Travis Barker - Let's Go ft. Yelawolf, Twista, Busta Rhymes, Lil Jon

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Music video by Travis Barker performing Let's Go. © 2011 Interscope Records

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David Anderson
David Anderson:
I love that the rap community accept Travis with open arms, it's awesome.
Tingly Tones
Tingly Tones:
I feel like Travis teleports to any place when he's needed for drums.
Noelia Vasquez
Noelia Vasquez:
I need more of this. There’s nothing else out there like this! More Travis Barker colabs please!!!!!!
Scorpion Fan
Scorpion Fan:
Travis Barker has insane drumming skills
Still banging nearly a decade later! Who's here?
Alph Wolf
Alph Wolf:
This song is straight art. How they put these different artist in this song came together smooth
Tom Whitfield
Tom Whitfield:
Yelawolf is an underrated artist...different sound than everyone else.
Frances Silva
Frances Silva:
Hip Hop and Rock go so well together ❤ love Busta and Twista
Pyro Mania
Pyro Mania:
Something about Twista's vouce that still to this day gives me chills every single time he starts a verse
Dingle Berts Amateur Hour
Dingle Berts Amateur Hour:
Its 2019 I forgot about this banger but it's back on the playlist now
Michael Knoll
Michael Knoll:
One of my favourite parts of this track is when Yealwolf spun in a circle while completely switching up his flow.
Dana Hottel
Dana Hottel:
Still one of my favorite rappers and drummers colab. This song is pure energy.
Travis has been the main Drummer for many artists such as Avril Lavigne, MGK, Willow Smith, Blackbear, etc. But we should not forget about the fact that he has done a collab with these four Rappers who were popular a decade ago!
Oscar Flores
Oscar Flores:
Alfin la encontre, desde que la escuche en una fiesta no se me despega de la cabeza 🇲🇽🇲🇽
Jeru C.
Jeru C.:
Travis Barker is my favorite rocker and he doesn't sings, but his drum roll skills KILLED IT! LET'S GO!!!
Roann Gatdula
Roann Gatdula:
it's criminal that I only discovered this song through Spotify this year...this bangs hard.
Twista killed it, as always. This is one of the most kickass songs I've heard in a while. I love this so much
Duda Santtos
Duda Santtos:
Essa musica que eu procurava massa dms 💗
Claudia Ramsey
Claudia Ramsey:
Travis KILLS IT!! Love him!!
Crystal Williams
Crystal Williams:
Been a drummer from age 6 an I'm still not as good as Travis absolutely in love 💕
A R:
Almost forgot about this song, back into my playlist you go. 😎 2020 and it’s still a banger!
Caleb Titus
Caleb Titus:
I love how not many people kno that travis is one of the greatest drummers alive
Diedrie Gibbs
Diedrie Gibbs:
7 years since. Wow. I feel older lol. Love his drumming skills
Can't believe this was 10 years ago!! Still an absolute banger. Starting my Monday off with this!! Let's go~
Malachi Quinones
Malachi Quinones:
Just discovered this song a few months ago. How has it been around about a decade and I havnt heard it til now?!
No matter how many awesome rapper are out there in this world rn nobody can beat Busta in flow game
marvin ames
marvin ames:
That whole video is awesome Travis Barker killing them drums
Crown Gaming
Crown Gaming:
When rock meets rap and it's done right. 🔥
Агапкина Анна
Агапкина Анна:
Убойный рэп, аж мозг выносит! РЕСПЕКТ!👏👍👌🤘✌👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏Особенно Yelawolf Super Men💥💥💥
Leanne Wade
Leanne Wade:
Love it
cristian thomas buenhombre
cristian thomas buenhombre:
without a doubt one of my best music I still listen to in the middle of 2020
Even now, this song still bangs 🔥🔥🔥
This song would be such a feat to watch live with all artists n street dancers!
Two Big Boys indie band
Two Big Boys indie band:
I'd kill to hear this live.
CriTTer Gaming
CriTTer Gaming:
this is what you get when you combined three of the fastest rappers and a bad ass drummer
Kenny Allen
Kenny Allen:
Dope song love it
Latonia Taylor
Latonia Taylor:
Travis was killing those drums and busta best combination love it.
Fran Rullo
Fran Rullo:
Blastin' this track friday 5:15 am, fuckin' rocks lml ! Travis Barker, u are the greatest, greetings from Argentina !
This song still slaps 🔥
Mercedez Goodie Ferguson-Krakue
Mercedez Goodie Ferguson-Krakue:
Truthfully, the only thing I can sing is "heyyy, let's go let's go let's go"😹😹
Queen Onyx's World
Queen Onyx's World:
This still slaps 🔥👌🏽
Atri roy
Atri roy:
This song has hell lot of energy man
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ:
I love this version. Love the old one too YEEEEEEAAAAASSSSSSSS
Neon Otter
Neon Otter:
These guys are seriously talented. It blows my mind.
Travis Barker deserves every second of this album
DJ Glitch LK
DJ Glitch LK:
in 2019 I'm hearing this shit for the first time. And now it's in my playlist.

One of the greatest rap songs ever
Lil Jon killed it!!🔥🔥
Matthew Anderson
Matthew Anderson:
I play this song before I have anything I need to be at the top of my game for.
I wish all music cultures would accept each other like how busta and all these artists accepted Travis this is legendary and I love it when 2 different genre artists collab especially if there’s more rappers and one insane drummer❤️❤️
dave falcon
dave falcon:
damn i can watch travis baker drum all day he so cool to watch him play
Dothan Josh
Dothan Josh:
i cant imagine litsening to this in 2019... still rocks man!!!
Marc Amico
Marc Amico:
I miss Busta Rhymes. Dude was the shit and oh yeah,I love speed rap. I comprehend that faster than slower rap. Shit rocks HARD!!!!
Lil Jon NEVER has any problem, just taking a back seat, and contributing to some effing awesome tracks
Southern Fried West Coaster
Southern Fried West Coaster:
I remembered listening to this song everyday as a kid and here I am working out listening to this song for the millionth time
Adeline James
Adeline James:
Travis really has his own sound on those drums. Can always tell when it's him.
WinnersKlub Hustlehood679
WinnersKlub Hustlehood679:
Still bangs 2020🔊
Scott Steinberg
Scott Steinberg:
Travis Barker is a drumming prodigy by the way (I never knew that)
Yeda Anna
Yeda Anna:
Childhood memories ❤
This is the first song that YouTube recommended that I actually enjoy. This song is dope!
Sasha Kubek
Sasha Kubek:
This is fuckin fire!🔥🔥 My ears are blowing up! I Had Yelawolf on auto play and this sparked a fuckin fire in my house. Damn
Jimin Baby
Jimin Baby:
Im adding this to my playlist
Jubilee Jennings
Jubilee Jennings:
This is so dope! Why have I not heard this before! Its fire! 👊💥
Such a hype up track! 👌
Michele , David’s Wife
Michele , David’s Wife:
2020 quarantine ♥️♥️♥️ I miss the great music from back then . Every single person in this video is badass .
Brandy Walker
Brandy Walker:
Travis Barker is from another planet ... He's just amazing
Marcjames Whelan
Marcjames Whelan:
Speed rap at its finest, shout out to Travis
Crazy Chick Sheena 👩‍🦰
Crazy Chick Sheena 👩‍🦰:
I love 💕 this
First time hearing this in 2022.
My son heard it and now it's his walkout song.
Michael Davidson
Michael Davidson:
Lil Jon is kind of like the hype man of all rappers and musicians
2019 still a banger
First time seeing this one....loving it already ❤❤
Brian Theisen
Brian Theisen:
This was fkn badass 💪👍
Steven Michael Martin
Steven Michael Martin:
who here saw The World's Scariest Drum Cover? i'm curious 🤔
Hudson Gomes
Hudson Gomes:
Muito foda esse som!
Oh, I get it! They’re auctioneers because they rap fast!
chocolate kisses
chocolate kisses:
I love this song
Gangster 2.0
Gangster 2.0:
The song is the adrenaline I get when I am being chased by my neighbor's dog 😂😂
Jesse B
Jesse B:
Can't believe this song came out 10 years ago. Still hits
RTR Gaming
RTR Gaming:
i love this song sooo much
Ms Turner
Ms Turner:
There was an interview Travis did on The Real in which he referred himself to the likes of Animal from The Muppets and I totally agree, Animal was always my favorite. Tear them drums up 🤩🤩🤸🤸
Mike Hayes
Mike Hayes:
How am I just now hearing this? Fucking DOPE!
scott stephens
scott stephens:
8 years later... This is still fucken lit🔥🔥🔥
Rahul Paul
Rahul Paul:
Watching it in 2019 reminds me of my teenage days
god those crash cymbals sound amazing in this track
Couldnt believe this dropped 10 years ago. Im getting old man.
mikey Hansen
mikey Hansen:
10 yrs later.... Yela and Lil Jon still goat for this one!🐐
Devansh: Machine Learning Made Simple
Devansh: Machine Learning Made Simple:
Yelawolf really shines with other amazing rappers
This makes death to mumble rap look even more ridiculous if that was possible 😂
Jared Boles
Jared Boles:
Yelawolf kills it!!!!!
Allik Rellik
Allik Rellik:
Yelawolf murdered diz shyt... My sun had da best verse...
Geoffrey Tuiloma
Geoffrey Tuiloma:
Intricate patterns of a kick-drum 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
nayla alzogaray
nayla alzogaray:
Una revolución tremenda igual que en la película de step up
Aman Gamer
Aman Gamer:
Those were the days !!!
Farsan Rao
Farsan Rao:
I always listen to this while driving, and i drive fast because of it 😍
Amber Garris
Amber Garris:
Someone take this and mash it up with lil jons “let’s go” from 10 years ago, I’d love to hear it 🥰
Greyson H
Greyson H:
How did I never even hear about this song 10 years ago? I feel like I missed out 😭
Happy Anniversary!!!! #GiveTheDrummerSome
Would love to hear a 4th verse with eminem now he's changed to a fast rap style
Warren Padgett
Warren Padgett:
Travis barker is a genius on the drums grouped with twista busta yela lil jon 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥