Tottenham vs. Fulham reaction: I have NO SYMPATHY for Spurs! - Craig Burley | ESPN FC

Tottenham has just one win in their last six Premier League games and the ESPN FC panel are none too happy about Jose Mourinho's defensive tactics. Craig Burley, Jurgen Klinsmann and Frank Leboeuf share their thoughts on Tottenham's 1-1 draw vs. Fulham with the crew agreeing Spurs should be dominating more games. Burley and Leboeuf place the blame squarely on Mourinho, with both wondering if the manager will ever evolve his tactics. The guys also discuss Gareth Bale starting on the bench and wonder why he hasn't played more this season.

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100+ comentarios:

0:03How did ole get in this convo, we are rent free in every rival fans heads I SWEAR😂
brendan mahlatse
brendan mahlatse:
Spurs 🚌 in the second half 😂😂
kosi nwosu
kosi nwosu:
Kids, be prepared for bumps under the bus...Mourinho is going to start throwing players under
Mr. Lucien
Mr. Lucien:
Didn't Craig love the way Spurs play though?
Mr. Bawajee
Mr. Bawajee:
Playing Sissoko as a winger made us drop points before the game even started
Classic Jose. Score 1 then park the bus with 9 players in the back. Never change Jose.
Sandy Mar
Sandy Mar:
As expected Mourinho parked the bus in 2nd half, fulham totally deserved this result. There is no way they can make it to top 4.
Ed Woodward
Ed Woodward:
I was right to sack Jose
Abdifatah Gabeyre
Abdifatah Gabeyre:
Craig hating on United is making him Famous! Kardasian Famous!
Young Heartthrob
Young Heartthrob:
I’m so tired of seeing Jose turn into Steve Bruce/ Sean Dyche every time they score 1 goal in the first half 🤦🏽‍♂️
Mark Hadden
Mark Hadden:
Mourinho has done this his whole career the difference was at Chelsea if they went 1 up they would then end the game with a clean sheet
Abu Ceesay
Abu Ceesay:
It's understandable to be defensive and play counter against likes of Liverpool and Manchester city but using the same tactics against teams struggling at the relegation zone is a big disgrace to mourinho. It's the one thing why he will not have any bigger job than Tottenham
Hez and Family
Hez and Family:
The so called special one, he ain't doing anything special at Tottenham. Same Bus Parker
Jesse Skariah
Jesse Skariah:
Dan Thomas is always winding up Burley big time!
Bishal Pathak
Bishal Pathak:
The best team drew again
TheMan WithNoName
TheMan WithNoName:
Maybe if they brought Gareth Bale back he'd be flying, they'd be smashing teams and it would be a real fairytale.... Oh....
Craig is giving Jose credit for being able to do something different, well, the truth is he can't, Mourinho ball is all he knows.
Chaz Clifford
Chaz Clifford:
This game has summed up Mourinho In the last couple years. He relies on collective solidity to earn him a clean sheet and individual quality to win him the game. The Mourinho of old was much more pragmatic, now he is more reliant on individual quality as he has relied completely on counter attacks
Shantanu Thakar
Shantanu Thakar:
Craig only has sympathy for his buddy Fraud Lampard.
The Poltical One
The Poltical One:
Craig saving his sympathy for Liverpool
Anaheim Resident
Anaheim Resident:
Craig said 2 weeks ago how many of United players would get into Liverpool. He said "None" and he is saying this again but for Spurs 1:35 😂😂😂😂
Why did we Chang tactics after beating Southampton 5-2 United 6-1 it’s pathetic
Certified_Boss Brown
Certified_Boss Brown:
Craig ready to unload on his next target😭😭😭😭😭
Lindsey Celia
Lindsey Celia:
Craig talks more like a politician than a football pundit.
biniam mersha
biniam mersha:
We all thought Mo will learn from his mistakes and change his ⚽️ ideas at spurs. Guess not lol
james kiwoi
james kiwoi:
Just The other day Craig was very impressed with Jose's tactics.
Jose Mourinho
Jose Mourinho:
It’s always let’s bash Jose but never how is Jose I’m trying my best 😞
Jahid Masud
Jahid Masud:
Now people would understand why many United fans were happy when Jose was sacked in 2018. It’s not the result but the style of play that hurts most.
Alan Delo
Alan Delo:
Jose is a defensive manager very simple.
Not 2 busy
Not 2 busy:
I'd really like to see Craig as a manager someday. Frank in a supporting role
and Stevie as the throw-in coach. The 3 Amigos . . . . . unleashed.
Yeidon Sancho
Yeidon Sancho:
It must be so sad to watch your team just for the score. Having Mourinho or Simeone as your manager must be torture. And again, there are many different ways to feel and play football, different paths to victories. I want to enjoy the 90 minutes I spend watching my team play.
Siddhartha Mukherjee
Siddhartha Mukherjee:
every premier league matchday, craig is like , "please do not let it be man utd today, dan is gonna tear into me"
What an opening cut :D
Emmanuel Bumunang
Emmanuel Bumunang:
Spurs, an easy team to play. One style of play, score and sit back. When they sit back you then attack and score.
Maureen the footballing dinosaur. Called it back when he was in Manchester, man's finished living on his past glories.
Rory Blessington
Rory Blessington:
Fulham is a club I do love (yet I’m not a Fulham fan) and would love to visit The Cottage one day. Just keep the points up and you’ll be ok
Kevin Friend
Kevin Friend:
Craig Burley wishes I was reffing Sunday's big match. Me mum does too. I'd be on it like jam on toast.
Omar Dahi
Omar Dahi:
after the game craig said he loved the way spurs play and defend
Trini Godbless Youth
Trini Godbless Youth:
Lol....I am not going to Bs you guys i will literally pay to see Craig upset 😂😂😂
If they play like this, they will not end the season in the top 4.
Aniq Ahmad
Aniq Ahmad:
Mr bus driver maureen are stuck behind the traffic at fulham lol 😆
everyone :here goes, Craig is on with usual rants again...zeeshhh!
Roy Keane : that's his job.
Damion Thompson
Damion Thompson:
The wayJose was running his mouth I thought they were gonna decimate Fulham 10 nil
Freedelivery 85
Freedelivery 85:
Craig is the only one that supports Tottenham on here so I totally understand if he is mad at this performance
We all tired of seeing this at this point
R 7
R 7:
team spirit: everyone defend we have a bad defence.
how mourinho is a bad manager
Jeloney Fillington
Jeloney Fillington:
I am coming to believe jose killing the talents at tot oh my God
Craig Burley: "If I can be sympathetic"
Me: So you're saying there is a chance you've got a heart? Awww
Biodun Savage
Biodun Savage:
I watched Fulham played yesterday with full admiration for the team and the coach and I couldn't but pray for them to comfortably come out of relegation by end of the season. Mourinho's addiction to this park the bus and counter tactics is the beginning of his downfall in Tottenham. This system isn't working anymore and I thought he should have seen it weeks ago. But huge credit is what Craig Burley should give Fulham', they deserve some respect
Kmob 4.0
Kmob 4.0:
Tottenham didn’t play badly they created chances but just couldn’t execute them Though in the second half they did drop in performance
Daniel Martinez
Daniel Martinez:
Mourinho and his 2003 tactics are finished and I’m muting this
Jan-Helge Asgautsen
Jan-Helge Asgautsen:
Give Fulham some credit aswell, they were unlucky to draw Liverpool earlier in the season, and have only improved since that.
Craig you still remember how United slapped your team 4-0 (think it was 94-95 season) and you had a stinker of a game and were subbed at half time?
Spurs had chances to kill of the game but Fulham also had good chances, fair result in the end in my opinion.
Shirish Baral
Shirish Baral:
Fullham VS Spurs
Scott Parker VS Bus Parker
Sue Smith
Sue Smith:
Congrats Poch , won his first trophy tonight ... as a Spurs fan I am delighted for him .
Freddy Nayeb
Freddy Nayeb:
Tottenham need someone like lukaku to help\challenge the current strikers and they could be 2x better.
SKM Designs
SKM Designs:
Sissoko, Holjbeg, Winks, Ndombele all start together while Bale, Lucas, Alle are on the bench.... LOL I'm relieve I dont have to watch that anymore.... Thats Like playing Fred, Mctominay, Matic and Pogba in Midfield while bruno, rashford on bench
Sean Casey
Sean Casey:
Burley is a parody of himself at this stage
When Jose arrived, spurs were blowing teams away by 2/3 goals. Now he is reverting back to his original style where he gets the early lead and is happy to sit back and invite pressure onto his team for the game
G N-Gary
G N-Gary:
Spurs fan here. Craig is 100 percent right for once.
I see we're living rent free in Burley's head even when he's supposed to pundit Spurs.
Drake Geralds
Drake Geralds:
I wonder why Craig's argument for Ole is lack of experience but Bielsa and Jose are performing badly and they don't get the same criticism
Fulham deserved a point at least. Gg to them.
Divyansh Bahuguna
Divyansh Bahuguna:
Chelsea and Spurs has a great fall.

Waiting for United
Junior Rodigan
Junior Rodigan:
We have left 10 points out there, in games we had a lead ... if we get even half of those, we're alone on top of the table. Gotta score when you have the chances. Defense ain't the problem.
_''The Therapist'_
_''The Therapist'_:
Moureen has been finished for quite some time if we’re being honest, great personality but his football is gone. Sad reality.
Bottleham Hotspurs is back - lets face it Spurs fans, you knew what you was getting when Moanrinho took over, he'll never learn or change. Should of kept Poch and backed him with a proper budget
Prit Vanjara
Prit Vanjara:
Jose drop points and Craig can't get over Ole.
Amged Fraik
Amged Fraik:
Craig Burley has all the smoke for all the other prem teams except Chelsea 🥴
Clayton Toit
Clayton Toit:
Spurs right now reminds me of the Jose Man Utd, Jose's tactics won't relegate Spurs, but it will keep them between 8th & 5th in the table
Seye Arowolo
Seye Arowolo:
Jurgen Klinsman is always balanced in his views...respect. Craig Burley is talking as if Mourinho was one of the players...I do not believe JM asked Spurs players to sit back to defend a goal...the players need to take responsibility
Marnus deBruyne
Marnus deBruyne:
It'll go further down hill very quick when Kane gets injured
To Sours fan
Are you missing poch now?? Cause i am
PS Am not even spurs fan
Bevon Hall
Bevon Hall:
Football has so much criticism over the last 7 months and its bad teams are going true a lot these guys are not on the field working for the players. A lot of players are exhausted and looking for a rest while these idots just sit back and critisise people all their lives
Lav Bhatta
Lav Bhatta:
Getting a little disappointed with Jose’s tactics. Tottenham have been leading with a goal and getting defensive right away for several matches in a row now and always end up conceding a goal at the end. Something needs to change ASAP.
Wishva krish
Wishva krish:
Every goal keeper is fooking buffon against fullham
Newcastle goalie
Crystal palace and today
These goal keepers had their career best matches against spurs
It’s a fact though 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
Anthony Moses
Anthony Moses:
Mourinho’s Chelsea & Madrid sides used to dominate games and only played counter attacking football against top sides unlike this Spurs side
Darren Redden
Darren Redden:
Bale is living the good life. £500k a week for doing nothing...while the average Joe is wondering how to pay his electric and gas bills!!
Raj K Kingsley
Raj K Kingsley:
Men I like the why the game went 😂😂😂
Jesse Montiel
Jesse Montiel:
This is really all jośe’s fault for picking that 11 to start against Fulham and the reason why spurs have dropped so many points in the past month smh
kelly James254
kelly James254:
If he continues throwing his players under the bus he will for sure loose the dressing room
Di Roy Sama
Di Roy Sama:
It's time people wake up and realise that it's not the team they thought it were.
OneVoice ManCity7th
OneVoice ManCity7th:
Krombopulous Michael
Krombopulous Michael:
This season is crazy. Top 12 ish teams have a shot a Europa. 7 or 8 of those could challenge for a champions league spot and 3 or 4 real title challengers. Can't wait to see how this campaign finishes.

Come on you Saints!!! Let's get top 7!!!!
Google User
Google User:
If Arsenal win today There will just be a 4 point gap between spurs and Arsenal.
The major flaw with Joses approach is that the human brain finds it difficult to transition from one mindset to a completely different one. Its much better at making small changes. You see with City they play the same way regardless of the score - they play possession, take some chances, go forward and it keeps the players 'interested' in the game. If the skysports website is correct it said Spurs played 4-2-3-1 .. thats a formation you'd use when you badly needed a result (with an out of form team). At home to Fulham, I'd like to see them go for it .. 4-3-3.
Godwin Bridget
Godwin Bridget:
Credit to Fulham they did very well..Tottenham 🤣🤣🤣
james kiwoi
james kiwoi:
I dint watch the game but how is it that Tottenham were chasing the ball and still have more ball possession.
issa wemba
issa wemba:
Today, Craig has been justified. (I hate these pundits too)
Loftus Blake
Loftus Blake:
Good performance from Fulham and then there's Spurs.
Delenil the WarThief
Delenil the WarThief:
The first Half of the season isn't even over and there is a second half to boot. Spurs are just 6 points away from top still, I'd wait one more bad result before giving up.
not sure how you fan boys can even bother to defend Jose here lol
Craig is right. Mou needs to learn how to attack. He is always conservative, which means he doesn't play to win, he plays not to lose
Badal Agrawal
Badal Agrawal:
Monday: we dont need ozil
Wednesday: play sisoko on the wing
Kathy Flegg
Kathy Flegg:
Problem is. Czech terry carahlio lampard drohgba. Not available
Ghassan Abulawi
Ghassan Abulawi:
Most top teams can’t finish their games off lately, it’s not just Spurs
nigel duckworth
nigel duckworth:
Craig says " this style" of Spurs. It's not a style, it's anti football from Mourinho.
Why EqualsFx
Why EqualsFx:
Mourinho is to blame :
Inability to defend a lead and/or finish off teams 🤦
niraj thapa chhetry
niraj thapa chhetry:
Against lesser teams Chelsea had fabregas for picking out pass or hazard getting pass defender and scoring