TSG Hoffenheim - FC Bayern München | 4-1 | All Goals | Matchday 2 – Bundesliga 2020/21

#TSGFCB | Highlights from Matchday 2!
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Watch all goals of TSG Hoffenheim vs. FC Bayern München from Matchday 2 of 2020/21 season!

Goals: 1-0 Bicakcic (16'), 2-0 Dabbur (24'), 2-1, Kimmich (36'), 3-1 Kramaric (77'), 4-1 Kramaric (90'+2 Penalty)

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100+ comentarios:

If Dortmund win, bayern will win with more goals
If dortmund lose, bayern will lose with more goals
Awesome rivalry
Darshan B
Darshan B:
The guy who's shortening the highlights deserves a pay rise.. 😂
Edit - thanks for the likes 😀😂
How in the world I’m over here thinking they put the Score the wrong way 😂😂😂
Kai B
Kai B:
Fun fact: Hoffenheim's coach (Seb Hoeneß) was a former Bayern youth coach, and Hansi Flick was a former Hoffenheim coach
Vid Tuber
Vid Tuber:
Barca and Dortmund fans are the most happiest persons now 😂
I was not expecting this result. I thought the Bundesliga was over after Bayern thrashed Schalke 8-0, maybe this will be an exciting season after all...
Tactical Manager TV
Tactical Manager TV:
Bayern’s depth will be its Achilles heal this season.
Lost many players and made just 1 significant signing.
Abdul-Jahlil Sudi
Abdul-Jahlil Sudi:
I live in Kenya but can't access bundesliga games so I just watch them here either way WTAF happened
Amit Shukla
Amit Shukla:
Bayern lost 4-1
Dortmund: This is ours season to win now
Augsburg: Okay, you've chosen death then
fadhillah basyar
fadhillah basyar:
Dortmund lost 2-0: Gratz bayern on winning the title again
Hoffenheim: Hold My Kramaric!
Nityam Rox
Nityam Rox:
Bayern’s depth is proving to be a double edged sword
Feeling bad for those who were congratulating Bayern for already winning the season when Dortmund lost to Augsburg. I mean Bayern still has the most chances to win the league, but that was illogical.
Kermit the frog
Kermit the frog:
That was unexpected
Ashher Pervez
Ashher Pervez:
Actually I am happy! Coz u need to lose sometimes to get in the competition
Lord yt
Lord yt:
Barcelona : Les dimos una paliza
Hoffenheim: Como que le dimos
Suresh I.S.
Suresh I.S.:
Even though they lost I'm sure Bayern will get past this defeat
Mark Akoury
Mark Akoury:
Never expected is to get trashed by hoffenheim 😯
Zakaria El Bego
Zakaria El Bego:
The second I saw this I decided who i wanted as my starter team striker in fifa 21. (Kramaric)
Dawa Thongchi
Dawa Thongchi:
In the end bayern will win Bundesliga.
Dawa Thongchi
Dawa Thongchi:
When money is on your mind. You dont play well. ALABA surely wants money.
Dennis Marfo
Dennis Marfo:
"Every dog has his day".
Actually, I don't know who said it .
Dark Knight
Dark Knight:
Finally. Bayern ate more than it can chew this year man
Superman DNA
Superman DNA:
It will happen when you have 3 games in 8 days!
No problem at all.
Amit S Krishnan
Amit S Krishnan:
Bayren were Munch-ed
Carlos Fletes
Carlos Fletes:
Rolling The Dice
Rolling The Dice:
How Bayern play after we get Thiago 😂. We got a BEAST 💪
Pandurang Gireesh
Pandurang Gireesh:
2020 is getting stranger and stranger.....
Cosmic Significance
Cosmic Significance:
"Unbeatable" some people said...
shrewe 123
shrewe 123:
What is happening first Dortmund and now bayern.😨😲
Aibe world
Aibe world:
The mighty has fallen
Kindly help me reach 1000 Subscribers with Video
Kindly help me reach 1000 Subscribers with Video:
The boys played 120 min on thursday , you can't expect them to defend well against fit players who play one game per week....
Monang Siringoringo
Monang Siringoringo:
I was following the scoreline from livescore web, and shock me like ..well well well ..what a scoreline, many must have lost their bet on this one 😂
Mr. Eddie
Mr. Eddie:
by watching this highlight, I am realizing how great Pique is.(although he isnt in his prime.)
Bro I saw the notifications 4-1 and I'm like nah they didn't put it the wrong way it's Bayern and Hoffenheim.
Damn Boateng is goin get his contract terminated
At last they will win the tournament, remember this is Bayernliga. One of the most predictable and less competitive leagues in the whole world.
Mark Akoury
Mark Akoury:
I'm glad this match wasn't on my tv
PMs Village
PMs Village:
Bayern now buy Hoffenheim
Yupp Dupp
Yupp Dupp:
Well I need to say it
Hoffenheim entered History
First team to beat Bayern🔥🙌👏 since December and First time Bayern lose in 2020😵
Congrats Hoffys, I think u deserved it😀
Fun fact - The scoreline of this match is exactly half the scoreline of bayern barca match. 8-2 half is 4-1. Lol
Kshitij Pandey
Kshitij Pandey:
Wth is going on Man city lose to Liecester and now Bayern lost to Hoffenheim something is really wierd going on
Sumanth Lazarus
Sumanth Lazarus:
The player in the thumbnail looked like Emil Smith Rowe of Arsenal, so I clicked. #COYG
me seeing bayern getting trashed : WHOA

meanwhile, me watching my team getting trashed by leicester: oh god
shah raj7777
shah raj7777:
Dude bayern are conserving energy for the match against dortmund. Its simple. Like in the end no one except flick cared for this match.
Gunawan Gustaf
Gunawan Gustaf:
always like when Neuer raise his hands up to claim to the referee that this is not an allowed goal.
Aswin P
Aswin P:
They had overconfidence...now it's done✌️
Emilio Baeza
Emilio Baeza:
Finally, official highlights in one minute
Sefali Majmundar
Sefali Majmundar:
One loose is important . This is the first match they lost since December .
This game wont change anything , They have winner's mentality ,and have many more games left .
Come on bayern #miasanmia .
Stefan Gog
Stefan Gog:
Wow, from beating schalke 8-0, they got to this. That escalated quickly
Davi Miguel da silva Coutinho
Davi Miguel da silva Coutinho:
Congratulations Hoffe, from Amazonas, Brazil!👍
Gean Carlo Loiola Cavalheiro
Gean Carlo Loiola Cavalheiro:
sempre e muito bom, assistir a derrota do Bayern Munique.
Mr. Eddie
Mr. Eddie:
If u rate my happiness from 1 to 5, i will say 10000000*1 million.
Dawa Thongchi
Dawa Thongchi:
Farmer league they say.👏👏
Andre Santos
Andre Santos:
Before I saw the Hoffenheim game.
kheyr rrh
kheyr rrh:
Seems like bayern 'overpartied'!!!
Kalos resident
Kalos resident:
Bundesliga to Bayern: Please lose this one to make it interesting, it's becoming too predictable
Fahad Abdiaziz
Fahad Abdiaziz:
HOFFENHEIM came 4-1 reasons 😏 if YK YK 😉
Adrian Salaverria
Adrian Salaverria:
This was so unexpected
Josh Grima
Josh Grima:
Was it just me who looked at the score and said it's probably a typo.
Amazing edit 👌👌👌
Kipngetich Gideon
Kipngetich Gideon:
I just opened it and the commentator is saying there's one there😂
scout demon on the pitch
scout demon on the pitch:
what I feel is hansi flick were trying some thing where he placed alaba and boateng in the centre but in bundesliga they can not perform because its a league of all young pace players
Ahmad Azhar
Ahmad Azhar:
Does anyone know the commentator
The same who screamed "its a penalty got to be a penalty"
Smayan Bohidar
Smayan Bohidar:
I'm so happy right now
Finally they've conceeded👍👍👍
الله سمانا المسلمين ،من أنتم يا سنة وشيعة ؟
الله سمانا المسلمين ،من أنتم يا سنة وشيعة ؟:
Once the Lyon is down you can all the hyenas going out running their mouth ,Lmao.
Ali _bk__313
Ali _bk__313:
Happy now 😊 I can sleep slow down 😂 beautiful goals and funny....
Tuhin Roy
Tuhin Roy:
And now man city trailing Leicester by 5 goals to 2...Everton at the top... exciting results in every league
HELSen Ki:
this is just the start
bundesliga still long
the fcb manager do that just for dortmund he dont want to show for dortmund the plan
after super youll see the sex
Wilmer Ruiz
Wilmer Ruiz:
Wow Baryen Losing for the 1 time ever XD
Medicinal Marijuana
Medicinal Marijuana:
Love the short highlights because I watched the game but still wanna see the goals again
Goblin Gaming
Goblin Gaming:
Wow amazing Hoffenheim 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Tahir M
Tahir M:
Well i was wrong about dortmund being out of the title race :D
Fernando Leiva Castellanos
Fernando Leiva Castellanos:
Incredible! 😕
Ali hit0
Ali hit0:
Next time do 30 sec highlights. 1.04 min already wasting my time. Actually plus 15 sec to comment.
dam im early adminho
Prasmit Biswas
Prasmit Biswas:
I think playing a match in Hungary on Friday then travelling on Saturday. All those excursions have made the players tired. Give them some time to get in their groove
Arslaan Mazhar
Arslaan Mazhar:
Amazing upset.
J. Romeo
J. Romeo:
4-1...ooh interesting ...
They just need sign a good centre back
Emran Ahmed
Emran Ahmed:
Bayern:😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 take that Bayern that'll teach you for beating Barca and PSG
Chos3n ZW
Chos3n ZW:
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 praise the Lord🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Rio Angkasa
Rio Angkasa:
Interesting to watch big club smashed, man city smashed, fc bayern smashed, chelsea lil bit. Don't remind me about united, u know why
The game that made all the dominos topple.
Afrian Firmansyah
Afrian Firmansyah:
One or two Hoffenheim Players will move to Munich after this match😂
Obi Wan Kenobi
Obi Wan Kenobi:
jesus cow guys .. they were exhausted .. give them some break yo .. be loyal fans and shut yo mouth
Kazuya II
Kazuya II:
Finally a good news!
Where's coutinho😂
Emperor Prinzy
Emperor Prinzy:
0:11 them Bayern guys were not poor in defending this especially pavard
Esther Bannerman
Esther Bannerman:
First borissia now this oml
Ehsan Kamran
Ehsan Kamran:
Bundusliga: How many goals can u fit into a 1 min clip
Editor: Yes
Hisham K
Hisham K:
They are just hyping up the season......
In fact all of them know that bayern surely gonna be the champions
marboy walling
marboy walling:
Hoffenheim - the new king of EUROPE 😁
Sayuj P
Sayuj P:
Finally they loose
Mr. All My Friends Are Dead
Mr. All My Friends Are Dead:
Faaiq Yousaf
Faaiq Yousaf:
Please make the highlights at least of 3 minutes🙏🏻
We need to make a couple signings to add depth. Showing we can’t rest key players and ones that played looked exhausted. German supercup should be interesting, which team will bounce back? I think Dortmund has a sight advantage, Bayern look tired and unmotivated
Mushza Spiky
Mushza Spiky:
Love the short highlight
Love it
Edgar Alba
Edgar Alba:
Whoever saw Bayerns Final vs Sevilla would know this was bound to happen, 1 day rest, after a 120 match where sevilla put them to their limits, and also hoffenheim coming from a Win.
Idk What
Idk What:
The commentator sound more exicted than usual 😂