimated a very good Spurs side under Conte
Harry Willy
Harry Willy:
The fact that all of em think that’s not a penalty is actually baffling.
Whgu ybnm
Whgu ybnm:
lmao these gooners screaming that the game was fixed got me dead bru
Absolutely brilliant.
Swag Man
Swag Man:
What are these 🤡 on about 😂. Stonewall pen. Wouldn’t be an Arsenal loss without aftv crying about completely fair decisions
dee kay
dee kay:
Man of the match: Rob Holding
Qiniso Mabena
Qiniso Mabena:
I agree, Arteta made a mistake, should have put Tomiyasu in his right back position to handle Son .
Majik box
Majik box:
I love this even sweeter 10 days later COYS!
No context videos
No context videos:
Looks like spurs will get 4th , no way arsenal are beating Newcastle with their defence lool
Mohsin Majid
Mohsin Majid:
Funny all those gooners moaning at the ref all game....... that's all they do when they loose.
Blender Boy
Blender Boy:
Arsenal 🤝 Blaming poor performances on the ref
Arteta has 31 losses in 97 PL games. Good ebening
MoreMoney 365
MoreMoney 365:
Arsenal fan in the blue shirt blaming the ref for not setting standards how you want them set. then saying it wasn't a red. Please bro, embarrassing the Arsenal fan base with those stupid comments
lex de merindol
lex de merindol:
Lol karma for the Man Utd game. Arsenal have been getting all the decisions go their way for the whole season.
my man at the back on the left knows and understands football. On the penalty telling them and showing the elbow action cedric done for the penalty.
Allama Mollah
Allama Mollah:
Time stamps please!
Baba Hassan
Baba Hassan:
Same deluded fans complaining about the ref being dead. The decisions were correct. Red was correct the pen was right. The players were dreadful
Tilak Rana
Tilak Rana:
Cedric literally pushed son in the danger area and these guys are crying on that decision.
Basil The Campervan
Basil The Campervan:
guy with the glasses front row talks more sense than the rest put together, some great comments and really unbiased
Sungwra Basumatary
Sungwra Basumatary:
I suggest to all arsenal fan not to brag until we get results
its me
its me:
That's definitely a pen. He didn't even touch the ball
Every time these man’s say it’s a big game, somewhere in the world, Lee Gunner is lighting up another cigarette
conte doesnt celebrate early goals as he knows football is football. he keeps himself reserved as its early in the game.
Thank you holding❤️
The louder a person is the more correct they are.
Aryan jawrewal
Aryan jawrewal:
the most funny thing.... one of you guys told a spurs fan who travelled long way down ' you just travelled that much distance to see your team lose.... lmaooo.
Trevor Davey
Trevor Davey:
The ref was shite at the London the other day especially in the last 10 minutes with all the timewasting. Ramsdale should’ve gone too.

It evens itself out….
49:00 Penalty decision
Bad Wolfe
Bad Wolfe:
Damn! Holding's brother sitting right in the front seat on AFTV :D :D :D
Richard Richard
Richard Richard:
49:08 pen
1:05:09 2-0
1:31:58 3-0
Kk Rr
Kk Rr:
Time stamps please
Andrew Young
Andrew Young:
No one on that panel genuinely believes Arsenal go to Newcastle on Monday and beat them
Philip Cronje
Philip Cronje: