True Crime with Aphrodite Jones: Phil Spector (2010)

An actress turns up dead at the home of Phil Spector and the music legend is charged with murder. Crime writer Aphrodite Jones uncovers videotape that Spector hoped would clear his name, but instead is a damning self-portrait.

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DJ Hardrock
DJ Hardrock:
who's here after his recently announced passing 💀
Nick Gur
Nick Gur:
He Should've done time for the wigs alone.
He was mad because she mistook him for a woman when he walked into the club. He played it cool the rest of the evening, coaxed her to come home with him, and he shot her. He was probably contemplating it all night.
mark knott
mark knott:
Who’s here coz they have heard he has died??
I like how Aphrodite Jones is the narrator, the interviewer, and one who is being interviewed herself. She even introduces herself via voiceover narration, saying "crime reporter, Aphrodite Jones". If it were up to her, she would be siting across from herself, interviewing herself. 2 Aphrodites in the same frame. I can only dream.
Katja Kittenland
Katja Kittenland:
The moment Lana mistakenly called him "ma'am", she signed her death sentence......
Schuyler Johnson
Schuyler Johnson:
Spector is clearly deranged. He's way beyond mere eccentricity.
Derek Stynes
Derek Stynes:
Spector looks Evil in every picture of Him .
Amanda Moore
Amanda Moore:
It's so sad Lana only got real fame due to her being murdered! She was stunning.
Rio Miller
Rio Miller:
When you search up Phil Spector expecting songs, but you're given crime documentaries instead...
Rex Mundi
Rex Mundi:
Don't make excuses for 'Baldy'. Spector had a long history of carrying guns and threatening people, including musicians. It's a miracle he didn't kill someone decades ago.
Pretty amazing music career, too bad he was nuts.
Laura Judd
Laura Judd:
“You play with smoke, you get fire.”

Uh no. That’s now how that goes. Lol.
"Now what her motive was for taking her own life, I don't know and I really don't care." What a creep and a monster.
Dodged a Bullet
Dodged a Bullet:
So, according to "Phil", Lana came to his "castle" and "blew her head open" and then SAID he murdered her! ...aa...what?
chrys smyth
chrys smyth:
I read Ronnie Spector's autobiography before this happened, so I wasn't surprised at this murder. The man is just insane.
Phoenix Zappa
Phoenix Zappa:
I really like that chick over there.
Chick over there - "Ma'am you can't come in here"

Tina Glass
Tina Glass:
That actress/hostess was dead the minute she said to Phil,mam you can’t come in here..
Mat Broomfield
Mat Broomfield:
Classic small man syndrome.
little man complex..
Bobby Ormston
Bobby Ormston:
He DOES look like Gollum!
Douglas Price
Douglas Price:
You can just Iook at him and teII he's mentaI!!
Erin Murphy
Erin Murphy:
Whoa, really, really creepy...He looks like a "specter".
Grey Line
Grey Line:
This man obviously suffered from "Napolean" syndrome - (little big man) I imagine his wrath would have been particularly frightening to women.
Dalton Morgan
Dalton Morgan:
Al Pacino did a fantastic job portraying this guy in the HBO movie
It is I
It is I:
What a disgusting and repulsive figure this Phil Spector is.. I cannot fathom how anybody could find him not guilty of the crime. Those jurors who did need their head examined.
Martin Kingston
Martin Kingston:
There are many creepy disturbed individuals in this world who will never really come to prominence, because in every other way they are totally ordinary, lacking any real gift or talent to make them stand out. Spector was the classic example of someone who happened to have significant abilities, but whose eccentricity and plain weirdness was probably tolerated as part of the "artistic" temperament expected of creative people. Problem being, the constant indulgence of such tendencies can over time lead to a total disconnection from reality, particularly when every whim can be satisfied without regard to the opinions of others and you live in a self obsessed bubble. Being around sane, well adjusted people is vital for one's psychological wellbeing. They can confront you in a healthy way about any dysfunctional parts of your personality that might exist and keep you in touch with what is normal. Inversely, prolonged isolation can eventually lead to a near inevitable reversal of the grounding effect of social interaction. Spector's success allowed him to create an alternate universe for himself, where he was insulated from a need to ever look at himself truthfully. In an ironic way it facilitated his downfall, with his talent allowing him to indulge the worst aspects of his nature without sanction of any kind. He needed a total reality check and in all likelehood it wasn't until Lana's death that he had a moment of true clarity. Sad that it took the loss of a life for it to occur.
Mark Pugner
Mark Pugner:
Nobody with a 33 room mansion would really go to jail for this.
Dougal Whi
Dougal Whi:
Personnel assistants know EVERTHING, they are the stars handler in Hollywood realms.
Any chance of a documentary without the dumbed down sound effects and music in the background? And without the other cheap effects.
Well,judging from his mugshot he can at least play Riff-Raff in the next jailhouse production of Rocky Horror!
Meg Kampen
Meg Kampen:
Yeah! So many people have that ''Were you there? Did you see him do it?'' Attitude when it comes to celebrities no matter how much evidence there is!
Jessica Milano
Jessica Milano:
hair appointment? he's bald and wears wigs!
Tess Margaux Helén
Tess Margaux Helén:
"Prone" means face down. Not standing up and backing away.
Diane Chavez
Diane Chavez:
Oh----so Phil got pissed at Lana Clarkson! She called him Mame? She thought he was an older woman? He was insulted. Now I get a better picture of this horrible story.
Salima Bouigader
Salima Bouigader:
⬇️ who’s here after his death: ⬇️
I just can't imagine that any woman in this world could actually go out with this caricature.! Just not possible!
[Phil Spector's] mother was a little nuts, his sister was a little nuts" and Phil --well, he was a whole orchard of nuts. 17:15
pretty bullet
pretty bullet:
Surely he could of afforded a better hair piece,,although I imagine he has no use for it now.
You know, as much as they sit there and knock him as a little King, the truth is that these women still were lured toward his MONEY/status, and sucked up to it. The MONEY as always (like the forbidden fruit), they want it bad, so bad that they are ah slave to it and don't even know/or see it.
If he didn't have that MONEY, they wouldn't give him the time of day.
Dmitri Vlad
Dmitri Vlad:
...and then he killed me!
I swear I must be the most crime documentary-addicted person on the Internet. I watch at least 2 a day, most days, for like 2 years. I think I'll commit suicide the day I run out! 
jim walker
jim walker:
john lennon was scared shit of him when he waved a gun at him during a recording session
Explore Games
Explore Games:
"My boss's name is Phil Specter, I'm at his castle......hello?"
Christ, he had a castle. Why not use the dungeon?
Phil Spector had so much talent in music and he destroyed his legacy with this stupid excessive violence. Sad story.
Craig Hicks
Craig Hicks:
"You play with smoke, you get fire." Actually, it's the other way round.
Beautiful woman, wonderful woman, beautiful... wonderful... so beautiful... (etc. etc.)
And what, if she was ugly? :/
Erik Archer
Erik Archer:
I can't get over how Phil Spector looks so much like the Crypt Keeper.
Luci Verdad
Luci Verdad:
Phil Spector has produced some of the best music but this man is deranged. After he married Ronnie Spector, he imprisoned her in their mansion and tormented her for years until she escaped barefoot. Ronnie dodged a bullet with this relationship. Their kids weren't as fortunate. His adopted sons say they were used and abused by him. I've heard many stories of his antics. He seemed to have a sense of entitlement and liked to intimidate people with threats. He is where he belongs, behind bars.
the ramones said in there documentrary end of the century that phil pulled a gun on them and wouldnt let them leave
Pixie Aeschliman
Pixie Aeschliman:
"Back to pick up his SECOND date, a server" EVERYthing about this statement is bunk wack!
Phil Spector got drunk on Manischewitz wine & pulled a gun on The Ramones when they tried to leave his house.
Vernon Lincoln
Vernon Lincoln:
talented but so screwed up
41:32 freudian slip: "I have groaned"
Steve Ross
Steve Ross:
Sam Rockwell for Phil Spector reinactment
when he has a Hawaii shirt on he looks like a old woman
Ser Torrhen Clegane
Ser Torrhen Clegane:
I don't know why everyone dogs the wigs. I mean, I think all of the wigs were crazy, but I understand why he wore them. He's bald, his head is all jacked from the car accident, it's understandable.
Rob Thompson
Rob Thompson:
Wow that Adriano is hot!
Dal Redmond
Dal Redmond:
This little creeps pathetic behaviour negates anything good.. he might have done.
I can't imagine any woman desiring him
KentA Mitchell
KentA Mitchell:
Don't do the crime if you can't do the time. Phil Spector will get out of prison with a tag on his toe.
Richard Marcosek
Richard Marcosek:
Funny how it sounds what the driver says in the beginning of the video: "And then he opened the door and I think he - I killed her"....?
she met him on a Monday and her heart stood still
Phil needs an exorcism
Hello Yosep
Hello Yosep:
His face reminds me of a Grasshopper.✨
Dec. gyrrl
Dec. gyrrl:
Damn, he looks like hell!
Troy Tonko
Troy Tonko:
5:00 Phil Spector had "hair appointments"? 
C Green
C Green:
'They wanted proof, actual proof'. Well that would be nice, after all it is a fucking trial
Paul D Clifford
Paul D Clifford:
"They wanted proof, actual proof" omg how reckless of them!
Georgie Thumbs
Georgie Thumbs:
Why you should never ever do cocaine boys and girls.
The napoleon complex.
PaZuZu 666
PaZuZu 666:
He asked her back "just for one drink", was to kill her for telling him he couldn't come in, pre-meditated, let the bastard fry in the chair !!!
Julia S
Julia S:
AS a rule, I don't wish harm or bad luck on anyone. But it seems to be Karma in action that Spector will spend the rest of his life in prison. I wonder in his moments of clarity , if he ever has clarity, the irony of prison walls. The fact that he imposed imprisonment on Ronnie and their three children for many years... Seems fitting to me. If there is such a thing as Karma, you are seeing it play out in Phil Spectors final years.
Bobby Ormston
Bobby Ormston:
"Hair appointments"?! What? Was it like a 'visitation' thing?
Gawwwd what an amateur aphrodite jones is.
Betsy Ross
Betsy Ross:
Thank God Ronnie Spector escaped that situatiom. I believe the suicide of his dad whn Phil was 9yo, then the death of his own son who was also 9yo, pushed an alrdy bipolar Phil, over the edge. Bipolar is known as the genious disorder
Leonard Jones
Leonard Jones:
By Her Lover's Coffin
Sometimes, in the bathroom, my Phil Sphincter produces a wall of sound.
William J. Kelleher, Ph.D.
William J. Kelleher, Ph.D.:
A story well told!
i think phil was a rude little man.
My only question is if he didn't do it, why would Lana ride all the way to Phil's house to shoot herself? Who wants their legend to be committing suicide at Phil Spector's house?
Guns and alcohol. What could go wrong?
Hey man, enjoy your eternity!
Charlie Wallace
Charlie Wallace:
In this case t

Two people in a room, one dies instantly from gunshot to the head - NO fingerprints on the gun - who wiped the prints ?
I love how Aphrodite Jones talks to the camera as if someone is interviewing Aphrodite Jones on the Aphrodite Jones show.
Talk about ego.
I ll fire you ; hmmm...
russell gray
russell gray:
"Always dressed in an array of outfits..."
Diane Chavez
Diane Chavez:
I love his talent. Too bad this happened.
beth random
beth random:
16.34 "catch me outside, how bout dat?!"
Richard Harris
Richard Harris:
Its true when we die tho ;)
T Soprano
T Soprano:
"Mam" You Cant go up their 😂😭
Yellow Flower
Yellow Flower:
Love your channel and content!
felix acosta
felix acosta:
in his mug shot, he is soooo HANDSOME..
I mean, you know, without his wig!
Shaquille Oatmeal
Shaquille Oatmeal:
he had goddamn parksinon's of course he accidentally hit the trigger
Donald Crunk
Donald Crunk:
Am I crazy or is the background music from like a James Bond video game or something
Nedra Ross is so beautiful, wow😍
Linda Spontak
Linda Spontak:
Doesn't it makes sense that once someone starts behaving in an insane manner it can only get worse as time goes on and it can never get better? There really should be zero tolerance because somebody who is innocent will end up killed before it is over. Anybody who doesn't believe it is as insane as the predator and if the roles were reversed the story would still be the same with the other guy getting killed. It is practically a fact of life and normal people are lucky to want no part of it other than to read the bizarre stories about it. :) I guess that is why there will always be places for these people to hang out and there will always be the presence of drugs to tempt them to believe it's ok to not be normal.
He sure believed he could get away with it though because he wasn't the least bit worried about hiding the evidence.
Michele Free
Michele Free:
Thanks for posting.
Oscar Aleman
Oscar Aleman:
FREAK !!!!