Training | United step up the intensity in training ahead of encounter against Newcastle

Go behind the scenes at the Aon Training Complex as Manchester United, including new signings Alex Telles and Facundo Pellistri, prepare for the clash against Newcastle in the North East on Saturday.

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100+ comentarios:

Christian Hernandez
Christian Hernandez:
Ole needs to give Maguire time off and give the armband to Bruno. Bruno’s the type of captain we need at the moment. Someone who absolutely hates losing and if someone doesn’t perform at a high level he’ll be quick to let them know.
Mzee Ali
Mzee Ali:
I like that Rojo is smiling despite not being played
I have high hopes for Alex Telles🔥
It's nice to see telles already smiling on his first day there. Definitely needs to start tmr
Nicholas Campbell
Nicholas Campbell:
I feel sorry for Rojo at this point. He's pretty rash but I remember the season we came second under Mou, despite him making a couple of errors that cost us a few wins to get closer to City him and Smalling were pretty decent around there.
Fruv 0
Fruv 0:
The fact that mufc fans talking about rojo, giving him a chance to prove to ole, shows how desperate we need to strengthen that position.
Omaka Nathaniel O.
Omaka Nathaniel O.:
So happy seeing Marcos Rojo smiling. I don't know why, but I love him for his aggressive nature.
Amirul Aiman
Amirul Aiman:
I think Solskjaer should give the captaincy to someone else, give it back to Maguire when he’s mentally ready. Protect the pride of the armband
Suracata Cham
Suracata Cham:
OGS should giv Rojo a chance to prove himself, he has an aggressive nature and is almost like a leader, takes no chances of nonsense n thats what we lack in our backline, START BAILLY AND ROJO😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Nico Franzese
Nico Franzese:
Alex Telles looking sharp!
Myst 7
Myst 7:
U post all these things, gets everyone hiped for prem, come to the day get hammered, don't get me wrong I love united but things have to change
Yap Zihau
Yap Zihau:
Left footed checked
Ball playing checked
Aggressive checked
Play for the badge when on the pitch no doubt
Marcos Rojo deserves a chance
Jacob Ssenyonga
Jacob Ssenyonga:
Cavani will lift these lads spirit in training like Bruno did can't wait for him to join the lads
Joseph Quaye
Joseph Quaye:
They always train but when they finally get on the playing field, they play as if they have never in their lifetime trained before.
aranya chakravorty
aranya chakravorty:
For all the two footed tackles rojo puts in he's never been sent off for United. I can't say that about all the defenders we have.
Jaazib Shah
Jaazib Shah:
Van De Beek to start?
If there is no Maguire then Bruno should be Captain
Rashford Or Greenwood as ST? Don't forget Ighalo
Alex Telles won't start
Juan Mata will start
Swedish Boy4.4
Swedish Boy4.4:
Reds go MARCHING on on on 🏆🔥
Matthew Stewart
Matthew Stewart:
Everyday they do the same thing in training passing the ball quickly then in game time situation they walk with the ball and take ages to make a pass..
Kelvin Kel
Kelvin Kel:
😭The pain in my Heart seeing the club i love so much on a downward spiral😭😭💔
Charles Xavier
Charles Xavier:
Telles is one of the missing links we've yearned for in terms of our attack.Finally someone who can cross.I worry about our defence though coz Rashford doesnt track back with conviction
Super Pexoke
Super Pexoke:
How about stepping up the intensity on the pitch?!
alli alli
alli alli:
1:32 "whats maguire problem with luke Shaw ? "
it's been 12 days and maguire's still bullying luke Shaw
Home Cooking Lifestyle
Home Cooking Lifestyle:
Happy to see everyone on the ground especially my man Jesse Lingard, love him so much even he does not really really shine at the moment.
Ehimwenma Richard
Ehimwenma Richard:
Sucks that we decided to sign cavan that has 2yrs left at most playing at the height of football when we could have splashed the cash on haaland who is a complete killer in front of goal whose career is just beginning. Cavani was definitely a signing made to silence the fans after Tottenham humiliation
Fakhri Zaim
Fakhri Zaim:
I think we should give a chance for Rojo to prove himself once more. Felt sorry for the state of our defence rn 😩
Vincent Janggang
Vincent Janggang:
It's nice seeing Rojo back with the squad and hopefully given some game time to prove his ability
William Lwin
William Lwin:
I love to see the way Utd played long passes and one-touch again
Andrew Kashaija
Andrew Kashaija:
I just love Marcus Rashford's workout in training everyday.. Marcos rojo is enjoying it as well I miss him
Odhrán Cole
Odhrán Cole:
With telles now as our most likely starting LB I’d love to see Brandon Williams played RB or CB , seeing as he’s already right footed could make a huge difference
Duriazu Djati
Duriazu Djati:
Solksjaer give Rojooooo chance c'mon!!! He should be Lindelof's partner
Ndanji Mfula
Ndanji Mfula:
I don’t care what they do in training ☹️ the guys should just start winning matches please❤️
I'd like to see more technical drills such as crossing, corners, placements shots, defending corners, freekicks
Kinito Kinny
Kinito Kinny:
The moment Rashford got nutmeg by Pogba, every players' reaction was priceless, including the ones wearing red bibs 😆
King Moses
King Moses:
Lets goo reds 🔴🔴who else feels positive on newcastle game🔴🔴✊✊
Clement Dwayne
Clement Dwayne:
Glad to see rojo is back on training. Hope he will play this season.he better than lord captain pirate maguire.. Hope he will pair with bailly or tuanzebe..
Very happy to see Pogba and Telles smiling! Let’s get the W and bounce back tomorrow boys!
David Magambo
David Magambo:
What a save from Henderson at the end.👏
loved it when Pogba nutmegged Rashy and lit everybody's mood. everybody reacting then haha
big man ting
big man ting:
If Maguire starts with the armband, imma be one step away from being ole out
Movie Hunterz
Movie Hunterz:
They need atmosphere like this in the match enjoy the game and more freedom 👊🏻
Rakshit Devkota
Rakshit Devkota:
wish i could get a heart from the club that is in my heart
No matter what's going on, I want you lads to know, we stand behind you and we stand behind Ole!
Hope this is sign that we can win against Newcastle with a convincing performance
Goals from Stands
Goals from Stands:
Just win please for the mental wellness🙏😭
please let meguire rest for couple of games hes playd VERRYYY BADLY
Bring back a player like Park Ji Sung in the midfield. THAT will solve alot of problems for Man U.
Give Deano chance to get in starting XI
Imagine when Shaw met Telles for the 1st time.
Di links
Di links:
Wow Jones looks so sharp 😂
Freddy Febs
Freddy Febs:
Marcos Rojo!!!❤️🚀
Devaughn Foster
Devaughn Foster:
Hope Telles gets his debut tomorrow against Newcastle. Excited to see how we integrate Pellistri into the squad. He looks bigger than I thought he was. Hope he can get some changes soon
Top 4 TV
Top 4 TV:
Some players who have had two weeks off may be more likely to start against Newcastle. Starting XI will be interesting.
Greg Frost
Greg Frost:
If Donny doesn't start, questions must be raised.
Nur Yasin
Nur Yasin:
So happy to see Rojo smiling
Eyelink Cargo
Eyelink Cargo:
Its very nice to see Marcos Rojo with a big smile am enjoying the spirit of the team and great individuals joined the team can't for the match tomorrow
Hassan Abdi
Hassan Abdi:
Can't wait for tomorrow❤❤❤
Edward Donkor
Edward Donkor:
Love the music. Keep it up 👌🏾
Great to see Axel Tuanzebe back in training!
1:32 maguire can’t seem to not get enough of touching shaw
Risky Arismunandar
Risky Arismunandar:
Yesss rojo comeback 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Arron Ng
Arron Ng:
wow.. everyone look so happy! look at that smile from telles!!
Loco 365
Loco 365:
1:31 Harry Maguire giving us a glimpse of him Vs Saint- Maximin
Ridho Setiawan
Ridho Setiawan:
happy to see rojo back at the training
Javan kyalo
Javan kyalo:
Boy do i love this club❤️❤️
Mangas World
Mangas World:
All players that leave Manutd will miss me always
Giafranco Danola
Giafranco Danola:
I remember back in 08 we thrashed Newcastle 6-1 away, if we can get anywhere near that I’d be happy, not forgetting the team we had back then Rooney, Ronaldo and tevez.
suede frank
suede frank:
I used to like how we played both Brandon and luke Shaw on the same wing, i think they should do the same with Telles and Shaw...
Manchester Unit is one of my favorite teams, I like Pogba the most.
Wayne Fernandez
Wayne Fernandez:
Teamwork and team spirit is very important. Put aside the past and look forward to the positive. We will today😁😁👍👍👍
Farhan Fadhory
Farhan Fadhory:
1:00 Dan James reaction's face. epic! :))
Shailesh Chile
Shailesh Chile:
Training needs to be hard...what I feel is that players come in and after one year they just drop their quality...😒 They need to improve 💪🏻
Can’t wait to see Alex Telles play
Give Rojo a chance!!!!
adam hasny
adam hasny:
So happy to see Rojo with the team again
Red Devil
Red Devil:
That squad is great but we need a better coach. Elite one; attacking with tactical knowledge.
Muhammad Farhan Amin
Muhammad Farhan Amin:
welcome back Marcos Rojo
D Aware
D Aware:
Oli needs the balls to drop maguire and pogba if he really wants to show authority and make Bruno captain!!
Kanishk Munot
Kanishk Munot:
2:38 Best outro
Ben Newton
Ben Newton:
Try stepping up the intensity during the next transfer window please!
Reners S
Reners S:
From week to week, i didn't see the difference or some changes with United style of play.
And the on going poor performance is the best fact.
Csokops #glazersout
Csokops #glazersout:
Let's smash Newcastle tomorrow come on United! We will get all 3 points and get momentum for Psg game💪🏾🔴🔥GGMU
Harry Maguire
Harry Maguire:
Telles looks like he's loving it
Joshua Monye
Joshua Monye:
I would like to see ighalo play with the first team in pl
Just a Hooman
Just a Hooman:
Place Rojo and Baily in CB please, we need a speed and deadly CB right now
Hugh Anderson
Hugh Anderson:
Telles and VDB have to start tmr. We should have 2 up front being rashy and Greenwood, and a diamond midfield behind them with pogba Bruno VDB and matic
Active Eze
Active Eze:
🚀🚀👍Rojo 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Hanafi Hidayat Hidayat
Hanafi Hidayat Hidayat:
Starter Bailly and Rojo 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Korletey Christian
Korletey Christian:
Rojo is back ! ❤️
2:36 And harry still can't score a header from a yard out.
J M:
We need this W
faze f _
faze f _:
1:32 maguire still loves luke Shaw
John Munro
John Munro:
Time to hang tough. Time for changes. Plenty of talent..... Glory glory man Utd!
Ajay Thomas
Ajay Thomas:
Was really impressed with the intensity until I realised I was watching at 1.75x speed!
Jeremy Christian Pedrolin
Jeremy Christian Pedrolin:
Rojo comeback for training💯
ahmad Firmansya
ahmad Firmansya:
Please use formation 4-4-2..
RB and LB must attack mode.
dean jago
dean jago:
I hope the team sorts its business out and we get results and the team most important plays well as a unit and give us a identity again
Ayooo bangkit united 💪
Come on boys!!! 🔥🔥🔥