Trent Alexander-Arnold is INCREDIBLE in 2021/22 ● Assists, Passes & Goals | HD

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100+ comentarios:

We know about his passes but this season his defending has been outstanding!!!
He is arguably the best right back in the world.
Mainak Das
Mainak Das:
This season Trent has been good in defending so far in the league .He has the currently his prime time .We hope we are will be seeing the same energy and dedication when the league will be resumed
Nakkesha G
Nakkesha G:
The best RB in the game right now. I’ve never seen someone with the accuracy that he has at his position. It’s beautiful to watch
Varun L
Varun L:
Best RB currently. Unbeatable at his best 💯💪
His pass is very incredible
Rohan Thatal
Rohan Thatal:
His passes are incredibly amazing
†Daniel Hernande'z🇧🇷
†Daniel Hernande'z🇧🇷:
Arnold é incrível!
A unique player, he plays like a pivot at times act like a 10. Switching and dictating the attack at ease with a cross field passed, through ball, cross, just name it, which is one of the best in Europe. It is almost end of the season I'm surprise the pundit haven't single out his role. He is definitely not playing a normal RB role in Klopp team
Mathonsi Mosehla
Mathonsi Mosehla:
Trent can walk into any team in the world whether it's club or international and he's going to start. He's too special.
Can be one of the best on his position in the history
Matheus Azevêdo
Matheus Azevêdo:
Melhor lateral direito do mundo.
6:48 that pass against palace 💥
Sameer Hirachan
Sameer Hirachan:
Our man is not even in his prime and he has done so many great things for Liverpool....I wonder what he’ll do in his prime😍The Best Right Back In World Football🔴Much love
Kopninja 86
Kopninja 86:
A lot of comments about his improvement defending. Personally think he’s been at this level since 2019. Last winter and his very first few games are the only struggle he’s had defensively
Paullus Richard
Paullus Richard:
No meu time, ele jogaria no meio-campo, excelente jogador. Parabéns pelo trabalho, muito boa a qualidade do vídeo.
teo raymond
teo raymond:
Alexandar is the best visionary Architect right back in a elite league of his own. His deep lying crosser skill is such a joy to watch the beauty in the game of football.
Blocky_ Legend
Blocky_ Legend:
Thanks for showcasing some of his defending... He gets a lot of slack for his defense, when he's still improving on that front 😁🔥
this guy is so good he makes me want to support liverpool
Aliyan Taj
Aliyan Taj:
He makes it look easy he is indeed my idol
Having been on a 7 hour flight to and then from Dubai I can honestly say after talking to him for a long time, this young guy is genuinely a nice guy, the real deal and isn't full of himself and is embarrassed by all the compliments he gets but appreciates them all the same and is worthy of every single one of them.
As a United fan, I’m so jealous. He’s currently the best RB in the world.
Azrul Hafiz
Azrul Hafiz:
I think his defensive skills have improved dramatically this season
Quang Nguyễn Minh
Quang Nguyễn Minh:
He become perfect day to day
Kaue Ferreira
Kaue Ferreira:
O melhor lateral direito do mundo atualmente
♡︎ Danceing avocado ♡︎
♡︎ Danceing avocado ♡︎:
his passing is just great
Devil Fruit
Devil Fruit:
source of goals for his teammates 🔥
Miyuki Bokuto
Miyuki Bokuto:
It’s hard to accept that Trent is shorter than Hendo. I always imagine he’s taller like VVD 😅
Wessam Mubarak
Wessam Mubarak:
As a man utd fan I love this guy. He plays with a lot of swagger imo
brando fletcher
brando fletcher:
The power he has in insane
Gabriel Dá silva
Gabriel Dá silva:
Melhor canal de perto e de longe ❤️💥💥🇧🇷
Daniela Sosa
Daniela Sosa:
Arnold è incrivel
Mans is 22 and is the best rb in the world he will hold this title for the decade imo no where near his prime
Bruno Monteiro
Bruno Monteiro:
For me my favorite Rb is so amazing watching playing.
Amim Cordeiro
Amim Cordeiro:
Arnold is the best right back in the world
Kevin Baiza
Kevin Baiza:
What a privileged first touch that he has!
grezard ninja
grezard ninja:
People always complain that trent can only attack but can't defend, but this season even his defending has been amazing with his attacking
Dynant Janssen
Dynant Janssen:
Trent make it New Position In modern Football "Right Back Playmaker"
Abodi Toris
Abodi Toris:
He is the best
I need him in real madrid ❤️
Hüseyin Behcet
Hüseyin Behcet:
Actually one of the best players in the world. We don't appreciate him enough.
hakimi, james, cancelo, hernandez and walker combined still can't get anywhere close to trent
he definitely should play midfield tho his insane attacking ability is getting disrespected just because of his defensive ability, passes like de bruyne
Nightmare Neighbour
Nightmare Neighbour:
He’s Alexander Arnold…the scouser in our team
Bulldog inglês conservador 🇺🇦
Bulldog inglês conservador 🇺🇦:
Melhor lateral do mundo
Rego Siswanto
Rego Siswanto:
Very incredible pass
The Best.
Amim Cordeiro
Amim Cordeiro:
what a kick against Newcastle, on target
This is a ridiculous video compilation for a full back. Surely won of the best ever passers in that position.
Наталья Филатова
Наталья Филатова:
I like his assist's✊
Deoraj Rughoonundun
Deoraj Rughoonundun:
What a gifted player we have in lfc.
Na sua posição é o melhor
Sayan Das
Sayan Das:
Best right back in world right now 🔥
Upamecano has been mad good this season you need to put him in
Zaw Shinn
Zaw Shinn:
Best right back along with his team mate best left back
His defending skill is much better than that in the past.
SyNc TG:
Balon dor contender for next gen trent, kylian, erling those three is new golden player
Don Drank TV
Don Drank TV:
Cancelo should start taking freekicks for city, left and right back for city, could play as wing aswell. Pep Guardiola is a genius!
Jasmin Julio
Jasmin Julio:
Best right back of the world
Great 😍😍
He is my favourite player
rusty samang
rusty samang:
The Scouser.. --------->....The Legend....
AC: Ali
AC: Ali:
I am so glad he is 23 🥰
Colin Fernandes
Colin Fernandes:
I like how they chucked in a little defence in these clips 😂
trent is incarnation of beckham at right back
Rurouni Kenshin
Rurouni Kenshin:
Just hope he doesn't end up like dele alli. Reaching his prime at 20 ish years old. Amazing player
uchechukwu raphael
uchechukwu raphael:
I like his hair and I like his assists. Set piece monster
John Jola
John Jola:
Liverpool are so luckyy to havee Trent mahhn
Worllllld classs🙌🏿🔥
Chelsea fan
Thanks for making a Trent video 🖤✊🏽
Jacob Miller
Jacob Miller:
What a nice edit. Definitely worth a like and subscribe
Socceria 16
Socceria 16:
Skill and Speed very well
*Great vidéo* 🔥
Ionescu Beniamin
Ionescu Beniamin:
Brilliant edit❤️
3:37 Matip being himself.
Arnold is Liverpool's next captain. Despite being a defender, he boasts a tremendous pass and kick power. It reminds me of Gerrard. I hope his tremendous performance will be maintained next season.
Davi Mendes
Davi Mendes:
Joga fácil!!! ALGUEM EM 2022
Alan Campos
Alan Campos:
Rodrigo Caio 🔥
MKS Football
MKS Football:
Good job bro
Maria das Dores da Conceição Mora
Maria das Dores da Conceição Mora:
Incrível 🇫🇴 alexander arnold 🇫🇴
Tamás Fodor
Tamás Fodor:
You can do 99 good things and 1 bad. The people will forever remember for the bad. People think he's overrated for the 2022 UCL final.
vignesh kk
vignesh kk:
In fifa mobile he is my favorite freekicker
Say Truth
Say Truth:
This guy is gem
Alan Campos
Alan Campos:
Jules Koundé 🔥
Dwarozh Aziz
Dwarozh Aziz:
I have his technique (I see why it's the best technique in the world)
هلا الهلا
هلا الهلا:
ولدنا ارنوالد افضل لاعب في العالم
Getting to the point where he really should be played as a No. 6 it's getting a bit silly
Aditya Animations
Aditya Animations:
Those passes!
Buen video!
Paul Hernandez
Paul Hernandez:
Excelente video
and i dont know, why didn't Southgate include Arnold in the starting line-up
Quelle patte magique !!!
Cristhian »
Cristhian »:
The best
Mihajlo Madic
Mihajlo Madic:
Best RB in the world
zumeer poy
zumeer poy:
Best RB in the world
Julio Cesar
Julio Cesar:
Hayden Raminai
Hayden Raminai:
Do João Cancelo Please 🙏
ivan luna
ivan luna:
well i think dani alves is the best partner messi could had but this guy.... they could done a story together
Alan Campos
Alan Campos:
Merih Demiral 🔥
Joseph Donina
Joseph Donina:
I love alexander arnold
1:07 wow.