TRAINING | Ole's Reds putting in the hard yards ahead of Sevilla semi-final | Manchester United

Watch Manchester United train in Cologne as Ole Gunnar Solskjaer's side step up preparations for Sunday's UEFA Europa League semi-final against Spanish side Sevilla FC.

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100+ comentarios:

Scuba Diver Porter
Scuba Diver Porter:
Off topic but does anyone else think martial would be amazing at short range free kicks ? Btw: I’m not saying he should kick Bruno off them I’m just saying it would he interesting to see if he can curl them in from the left side
Huy Lê
Huy Lê:
We have to make use of our chances against Sevilla. And our defense have to keep concentrate throughout the match and prevent Sevilla’s counter attack.
1:04 Pereira definitely missed that lmao
Aadhil Shahabdeen
Aadhil Shahabdeen:
James Winny
James Winny:
There’s been talk about Pogba’s contract, and on his day this fella is the best midfield player in world football, he definitely deserves to be the best paid player in the squad. DeGea needs to pick up his game, being the best paid goalie in the world, and the best paid player in the premier league, he has to go back to being the best shot-stopper in the world.
I wanna see Jadon Sancho in that shirt 🔴 better make it happen Ed.
I miss Mctominay, feel like I've hardly seen him since he got back from his injury
Really feel for my boy Scotty. Was starting virtually every game and now can't even come off the bench
Lalneo Baite
Lalneo Baite:
I honestly can't wait to see Garner flourish soon. I am already a big fan of him before he plays in the 1st team.
allan kayongo
allan kayongo:
Anthony's performance has been top notch this season, it says it all about how ole is improving this team,He is feeling loved and happier than ever before
Aram Kim
Aram Kim:
2 Things Fans want to see:
1. Sancho no.7 shirt
2. United vs Man United Rejects in the EUROPA LEAGUE FINAL
Amestan Sadik
Amestan Sadik:
1:03 Yup Perreira, like always.
Astro Not
Astro Not:
Please can we have 16 - 20 min training vids like beanyman sports?
Dred Talon
Dred Talon:
Ole has done his part we have ucl now its woodwards turn i mean cmon we had sanchez on £500k weekly doesnt hurt that much for £108m transfer and £180k weekly for sancho we need depth and quality in our first team
Stephen Clues
Stephen Clues:
A night and day improvement in our fitness this season. Fed up of them wilting and conceding late goals under Mourinho. Well done Ole's team.
Niquan Ernest
Niquan Ernest:
Hope we beat Sevilla and grab that trophy in the finals🙏🏽🏆
Evil Eyes
Evil Eyes:
Hopefully the extra day to rest will make a difference. I feel the team can turn up if sevilla plays us with open spaces all across the field like they did with wolves.
Shut up
Shut up:
Please have an answer for Ever Banega, otherwise he will run the game like he did vs Wolves
Nasif Siddiquey
Nasif Siddiquey:
If we play against Sevilla like how we played against Copenhagen, we're losing. The players need to turn up
samuel amare
samuel amare:
Do you guys think the players appreciate the fact that there is a greatness in the form of Andreas Pereira training in the midst of them?
TSAL_ Me me
TSAL_ Me me:
Work BOYS❤⚽️!!!👏
Prashansa Arora
Prashansa Arora:
ALL THE BEST MAN UTD for the semi - final
Win with 5 goals😘😘😘😘😘
TJB Network
TJB Network:
I swear most of the video was based around scotty 😂
PKING #Glazersout
PKING #Glazersout:
Let’s just win this lads
Lets pay back to Sevilla for down us at round of 16 in UCL last season 🔥 score a goal, make a amazing defending and attacking. Ggmu 🔴
Superpower Football
Superpower Football:
United look ready to rumble! 🔥
Lord Lingard teaching Pogba. Such a legend
Reece Goatley
Reece Goatley:
Let’s go lads!❤️
Vũ Đượi
Vũ Đượi:
Pogba should feel lucky that he gets to training 1 on 1 with the legend Lingardinho
Andile Ndlovu
Andile Ndlovu:
Next time we would like to see the Coaching staff helping 1. AWB and Luke Shaw - with their crossing, 2.Daniel James with his first touch and decision making. And also concentration on the rest of the squad, jumping and passing the ball is the reason why we have these players but developing them is what will make us a force🤝
Sourish Dasgupta
Sourish Dasgupta:
We will win...
Cmon United... ❤️🔥
B Hew
B Hew:
Train Mags on headers (shooting) and get the front 3 to play fluid so switch poositions all the time, the last month we have failed to create space as the front 3 have been static. Sure its been a long year but just 2 games left now lads!
Александр Бычков
Александр Бычков:
We're UNITED! As long, As we live. With love from St. Petersburg
claymessiah gameing
claymessiah gameing:
Come on lads let's win the semi - final and destroy sevilla 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Mohammad Arham Vildan
Mohammad Arham Vildan:
make Maguire practice on heading
also de gea is excellent in saving higher shots but he should practice on saving grounded shots more
Oscar Roberts
Oscar Roberts:
I really hope we play garner more next season
Илья Кузьмин
Илья Кузьмин:
Вперед парни к победе в ЛЕ!!! GGMU!!!
Alexander Lay
Alexander Lay:
Come on! We have to win it!!
Abuu Afnan
Abuu Afnan:
Even the training mata he's so serious One Mata😘😘
Natthawut T
Natthawut T:
เอาแชมป์กลับมาที่แมนเชสเตอร์ให้ได้นะคับ น้าโอเล่✌️✌️
eak cash
eak cash:
แมนยู้ สู้ๆๆๆๆครับ เอาแชมป์ให้ได้
benjamin john jose
benjamin john jose:
We need more longer vids !!
Gilang Permana
Gilang Permana:
Come on United ♥️
Winston Pappoe
Winston Pappoe:
I really like the look of Garner, send him on loan to the championship pls🙏🏽
Mechanic46 Sinaga
Mechanic46 Sinaga:
Mudah mudahan MU bisa menjuarai liga ini 🙏🙏🙏
Jamie Eason's Vlogs
Jamie Eason's Vlogs:
Let’s go for it lads 💪🏻
Golden boy
Golden boy:
Come on uniTeD 🙏🔥🔥✌💘🇸🇴
Logen M
Logen M:
Ole should definitely consider playing Mata on the right in place of Greenwood in certain games. Mata's link up play with Martial is better although Greenwood is a way better finisher than Mata. But since we won't get Sancho or Fati, pls use Mata more.
Kiosaril 123
Kiosaril 123:
GGMU ❤❤❤
Mankai Konyak Longjok
Mankai Konyak Longjok:
Keep de gea in your team against Sevilla
Evan Eisenbarth
Evan Eisenbarth:
Andreas still aiming for the birds I see🧐
A H:
Ole deserves a title. So now or never!
Adam Ferguson
Adam Ferguson:
Do you know what they really need to concentrate on? Their tackling abilities. We lose 50/50’s so often and stand off players, really need to get that sorted ASAP.
Lts Chhaks
Lts Chhaks:
Go on boys 👍
Mankai Konyak Longjok
Mankai Konyak Longjok:
Keep de gea because he had played with Sevilla and saved man utd in 0:0 draw by saving his goal
Jatin S.
Jatin S.:
They should really train with shin pads and vary the distances and size of drills. I'm also hoping Ole and the coaches have got particular strategies they're working on
Akshat Khosla
Akshat Khosla:
Now imagine this team with sancho
John Cliff
John Cliff:
Every one is saying that we gonna lose to Sevilla for me thats motivates me to see how our team going to prove all of them wrong
Sing out Joyfully Arrangements
Sing out Joyfully Arrangements:
0:53 Greenwood admires his new tattoo 😀😀
Come on United! It wont be easy but I think we'll win 2-0. GGMU
Ave Regina
Ave Regina:
With their dribbling-typed plays, counter attack would be perfect to excel. Rashford's time.
Husni Mohamed
Husni Mohamed:
Sevilla is going to be a very tough match for us. We need to be mentally strong and fully concentrated. We can't afford to make silly mistakes like we did in the Copenhagen match. I believe in you, the trophy is ours to grab. Lets GOOOOO💪
Connor _
Connor _:
Scott lookin sharp
Shanu Cardozo
Shanu Cardozo:
I'm not sure but I really feel that McSauce has improved his physic
Kr lfc
Kr lfc:
I thought he would of just had them taking penaltys
Aditya Dubey
Aditya Dubey:
glory glory man utd!!!!1
Mohammed Ashraf Bin Muteyamen
Mohammed Ashraf Bin Muteyamen:
Hope United win!
If we beat Sevilla then we have really improved.
Feridiktus Lowalu
Feridiktus Lowalu:
Come on United.💪💪💪💪💪
Denver Naidoo
Denver Naidoo:
Guys, please pick your head up and pass.
Don't do 1-2's in the box.
Take shots!
Let the aim be to have more than 20 shots on target and you'll be guaranteed to have 5 or more go in
Still have no clue what Lee Grant is doing in Man Utd.
Zak Kazi
Zak Kazi:
United will have to up their fitness level and concentrate on the defence as well as their passing.
Dosis Harian Internetmu
Dosis Harian Internetmu:
Against sevilla will be a tough match
Hope we can go to final
Adventures qiue
Adventures qiue:
We need to see manchester be loved first eleven doing there best of de best. Chong and ligallo should make there appearance there have been out for along tym
Gaming Master
Gaming Master:
We need Sancho to win next premier league title
Ged B
Ged B:
Mcsauce looking fast 💨 lets hope he scores another blinder
Pond Pawarit
Pond Pawarit:
ซื้อซานโชได้แล้ว อบากเห็นซานโชมาพัฒนาทีม
Brø Kíng
Brø Kíng:
Love you sergio Romero.😍😘🥰🔐
Muhammad Ameruddin
Muhammad Ameruddin:
After see the game against Copenhagen, i know it will hard game for them against Sevilla later. Hope they can improve, especially Rashford that was so off form against Copenhagen. Of course i want to see they win the cup, but its still ok but they lose as Ole still build the team which majority of the squad were young players. We just need continue to support them.
I bet De Gea will play for the semi final. Just like before. Poor Romero
Wantei Diengdoh
Wantei Diengdoh:
Long Live Manchester United....👌
Simon Yugo Wambua
Simon Yugo Wambua:
Is it just me or is Ole getting that Sir Alex body physique 😊
Phoenix Skywalker
Phoenix Skywalker:
Will be a tough match, we have faced low and middle class teams so far in this Europa League, now, if we want to be champions, will face 2 top teams like Sevilla, Inter or even Shaktar in the final......should Alexis play his best against his former team????
No comment , just GLORY GLORY MAN UNITED❤️😈
Aprian Nababan
Aprian Nababan:
United Forever 😘
Mus Tofa
Mus Tofa:
I am a Manchester United fan from Indonesia, I want to convey my enthusiasm .... For the match against Sevilla💪💪💪💪💪💪
Bivan Odima
Bivan Odima:
Bring it home lads!!!
after they beat us in champions league and knocked us out.
sardar ehtasham
sardar ehtasham:
Sir please Sign merih Demiral in centre back and sign sancho or Coman for right Wing then we can challenge liverpool next season.
Stenco Dadz
Stenco Dadz:
I think Lee Grant can play until he's 50+..🤣🤣🤣
Huh... no one here is wearing those "man-bras" many players like to wear during training nowadays...
John Abraham
John Abraham:
One thing united struggle on and always struggle is attacking teams who play ultra defensive counter attack. We need to attack more and take more risks.
Fabrice qvo
Fabrice qvo:
Let’s gooooo United 🔴
Richmond Elorm
Richmond Elorm:
Come on lads let's do this ☺☺
1:02 classic pereira shot
At 0:55 caught greenwood staring at his new tattoo haha
football views KE
football views KE:
we want SANCHO NOW
I don't see sancho anywhere
pratap yonghang
pratap yonghang:
Greenwood should sometime get chance to play in striker position
Norzalina Md Noor
Norzalina Md Noor:
Just like what we did to Ed to get Bruno, Don't make us do it again, Ed