Trump delivers farewell address

President Donald Trump released a video touting his accomplishments on his last full day in office.

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Tahmid Bhuiyan
Tahmid Bhuiyan:
imagine how many documentaries are going to be made in the future about this election and everything that surrounded it
eddie radj
eddie radj:
The speach was actually good. Coming from non American. Well done
The Winged Messenger
The Winged Messenger:
As a politically aware British citizen with a pure English ancestry, I can honestly say Donald Trump is one of America's finest presidents. *God bless America* and all her true patriots, and *God bless President Donald Trump* .
You ever know what you had until its gone.
I'm so proud of our real President, Donald John Trump. Thank you for four years of remarkable and stunning work, and thank you for the next eight years of glory ahead. I salute you and love you. God Bless You. Thank you for caring enough to put yourself out there for us.
Honorable Man! 🤣🤣🤣 spoke from the heart!
the end is very near. Had the greatest 4 years of my life! Long Live Mr Trump!
You never know what you lost till it's gone
Sebastião oliveira
Sebastião oliveira:
One of the best to do it, a great Man! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Organ Enthusiast
Organ Enthusiast:
Such a gracious way to go from the true President.
Love you best president ever!
Vince Shahzadeh
Vince Shahzadeh:
The fact that this speech gets that much edit is just mind blowing ..... why can’t you just be okay with the original speech ??
Luis Quiroz
Luis Quiroz:
America is back to being great again 👏 2021
Davey Luth
Davey Luth:
When he doesn’t repeat the word tremendous every five seconds you know he didn’t write it.
jacob marley
jacob marley:
“Time heals all wounds ... except those that fester”
-Jacob Marley 2021
Donald Duck
Donald Duck:
I love my president! He couldn't step down without one final troll: Putting "Chinese virus" into the history books with this wonderful address.
devon cowell
devon cowell:
god i love this guy
The Truth Is Hated To Those Who Hate The Truth.
The Truth Is Hated To Those Who Hate The Truth.:
Thank you Mr. President Trump for making American Great Again. God bless you and your whole Family.. Also thank you for Vice President Michael R. Pence for being a great Vice President God bless you and your family..
Hello There
Hello There:
As tears stream down my face, I am overwhelmed with gratefulness to have lived during your presidency. You have been the most patriotic president in my lifetime. You loved us and you showed it daily with your actions. You fought so hard for Americans even though it was an uphill battle throughout your time as president. There will NEVER be another president like you. You stood firm through the hate because of the love for WE THE PEOPLE. Thank you a million times over. I will never forget these past 4 years. I will make certain my 5 children know that there was once a president who left his comfortable life when he didn't have to, because of his love for his country. Sincerely, A Patriot
Hellcat Redeye -G
Hellcat Redeye -G:
Definitely be missed...It was a pleasure meeting him back in 1998 in Mount Vernon New York.God bless him and America 🇺🇸👍Oh yeah ABC fake news
Next President to be! Thank you Mr.President....
Stephen conway
Stephen conway:
Will miss Donald Trump he greatly exceeded my expectations!! Was worried about the enemies he would make. not surprised that it happened however.
ricardo augusto
ricardo augusto:
Melhor presidente dos EUA nos últimos anos. Pena que essa imprensa é tão suja
Good job Donnie you sounded everything out really well
Nathaniel Montebon
Nathaniel Montebon:
1:26 "I'm especially proud to be the first president in decades who has started no new wars."

Except that of my own people.
the best president!
Duke Vo
Duke Vo:
That was quite a crazy season of The Apprentice!
Tessa Past
Tessa Past:
Trump 👍❤️❤️❤️
Vacine Medine
Vacine Medine:
Pray for peace, includeing, the people who are causing hazard , in America. We will get pass this! Peace in America, today and always
MIke Noble
MIke Noble:
Yes, difficult to hear about all the success all the accomplishments all the promise made promises kept and all the positive energy, the greatest economy in American history. Someone in it for the nation and all it people, not a political party. Now we have a politicians politician who if anything will create an atmosphere of quiescence, calm and relief with a smile and a joke and an occasional teary eye. Four years ago in reference to my local efforts for the Make America Great Again campaign a dear friend said be careful what you ask for. To all who voted for Biden the same question goes out. Four years later I am proud of our accomplishments as a nation. Let us see what happens next. Good Luck to us all.
pat c
pat c:
best potus in 100 years
Wouter Hiskemuller
Wouter Hiskemuller:
Congratulations USA
Jessie McFarland
Jessie McFarland:
Starting at noon tomorrow SNL writers will have to start earning their pay.
John Slugger
John Slugger:
The wonder of a democracy is that you never know who will be back in power 4 shorty years from now.
Claire Marie
Claire Marie:
Well bloody said!
Lukasz Wasilewski
Lukasz Wasilewski:
Simply the best prezydent od the entaier world. I Hope he wil be in charge by 4 years. My support from Poland Luke W
Chef Dave
Chef Dave:
My question is how come there are 10x more viewers on Trump's farewell speech than Joe's speech yesterday? Strange.....
He was one of the greatest leader and self confidence, can talk from the bottom of his heart...thats true he loves his nation because he never start new war for his term :-)

The worst is when you lie to the nation , and told fake speech, like many other leaders made ... anyway nominee noble peace price model : cheers!
Dong Mueng
Dong Mueng:
best usa president ever 💯
I would love to interview his nanny, elementary and high school teachers. He must have been a difficult and stubborn child to deal with.
Ashley Carelse
Ashley Carelse:
Would be interesting to have heard a speech Mr Trump wrote himself.
Krista Masucci
Krista Masucci:
The fact that ABC kept comments open is SENDING me! 😂😂😂😂
NewYorkCity Mo
NewYorkCity Mo:
President Trump!!! Despite what this country thinks, you are a leader! Looking forward to your new business ventures!!
This will be in Textbooks later in life! 2016-2020 were some crazy years
Aline R
Aline R:
Legenda em português!
The mere fact that even in his last speech he did not mention the name Biden says it all.
He himself once said, if I lose to sleepy Joe, that would be the very worst for me.
Kenny Smith
Kenny Smith:
GOOD always prevails
Mike Monhemius
Mike Monhemius:
He said a lot of words there .. big important words ..
Mary Davidson
Mary Davidson:
Greatest president EVER!!!!!!
bom best
bom best:
I will always love u Donald ❤️
- Drakeypants -
- Drakeypants -:
Trump you were a great president, and I will keep my trump 2020 flag on my wall! Trump 2024 god bless you!
Grateful Char
Grateful Char:
Thank God, now we can make America 🇺🇸 Great
Dennis N
Dennis N:
Injustice happens every day in other parts of the world. But it is not far away - it happened in the US Justice System and Congress
A S:
No one:
Trump: I want to take credit for whatever is good anywhere in the universe.
A great president indeed
Tilus Newman
Tilus Newman:
God bless America! All of America left, right and center!
Ian Reed
Ian Reed:
I absolutely love it when the media speak of “peddling conspiracy theories” 😂
Such massive hypocrisy.
Dan McCarthy
Dan McCarthy:
If only he actually believed what he was saying and practiced it the last 4 years...
Josiah Pike
Josiah Pike:
"Give the people what they want, and they'll come"
You know you achieved bigly greatness when your hometown citizens dance in the street for your loss and you move to Florida and they sue you because they don’t want you there.
Tuan Nguyen
Tuan Nguyen:
I gave him the credit that he gave a huge democracy test and now we all know that the US democratic government system is so strong.
60 panhead
60 panhead:
thank u president trump for low taxes, the wall, low unemployment before the virus , oil ind from the mid east , 3 judges on sup court , no new wars , as a dem who voted 2 times for u thank u
La Monroe
La Monroe:

You said Your timing not ours 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾
if only trump can do more of what he said in a positive way, he might be a good president. But he seem to struggle even internally about the conflicting belief he hold (peace without war)and thus radiate out into inappropriate those actions. It is not like any ordinary people don't suffer from this internal conflict. However, to lead is to be an example to show his follower that it can be done. He is a few steps away from showing people that he is able to do so and so can we.
TN Gardener
TN Gardener:
I will miss him
whoever wrote this speech for him was really reaching
JoJo Lov 30
JoJo Lov 30:
Golden show... peace
Leah Mates
Leah Mates:
Rest well Mr Trump... the next phase.. will be the best... God will bring justice... and peace... the swamp... will drain themselves by devouring each other!
Diarto Rahardjo
Diarto Rahardjo:
He had great power but not used even when he banned from social media. Its really great compare to others president from develop country in democration
Fabricio Souza
Fabricio Souza:
America is great again divided in half. Great job Sr
Thank you Lord! The People have Spoken! Welcome 2021.
Avital vMK
Avital vMK:
His new speechwriter must've been confused when asked to write about unity, serving citizens, and peace 🙈
Well Speech
Steven Perschall
Steven Perschall:
I like how you can see them skipping parts of the video.
Steve Doughnut
Steve Doughnut:
without having trump to hate some of you aren’t gonna know what to do with your life
Dominador Madrid Jr.
Dominador Madrid Jr.:
We will missed your times in Presidency
s b
s b:
You can always tell when he reads others words. It always rings hollow.
I hope he and Tulsi will run together in 2024.
Eduardo Alvarez
Eduardo Alvarez:
How i wish those words where true
Desiree Alleshouse
Desiree Alleshouse:
We will never have a president as great as him ever again. I’m in tears thinking of the next four years without him.
Daniel Domachowske
Daniel Domachowske:
Well, he’s got one thing right...there’s never been anything like it. Ugh.
Lisa Picanso
Lisa Picanso:
I want to thank you President Trump. For leaving a life of luxury to give us back the American dream and show the world that we truly are a great nation of people. I'm terrified at what the left is capable of. My heart is broken for the way you have been treated. I will continue to pray for you and somehow trust the God knows what he is doing because I surely do not see it. But for those of us who were not weak minded. For those of us not pressured and deceived into the dangerous group think that has taken hold in this country. For those of us who did their homework and did not trust a democrat run press to tell us ALL sides to the story. For those of us who saw you force the world to pay their own way so we can keep more of our hard earned money. For those of us who saw you expose China for the dangerous and lying cheats they are & STAND UP TO THEM(they could not buy you like they bought Joe Biden and his son). For those of us who saw your heart from the many many kind things you did far out of the spot light for the past 2 or 3 decades and still to this day are not flaunting that kindness shown to many people over many years. For those of us who believed in you because we heard you out from day one I want you to know from the bottom of our hearts, that no matter how many times big tech silences you and us, no matter how much indoctrination the world of academia forces down the throats of students and now they are trying to do the same to working folks, no matter how much the media covers up for the left, or spreads false propaganda we are American. We are strong. We are intelligent. We love our country. Yes we cling to the God of the bible because that was what always made this country great. They cannot take that away. I'm frightened of the left. I'm scared of what they might do to us if they can get away with what they did to you. But I wanted to let you know that we know. We thank & love you. IF not for you and the wisdom God gave you the coronavirus would have destroyed this country. If our economy had not been so strong by your policies we would have been a broken nation. Millions upon millions more would have died had you not overcome the pressure of the PC police and twitter mobs and closed travel from China and Europe(Remember Biden called you a xenophobe) (shiffers)to think he now makes the decisions. You and you alone knew to close the country down early. Thanks for saving so many of us. And for all the women and children around the world who were once brutally assaulted beyond belief by the evil group ISIS, I personally want to thank you. As a women who enjoys freedom and safety and equality at such a high level I couldnt even imagine what those women and children were going through....Thank you so much for devastating ISIS's kalifate and scattering them to to the wind. Thank you for stopping the crucifixions of children and the raping of women and girls day in and day out to the point they could no longer speak...Thank you for saving all those women and children from unspeakable horror and bloodshed. Regardless of the unending lies from American media and the extreme and clueless left, the world did see your strength and your uncanny and perfect instincts. The only flaw I believe I saw the entire administration that I'd have changed if we could go back was some ill-gotten words & tweets...words that the progressive left and their partners, the American press, twisted far beyond anything they meant (and we all knew it). But that was all they had against you. They set out from before you were inaugurated to impeach you....and to my horror they have succeeded in the very end. This is how afraid of you they were because we loved you. When they stand up now and act as though this is deserved and a somber moment it does not fool anyone with half a brain and memory. They HATE you because you represent us. They want their revenge for winning an election they felt they deserved...they HATE that you apointed 3 justices to the supreme court. But just like Diana was the people's princess in England--you were the people's president in the USA.And they spent every minute of every day trying to destroy you. They had EVERY facet of culture to help them--EXCEPT THE PEOPLE. I no longer trust my government. It's a sadness I must learn to live with. I do not trust establishment republicans and Zero democrats--progressive or the so called moderates. I've heard them say "trump supporters must be exposed." I starting thinking they might require us to wear arm bands so they can recognize us walking down the street. Maybe business owners should display proof they are Trump supporters. I am frightened by them all & had to stop watching FOX NEWs channel when Juan Williams agreed with this proposal--and to say he wouldn't hire Trump supporters. But I do trust God. I ask that he protect you from the endless hate the left has thrown at you and your family--hate they are continuing to throw at you. I ask that he stop them from any more harm against you -- and to guide them to finally care about us--the American tax payer-- and not their relentless lust for power and control. I ask that he also Bless and protect Biden and Harris(still cant say the labels yet but I'll come around)...I pray for them because I now consider them to be my enemies--they set out to destroy you and did which hurt us which makes them the enemy & I am required to pray for my enemies and those who would do me harm....In between my mourning for you and our country, I do realize that if God can crack into their minds with wisdom and soften their hearts with the love of Christ, they too will be able to protect us and the rest of the world. Until then I cannot watch any news stations including FOX News who betrayed us all in the end. Regardless of it all, I do thank and respect you. We will never forget ALL you have sacrificed and all you have done. It was not for nothing Donald J Trump. God can and will use your legacy for great things and many many people enjoy peace and life & liberty because you were President during very hard times. We love you President Trump. We ask God to bless and protect you with an army of Arch Angels and to hinder all who would do you harm. Thank you for giving up everything for us. :( I've never cried over an election before but my heart is broken for you and broken for the country and what freedoms will be left after the progressive democrats are done dividing and conquering us. We must and will Trust God and God alone. I feel like he is all we have left to cling to regarding the leaders in this nation. May he swiftly bring justice to the children of the Father of lies. In the name of Jesus.
Bryan Kelly Baker
Bryan Kelly Baker:
As a Democrat I am happy for this day; however now is a time for unity not hate "We are not enemies, but friends. We must not be enemies. Though passion may have strained, it must not break our bonds of affection."
Joshua Simmons
Joshua Simmons:
Christopher Obrien
Christopher Obrien:
Now we have a proper and decent man as President
Ti Fols
Ti Fols:
Give us our president back
Sylvia Street
Sylvia Street:
Thank you Mr Trump. Your speech eloquent! You were the BEST president ever! God bless you!
Widya Tua
Widya Tua:
Mantap Trump👍
Honor Tenlite
Honor Tenlite:
The best president👌🌷
David Lopez
David Lopez:
In a time of Universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.
daily reckoning
daily reckoning:
Best president ever!
alison marin
alison marin:
Best president ever!
Mike Clark
Mike Clark:
"The government answers to the people", once we've instructed them what to ask for. 😄
Why did it end when he said God Bless you and God Bless America ?!?!
Anthony Lagunas
Anthony Lagunas:
The best interest for Donnie. The only thing that counts is Donnie.
Strange thing about the Capitol riots is, just as most of the people who died in the L.A. riots were rioters themselves, my understanding is that, except for the one police officer, all of the others who died in the Capitol riots were the rioters themselves.😳
dy Jacks
dy Jacks:
Remarkable man
Our North Star, our guiding light, our unwavering conviction was Air Force One to Palm Springs for golf on weekends. And I didn't start a war. And now, please join me in a celebratory dinner of big macs, fries and large cokes.
latishiab Edwards
latishiab Edwards:
Trump you have my vote in 4 years😄
Juliannes Mommy
Juliannes Mommy:
I'm glad he said this. It needed to be said from him. I'm glad he clearly said he didn't condone more violence.
W.D. Gaster
W.D. Gaster:
Wow, you really butchered his speech, being that it was in total about 20 minutes long. You know back in the day, the news reported facts about 99% of the time and if there was an opinion to be given it was put in the editorial, which clearly stated within it that it was a section totally devoted to opinion. Whether you're on the left or the right, the facts in this story were the speech -- not the three minutes of edited speech and eight minutes of your opinion. Am I saying that I believe that everything within the speech was 100% accurate and factual? No, I'm not. What I'm referring to as "fact" is that the president made a farewell speech. Play the speech -- the end. How people interpret the speech should be up to them -- not you. Terrible reporting. As someone who sits in the center of the political spectrum, I am disgusted by the status of modern day reporting. It doesn't matter if it's Fox or CNN. All the news is anymore is about 99% opinion with just a sprinkle of fact, to make the flavor just right I guess (or to set the mood, if you like your spicier analogies). Why can't we just go back to when news was news, and wasn't used by the right or the left to meet political agendas?