Newcastle United travelled to face Tranmere Rovers in the Carabao Cup looking to advance further than they did last season.

Join Paul and Billy as they look back at the game and discuss the team lineup, tactics and of course the player ratings.

What did you think of the game? let us know through the live comments.

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23 comentarios:

Jon Blackburn
Jon Blackburn:
I'm just about to watch this now. Before I do, here's my ratings on last night. First off, the refereeing was shockingly bad. Was relatively impressed by Darlow, he came out quicker than I remember him doing previously (perhaps learning from Pope). I thought Targett had his worst game for us, so must still be recovering from what's kept him out of the league games. Lascelles was far better than I expected, nearly getting a challenge in before their goal, and kept his composure despite being twatted in the face. Dummett did okay, but not PL quality. Krafu, man, that looked less than ideal. Trippier put in some great balls from set pieces, but was exposed a couple of times in defence. I forgot Longstaff was on the pitch for most of the first half. Willock did pretty well going forward, Anderson had some nice touches. Murphy struggled, but was being fouled pretty much every time he got the ball - without winning freekicks, cheers ref. Ritchie was everywhere without doing too much going forward. Wood could have done more, but took his goal well and looked pretty mobile in comparison to the end of last season.

I shall now watch and see your opinions on this and see how much we differ!
Gus Gone
Gus Gone:
Lascelles turned in a captains performance. He scored a goal and bled for his team. Could we have asked for more against that type of opposition. The question is, is he good enough for our first choice defensive lineup?
I'm going to say yes, for now. There is no argument about him being a strong team spirited guy. Given that, he may improve his game in this much improved team. Jamaal has at the very least, earned his chance to improve. What say you?
Andy H
Andy H:
I get what you say about Paqueta but the problem is that many of us don't understand why the club are not going for him: he is a quality international; he is a Brazilian to go with Jolinton and Bruno and he is a friend of Bruno. It is not unreasonable for people to ask the question why. I cannot think of a single one other than his cost but if West Ham buy him for a reasonable price then it is only natural for supporters to be very disappointed. What is the problem with that? You yourself did an excited video a little while ago. How is that any different?
Stuart Munro
Stuart Munro:
The Tranmere team got away with a damaged leg , nearly kneecapped the goalkeeper , gave Lascelles a broken nose , nearly broke trippers foot again , and the Mickey the Melon , said his centre half was blocked , the ref was hopeless lol
Billy speaks the truth as per, lacelles could have done better 4 the first goal but dummet nd longstaff were horrific apart from that he had a very solid game!
David Howard
David Howard:
A fixture that most fans dread a lower league team away and probably on the the wish list of most lower league teams, Newcastle at home, given our shocking and abysmal record. Coming back from being a goal down, there is a novelty in a cup competition. Hopefully we can go deep in this competition. The many terrace managers throwing in their opinions about this potential new signing, the lad obviously has talent, is the right age and looks a big unit who is very mobile. If Chelsea are prepared to pay 60m for Gordon who has one good season and developed a reputation as a diver, plus 80m for Fofana at Leicester, the price for this lad although probably to high is in keeping with the market.
Samsonite Dove
Samsonite Dove:
On Isak's scoring record. There's only 3 players under 23yo with a better scoring in the top 5 leagues in Europe that has scored more. And only 2 of them are strikers. So we're potentially buying the 3rd best striker under 23yo in Europe and people still complain.
Mime Artiste
Mime Artiste:
Great show mate best on-line, great passion & info.
I think if we get j Pedro in , Murphy will be gone most likely to a championship team
Mike Trembath
Mike Trembath:
Great show again guys, I enjoy differing opinions. It creates chat and incourages people to see another point of view. In saying that, it needs to be constructive and not just "are you blind" or "do you even know football". Ask why? Simple, then when you disagree even more, this is your chance to name call. Just my opinion. Disclaimer, I do not indorse any name calling unless under extreme circumstances, eg mackems, skiprats and manure HWTL
Andy H
Andy H:
I think the cost of improvements are now included in FFP. Could you kindly check with Alex.
Rich Baxter
Rich Baxter:
You are absolutely right about mental health. The other channels drive me insane and they seem to get away with it but you guys keep it real and that for me (especially now) that keeps my head in the right place as some sound like they are going to top themselves if we don't get Paqueta for example. It's bizarre all of that. I just want honesty, banter and realism. You guys deliver.
do u not think Murphy nd Ritchie should have been on opposite sides to be able to cross the ball In for woods, nd at least try to play to his strengths??
Peter Griffin
Peter Griffin:
We got through that’s all yeah matters but several players were so poor. Never want to see Murphy play for us again, he bloody sucks.
Jon Steele
Jon Steele:
tripp gave baii away a few times
Stuart Munro
Stuart Munro:
I’m not sure about Isak, he only scored a few goals ,last season , no other clubs gagging a the bit , it could be a costly mistake , he looks great on utube , fingers crossed , Paqueta , why are they not offering a fee
Gus Gone
Gus Gone:
Did someone mention dawg? I'll have a Broon one cheers!
Adrian Acosta
Adrian Acosta:
Guys I'm really sorry but Elliot Anderson is just as good as longstaff but they are both not good enough
Mathew Thomson
Mathew Thomson:
Seen Stato on the Newcastle fans tv vlog.
Dave joy ford
Dave joy ford:
what's up with Murphy does he not know there's a war on.
Jacob is rubbish!! He only knows how to run and that's it..
Bandar M
Bandar M:
Billy cam lagging
when did the club come out nd say we are not interested in paqueta?