Tottenham vs Fulham 1-1 Mourinho Disappoint In Spurs's PerformancešŸ¤¬Harry Kane Reaction Owen Analysis

Tottenham vs Fulham 1-1 Mourinho Disappoint In Spurs's PerformancešŸ¤¬Harry Kane Reaction Owen Analysis
Tottenham vs Fulham 1-1

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Jose sucking the life out of another club again. How in earth can you play counter attack AGAINST Fulham at home . UNBELIEVABLE
One thing I wanna say is no one questions Pep about his managerial ability coz he has always had world class players to workout his tactics. A Manager can only spoon feed the players but to eat or not to eat is only in the hands of the players.
Critic's job is easy, all they have to do is bla bla bla and most importantly no need to prove anything...all the top clubs are going in the wrong direction, they should fire there managers and hire the these guys ...
Apt Map
Apt Map:
Mourinho have lost the courage to win he's just too afraid to lose since the second Chelsea stint
Disappointed with the result but I got no problem with Scott Parker and Wish his career well
Hebib Medical
Hebib Medical:
We are at home , we need attacked attacked and attacked
Vaughan Kaos
Vaughan Kaos:
This brought me a smile (united fan)

He's devastated šŸ¤­and you really made me feel again how horrible it was to have you as manager at our club.
Kritikal H
Kritikal H:
Best team drew.
Island niccv
Island niccv:
So JOSE WHY you think it was a great idea to play SISSOKO as a RW when you clearly have a BENCH full off ATTACKING PLAYERS!?!?!?!?!?;!!?!?????
The balls on this guy to set his team up to park the bus after scoring the goals and then coming on to put the players under the bus by saying they have no ambition to kill the game?? Wasnt he the same guy who called son 'sonaldo nazrio' or some shit a few weeks back? Well, to all the spurs fan, we been making the same excuses for him when he was our manager. Dont do it, better understand now that his playing style most likely gets you draws and not wins.
Harry, get rid of that saliva
FLAT - Food LifeStyle And Travel
FLAT - Food LifeStyle And Travel:
Are u serius? Did u guys din see vinicius substitutions? I din like Owens punditry.
Anjim Shafique
Anjim Shafique:
Big up for Scott Parker really liked him as a player!
Mawande Hunter
Mawande Hunter:
JosĆØ did the samething in his last season with Chelsea and Manchester United.
Boon Tong A
Boon Tong A:
Every team play against spurs looks like barca prime time
Nathaniel Emeka
Nathaniel Emeka:
The thing about playing defensive is that it gets addictive
Peter Berry
Peter Berry:
UTTER RUBBISH and negative football week in and week out......GET RID of this defensive manager.
Not the Spurs was. And to think at Christmas we THOUGHT we had a chance or glory. NO CHANCE NOW
Tim Long
Tim Long:
Jose Mourinho stop talking s..t. you pick the team and what crap you put in .
All totally crap bring back Danny Rose
Rynu Joseph Madathil
Rynu Joseph Madathil:
They just parked the šŸšŒ in second half
John Healy
John Healy:
Sissoko wide right Why ? We have lost 14 points from winning positions
Looks like an all out defence against Sheffield UnitedšŸ˜’
Keyword: "They look" Translation = i am assuming i know the situation based on what i am seeing.

Reality: I have no idea what is going on, i do not have enough facts or sources to back up my story and due to the fact that i have to say something on TV to justify my presence and get payed as pundit i end up with (logic) stretches...
Capt. CoCo
Capt. CoCo:
Jose Mourinho turned Lukaku and Ibrahimovic into defenders
Ebrima Dibba
Ebrima Dibba:
HahahašŸ˜‚ drawing is disappointed of Tottenham šŸ˜®
Jeff Gorman
Jeff Gorman:
I think spurs are just still learning and adjusting to this style of play if we take our chances early game is done jose set it up this way. When you donā€™t take them this happens. The players arenā€™t used to this style and doubt creeps in. Really think they need to switch up the tactics against lower table sides if we get a lead and push for second because when we try to do what Jose is looking for we continue to fail
Tony Buttigieg
Tony Buttigieg:
The only blame is you with your stupid strategy and line ups, any team can beat this kind of football if you can call it football. Look at Pochettino and learn.
Ismail Miah
Ismail Miah:
Smug look going lol
Gabriel Darmawan
Gabriel Darmawan:
Spurs.. stiff body no creative.
1 win in 6 FFS
Martinez Ojo
Martinez Ojo:
Spur have got to take there chances
U can't win if u depend on half chances now they needs to show character in their squad
Spurs had better ball positions
Erik Truong
Erik Truong:
Kane "eeeh"
ctrictly_buz videos
ctrictly_buz videos:
Same thing he did when he was at united....finished manager
Only Kane dares to criticzed Mou.
Rehan K
Rehan K:
Team spirit: All defend - we have poor defence.
How is Mourinho a bad manager?
Max Branning
Max Branning:
Fulham class
Eri Love
Eri Love:
Man 36
Owen does not have coaching IQ
Peter Helmore
Peter Helmore:
and isn't that a typical way for micheal OwEn to AnaLisE something or should i say a football game <<<<<<,
Erlend Aaby
Erlend Aaby:
Agree very much with what they say. Got to ask the manager what to do. Have to be agreement between players and manager.
Eri Love
Eri Love:
Sami Lokale
Sami Lokale:
Spurs V Fulham =
Bus Parker V Scott Parker.
Jack & the headbangers
Jack & the headbangers:
Spuds do spuds
Ste Whittaker
Ste Whittaker:
Jose boring I hate going to united games when he was in charge
Bright Avuglah
Bright Avuglah:
Owen is talking rubbish, Jose says he never tells the players go and sit deep and defend, he tells them to go out. It is possible that it is the players that sometimes don't show character. How come the same set of players defending start to attack once the goal is equalised? Spurs players have this problem, it is a mindset issue, and the Coach is struggling to change that mindset, of getting them to maintain the same hunger throughout the game. Spurs players have always been like this, that is why they never win anything. Watch the all or nothing documentary and you will stop blaming Jose for everything.

Yes, Jose will set up his team to defend against big teams that are better at playing possessive football - Liverpool, City or Chelsea - and I buy into that strategy. But against these other daily smaller sides, he doesn't deliberately set his team to only defend. Remember, Spurs defenders are prone to conceding goals, so it is also important to protect them a little while you take your chances.

In this Fulham game, if Spurs had taken one or two more of the chances they got, that discussion would have been different. Football punditry is a joke!
Martin Hawkins
Martin Hawkins:
boring shite football we deserve better COYS
toney Marshall
toney Marshall:
šŸŽƒšŸ¤£šŸ¤£šŸ¤£šŸ¤£šŸ¤£šŸ¤£šŸ¤£šŸ¤£šŸ¤£utd fan here ohhhh little baby want a bottle šŸ¼lol
Ron Vinayak
Ron Vinayak:
Sack jose please .. i cant see this anymore .. world class players yet they cant beat tomato can teams ..its just so heartbreaking and sad being a spurs fan right now .. just so sad
Dulqarneyn Dulqarneyn
Dulqarneyn Dulqarneyn:
Playing Eric dier center back
Mario Martins
Mario Martins:
He's right, spurs players bottle it all the time, he is being light because people give him shit, but people forget that he uses bobby robson man managing and let me tell you when bobby robson call out players the players would get the stick and rightfully so, ditch spurs mourinho come to west ham.
Chinedu Nkwachukwu Adiele
Chinedu Nkwachukwu Adiele:
Michael Owen Should go manage a club
Elangbam Roshan
Elangbam Roshan:
1-0, 2-1, 3-1 at this stage if you defend
there is always a chance of a draw.
0-0,1-1, 2-2 if you defend you might get defeated.
To kill the game you attack at 1-0,2-0, 3-1for getting 2-0, 3-0, 4-2 because usually players demoralised after the third goals against them. And confidence on the scoring side.