Tottenham vs Everton | Premier League LIVE Watch Along with Expressions

Can Tottenham beat Everton to get closer to that all important Champions League place?

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28 comentarios:

의현 이
의현 이:
28:53 tottenham Kean(own goal)
31:47 tottenham Son
51:45 tottenham Kane
1:19:25 tottenham Reggy!!!!
1:28:36 tottenham Kane!!!!
Jamaal Osman
Jamaal Osman:
No Winks = Winning formula
Srl Nation
Srl Nation:
Expressions: 41:25

Also Expressions: 1:29:12
Samukelo Gumede
Samukelo Gumede:
Thank you to all those for take time to add time stamps my Heros.😂
영화는 극장에서 봐야한다.
영화는 극장에서 봐야한다.:
경기 끝나고 이 형 리액션 항상 보러 옴 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Champ Chara
Champ Chara:
Dele looked emotional at the end I just don't think he understands
Renegade of Funk 🔴
Renegade of Funk 🔴:
Top 4 baby, make it happen
Toon Lad
Toon Lad:
Thank fuck.....yes!!! Spunky Spurs helped us out for a change lol

My money is on you lot getting beat next game though lol
Chris Jones
Chris Jones:
Yo but his Rory impression 😂😂😂
Chris Jones
Chris Jones:
Oh expressions hopefully spurs finish 4th otherwise this hype is gonna be clippped😤😂😂
Rafaveli M
Rafaveli M:
LoL Yea I agree with the winks opinion , just not good enough if we want to be competing and winning things.
You’ve beaten Everton… back. Baby 😂😂
Berto de los santos
Berto de los santos:
Everton not 1 shot on goal whole match
Didier Zokora enjoying himself
Ur so wrong about doherty he was brilliant
i like how he says what a goal when even i could score that
Ali Idris
Ali Idris:
No place for Tottenham at 4 top
Chris Jones
Chris Jones:
Yo but when ex said he'd go to the city with the best weed.Same bro.
April Showers Stormtrooper
April Showers Stormtrooper:
Glen Kightley - Everything Arsenal
Glen Kightley - Everything Arsenal:
Told you Tottenham weren't that bad! More performances like this and Conference Football is secured once again for next season ✔️ COYS!
Alan Morgan
Alan Morgan:
I still think Davies and hojbjerg still letting the team down
"Martin Luther King FC" - Big X
Zidane Akbar
Zidane Akbar:
Where was this against Middleborough
Jake Tanner
Jake Tanner:
Spurs really getting the fans hopes up just to bottle soon
Binkeifn Jakovich
Binkeifn Jakovich:
As long as you don't put the Taliban Canadian guy back on. Can't stand [email protected]#
오징 형 춘리옷을입는다공~???
Ray Deeble
Ray Deeble:
Oliver Banes
Oliver Banes:
Speak English