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US President Donald Trump has said he and First Lady Melania Trump have tested positive for coronavirus and are in quarantine.

The president announced the news in a tweet.
It comes after one of Mr Trump's closest aides tested positive for coronavirus.

Hope Hicks, the 31-year-old adviser to the president, was the closest aide to Mr Trump to test positive so far.

She travelled with him on Air Force One to a TV debate in Ohio this week.

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100+ comentarios:

Like Donald said: It only affects old fat people..... Oh dear!! :-D
Tyler Paul
Tyler Paul:
“It is what it is.”
-Donald Trump
Anhelas Cooking
Anhelas Cooking:
Trump: “I had the best version of the corona virus, my antibodies are simply amazing, the greatest antibodies I’ve ever seen”
When he recovers (if) he's gonna be like "I've had the best corona I recovered from it fast no one can recover from it better then me sleepy Joe would've died if he was in my place"
Aayush Codes
Aayush Codes:
I mean he’s got tons of bleach he’ll be fine.
Ray Mak
Ray Mak:
Coronavirus knocks on every door....
Jackson Flood
Jackson Flood:
Now biden can do the debate without being interrupted

Edit: Idiots who can't take a joke↓ ↓ ↓
Velvet Aeon
Velvet Aeon:
Trump: Millions of people say I get only the best diseases, millions...
Ce R
Ce R:
Too bad as an American, I have to turn to BBC for a balanced report.
I heard from a genius that injecting bleach is a great cure...
Sabin Tee
Sabin Tee:
Lmao isn’t he the one that was roasting Biden for wearing a mask everywhere
Its Kenzybro
Its Kenzybro:
Y’all remember that simpsons prediction...
Our thoughts and prayers are with coronavirus at this difficult time.
Karthik Talluri
Karthik Talluri:
Finally, there is something "positive" about him
Love Arizona
Love Arizona:
Coronavirus: you're welcome.
Jack Murray
Jack Murray:
Trump: “I had the best version of the corona virus, my antibodies are simply amazing, the greatest antibodies I’ve ever seen”
"This is serious - please take it serious."
Angela Merkel,
Chancellor of Germany
March 18th 2020
Probs just a publicity stunt so when he “recovers” he’ll say lOoK I ReCoVEreD So cAn YoU!
Jeff Plamenig
Jeff Plamenig:
It's the only "positive" thing he's ever tweeted. ;)
Bruce Liu
Bruce Liu:
Finally, the coronavirus fell in love with the person who knows it best. What a beautiful fairytale.
M.A.B. de Vos -Elsenaar
M.A.B. de Vos -Elsenaar:
He shouted so loud during the debate that Biden probably has it to.
David Padilla
David Padilla:
Trump: "COVID is a democratic hoax"
“Such a strong virus corona is, they said I got the strongest one”
This is the most amazing thing I’ve heard all 2020. Hope melania survives don’t mind if trump keels over 😊
Unbreakable Bond
Unbreakable Bond:
And ironically, when he gets sick, Millions of Card companies are unavailable right now.
Eddie Bax
Eddie Bax:
"I really don't care, do u?" -Melania
Jimmy Jones
Jimmy Jones:
Looks like he will have to adopt the Biden "basement" strategy.
Taher Syed
Taher Syed:
Irony of him being infected 1 month before election day
Jorji Honma
Jorji Honma:
After his awful act at the recent debate, he was advised to "Be positive! Be patient!" So that's what he declared to the world now.
its okay, theres always hydroxychloroquine and disinfectant
Odd Oscar
Odd Oscar:
America: few! We finally pasted 4 years of hardcore survival since 2016! Things are looking up for us!

Current objective: SURVIVE 2020

America: wait wha-
Louis Ochs
Louis Ochs:
Does anyone know all of these celebrities are just playing their part in the plan for their death vaccine. Dont believe it
He’s buying time because he did so badly at the debate
Kevin Goodridge
Kevin Goodridge:
Just another episode of the Simpsons 😑. Gotta be a real dolt to fall for this one.
Ben Smith
Ben Smith:
This is such a goddamn tragedy, my thoughts and prayers go out to the virus.
"Positive?? That's the good one right?"
COVID-19 be like : I’m about to end this man’s whole career.
Worn out Testicles
Worn out Testicles:
Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.
elle m
elle m:
He could have done more to prevent American citizens dying from it just saying...
Xu Siyuan
Xu Siyuan:
No need to worry or see a doctor. ''its Just a flu. It will go away magically''
Loretta D.
Loretta D.:
Why was 244 lb.(lol)Trump admitted to Walter Reed for "the flu?" He'll probably insist on postponing the election because of this. Now we know where all the COVID tests went.
misolou fout
misolou fout:
“Such a strong virus corona is, they said I got the strongest one”
Greg Bobay
Greg Bobay:
Most of us in the US believe it is just another one of his stunt,s.
jon ian flores
jon ian flores:
"well that has been the plan all along" - China
Hamza El Ouardi
Hamza El Ouardi:
Trump after few days : I had the greatest recovery ever , even better than Boris Johnson just like a miracle .
Tae LaFlare
Tae LaFlare:
Now if he quarantine and makes a recovery, that will show you how wicked this system really is
It is what it is.
Ler Wei Jun
Ler Wei Jun:
After Recovery: "I have the most Beautiful and Miraculous recovery ever!!! even better then Boris Johnson's ''
Jon Dough
Jon Dough:
He forgot to take his daily Hydroxychloroquine. Smh.

Let that be a lesson!
David s
David s:
Just waiting for Trump's tweet about his own tweet... " Fake news"
Shauka Hodan
Shauka Hodan:
"This is serious - please take it serious." Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany March 18th 2020
Omar Francis
Omar Francis:
The coronavirus might get nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize instead.
I thought it was a “ Democratic Hoax”.
He might be lying since it’s nearly the election day, so he will get more attention and remain the mayor
Stavro Blofeld
Stavro Blofeld:
"Stand by and stand back"
Covid: nope
Trump: *Dies of covid*

Joe Biden: _Its Free Real Estate_
Mr Rootsfull
Mr Rootsfull:
So, this means that he has to take all those 'medicine's' where he was so convisted about.
Peniz Flaccidman
Peniz Flaccidman:
He should take a double dose of hydroxychloroquine just to be safe.
dolimi jotoo
dolimi jotoo:
Probs just a publicity stunt so when he “recovers” he’ll say lOoK I ReCoVEreD So cAn YoU!
D best
D best:
My thoughts go out to Covid 19 during this difficult time.
Masks are not effective...... when you walk around with them in your pockets
rene L
rene L:
"there's a lot we don't know right now" then why the f*** are you even on right now??
Sitting Bull
Sitting Bull:
“I told you so”... echo, echo, echo
Somekinda Druidude
Somekinda Druidude:
Doctors said i have the best strain they've ever seen just absolutely tremendous strain its the greatest just terrific the best case of covid in the history of the world ......
Nothing that an injection of Lysol won't cure.🤣
Hit The Road TrUMP dNT Come back nomo
Hit The Road TrUMP dNT Come back nomo:
Damage control
After the debate.. 2 weeks no Internet and interviews
Federal Bureau of Gaming
Federal Bureau of Gaming:
That reminds me, I wad watching the South Park Pandemic special and it ended with Trump setting fire to the scientist with the possible cure for corona.
I don't wish coronavirus for anyone. Wishing someone to get sick or dead is just low. When we find compassion and love even for people we don't like or agree, we can change world for the better.
Shih Tzu Watch
Shih Tzu Watch:
Hope Sicks spreaded the hoax to the clown liar.
Matt Piers
Matt Piers:
Can’t believe he got infected by a Democratic hoax
Eamon Lee
Eamon Lee:
This is the best thing that has happened in 2020
Welcome Creator
Welcome Creator:
6:15 did someones glass go over? hahaha
str ardana
str ardana:
Everyone gangsta till trump wake up and speaking fluent mandarin
M18 Hellcat
M18 Hellcat:
The moronic weaklings making fun of this and wishing bad things to happen will get theirs one day, ENJOY!!
“The president of the United States has fallen ill to Coronavirus.” sounds like plague inc lmao were all dead
Cody Perales
Cody Perales:
Scientists from futurama:good news everyone
False Flag: Watch as the fat old narcissist bounces back with a speedy recovery in order to justify his espousal that the seriousness of the COVID 19 has been overly sensitized.
Bully Maguire
Bully Maguire:
"ironic" - emperor palpatine
To the world it might be covid
But to Americans its the trump virus.
A biological virus strengthened by corruption and idiocracy.
He's probably pumping bleach and sunlight into his body right now.
Tabi Th
Tabi Th:
The irony, the global elite is dying from the weapon that they have created
He's in quarantine with Covid 19 while they deal with Killary 20! 😂
When you deny the science, the science bites you back.
daniel woldu
daniel woldu:
When you your temperature rises they call it Corona, it is common for any disease symptoms temperature rises so he is 100 % ok
tokinGLX: is almost as if there is some strange difference between doing things that mitigate the spread of a contagious virus vs practically inviting it with "herd mentality." it is almost...almost(!) as if trying to stop it from spreading might actually assist in stopping it from spreading and not doing anything all leaves you vulnerable to infection and further spreading of it. so weird!
Ben Sharpie
Ben Sharpie:
The GEOTUS will recover and overcome that 3% elderly mortality rate lmao.
Hurley Cape town
Hurley Cape town:
Wonder what all those idiots who said they won’t wear a mask because the President doesn’t believe in Corvid with be thinking now.
Mike Aziz
Mike Aziz:
" No one got sicker or died faster than me,all the doctors tell me it's amazing they've never seen anything like it I'm very stable dead genius 😂💀☠️☠️👎
Mr. Aizawa
Mr. Aizawa:
The Face of his pfp in his Twitter says his reaction
harry shipman
harry shipman:
This won't be a problem, he's got hydroxychloroquine.
Yaelf _.gurllily
Yaelf _.gurllily:
misuyy fong
misuyy fong:
Took him 74 years but he has finally passed a test all by himself.
Hurley Cape town
Hurley Cape town:
I can’t wait for this to somehow because a conspiracy that was meant to slow down Trump during the election campaign, I can see him pushing that agenda and his supporters 100% believing it.
David Clarke
David Clarke:
It’s a ploy to delay the election, he hasn’t got it at all
Dave Ovington-Brown
Dave Ovington-Brown:
He'll be fine...he can inject disinfectant
Richard Christie
Richard Christie:
Please, let him live to face multiple charges in the courts.
Bluzewah T.
Bluzewah T.:
The Hoax has bit the Hoaxter in the (you know the rest).
Stupidity Memes
Stupidity Memes:
Coronavirus at the start of the year: Hey guys I'm new-
Corona: Man I'm bout to do a STeve Harrington Move, Watch this, BOOP *gives* *trump* *corona*
Everyone. Thank you so much
aola wili
aola wili:
Y’all remember that simpsons prediction...
So he is going to die just like the Simpsons mentioned