Tottenham's Joe Rodon deal and what really happened, Levy's magic and why Jose Mourinho is so happy

Taking a look behind the scenes of Tottenham's late deal for Joe Rodon, Daniel Levy's negotiations, why Jose Mourinho is so happy, what the future holds for Danny Rose and more.

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Us Spurs fans are very lucky to have such a good journalist informing us on what’s going on inside our club, informative as always
David Baber
David Baber:
The reason so many people follow you AG,is that your enthusiasm is infectious,your analysis is articulate and really knowledgeable.Keep em coming......😁🐓
Akrit Pradhan
Akrit Pradhan:
I honestly think they should give you more questions in the press conferences because everyone else asks the same old lame questions.
Steve Harris
Steve Harris:
How many people think Alasdair should have his own podcast????
1985 02
1985 02:
The only person on YouTube who doesn’t annoy us about “ smashing the like button “ and beg for follow!
I like your videos before they even start
Mourhino is going for the big one, he’s going straight for the league these season. There’s something happening at Spurs!!! The race is wide open, no team is a sure winner this season. Liverpool isn’t having it easy, City as well, Chelsea isn’t on their level best. We’ve got a season in our hands
Vaughn Brettell
Vaughn Brettell:
When Levy hired Jose everyone in the press said it was a disaster the 2 are polar opposites etc. I think jose makes Levy job easier as world class players want to play for him and I think for the first time in years Levy feels confident enough in his manager that he doesn't look at spending money as a bad investment but rather a good investment
One Gooner disliked 🤦‍♀️
Matthew Olugbemi
Matthew Olugbemi:
Mourinho has been widely misrepresented by the media as a chequebook manager and also of the narative that he can't work with Levy.

Jose usually buys effective players that can deliver his plan.

Porto, worked with no superstars and they became stars.
At Chelsea, sanctioned the buy of Drogba, not a star any big club would look at then. The superstars that came where basically club obsession or marketing business, buying the likes of Shevchenko and Torres.
At Inter, he worked with warriors not stars.
At Real, he brought in players that were not the Real Madrid galactico caliber type, bringing in Ozil etc.
At Chelsea again 2nd time, no superstars, Hazard became a superstar as he had his best moments under Jose.
At MUFC, the likes of Pogba was a club marketing buy, Jose wanted some efficient player that Mufc refused out of pride and their non-existent United standard claim. And we can all see even now at United that they are running after superstars and not addressing the key needs of team, no specific plan.

At Spurs now, we see now that Levy was happy to go for Jose's specific profile of players and they are not superstars and bank breaking players.
I really think Jose's time here will make people look differently at his time at Utd. He started off with a much better squad here than he did at Utd, and he has gotten a better crop of players before he's even been here for a year than he did during his entire time at Utd and I think we've spent about as much money in that time (albeit with 3 players on loan) on 9 players as Utd spent on Paul Pogba, if not slightly less. When you back a proven manager and allow him to do the things he needs to to make you into a title-winning team, you win titles.
Gaffie 1996
Gaffie 1996:
When you give Mourinho what he needs you create a very dangerous Mourinho. I'm not getting carried away yet, but if we can take maximum points over the next few fixtures then we may be able to do something special. I think we will win a trophy, most probably the Europa league. I cant wait for the pundits to start giving Jose the respect he deserves
Mark Evans
Mark Evans:
Ali, your enthusiasm is infectious! It’s great to have a Spurs fan who is a journalist covering things going on inside & outside the club. Your insight & honest opinions are appreciated by us fellow fans, the viewing figures prove it. Keep up the good work!! #COYS
Josh Mackey-Murphy
Josh Mackey-Murphy:
Just what I was looking for , great timing again Alasdair.
Mo Riyad
Mo Riyad:
I need a Swansea fan to tell me his strengths and weaknesses someone who sees him week in week out
Kelso Hunt
Kelso Hunt:
It's sad for rose, he burnt his bridges and there no coming back. A sad end of his spurs career.
Mark shaz
Mark shaz:
Cheers Alasdair, Rodan is a great signing for us, great in the air and excellent at stealing the ball from players, a great replacement for Jan, £11m is a steal as Swansea fans will tell you. Agree completely with your remarks with regards to Danny Rose, he was a good servant to the club for a long time. My one criticism for your videos mate is no adverts, if ever there was a channel worth ads its this one.
Ali, smashing this just as hard as Levy this window 👍🏻
S Pillai
S Pillai:
Brightening up the weekend again, no football journalist is as good as Gold 😎
Druid Hugger
Druid Hugger:
Brilliant upbeat chat Alasdair . Summing up what most of us are feeling . Keep the videos coming please.
Robert Honeyball
Robert Honeyball:
Love the enthusiasm, but let's get focused for Sunday, a tricky game for sure. Hopefully if we take it 1 game at a time the cream will rise to the top, no question about the quality we have.
Afra Hussain
Afra Hussain:
These 9 dislikes has to be infants who are disturbing their daddies.
Patrik Salmi
Patrik Salmi:
Trying my very best not to get too excited for the rest of the season. Cheers AG
Andrew Roulston
Andrew Roulston:
Needed this today! Great timing Alasdair - again you’ve been informative on all matters and actually made the transfer window even more interesting. Much appreciated sir.
Norman Roberts
Norman Roberts:
Hi Alasdair, a great transfer window for the club, levy has pulled out all the stops for the club, let's hope we can bring a trophy in to the club this season. Stay safe and well. COYS.
TJ Crocombe
TJ Crocombe:
Thank you again Mr. Gold, glad we have you to update and guide us through this season! You should definitely do a Podcast! COYS
This window is better than the post Gareth Bale one in 2013. Its ironic that he's part of this one.
Views For Money
Views For Money:
I will say it again, i feel lucky i can watch your channel for free, literally you get paid to talk with Jose Mourinho and write about spurs, and we get your opinion and behind the sences news for fres, you dont care about views, i never heard you say like or subscribe you do that because you love your job and us(Spurs fans)
Thank you.
Orin Orio
Orin Orio:
Jose was bought in for two reasons.
1 to attract the players they have in this transfer window
2 to win trophies

Levy has backed by a manger who can win trophies and made good deals to bring it players that can be worked with. Something that Poch didn't do when he got a team that also had 7 new players. This is the Spurs rebuild this time they have a manger who can win trophies.
Thanks Ali. There's a lot of excitement, but Spurs need to be consistent to succeed. As Jose said, one game at a time. West Ham will not be easy. Spurs need to be clinical, aggressive and sharp on defense. #COYS
James H
James H:
The Joe Rodon Experience
Anik Chakraborty
Anik Chakraborty:
I stopped googling spurs news, just read your tweets & watch your weekly videos. Cheers Mr. Gold
Pepe Jean
Pepe Jean:
Levy has his critics but I’m glad we have him. The man knows how to do business.
Lappers 82
Lappers 82:
Absolutely nailed it again alasdair love the video love the channel, can’t wait for Sunday after the abysmal international break....watching England now just sucks the life out of me😩 so the premier league is back and boy have we got a squad to get ultra excited for now 👌 keep up the great work and look forward to your next video stay safe mate COYS 💪
Jamie Roche
Jamie Roche:
The Godfather has spoken, good day good sir 👍🏻 #coys
Chris Wilkes
Chris Wilkes:
Also sad to see things go pear-shaped for Danny Rose. When he and Kyle Walker were patrolling the touchlines, we had the best wingbacks in the League. But if the Amazon film is anything to go by, he's not helping himself. The obvious and only thing to do was to have worked very hard and made it impossible for JM to leave him out. And even if that hadn't worked, he would now be a better prospect for another team. As it is, he's made himself almost unemployable, which is a shame given both his great talent, and his long history with our club. Thanks, Danny, for all your work for us.

We had a GREAT transfer window, but Spurs already had a great team, with much more to come from the existing players. A great moment for our club.

Levy must now get credit for what he and Steve Nicholls have done this summer. No more carping. We have everything we need. Two full teams of good players, and an exceptional stadium. Oh - we needed some fans, and, just by accident, we have best fans in the world!

Thank you, Alistair, for another great review. Thanks for 'chatting Tottenham Hotspur'.
Big shame that Danny Rose has ended up without a squad number and no club to go to.
Yes, he's often spoken out when it might have been better to keep quiet, but, should be considered a club legend and respected for the great job that he did.
Thanks, Alasdair, great content as always.
Sam Ahearne
Sam Ahearne:
Class Alastair would love u to pin my comment most interesting journalist out there great stuff 👍🏿💪
Mavela Gamedze
Mavela Gamedze:
JM player Ronaldo as a Number nine for the first time in his career against Barca in a Final and they won it. To your point he does what works for the team in the circumstances.
Mike Brown
Mike Brown:
The British Isles is the phrase you were looking for
James Hunter
James Hunter:
Agree re the quality of the signings Alasdair, Mourinho's 'almost' is referring to Skriniar. That player at the helm of the defence would have transformed THFC. We lack top top quality @ CB. Our existing are all pretty good, but not good enough for the top opponents, in those very tight games won on small margins. Maybe try again in January.
adam bryant
adam bryant:
We need to win the next 4 in the league, build some confidence. Then we get Man City
Mark Spencer
Mark Spencer:
A very good transfer window, good signings, good vibes coming from the players and José. Levy has backed the manager and now is the time for Spurs to go to the higher level José was brought in for. COYS!!
Capitano Steve
Capitano Steve:
I've been a Spurs fan for over 60 years and have never been so excited by a squad. Even with the double team we only had a first XI and a few others who could come in.
Over the decades we've had many good/great teams but lack of depth was frequently a problem. Now we can put out a first XI and have another first XI on the bench!
Now if you'll excuse me, as I've retired to southern Italy, I'm going to a little bar around the corner to watch the match. We've got the owner well trained, Spurs takes precedence over any Italian match 😁 COYS
After the actual Spurs matches I then always look out for your videos as the next best thing 😊 ! I can’t remember the last time I was this excited for a season, it’s very clear that there is such a buzz around us at the moment, doesn’t seem like we’re being hyped up by anyone outside of Spurs right now which isn’t a bad thing as the longer we go under the radar the better. Very tough run of fixtures next month and your right let’s see where we are after that. Come on the Spurs !!! 👊
Feel lucky to have someone like you getting the real inside stories and telling us Spurs fans in this great chilled out videos. So good to see you excited for the season ahead. I can’t remember seeing as strong a squad as now. Let’s beat the Hammers and keep moving forwards. Enjoy the game tomorrow. COYS!!
34 minutes of 24 Kt Gold? Yes please.
I don't remember being this excited to watch a league game, really hope Bale plays. Here's hoping we have another big win.
Grant Jordan
Grant Jordan:
Cheers Alasdair great insight as usual mate.....look forward to the next one and COYS
Full Send
Full Send:
While I’m not *expecting* a league title this season. The fact that Mourinho must be telling the players that finishing first is the target is rather exciting ...
Nicholas Wade
Nicholas Wade:
'More-eannie-oh" The English drag this word out far too long.
Harry 1561
Harry 1561:
This season could be unpredictable, with the 'big' teams under-performing the same as when Leicester won the prem.
shahied isaacs
shahied isaacs:
Always one of the most anticipated notifications....when Alli Gold uploads a new video. There is something brewing at SPURS people:). The excitement is hard to contain. Let's go smash WHam!!! COYS
Not getting carried away but feels good to have a reinforced team.
Brook Murray
Brook Murray:
Thank you so much for your coverage of the window these last few months 🙏
Matt t
Matt t:
Pure Gold! Great info as usual especially on players like Jack Clark couldn't find that anywhere yesterday when I was looking. Fingers crossed for Sunday as you said Hammer's are always up for this one! Coys
Elliott Honey
Elliott Honey:
Wow , just wow... levy bossing this window
Titus Monk
Titus Monk:
So great to see Rodon in the squad. I’m Cymraeg, so Davies, Rodon & Mr Bale in the team is a bonus for me on a personal level.

Davies has proven to be reliable if not flash at LB, like Denis Irwin without the goals.

Bale is Bale, older now and somewhat of an unknown quantity pertaining to this particular season & the rekindling of his career... we all know what he’s capable of though.

Rodon I can only hope becomes a defensive monster for us. Somewhere between Stam (he was better than Vidic IMOHO) & our own Ledley King. The welsh Chiellini! 😂 we can dream and/or joke.

Good luck to him at Spurs. And let’s give Bale a few performances to get up to speed.

Mike Achtereekte
Mike Achtereekte:
Another fantastic video. You look like a kid when you talk about this transfer window and bale. Love it. Ottawa Spurs Canada
Abhay Kalasapur
Abhay Kalasapur:
Spurs defence not been strong is bit hyped I think so...Out of 5 goals conceeded 3 are penalties and one from free kick only one from open play
Evan Williams
Evan Williams:
I still want skriner though
M Robenburg
M Robenburg:
24:06 / 33:59 The Special Squad & The Special One :)

Great report Alasdair!
Patrick O'Riordan
Patrick O'Riordan:
Good see Jose backed, think back when he was at Utd when they didn't get Toby when he wanted him, thats a key difference it is his picks and levy got them for him no doubt makes him berry happy
Stephen Evans
Stephen Evans:
That was a very good transfer window, really looking forward to seeing Gareth Bale playing for Spurs again. Bale looks so much happier since coming back. We now have enough strength in depth in the squad and we should be challenging for a trophy this season.
Wayne Bonner
Wayne Bonner:
And Clarke is a player I'm really looking forward to seeing, I see nothing but good things with him
Alex Bryant
Alex Bryant:
You “can’t stop smiling” either, Alasdair! Great video, as ever.
Football Heritage
Football Heritage:
Thank you for everything this window Alasdair
I’m happy we have levy and not Woodward
Rodon is 23 next week! “One for the future”? Oh you mean the future as in next month.
michael mccarthy
michael mccarthy:
hi alasdair another great vlog lots of inside info great job stay safe
Howard Sykes
Howard Sykes:
The last pieces of the jigsaw are falling or will fall into place. This is the most confident I have been since the brilliant last season at WHL. Thanks as always Alasdair, looking forward to your analysis of the West Ham game.
RA Jimoh
RA Jimoh:
New year Honours List - Arise Sir Alasdair Gold of COYS ☺️
We need to stop talking about Bale I can't stop getting excited tomorrow can't come soon enough!
Robert Vaughan
Robert Vaughan:
Totally agree Alasdair give levy his due I've criticised him in past so feel need to praise him now absolute masterclass on tight budget 👍
Ajs 1988
Ajs 1988:
If Rodon can't play on the europa squad, we could of loaned him back to Swansea for the season, continuing his development. Once dier is back, I cant see the lad playing as much as he needs to. I'm excited to see him in a spurs shirt in the future. Brilliant video again sir! Coys
Jimmy Fox
Jimmy Fox:
A win on Sunday with be wonderful!
Joel Hammer
Joel Hammer:
Happy days. Thanks for the insight. Helps me while away the time in a pleasant way while under lockdown.
Mark Monroe
Mark Monroe:
Rose always gave his best for the team,it was great watching him powering down the wing.
I will say don't underestimate the influence of Sacramento too, that Lille side where awesome going forward
Biff Grimes.
Biff Grimes.:
About time Daniel Levy got some recognition for the great work he has done this transfer window.
Bats 1986
Bats 1986:
Excellent window, we have a squad now capable of competing on all fronts & let’s hope it carry’s on against West Ham.
Keep up the fantastic videos & the articles on football London Alasdair your doing a brilliant job 👍 COYS
Beckster vanC
Beckster vanC:
Your explanation about players recognised as home grown according to EUFA and the EFL is so informative and helpful! This gives me a better understanding why players can’t feature in the squads for different competitions. Thanks for giving information that goes so much deeper than the usual stuff.
Steve Teitelbaum
Steve Teitelbaum:
Love these
Long Chek Juan
Long Chek Juan:
Mourinho is happy, yes, and so are you :) It shines through the video. It's been a great window for us.
Llewelyn Screen
Llewelyn Screen:
Danny Rose needs a move to Spain, he'd do well over there. A loyal member of THFC who is wasted in the reserves.
David Hutchinson
David Hutchinson:
Many thanks AG. I enjoy your updates almost as much as I love the Club. You've obviously become trusted and respected within the Club which leads to some really informed commentary. Keep it up and stay safe.
Rob Jacques
Rob Jacques:
Ali, I just love how positive you are and of course the quality of your reporting. Good show man!
paalo sordoni
paalo sordoni:
Best Spurs information on the web bar none.
I still giggle like a kid when anyone mentions Son + Bale... oh and we now have Bale also... Was my fav player so having him back now is just unbelievable. Cheers for the update AG. Very hard to not be excited right now about what Spurs can achieve. COYS!
Ben Ume
Ben Ume:
Found this late Alasdair but as usual you deliver it to us warts n all in the style only you can get away with! Thank you mate and may it continue well into the future! Having designed the stadium I know what it's like to be involved with the club you love!! Over the moon!!
Andy Russell
Andy Russell:
A brilliant listen, as always! Thanks for being a Spurs fan Alasdair G!
Izz Aydyn
Izz Aydyn:
Daniel Catino
Daniel Catino:
Alistair do you know if bales done an Initiation song as wanted to see one from him haha, not sure on Twitter or not
Mark Wakeley
Mark Wakeley:
great stuff Mr G.
So excited for the West Ham game today. COYS!
Mr. Bawajee
Mr. Bawajee:
Tanganga and Rodon as our future cb pairing. Looks promising🙌
alex durnell
alex durnell:
Love these Ali! So excited for the game, coys!
Joe Shaw
Joe Shaw:
Wait for Alisdair's input with baited breathe always ...
Callum Bui
Callum Bui:
Maidenhead FC big up COYS
Allan Ang
Allan Ang:
Alastair you have been a breath of fresh air combining your excellent journalism, insight and knowledge of the club with your fandom and enthusiasm. I've been following your articles for some time and super happy you started doing videos. I can speak for many fans I'm sure and just say THANK YOU 😁👍
Lazy Saturday in Atlanta and then I saw this.Thanks for the usual insight. What a transfer window!!