Trump delivers farewell address

President Donald Trump released a video touting his accomplishments on his last full day in office.

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Tahmid Bhuiyan
Tahmid Bhuiyan:
imagine how many documentaries are going to be made in the future about this election and everything that surrounded it
Duke Vo
Duke Vo:
That was quite a crazy season of The Apprentice!
Matthew K
Matthew K:
Class act. Couldn't even turn up to the inauguration. It was never about the country, it was always about him
Spaide man
Spaide man:
1:23 yup, he's been crying whole nite
Jessie McFarland
Jessie McFarland:
Starting at noon tomorrow SNL writers will have to start earning their pay.
jacob marley
jacob marley:
“Time heals all wounds ... except those that fester”
-Jacob Marley 2021
Lord Leo
Lord Leo:
“It wasn’t about the right or left, republican or democrat, it was about all of us as a nation”

**his entire twitter feed: the evil vile radical left etc**
Donald Duck
Donald Duck:
I love my president! He couldn't step down without one final troll: Putting "Chinese virus" into the history books with this wonderful address.
Progressive Music
Progressive Music:
Wow Comments open. Now thats impressive 😁
Davey Luth
Davey Luth:
When he doesn’t repeat the word tremendous every five seconds you know he didn’t write it.
The past four years taught me no matter what, goons will always be goons. Trump’s term really exasperated this into an all-time low but I heavily doubt Biden’s term will curve the trend either.
Vermin Supreme
Vermin Supreme:
Authors and journalists are going to have to find something else to complain about now.
In the immortal words of the great ice cube
"Bye felicia"!!
s b
s b:
You can always tell when he reads others words. It always rings hollow.
Steve Doughnut
Steve Doughnut:
without having trump to hate some of you aren’t gonna know what to do with your life
whoever wrote this speech for him was really reaching
likehistorypolitics 9
likehistorypolitics 9:
Jesus Christ loves everyone and you
liliala li
liliala li:
His tone while he’s reading off of this paper😂Why does this sound so sarcastic😂 They definitely forced him loll
Josh Treviño
Josh Treviño:
There will be _so many_ movies made about these past 4 years.
Ro M
Ro M:
You and them pardons got me lmao!!!
Ashley Postigo
Ashley Postigo:
LMAOO they probably payed him to read this with kfc
John Slugger
John Slugger:
The wonder of a democracy is that you never know who will be back in power 4 shorty years from now.
Mike Monhemius
Mike Monhemius:
He said a lot of words there .. big important words ..
Vince Shahzadeh
Vince Shahzadeh:
The fact that this speech gets that much edit is just mind blowing ..... why can’t you just be okay with the original speech ??
The Quiet Storm!! W. BROWN
The Quiet Storm!! W. BROWN:
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Lawrd !! I can't 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Josh Groom
Josh Groom:
Always remembered as Cult Coup Covid-45-the greatest Cult Coup Covid-45 in the world-everyone knows it- tremendous- like no one has ever seen before-everyone knows that
Umar RK
Umar RK:
One of the many great achievements of the great president was that he refused to start a new war and followed a policy of not fighting others wars.
You know you achieved bigly greatness when your hometown citizens dance in the street for your loss and you move to Florida and they sue you because they don’t want you there.
Daniel Aaron Austin
Daniel Aaron Austin:
"it's not about republican or democrat" --- Like dude that's all you talked about - Democrats were your enemy at all times.
Jinga Randy
Jinga Randy:
God bless America! ♥️🇺🇸♥️
Are we better off today than we were 4 years ago?? Don't believe his hype.
chuck lacey
chuck lacey:
He’s only condemning the riot now because he knows he incited it and doesn’t want to be charged such a clown
Just Here
Just Here:
Like how you cut him off, typical
Daniel Ukockis
Daniel Ukockis:
Its priceless how he is suddenly saying "this is not a left or right issue", when the entire presidency he blamed literally everything on Democrats and demonized them
Firstname LastName
Firstname LastName:
"political violence can never be tolerated" Sooo are we recalling the troops then? No more political wars?
Senecio haworthii
Senecio haworthii:
Trump refers to himself as “we” 😳😆
Lukasz Wasilewski
Lukasz Wasilewski:
Simply the best prezydent od the entaier world. I Hope he wil be in charge by 4 years. My support from Poland Luke W
Honorable Man! 🤣🤣🤣 spoke from the heart!
Emad Khan
Emad Khan:
Using big words makes the muscles on his tongue sore. It's like it never trained enough throughout his life.
Keep Vibin 100
Keep Vibin 100:
Guðmundur Orri Dan Annýjarson
Guðmundur Orri Dan Annýjarson:
Most difficult decision the Trump cartoon ever made while president was "Should I use the 7iron or the 9iron"..
Nathaniel Martin
Nathaniel Martin:
I'm actually surprised he didn't attack anyone in his last speech....
Claire Marie
Claire Marie:
Well bloody said!
Wondering IN NY
Wondering IN NY:
Hand power over, why wasn't he there or why didn't Trump go to the reflecting pool?
So unfair 💔
Ellie Gibbs
Ellie Gibbs:
Bahahahahaha 🥳🥳🥳🥳
Daniel Madarshahian
Daniel Madarshahian:
The teleprompter did a good job today
I would love to interview his nanny, elementary and high school teachers. He must have been a difficult and stubborn child to deal with.
Black Smith
Black Smith:
No One
No One:
I don’t believe democrats and I never will but I as well don’t believe Republicans.
devon cowell
devon cowell:
god i love this guy
Krista Masucci
Krista Masucci:
The fact that ABC kept comments open is SENDING me! 😂😂😂😂
Kayla B
Kayla B:
kep R
kep R:
Lol he was building up the momentum to start war
At an end, your rule is. And not short enough, it was!
J M:
He technically started a civil war if this ridiculous playground role play BS doesn’t end.
123 Happy Music
123 Happy Music:
I know he’s done a lot of crazy stuff in office and on Twitter but I’m kind of sad to see him go, is it just me??🤔
“My constant concern was the American people. Oh hold on I gotta get another pardon out there. These are selling like hot cakes.”
Chief Keef
Chief Keef:
Tuan Nguyen
Tuan Nguyen:
I gave him the credit that he gave a huge democracy test and now we all know that the US democratic government system is so strong.
La Monroe
La Monroe:

You said Your timing not ours 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾
Water Gate
Water Gate:
Ask Alexa, ‘what is 100 in Welsh?
Her answer will be what we all think of him! Seriously try it.
A S:
No one:
Trump: I want to take credit for whatever is good anywhere in the universe.
gracefull mess
gracefull mess:
The longest running joke is over.
Steven Perschall
Steven Perschall:
I like how you can see them skipping parts of the video.
Dr. Gonzo
Dr. Gonzo:
No new wars… amen
Jerry Salas
Jerry Salas:
Michael Marceau
Michael Marceau:
This speech was made purely for his impeachment trial.
R B:
I've never been a Trump supporter, but I will never be someone who sides with the views of corporations, the top 1%, corporate media or the government. These are very strange times we live in.
eddie radj
eddie radj:
The speach was actually good. Coming from non American. Well done
pat c
pat c:
best potus in 100 years
Zorema Ralte
Zorema Ralte:
Next President to be! Thank you Mr.President....
Claims to be the first president to not start a new war.

"Begins war within the country"
Sebastião oliveira
Sebastião oliveira:
One of the best to do it, a great Man! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Roberi Dios_16
Roberi Dios_16:
I wonder what’ll happen if a celebrity calls out this news station for being so biased just a unbiased response is what we ask
Thank you president Trump, for your great 4 yours that you have done to the country. Salute!
JoJo Lov 30
JoJo Lov 30:
Golden show... peace
Brenda Starr
Brenda Starr:
The media doesn't stop do they? Absolutely exhausting.
So Glad i Won't have to hear his voice anymore
Thank you Lord! The People have Spoken! Welcome 2021.
Scooby The Savior
Scooby The Savior:
Na Na Na Na, Na Na Na Na, Hey Hey Hey Goodbye!!!
Eagle Knight
Eagle Knight:
Trump looks like he's being forced to read a ransom note whenever they give him a speech to try to make him sound sane for 5 minutes
the end is very near. Had the greatest 4 years of my life! Long Live Mr Trump!
Vacine Medine
Vacine Medine:
Pray for peace, includeing, the people who are causing hazard , in America. We will get pass this! Peace in America, today and always
Stephen conway
Stephen conway:
Will miss Donald Trump he greatly exceeded my expectations!! Was worried about the enemies he would make. not surprised that it happened however.
Lars Saint Morning Glory
Lars Saint Morning Glory:
olli perez
olli perez:
Almost everything this guy utters are lies. This needs to be fact checked!
Victor M.
Victor M.:
Not about republicans or democrats??Hasn’t been one against the other this whole time in his head??and did he say the best is yet to come???so now he’s acknowledging he wasn’t the best lol
Uw U
Uw U:
BAD battleAXE
BAD battleAXE:
It's crazy that you guys are criticizing him for fighting against big Tech censoring people. I got banned from Twitter for following Trump!
Diarto Rahardjo
Diarto Rahardjo:
He had great power but not used even when he banned from social media. Its really great compare to others president from develop country in democration
Grateful Char
Grateful Char:
Thank God, now we can make America 🇺🇸 Great
william hinch
william hinch:
Adios Colossal Douche Bag!
No international war, only civil war