Trump Bullies Election Officials & Giuliani’s Hair Has a Meltdown | The Daily Social Distancing Show

Election officials who go against President Trump’s desire to overturn the election results face death threats, Trump’s legal team is trying to force a vote in the House, and Rudy Giuliani has the worst hair day of all time. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #2020Election

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100+ comentarios:

Wow. America is so busy looking for terrorists all over the world, they missed all the homemade ones.
Anton Ego
Anton Ego:
Wait, shouting "we are watching you" outside someone's house... isn't that enough grounds for police intervention?
Kai Jones
Kai Jones:
Rudy just forgot to wash his hair, after pulling his head out of his masters butt.
Dorcas George
Dorcas George:
This is actually terrifying. So many things we thought could never be...and are.
"What is HBO Max?" said Trevor.
If Giuliani is not careful the American government will invade his head to get that oil
Kate Wieneke
Kate Wieneke:
Conspiracy theory: Rudy Giuliani is the tin man. He has no heart and is leaking oil.
He's afraid of prosecution for his CRIMES upon becoming a private citizen. Who hangs on with his fingernails to hold a job he never cared about; he's scared.
Donetta Gabriela
Donetta Gabriela:
Trump has lost the recount's so many times he's even losing at losing.
hangming zheng
hangming zheng:
Isn’t that worse than fraud? Black mailing & interfering with the election.
James Greer
James Greer:
If any country did what Trump is trying to do we would be talking about how we need to invade that country to free them.
Calling it now: Guiliani got Covid. He's sweating like a sinner in church
The only person trying to steal the election is Donald Trump.
Neelu E Photo
Neelu E Photo:
treason, that is what Trump is doing. Nightmare in Chief.
David Wild
David Wild:
The only way Trump gets to 270 is if he loses 65 pounds!
Alex Kirk
Alex Kirk:
They're threatening government officials isn't that technically homegrown terrorism?
Ayanna Watts
Ayanna Watts:
This man is sweating hair dye as he lies to people's faces. How does anyone still respect this fool?
Pierre Joris
Pierre Joris:
Rudy Giulani can smell a crime immediately. But he didn’t feel that he was being ripped off with a fake hair dye!?
Aretha Walker
Aretha Walker:
Trump is not a president....he's a dictator!!
Mohammad Faisal
Mohammad Faisal:
Donald Trump loves Dictators around the world so much that he himself wants to be among them..
He is doing it Kim Jongs style.
Hashirama Senju
Hashirama Senju:
Trump has lost the recount's so many times he's even losing at losing.
Wanderlust4Life ✈️🌎✨
Wanderlust4Life ✈️🌎✨:
“Was his brain shitting itself?...Honestly, I didn’t even KNOW that sideburns got periods.” 🤣🤣🤣 Oh my God, you’re killing me Trevor.
Me Me
Me Me:
It's Giuliani's defense mechanism, he's part squid.
Hana Rolle
Hana Rolle:
Isn’t that worse than fraud? Black mailing & interfering with the election.
George Carlin
George Carlin:
It's Giuliani's defense mechanism, he's part squid.
The Transformnation
The Transformnation:
If this was happening in Africa, America and the rest of Europe would be here, already threatening sanctions.
Frank Huisman
Frank Huisman:
People tend to start to perspire when they lie. Even his fake hair color tried to run away from that one.
Trevor: If trump hates you, he threatens you. If he likes u, he gives u covid😂😂😂😂
Dawna Thedead
Dawna Thedead:
Read a little history, people. After being elected by the democratic process, Adolf Hitler ABOLISHED democracy in Germany. Yes, it CAN happen here!!!
Daniel Warner
Daniel Warner:
Why election officials are even afraid of trump is beyond me, in two months Trump and his whole crime family will be in jail.
When you're so full of bs that it's literally oozing out.
Elda Romano
Elda Romano:
This criminal makes John Gatti look like a saint. Why is America allowing these criminals to walk free. People get locked up for a lot less.
Kevin Reid
Kevin Reid:
"I didn't know sideburns had periods" 😂😂😂😂
Just Human
Just Human:
Why does it surprise people when trump associates and cohorts not only incite violence, but also conspiracy to commit violence.
Crystal Netcheva
Crystal Netcheva:
Giuliani: All you gotta do to find out if I"m misleading you at all
Kyle Sirico
Kyle Sirico:
So can we just start labelling them as terrorists now? Because that’s pretty terroristic.
Just Tanner
Just Tanner:
The same maga ppl talking crap about blm protesters outside officials houses protesting against police violence and racism are now out in front of officials houses and out protesting because their racist president lost.. 🙄 fools and tools..
yaliso gioouy
yaliso gioouy:
He's never been held accountable for anything... And has got everything he's always wanted. Too many people have never told Trump no.
Psychologists will be studying trumpism for years. Now we see how Hitler gained power.
Patrick Schaefer
Patrick Schaefer:
He's never been held accountable for anything... And has got everything he's always wanted. Too many people have never told Trump no.
Trump is becoming more and more dictator-like, and he needs to be prosecuted for this. Him and all these supporters. This is fascist behavior.
Michelle Poitras
Michelle Poitras:
I vote not usually on the party but the person n sadly Trump needs to can Americans start a petition for emergency removal of trump....Pleasewakeup....
This is extremely disturbing that a candidate who is duly chosen by the majority of people can be rescinded. Whats the point of anything in the government then?. Why even elect?.
Bobby Reynolds
Bobby Reynolds:
Trump is starting to remind me of that old lawyer's adage: If the law is not your side, pound the facts; If the facts are not on your side, pound the law; If neither is on your side, pound the table and yell. He and Rudy are clearly exercising the third option.
Trump, and all of his political allies perpetuating this fantasy, are guilty of sedition.
Beebardhan Gogoi
Beebardhan Gogoi:
Trump is putting more effort into overturning the election results than he did to control COVID-19.... Huh.
Edit: TBH, he used two of his hands to drink water. So he still put more effort into drinking water than to control the pandemic.
dona hendrickson
dona hendrickson:
The beauty of this episode is that the people behind him could not see his drips. They are standing behind him nodding their heads. LOL LOL LOL
eva tripp
eva tripp:
There was hair dye coming out of guilliani's
"Whatever". Lol
Richard Bambenek
Richard Bambenek:
Rudy: "I'm melting what a world what a world"
2016-2020 will always be looked back upon as one of the saddest, darkest periods of American history
Baby Teano
Baby Teano:
If he does not like you, you get death threats, if he likes you, you get Covid.. 😀
Tony Tunbridge
Tony Tunbridge:
After this BS, Giuliani shouldn't be allowed to practise as a lawyer - he should be struck off.
His body was revolting against the lies coming out it’s mouth by causing a severe sweating episode kind of like Pinocchio’s nose growing.
Just Human
Just Human:
Count on a coward to put others' life in danger for their own selfish, narcissistic means.
Why is that old guy sweating so much 😂 I guess “liar liar pants on fire” is a real thing.
Carlos Garcia Sanchez
Carlos Garcia Sanchez:
I see why Trump wanted to “meet” with Kim Jong Un and Putin. He wanted to learn how to be a dictator
It sounds like Hitler's tactics. Threatening people.
How is pressuring election officials regarding the results of an election that you're one of the candidates for even legal?
Sideburns having periods was one I hadn’t heard before.
Damon Jones
Damon Jones:
That Rudy Line, “Something kids fear is in the closet”. I caught that! Lol
Fetneh Youssefi
Fetneh Youssefi:
Trump should be prosecuted for all his actions.
The SlayBears
The SlayBears:
Except I’m still terrified that this paved the way for smarter people to *actually overturn the votes of the people*
It’s. A. Coup.
No matter how ludicrous and ineffective.
We don’t just not arrest people for failed laughable attempts at robbery.
Throw him in jail already
I feel sorry for Trevor, he's honed his t***p impression to perfection, and in a few weeks it won't be needed anymore
Bammy Larsen
Bammy Larsen:
If Trump is like this at an old age, imagine what he will be like at a younger age... definitely worse.
Tita B
Tita B:
Pence with the fly on his head and Rudy’s hair leaking 😂 I prayed for nature to expose their lies and I think this is a sign lol
Yolanda Kent
Yolanda Kent:
If America would treat Donal Trump like they treat black people in this country, this whole fiasco would be over tomorrow.
Hatori Hanso
Hatori Hanso:
I was going to say that Rudy’s brain was melting, then i realized he has no brain.
Usman Timothy
Usman Timothy:
I invested in both stock and crypto but currently I believe crypto is doing more better!!"
Ava Langrin
Ava Langrin:
Between Pence with that fly on his head and Guiliani’s hair leakage this brings Trump team into the category of floods and pestilence. 🥵🦟🥵🦟🥵🦟
John McLain
John McLain:
That really reminded me of 5th element when Mr. Shadow calls Zorg and he starts sweating the black goo. Just have trump as Mr. Shadow and Rudy as zorg Hahhaha!
Even Rudy’s hair color is trying to run away from him.
Singing Playlist
Singing Playlist:
Nel Capvade
Nel Capvade:
Funny how the landscape backyard lawyers can sweat when they know that their case has become liar, liar, pants on fire.
Could it be that this clown is melting?, into what's he's made of?: crap.
That Giuliani video was so bad - I literally retched - he's so gross.
If you elect a sociopath dont be surprised if you get a dictator.
They stole the supreme court why not the presidency/ could lead to civil war
Roland Duron jr
Roland Duron jr:
Calling it now, my cousin Rudy has covid. He’s sweating like someone that has it
Jonelle Patterson
Jonelle Patterson:
Trump's threats sound like were in kindergarten - "OOOOH, you're going to be in trouble."
Coup d'état: Typically, it is an illegal, unconstitutional seizure of power by a political faction, the military, or a dictator. If you don't see it than I don't know
William Hada
William Hada:
That brown liquid dripping down Giuliani's face is not hair dye. He is so full of BS it's leaking out.
From now on, America cannot point to any dictators since we have one in our own soil.
Tennison Manyonga
Tennison Manyonga:
If he doesn't like you, you get death threats. If he does like you, you get covid. That's deep right there.
Angelo El Angry Mexican
Angelo El Angry Mexican:
Political representatives making THREATS... T""""" is really scared of going to prison.... It really shows.... Reap what YOU have Sown T"""""....BYE...
Schreck Network
Schreck Network:
Death threats and demanding to overturn legal counts of the vote?

This is the only prophecy that came true. That Trump would become a dictator on the second term.

America, what have you become?
Mary Brewer
Mary Brewer:
This isn’t a game Trump needs to be charged with election interference and tampering ! Trump needs to go to jail LOCK HIM UP!
Giuliani's hairdresser must HATE him. I've never seen someone's hair fibers melting down their face lol
Gu Baby
Gu Baby:
Ok immediate dam pause... When people were outside the home of the officers that killed George Floyd the ENTIRE swat unit was present to guard his home, but ppl can be outside of government official's homes... You see how racism & privilege leaves both sides losing. 😷
Andrew Lam
Andrew Lam:
"This dude was growing a chinstrap beard in real time!"
This morning's been horrible so sincerely thank you for this. I needed to laugh.
Bognerknot Uberknob
Bognerknot Uberknob:
The USA chasing “terrorists” around the globe but they have missed they biggest homemade ones.
The country is a complete failure scam.
Sick sick sick
Essero Eson
Essero Eson:
Michigan needs to charge the whole Trump team with election tampering.
Gregory Pollack
Gregory Pollack:
Looney juliani and everyone in the Trump administration and the Republicans backing this so-called coup should all be investigated and charged with criminal activity for violating the Constitution of the United States of America by spreading misinformation all because bunker boy Trump's narcissism will not allow him to lose because his ego is so f****** huge.
and he knew he was going to lose before the election that's why he was saying oh wait after the election is going to be all kind of court cases by the Democrats and here he is the one falling all these bogus fraudulent court cases.
Hey Trump, its the Mafia's job to threaten people and pressure them into doing things.
Miss Marilyn
Miss Marilyn:
At least we know that Giuliani is not sneaking into hair salons.
Trump's committed enough crimes to be charged with a Felon. Felon's can't run for President. He's done!!
PK 1574
PK 1574:
Deeply disturbing attack on the Democratic process. Trump OUT. He is a disgrace.
Mike N
Mike N:
Could be have the sweats from a virus? Let's pray for the people around him. No joke!
Brooke Strong
Brooke Strong:
He either got a facelift and his incision is leaking or he’s sweating so bad because he’s about to die from Covid
Crimson 19
Crimson 19:
Lol just like a little beta male to cry about being “bullied.” This is getting hilarious.
Danish Ahmad
Danish Ahmad:
I didn’t even know that sideburns got period 😂🤣😂